That the Free Security pack contains, and how to benefit from it?, Intrusion alarm: how to protect yourself from burglary and other break -ins?

Intrusion alarm: how to protect yourself from burglary and other break -ins


This secondary alarm can be located in your garage or in dependence for example.

That the Free Security pack contains, and how to benefit from it ?

Free offers a security pack that includes a wifi camera, a motion detector or an integrated alarm. This pack, available with the Freebox Delta, allows you to protect your home from intrusions. That the Free Security Pack contains ? How does the Freebox Delta camera work ? What is the price of the free security pack and how to take advantage of it ? Selectra tells you everything !

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  • The essential
  • The Free Security Pack is only available optional, With the Freebox Delta offer.
  • You can take advantage of the Free Security Services for the sum of 59 €.
  • The pAck Security Free Includes an alarm power plant, which you can drive directly from the Freebox application or the Free remote control.

Free Security Pack: What is ?

If you are a freebox Delta customer And whether you are looking for a solution to secure your apartment or house, it is possible to subscribe to the free safety option to benefit, among other things from a Freebox alarm.

What is the use of the Free Safety Pack ?

The Free Security pack is a complete offer, which allows you to secure your home Thanks to different connected devices.

Thanks to the remote monitoring offer offered by Free, you can go on vacation with your head free, without being afraid of being robbed or of being the victim of a disaster.

The pack with Free alarm is recommended for people who wish to discover connected security services, without investing in overpriced equipment.

What is the content of the Free Safety Pack ?

Cartons Pack

The Free Security pack allows you to secure your home thanks to 4 devices ::

  1. There Free Wi-Fi camera, which allows you to monitor everything that is happening at home, remotely.
  2. THE movement detector, who warns you in case of presence in your accommodation.
  3. THE opening detector, which secures your entries (doors and windows) and notifies you in case of intrusion.
  4. There remote, which allows you to activate and deactivate your main or secondary free alarm.

The secondary free house alarm has the same features as the main alarm. This is simply an additional alarm, which you can configure:

  • By activating the adequate button from the home page of theFreebox application.
  • Clicking on Secondary alarm on the remote provided.

This secondary alarm can be located in your garage or in dependence for example.

How does the Freebox application work ?

To monitor your accommodation, activate or deactivate a remote alarm or be warned in the event of an intrusion, simply download theFreebox application.

This application allows you to Check your alarm system Remotely, receive notifications in the event of alert or consult the images of your security camera, whether you are at home or not.

L’Freebox application is available on the App Store or on the Google Play Store. Just enter “freebox” in the search bar and then click on Install.

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What are the services included in the free alarm pack ?

The alarm pack offered by the operator Free, offers you a complete and turnkey remote monitoring solution. Indeed, thanks to all the equipment contained in the offer, it is designed in order to respond to all suckle situations to jeopardize the safety of your accommodation.

Continuous monitoring

Thanks to the Free Wi-Fi camera security, you can monitor your home when you are absent. You can see what’s going on inside your home when you are on vacation or on a business trip.

It is possible to access the live images or those recorded, Day and night, where you are. The Free camera allows you to detect movements and get started automatically if in doubt.

Detectors to prevent break -in

The Free Security pack includes 2 detectors ::

  • A 90 ° motion detector : He is able to analyze and identify any unexpected movement inside your home. Thanks to its operation on batteries (2 CR123 batteries), it gives you a long -lasting autonomy.
  • An opening detector : it has sensors in order to be able to detect a break -in. Placed on a door or window, the alarm sets out and you receive an alert in the event of an unwanted opening.

The Player case integrates 4 microphones, which allows him to activate in case of broken ice or trigger a fire alarm. In case of suspect noises, you will be warned.

An integrated alarm system

THE wireless alarm pack and free connection is offered with the Freebox Delta offer. This offer consists of a player box and a server case.

The Freebox Server case is a Autonomous alarm system himself. Indeed, it is equipped with sigfox connectivity and a backup battery, It can therefore be triggered in the event of a problem, even in the event of power cut.

With a 105dB siren, The free alarm will alert your neighbors if you are absent, and will send you a notification (by SMS or by call) so that you can act accordingly.

Remote activation

The Free Security pack includes a remote, Allowing and deactivating your free alarm.

After installation, a light light confirms that the alarm has been activated or deactivated.

