The 10 new electric cars that will mark the start of the 2023 school year, the top 15 most anticipated electric cars in 2023

The top 15 most anticipated electric cars in 2023

Then there is the Polestar 2, which shines with its driving pleasure and its typically Scandinavian design. Although its prices have increased, Quebec customers are always entitled to full subsidies for electric vehicles. The autonomy ratings of the 2023 model are now 435 km for the entry -level traction version (only one engine, 231 horsepower) as well as 418 km for that with full cog (two motors, 402 horses; : 469 horsepower). Please note: other important changes are on the program for 2024 and it is possible to order a copy now.

The 10 new electric cars that will mark the start of the 2023 school year

Tesla Model 3

After the calm of summer, the automotive news will restart on the wheels of wheels. News presented for the first time, unpublished concepts or vehicles that finally arrive in dealerships: Automobile-Propre has made its selection of the electric models that you are going to talk about at the start of the school year.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse

Neue Klasse, it is a code name from the past to designate a new family of electric vehicles that must bring BMW into a new era. The first series model will be a sedan the size of the series 3. It will be foreshadowed at the Munich Salon by a concept, the Neue Klasse vision, promised close to the final vehicle. Designed on an electric basis, the vehicle should have a disruptive design … which could have retro accents.

Byd Dolphin

Byd made a discreet entry into France. But Chinese will accelerate with the launch of several electric models, including the compact byd. His main argument ? Its low price: it starts at 28.990 €, or 1.000 € less than the MG4. Byd thus wants to draw the attention of customers looking for a cheap family electric vehicle. Even if it means making some sacrifices, for example on road behavior as we could see during a first try.

Citroën Ë-C3

We cheat a little with her, looking a little further than the start of the school year, because Citroën, absent from the Munich show, will present the new C3 in mid-October. This third generation will be available in 100 % electric. And the brand wants to make an impression on the segment of the trendy versatile city car, since it promised a vehicle offering 300 km of autonomy for less than 25.000 € excluding bonuses. To get there, the C3 will be inspired by the successful formula of the Dacia Sandero, that is to say is limited to the essentials.

Hyundai Kona

Hyundai Kona

Already available in hybrid (simple), the new Kona will finally be marketed with its 100 % electric version. Two technical configurations are on the menu: 114.6 kWh engine with 39.4 kWh battery and 160 kW engine with 65.4 kWh battery. When the model has 17 -inch rims, the autonomy in the mixed WLTP cycle are 377 and 514 km, beautiful values. So we can’t wait to see the price positioning of the vehicle to find out if the Korean brand offers interesting reports price/autonomy.

Kate K1

Small touch of originality in this selection. The Kate K1, that doesn’t mean anything to you ? Nothing surprising, Kate being a new French brand, which specializes in electrical micro-carings. She thus resumed under her label the electric revival of the Mini Moke. The next step is the presentation of a mini-city, the K1, with four doors and four places, made in France and promise affordable. If the vehicle will be on the roads in 2024, there is a presentation at the start of the school year.

Mercedes EQ Concept

While Tesla restyle its model 3 (see below), BMW and Mercedes are just to prepare their response. And to try to show that they are not dropped, they save time with concepts. At the same time as the Neue Klasse vision, we will discover in Munich a Mercedes style study prefiguring a small electric sedan, whose serial version will arrive in 2024. The vehicle, which will replace the CLA, must strike hard in terms of efficiency, thanks in particular to an ultra-aerodynamic silhouette.

Mini Countryman

Double dose of electrical innovations at Mini. In addition to the new generation of the 3 -door, which has already started to show itself officially, the British brand will lift the veil on the third generation of the Countryman SUV. And this will therefore be offered in 100 % electric. The technical sheet will be modeled on that of the BMW IX1, which announces 313 hp and an autonomy of 439 km. Countryman will also grow up to have a size similar to that of the BMW. More than ever, it will be the maxi-mini !