OK Freebox service to control your equipment

Thanks to the OK Freebox voice assistant, you can manage your free safety pack by vocal commands. You can thus activate or deactivate theFree alarm by voice, without using the remote control.

In order for your home to be the only one to be able to use OK Freebox to deactivate the alarm, you must set up a secret code.

You want to secure your accommodation ?

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How much is the freebox delta camera option ?

The Free Security pack is available optional at 59 € Without subscription or commitment.

To take advantage of it, you must subscribe to the Freebox Delta Internet offer and buy the Freebox Delta camera.

You can also buy additional equipment per unit:

  • An opening detector at € 19.99.
  • A movement detector at € 29.99.
  • A camera at € 39.99.
  • A remote control at € 14.99.

The Free Safety Center can support up to 64 equipment : 32 opening detectors and 32 movement detectors.

How to take advantage of the Free Security Pack ?

To subscribe to the free safety option, it is necessary to have a freebox delta, and therefore to be an internet client with the operator.

You are not yet one of the free subscribers

If you have not yet subscribed to the Freebox Delta offer, you can subscribe to the Free Safety Pack at the time of your subscription. For that, do as follows:

  1. Go to the Free website.
  2. Click on the tab Freebox Then on the section Freebox Delta.
  3. Select the button Get down, Located at the top right of your screen.
  4. Enter your fixed line number or your postal code to test your eligibility.
  5. If you are eligible, click on the box Choose.
  6. Select the decoder you want to have between the Player Devialet or the Pop Player.
  7. You can add one or more options to your basket. Add theFree Safety Pack option By checking the corresponding box.

To validate your subscription, let yourself be guided until confirmation.

The Freebox Delta – Offer valid on March 07, 2023
subscribe online Internet up to 8gbit/s TV by Canal / Netflix / Video Prime / Cafeyn € 39.99/month for 1 year then € 49.99/month – without commitment Player Pop included or Player Devialet at € 480

Selection of a Free offer. Free SEO.

You are already a free customer

If you are already one of free customers, you can subscribe to the Free Security pack at any time from your Free subscriber area. The only condition is to have a freebox delta offer.

In this case, follow these few steps:

  1. Go to the Free website.
  2. Click on the section Subscriber space which is located at the top right of the home page.
  3. Connect using your free identifiers.

All you have to do is add theFree Safety Pack option to your current Freebox Delta offer.

If you hold another Freebox offer, you can change your internet package for the Freebox Delta offer directly from your free customer area.

How to install the Free Safety Pack ?

To install your Freebox alarms, as well as all the equipment received as part of your subscription to the security pack proposed by Free, follow step by step the different manipulations to follow.

First step: Download the Freebox application

L’Freebox application is essential to be able to install and use the Freebox security pack:

  1. Connect to the WiFi network of your freebox.
  2. Go to the App Store or the Google Play Store and search “Freebox“”.
  3. Download the Freebox application.

Second step: Initializing the Free Security Pack

connected house

Before you start theFree security package installation, Your Freebox Server should be properly installed. This is the case if the latter displays the time when you approach your hand in front of the front panel.

Here are the different steps to follow to initialize your freebox:

  1. Open the Freebox application.
  2. Meet in Menu then in Home.
  3. Click on the button +.
  4. Wait a few moments until the association is made.
  5. Choose a pin code (this 4 -digit code will serve you to deactivate the Free alarm through the voice command).
  6. You can activate notifications or not. In case of activation, you will be warned in the event of triggering your free alarm.
  7. Click on To end.

Third step: set sail for your various equipment

Free remote control

For Associate your remote control, Follow these few steps:

  1. Click on the button + To launch a new equipment with NFC technology.
  2. Select the logo corresponding to the remote control (the one located at the top right).
  3. Place your remote control above your Freebox Server until she puts a beep.
  4. Remove the plastic tab located on the remote control.
  5. Give your name to your Free remote control.

The movements detector

You can set sail for your movement detector by clicking again on the button + Then do as follows:

  1. Select the logo corresponding to movement detector (the one located at the top left of your screen).
  2. Open the rear cover of the detector.
  3. Place the detector above your Freebox Server, the label must be positioned on the logo n)).
  4. Insert them batteries provided with your equipment then wait until the green light lights up.
  5. Close the rear cover of the movement detector.
  6. Give your detector a name.
  7. Install the detector on one of the walls of your house (in a corner and on a wall of 1.80 meters).

You can check the operation of your movement detector. To do this, keep yourself away from the detector until the light light becomes red.

The opening detector

To associate your opening detector, follow the same steps as those mentioned above:

  1. Click on the button +.
  2. Select the detector logo, located at the bottom left.
  3. Place the detector on the top of your Freebox Delta, on the acronym n)), until you hear a beep.
  4. Remove the plastic tab.
  5. Name your device then install it on one of your doors or windows.

The opening detector consists of 2 parts. You must position the big block on the door itself and the little one right opposite.

Freebox Delta alarm: the free Wi-Fi camera

Finally, you must set sail Camera compatible with the Freebox Delta alarm. To do this, press the + button then select the logo Camera Located at the bottom right.

To associate your camera with your Freebox, follow these few steps:

  1. Note the camera on its base.
  2. Connect the USB cable to your camera then to one of your electrical catches.
  3. Wait about 30 seconds until the green light flashes.
  4. Scan it QR code which is displayed using your smartphone.
  5. Name your Freebox Delta camera.

You want to secure your accommodation ?

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Is the Free Safety Pack compatible with domestic animals ?

It is recommended not to install theFree alarm In your home if you have one or more animals.

Indeed, the movement detector is not Not compatible with domestic animals and could be triggered in their presence.

It is therefore preferable to avoid installing a detector in the rooms accessible to your animals so as not to be alerted for no valid reason.

On the other hand, neither insects such as spiders or mosquitoes nor red fish can trigger your movement detector.

The Free Security Pack in the face of competition

  • Here is a comparison of the different operators in a few points:
  • The three suppliers all market non -binding packages.
  • Free and SFR both offer an offer without subscription, respectively at € 59 and € 69.
  • Orange only offers packages with monthly subscription.
  • Free is the only one to offer only a subscription pack.

Free is not the only operator to offer a security pack. Indeed, SFR and Orange also make several security offers available to their customers.

SFR offers 3 offers:

  1. A connected pack Without subscription to 69 €.
  2. A Free video alarm pack at € 9.99/month without obligation.
  3. A Premium Free Video Alarm Pack at € 19.99/month without obligation.

In addition to the price of SFR alarm packs, it is necessary to take out a Equipment pack at 149 €.

SFR offers the following services:

  • Management thanks to the Home by SFR application with the connected pack.
  • Piloting as well as remote monitoring, recording, alerts, detection of internet cuts and alert detection planning with the Video alarm pack.
  • The services of the video alarm pack as well as home intervention, compensation up to € 500 and the buyout of franchise up to € 250 with the Premium video alarm pack.

As for Orange, the operator offers 2 remote monitoring offers, Depending on your accommodation (if it is a house or apartment on the ground floor or a floor apartment).

The operator includes the following services:

  • Installing your equipment by a professional.
  • A maintenance and diagnostic service.
  • Protection in the event of a power cut or internet cut.
  • Notifications in the event of a problem.
  • The intervention of an agent or the police in the event of an intrusion.
  • Remote management from your application.

You can also subscribe to different paid options in addition.

  • The connected pack
  • The video alarm pack
  • Premium video alarm pack
  • € 9.99/month + 149 € Equipment pack
  • € 19.99/month + 149 € Equipment pack
  • Safety package in floor
  • Home or apartment security package on the ground floor
  • € 29.99/month without obligation
  • € 39.99/month without commitment

Selection of security offers, classified in alphabetical order. Free SEO.

Frequent questions about the Free Security Pack

How does the Free Safety Pack work ?

The Free Security Pack is made up of several security elements to protect you from burglars and squatters.

What is the content of the Free Security Pack ?

A surveillance camera, movement detectors, opening detectors and remote control.

How to subscribe to the free security pack if I am not a free subscriber ?

If you have not yet subscribed to the Freebox Delta offer, You can subscribe to the Free Security Pack at the time of your subscription. This is an option to be added at the time of your subscription, you will have to check the corresponding box.

Updated on 03/07/2023

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Good plan

Alarm protection packs:
Protect your House Or apartment with verrisor

Intrusion alarm: how to protect yourself from burglary and other break -ins ?

You are looking to protect your home or second home, and would like information on intrusion alarms ? What are their use, how do they work, how to choose them and at what prices are marketed ? In this article, you will find all the important elements that will allow you to understand the functioning of anti-intrusion alarms, as well as a comparison to choose an offer adapted to your needs.