Peugeot E-3008

One event caches another. The renewal of the 3008 is already one, the model having become a hen with golden eggs for the lion. And this third generation will have the particularity of being available in 100 % electric. It will inaugurate the STLA Medium base, an evolution of the EMP2, capable of carrying a 97 kWh battery of useful capacity. If this size remains to be confirmed for the E-3008, Peugeot had mentioned a range of 700 km on the best-equipped versions. Consumption will benefit from a silhouette inspired by the cut models. The 3008 will therefore be less welcoming, but families will be able to turn in 2024 to the E-5008.

Renault Scénic

Everything changes, except the name. The Scenic will become a compact SUV, available only in electric. Derived from the Megane, it will be the family counterpart, even if Renault will only offer a 5 -seater version. The CMF-EV base will allow you to have a beautiful wheelbase, and therefore a generous leg space. We hope that modularity will be well studied. The scenic will have the privilege of a larger battery (surely 87 kWh) which will allow it to announce 600 km of autonomy. Drawn by Gilles Vidal, ex-Peugeot, he will have an angular look.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

She will certainly be the start of the school year. However, it will be a restyling and not a new model. But Tesla who improves her first affordable model, it is necessarily an event. Especially since the manufacturer could cause a sensation by still lowering the attack price, already fell to 41.990 € in spring. The Model 3 could become even cheaper, while being better in terms of autonomy. The developments will not only be technical, since the face will be fully revised.

The top 15 most anticipated electric cars in 2023

Audi, Mercedes, Renault, Peugeot …: who will take out the electric car of the year in 2023. The star model is undoubtedly in this list of 15 contenders.

The year 2023 promises to be exciting in electric cars. The market could be jostled as rarely before. Indeed, all brands combined, no less than 60 models are expected this year. Our goal is not to draw up the exhaustive list of these vehicles, but to determine those who could do well and those we expect firmly.

Finally, a small precision: the presentation or marketing dates indicated are estimates. On the one hand, because manufacturers can still choose to modify their launch calendar. On the other hand, because the news can force them to modify their plans.

Here are the 15 electric cars that we can’t wait to see in 2023.

Renault R5 Electric

The successor of the Zoé is she ! Unveiled almost two years ago, the revisited version of the legendary R5 inaugurates a vintage episode at Renault who must also take the manufacturer to the diamond on the side of the 4L in a few months, or even the R4 in a handful of years. Under the leadership of his CEO Luca de Meo, Renault intends to combine future with past. It starts with the electric R5, a small city car based on the CMF-BEV platform.

To date, information concerning this legendary name of the French automobile is not legion. Nevertheless, the technical base used allows you to hope for some good surprises. Thus, we mention a 100 kW (136 hp) engine, as well as a 40 or 50 kWh battery, enough to ensure a minimum of 350 km of autonomy. The half -hidden objective of Renault with this R5 is to manage it at less than 30,000 euros, in its basic version. If the manufacturer succeeds, and taking into account the very friendly design of this new electric version, there is no doubt that success will be there.

Marketing : late 2023/early 2024

Citroën E-C3

The list of electric cars at less than 30,000 euros is struggling to lie down. The trend has even reversed in recent months with prices that are bucking up. Fortunately, some 2023 models should be placed on this segment of “accessible” electric cars.
This will undoubtedly be the case with the next version of the C3, which will finally go to electric in 2023. The Ë-C3 will even be one of the first vehicles on our list to take the road since its marketing is expected in the coming weeks.

The small city car should take advantage of the CMP platform of the Stellantis group, the one that has already served the Peugeot E-208 and other Opel Corsa-E. Nevertheless, in order to lower the price of the entry ticket, its assets could be revised downwards, both in terms of engine power and capacity of its battery. Anyway, the Ë-C3 will have a card to play, provided of course that its price is not exaggerated.