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  • The essential :
  • A Intrusion alarm is used to protect your home (main or secondary residence) from the risk of burglary or intrusion.
  • Alarms are sold in the form of packs with different accessories and detectors.
  • THE Anti intrusion alarms The best sold are wireless alarms, connected to the Internet.
  • To obtain the best level of safety against intrusions, it is recommended to subscribe a remote monitoring offer.

What is the interest of an intrusion alarm ?

Why get an anti -intrusion system ?

remote monitoring

In France, there are many burglaries each year. In 2022, the figure amounted to 211,400 According to INSEE. To avoid being faced with this situation, there are devices that protect your home.

With the development of connected objects and home automation, the safety market of individuals has become more and more efficient and more and more accessible. The anti-intrusion alarm is one of them.

What are the features of an anti -intrusion alarm ?

By definition, an alarm is a “Anti intrusion” system. This means that it is designed to avoid, as far as possible, any risk of intrusion into you: it has a function dissuasive, which must lead the burglar to turn around as quickly as possible, for fear of being caught.

An alarm, as its name suggests, is made to alarm, that is to say that it serves worry the burglar by making him expect that he is not welcome to the scene. It also serves warn you of the potential danger. If your alarm is a Wireless alarm connected to the Internet, It is able to warn you directly in the event of an intrusion thanks to a notification on your smartphone. An alarm very often has a Anti intrusion sound alarm which emits a powerful sound (between 80 and 110 dB), which can also warn the neighborhood and anyone who would pass near your home.

The elements that make up an anti -intrusion alarm

An anti -intrusion alarm consists of several elements:

  • A central, Who receives the information and who transmits it to you (or who transmits it to the remote monitoring center if you have subscribed to a monthly offer).
  • Of the motion detectors who intercept the presence and transmit information to the power station. Some models are equipped with an image socket function.
  • A Mermaid, which is a sound warning.
  • A control station (keyboard, remote controls, badges).

Can be added to an anti -intrusion alarm:

video surveillance

  • Of the opening detectors (for doors or windows). These perimeter detectors can be practical, but they are considered less effective than motion detectors because they do not trigger if the window or the door is fractured without being opened.
  • One or more cameras, which allow you to access the images of what is happening at home in real time, and to have evidence of the intrusion if it takes place. Some cameras allow you to communicate with someone who is at home from your smartphone, thanks to a bidirectional sound.
  • One or more anti-cambriolage fogs, which allow you to dive a room in a fog (not toxic and colorless) and to delay the action of a burglar.

What are the different categories of anti-intrusion alarms ?

There are several categories of anti-intrusion alarms.

The wired alarm

The wired alarm is an alarm with a wiring which connects the different devices and detectors between them. This is an interesting choice in terms of price since wired alarms are today the cheapest on the market. These are also safe anti-intrusion alarms, as they cannot be disturbed by attempts to interfere. On the other hand, You can’t install them yourself, You have to call on a professional. They cannot be moved once installed.

Connected wireless alarm

This is the model ofAnti intrusion alarm the most common today. Indeed, connected alarm models offer facilities for installation and use. The different devices and detectors are powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries. Wireless alarm kits also have the advantage of being scalable, Because it is possible to add several devices to it. The fact that they are connected also allows you to insert them in a more global home automation ecosystem and to create routines that activate or deactivate your alarm according to your schedule.

GSM alarm

L’GSM alarm is the anti-intrusion alarm category considered to be one of the most secure. Indeed, it does not rest on the WiFi and Electric network: it uses the telephone network. Thus, even in the event of a power outage, a GSM alarm can warn you of an intrusion thanks to A GSM transmitter and a SIM card on which numbers are saved.

Alarm with remote monitoring

An anti -intrusion alarm included in a remote monitoring subscription represents the maximum protection that you can find today on the market. It is more expensive because you must subscribe a Monthly subscription (whose prices vary between 10 and 60 € per month) in addition to the rental or purchase of equipment. Your home is monitored 24 hours a day, by professionals who react immediately in the event of a alert. Law enforcement can also be dispatched to the scene, depending on the formula subscribed.

Anti intrusion device: comparison of the best systems to protect your home

There are a multitude of possible offers and formulas to protect your house from intrusion attempts. In this comparison, you will find a mixture of different offers, with and without remote monitoring. These are offers that we have selected because of their customer reviews and their value for money (discover our top 10 cheap alarms), so this is in no way an exhaustive list.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Anti-tab
  • Equipment under warranty during the duration of the subscription
  • No transparency on prices
  • Remote monitoring
  • Accessible price
  • Reliable and quality material
  • Lack of compatibility of certain detectors with pets
  • Many false alerts
  • Real -time video surveillance
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • Confidential fashion
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Customizable detection zones
  • Instant alerts
  • Compulsory subscription
  • Non -binding offer
  • Unique price depending on the type of housing
  • Remote monitoring
  • Installation and commissioning costs included
  • Offer or SOSH offer for Orange or Sosh subscribers
  • Compatible with all Internet boxes
  • Partnership with Europ Assiance for remote monitoring
  • Very simple installation
  • 48 hours of autonomy in the event of a power outage
  • Equipment not included in the subscription (pack at € 149)
  • Simplicity of installation
  • Integrated microphones that detect suspect noises
  • Voice assistant to control the alarm
  • Backup battery
  • Only reserved for freebox delta subscribers
  • No remote monitoring

Verisure and homiris, leaders of alarm offers with remote monitoring

Verisure offers for individuals

Verisure is a company specializing in remote monitoring. She markets two subscriptions To equip your house with an anti-intrusion alarm. These two subscriptions are customizable, as long as you can opt for Optional packs including additional equipment (such as cameras for example).

The + the two subscriptions include the your house remote monitoring 24 hours a day and 7 days a week/7. Verrous alarms have an anti -jam function and your equipment is under warranty for the duration of your subscription.

  • The offer Initial verrisor Includes a power station, a motion detector, a shock and opening detector, an access badge reader accompanied by three access badges, a verrisor plate and deterrent stickers.
  • The offer Optimal verrisor Includes the same benefits, in addition with a motion detector with images capture, an anti-cambrication fog, an independent interior mermaid, 3 additional access badges, the consumables included, as well as a private intervention service unlimited.

To find out the tariffs of the Verisure offers, you must file a quote request on their website. An advisor will accompany you in the choice of equipment best suited to your needs, depending on the configuration of your home.

You wish to take out a verrisal offer ?

50% discount on equipment, 10% on the subscription and installation offered for any purchase via selectra ! Contact us !

You wish to take out a verrisal offer ?

50% discount on equipment, 10% on the subscription and installation offered for any purchase via selectra ! Contact us !

Homiris alarm systems

Homiris (which belongs to the EPS group) is a French company dedicated to remote monitoring, which officiates for thirty years (It was created in 1986). For the record, it was the first company to offer remote monitoring offers by “all inclusive” subscription, including equipment, maintenance and remote monitoring service. Homiris offers Anti-intrusion alarm packs.

The + with EPS offers, your home is under remote monitoring 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You have access to a mobile application that allows you to access the data collected (images, detected movements, etc.) and interact with your equipment remotely. Customer opinions on Homiris are very positive.

If the alarm is triggered in the event of an intrusion, a deterrent siren sounds and photos are taken. The reactions take place in Less than 30 seconds, with a call from the police and the intervention of a security guard at the scene if this is planned in your formula. You also receive a notification of information in the event of an alarm trigger.

Homiris offers two remote monitoring formulas:

  • A Comfort formula, from € 21.50 per month, which contains a connected alarm system, remote control and maintenance of your devices, your home remote monitoring, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with a call for control in less than 30 seconds when an intrusion is detected. In this formula, there is no intervention by an agent at your home. Nevertheless, you can if you wish to activate a temporary intervention option which will be billed to you in addition.
  • There Serenity formula, whose prices start from € 31.50 per month, Includes the same services as the comfort formula, with the intervention at your home of a security agent and the alert of the police if necessary. With the serenity formula, you are also protected from the risk of fire thanks to a smoke detector, and a call for help can be triggered if necessary.

A Video option is available if you want to have access to video recording. It is € 99 or € 189 depending on the camera model chosen, and requires a subscription to € 3.99 per month which is added to the serenity or comfort formula that you have subscribed.

EPS offers prices are public but may vary depending on your situation. It is because the company EPS initially establishes a personalized diagnosis of your needs with the help of a specialized technician, in order to offer you remote monitoring solutions that are adapted to your situation.