Marketing : January 2023

Porsche Macan

This should not cost less than 30,000 euros, quite the contrary. Porsche will take advantage of 2023 to reveal its second 100% electric model. After the Taycan, a true reference of zero emission sportsmen, the German manufacturer has not taken a risk by electrifying one of its greatest successes in recent years, the Macan.

First announced in 2021, then postponed in 2022, the Macan should finally be presented at the end of 2023. The reason for this delay ? Difficulties during the finalization of the new PPE platform on which the beast will be built, but especially of big software concerns, the same which affects the entire VW group dependent on its subsidiary Carriad. Whatever, we take the bet to wait. And for good reason, with more than 600 hp and a 100 kW battery, the Macan promises to be a future monster.

Marketing : late 2023/early 2024


2023 should be a pivotal year for Mini, the city center of the BMW group. Indeed, Mini should launch, this year, a new version of its electric compact. This will also inaugurate a new manufacturing process, since now the brand’s electric vehicles will be produced in China with the assistance of Great Wall Motors.

This rather radical change will not be without consequences on the aesthetics of the future mini since we announce some important changes. If the essentials, namely the general form and the round headlights, will be at a doubt preserved, the purists are likely to shout in scandal.
But what really matters is the technical part. Mini must get up the sleeves in terms of autonomy. The first version of the Cooper caps at 235 km in one load. To win, the new mini will have to do better, at all costs.

Marketing : mid-2023

Renault Scenic

The Renault Scenic is already “present” everywhere. In the brand’s advertising films, on its posters … but certainly not in the streets. And for good reason, its marketing is not planned before the very end of the year. What the brand showed in diamonds in its various communications is the scenic vision concept, a kind of first version of the standard vehicle to come. This is to say the importance of the model for the French manufacturer.

Indeed, the scenic is there to give an impetus to Renault. If the MONOSPACE of yesteryear has given way to a SUV cut with the serpe, it is to better mark the manufacturer’s electric shift.

Presentation : fall 2023

Tesla Cybertruck

It’s Tesla’s tall. The development of cybertruck would already be over, but the pick-up of the Californian manufacturer is slow to show. First postponed to make room for the semi and the Optimus robot, he also underwent a few backlash in his development. It has been months, however, that Elon Musk indicates that it is only missing “the last settings”. What the boss of Tesla does not say is that cells also miss 4680 cells, victims of the shortage of components, and that they must supply the mounting chains of Model Y and Semi as a priority.

So the cybertruck will see the day in 2023 ? It is possible, probable even, but it should not take place before the very end of the year and, as always with Tesla, in the United States during the first years.

Marketing : maybe someday

Hyundai Ioniq 6

Ioniq 6 has almost no more surprises to offer. We know almost everything about the electric sedan that Hyundai presented in the summer of 2022. Engine, battery, equipment on board and even the price since it is already possible to configure it on the manufacturer’s site. To perfect the painting, we even had the chance to get on the figurehead of Hyundai in 2023.
What we do not know, however, is what it is worth on the road, and for good reason, the first models should be delivered in the first quarter.

Given the elements at our disposal, it clearly appears that the Ioniq 6 will be one of the most important electric vehicles of the year and perhaps the first capable of undermining the Tesla Model 3 in a duel. In 2023, Hyundai will therefore reveal his game very early, but he could also hit very hard !

Marketing : January 2023

Fiat 600

Fiat will he finally return to segment B, that of versatile urban cars ? The Italian brand owned by the Stellantis group only exists on electricity by its only (big) success, the small 500. Historically, it is on cars of the upper segment that Fiat has built its notoriety and 2023 should be the year of its return to the foreground. According to rumors, it is a Fiat 600 looming, a compact SUV that will resume, group logic requires, the technical base of the Jeep Avenger. With a 156 hp engine and a battery capable of taking it over 400 km.

Unless the brand prefers to favor an XXL version of its city car, a possible 500x… response in the coming weeks.