Intrusion alarm marketed by Internet operators

Orange protected house: intrusion alarm for livebox subscribers

Protected house allows you to effectively protect your accommodation thanks to various detectors (a motion detector with photo intake, an infrared movement detector compatible with animals and an opening detector) and a power station connected to a remote monitoring center. It’s about a GSM alarm, with an orange SIM card. The installation of the equipment is carried out by a professional. The alarm system works with the “protected house” application that allows you to be informed, no matter where you are, what’s going on at home. Orange works with a Authorized remote monitoring center, operational 24 hours a day 24 and 7 days a week. In the event of an intrusion, it calls on the police and can dispatch a security agent on the scene, in order to keep them until you return.

The + you don’t have to buy equipment or pay for costs for installation or commissioning. There are no maintenance or repair costs, and the offer is without engagement which offers you the freedom to terminate when you wish.

THE price is unique Depending on the type of accommodation: there is an offer for apartments on the floor, and another for apartments on the ground floor or houses.

  • € 29.99 per month For apartments.
  • € 39.99 per month For houses.

Home by SFR offers: remote monitoring accessible to all

Home by SFR is a home automation security offer, in partnership with Europ Assistance. The offer has several wireless connected objects: a mermaid, a camera with motion detection and night vision, a motion detector, a door opening detector, a smoke detector and a power station. All of the equipment is installed in less than an hour and does not require any work. In the event of a power outage, the alarm benefits from 48 hours of autonomy.

The + Home by SFR services are Compatible with all Internet boxes.

Several formulas are possible according to your needs:

  • THE Video alarm pack at € 9.99 per month without commitment, with the purchase of an equipment pack at € 149 which contains a power station and 6 accessories. This pack allows you to manage your home safety yourself and remotely, thanks to your smartphone. You receive alerts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by SMS and Email.
  • THE Premium video alarm pack, € 19.99 per month without engagement. By subscribing to this pack, you must also pay € 149 for the purchase of the equipment. The Premium pack includes additional services compared to the video alarm pack, in particular the support for Europ assistance available at any time, the movement of a security guard at home if necessary and the management of your repair of your door or windows in case of break -in up to € 500.

The Free Safety Pack: Intrusion alarm for Freebox Delta subscribers

The Free Safety Pack is Reserved for subscribers of the Freebox Delta offer (fiber or ADSL). This is an option at 59 € which is regulated at once, and is added to the price of the monthly subscription freebox Delta.

The Free Safety Pack is a Autonomous alarm pack, connected to the server of the Freebox Delta (which sort of office). The server incorporates a 105 dB siren. The pack contains movement and opening detectors to secure a key access point for your accommodation. It also contains a connected camera whose recording is triggered in the event of movement, which has the night vision. It is equipped with the vocal assistant “OK Freebox” to allow you to simply manage your alarm system. A remote control is provided with the pack to allow you to activate and deactivate your alarm.

The + thanks to the Freebox Delta and its 4 integrated microphones, Suspicious noises are also detected (glass breakage, fire alarms, etc.). The Freebox Delta Freebox Server is also equipped with a backup battery, which makes it autonomous even when the current is cut.

If you are not at home when the alarm is triggered, you receive An SMS or a call on your mobile. The security pack is driving from the Freebox mobile application.

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Contact Selectra so that an advisor will direct you among the partner offers best suited to your budget, depending on your preferences.

Anti intrusion devices offered by Kiwatch, an expert in home automation

The serenity offer of Kiwatch is available at the cost of € 16.90 per month and is exclusively offered in partnership with Selectra. This formula offers a set of various features, in particular:

  • Continuous and real -time video surveillance.
  • Detection of human presences: the system can distinguish humans from animals or vehicles.
  • An interior mermaid of 90 dB, remote controllable, which alerts the neighborhood in the event of an intrusion.
  • The possibility of saving videos for 30 days.
  • Personalized video alerts.

It is important to emphasize that this offer concerns video surveillance, which means that you Must take measures yourself in the event of detecting a suspicious activity by your camera.

With the serenity offer of Kiwatch, you then have the choice between two types of interior cameras.

  • The Kihome camera, from € 49.90, which offers a wide angle of view of 131 degrees and an HD resolution of 1080p.
  • The Kimoov camera, from € 54.90, with a 306 degree video cover.

You want to take out a Kiwatch offer ?

The first camera is offend For any subscription via selectra, contact us !