Presentation : first quarter 2023

Hyundai Kona

This is one of the sure values ​​of electric models currently marketed. The Kona, like its alter-ego the niro at the Kia cousin, is one of the electric cars at the best value for money since its marketing. 2023 should be synonymous with restyling for the compact SUV. Logically, this second generation should not evolve considerably technically (the development platform leaves little margin) but the interior and some aspects of external design should be reviewed.

The new Kona will be based on a 204 hp engine and a 64.8 kWh battery (463 km of autonomy) but it will wear an even more original design and could be one of the very good surprises this year.

Marketing : September 2023


MG has established itself as a key player in the landscape of the electric vehicle in France. Returned by the small door in 2020, the English brand owned by Chinese Saic Motors was able to find the right price positioning to arouse the interest of customers, in France in particular. But so far MG models, including the MG4, have much to do with what has made the British brand renowned in the past, namely light and dynamic small roads, pleasure cars in short quite far from the family SUVs that SAIC markets today.

2023 should change the situation since MG should launch an electric roadster (like Tesla for 6 years), the famous Cyberster. Decapotable, with Elytre opening doors and optics recalling the lines of the Union Jack, the cyberster has all the advantages to be a successful electric roadster. Finally, the last surprise could come from the price, MG being one of the most aggressive manufacturers on this point.

Presentation : current 2023

Peugeot E-308

Peugeot had taken everyone by choosing not to speak or almost about the electrical declination of the 308 when launching the thermal version and Phev. However, the manufacturer in the lion will bet strongly on this zero emission version, supposed to keep another must -see from last year … The electric 408.

The manufacturer has already said almost everything about this electric 308. For her, the goal will be to convince of its quality despite a hell of a thorn in the foot: its battery. With a capacity of barely 50 kWh, it risks greatly reducing the compact capabilities. Unless driving pleasure, manufacturing quality or a particularly attractive price compensates for this amazing bias.

Marketing : current 2023.

Opel Astra Electric

Astra is more or less in the same case as its cousin from Peugeot. If the two are in the same boat, it is because they both belong to the Stellantis group. In short, it is a technical copy/paste of the electric electric 308, with the same advantages therefore (an efficient 115 kW engine) but above all the same drawback (the 51 kWh user -load battery).

What astra has for her ? A design that some consider more attractive and the assurance of a more attractive price than its counterpart sold by Peugeot. If the first manages to convince, the second will undoubtedly be a better deal.

Marketing : current 2023.

BMW i5

Presented in the fall of 2016, restyled in 2021, the 5 series will live a hell of a culture shock in 2023. The large BMW sedan will be available in 100% electric version this summer. The rival of the future A6 e-tron will take advantage of it to change your look but above all to use all the know-how garnered by the i4, the manufacturer’s first 100% electric sedan, which particularly seduced us last year.

Above all, the future 5 series should give rise to an inner revolution with an interior derived from the IX, the huge SUV of the manufacturer. The one that has internally bears the code name G60 knows itself in any case particularly awaited this year.

Presentation : summer 2023

Volkswagen ID.7

2023 will it (finally) be the year of the electric sedans. With the i5, the ioniq 6 at the Audi A6 e-tron, it is quite possible. To this pretty panel, it will probably be necessary to add the ID.7. This is the culmination of the ID concept.Aero, in other words the transformation of the current Passat into an electric sedan. After his compact (ID.3) and two SUVs (ID.4 and ID.5), Volkswagen will finally tackle the C segment and the essential Tesla Model 3.

After unveiling its next racing car, in camouflaged version, at the opening of CES 2023, VW should distill the information in the dropper throughout the year until its presentation at the end of the year.

Marketing : late 2023/early 2024

Volvo Ex90

Presented at the end of last year, the Volvo Ex90 is the manufacturer’s flagship. The Swedish brand owned by Chinese Geely will finally renew the huge XC90, its big successful SUV. Given the previous Volvo models, the quality should be there, but with the ex90, Volvo wants to go further. Referent brand in road safety, it wants to bet on this asset. Consequently, the ex90 will give pride of place to technologies on board, to the various driving aids and will even have an “invisible shield” around the car.

In total, this charming baby over three tonnes will offer seven places on board, making it one of the rare electric models on the segment. But with a price at more than 100,000 euros, you will have to be convincing. It is on all this that we will judge him.

Marketing : current 2023

Honorable mentions : the list of electric cars that should be marketed in 2023 is obviously much longer than our selection. The new year should also inaugurate the first restylages of electric cars consumer public. We mentioned it with the Hyundai Kona, but this should also be the case for the Peugeot E-208, the ID.3 of VW or the Cupra Born. 2023 should also see the arrival on the electric market of certain more or less prestigious latecomers. This is particularly the case of Maserati with its Gran Turismo Folgore, Alfa Romeo and its electric Brennero, Lotus and the type 133 or the spectrum, of Rolls Royce. We will not forget to tell you about the long format declination of the ID. Buzz, long -awaited compact crossover of Ford, Polestar 3, Volvo Ex30 or Jeep Avenger that we are impatiently waiting for.

Finally, who knows, Elon Musk will perhaps judge 2023 boring enough to want to spice it with a model 2, cheap, or with its highly anticipated roadster … Anyway, the electric year promises to be exciting.

The best electric cars in 2023

More affordable, small electric cars are generally traction only and focused on urban driving, but the majority still offer very interesting autonomy.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV (without forgetting the Bolt EUV) displays in our opinion the best price/market autonomy ratio. Indeed, its 65 kWh battery allows it to travel up to 417 km officially. The power of the electric motor is 200 horsepower. GM having corrected the high -voltage battery problem, this is a reliable and safe choice. Also emphasize its beautiful technological integration and recharge (240V) at home included.

As announced, however, the manufacturer made the decision to stop the production of the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV this fall to focus on that of the brand new Chevrolet Equinox EV, whose first copies are expected by the end of year.

As an alternative, you should consider two Korean models, either an electric Hyundai Kona or a Kia Soul EV above all. On the other hand, know that the first is entirely renewed for 2024 and that the second will not be back.

Compact and intermediate electric cars

We must start here with the Hyundai Ioniq 6, that The Auto Guide elected new car of the year 2023 and that the Association of Automobile Journalists of Canada (AJAC) has just crown Canadian green car from 2023.

With its aerodynamic lines, the ioniq 6 maximizes autonomy to the point of reaching 581 km in propulsion version. The one with four-wheel drive develops a power of 320 horsepower and a torque of 446 lb-ft, but can still travel up to 509 km. Despite the very inclined roof, the interior remains spacious, not to mention generous storage.

Then there is the Polestar 2, which shines with its driving pleasure and its typically Scandinavian design. Although its prices have increased, Quebec customers are always entitled to full subsidies for electric vehicles. The autonomy ratings of the 2023 model are now 435 km for the entry -level traction version (only one engine, 231 horsepower) as well as 418 km for that with full cog (two motors, 402 horses; : 469 horsepower). Please note: other important changes are on the program for 2024 and it is possible to order a copy now.

The BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3 are very good options, moreover. The first for its excellent road behavior and manufacturing quality, the second for its advantageous autonomy, its beautiful handling and its network of supercharger terminals, obviously.

Luxury electric cars

Finally, in the queen category, the Audi e-tron GT and the Porsche Taycan rank at the top in our opinion. You should know that they share their platform and several components. The sedan decorated with the four rings has an elegant and original silhouette as well as a modern and refined interior. In addition, in RS version, it delivers exceptional performance and solid handling.

His cousin received some improvements and revisions for 2023. What draws above all attention is the gain in autonomy accompanied by the possibility of recharging the battery with a higher power, longer. The infotainment system has improved by a more attractive interface, a faster response time as well as the integration of wireless Android Auto.

Another German electric car, the Mercedes-Benz Eqs, follows them closely, notice. As for the Tesla Model S, which completes the podium, it continues to please the brand’s fans for significantly the same qualities as the Model 3.