Test Galaxy A53 5G (2022): The anti-IPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy A53 5G test: excellent autonomy, but a unfortunate lack of fishing

Test of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: excellent autonomy, but a unfortunate lack of fishing

Then the A53 5G is part of the annoying family of smartphones that slide. Its facade is so smooth that it tends, very slowly but surely, to approach the edge of a vaguely wobbly table when you put it on the side of the screen. And if we don’t be careful (as has happened to us several times), he will surely fall to the ground. You are warned.

Galaxy A53 5G test (2022): the anti-IPhone is

After its high-end models, Samsung launches the new Galaxy A53 5G, sound (likely) future bestseller. Our full test.

Posted on July 14, 2022 at 3 h 51 min

Galaxy A53 5G Design test

Samsung follows his calendar with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker. Like every year, the Korean launched its new galaxy a few weeks after the Galaxy S. Chance of the calendar or not, they closely follow the exit of the iPhone SE 2022 of its great rival Apple.

With the Galaxy A53 5G, the Korean manufacturer is expected at the turn. In recent years, the A50 has established themselves as quality-price references. Samsung admits that this model represents its largest volume of sales, far ahead of its prestigious Galaxy S22.

However, 2022 marks a turning point in the history of the Galaxy has. For the first time, Samsung does not offer a 4G version, which mechanically induces a higher call price. Offered from 459 euros, is the Galaxy A53 5G still a good deal ? Answer after our full test.

Galaxy A53 test on video

For those who do not have time to read our test written below, here is a video summary of our impressions on the Galaxy A53. Below, you can discover our complete writing in writing on these Samsung devices.

Price and release date of the Galaxy A53

Galaxy A53 5g price test

The Galaxy A53 5G is available at a price of 459 euros in version 6/128 GB. We can opt for a version 6 with 256 GB of storage which is sold from 519 euros. The Galaxy A53 5G is available in four colors: black, white, blue and peach.

This year Samsung does not decline its Galaxy A53 in 4G version, a first in the history of the range. Below, you can discover the prices in real time at several official resellers. The Samsung store regularly allows to have advantages in kind that other resellers do not offer.

What is the Galaxy A53 screen worth ?

Galaxy A53 5G Test Screen Quality Galaxy A53 5g Design Face test

A master in the art of manufacturing smartphones screens, Samsung makes it a point of honor to equip its models with the best technologies available at the best price. If the Korean tends to make the bottom of drawers in certain aspects (we will come back to this in this Galaxy A53 test), the screen is not sacrificed.

According to our Galaxy A53 5G test, the device is based on an Infinity-O type of Super Amoled type with a Full HD+ definition and a 120 Hz refresh frequency. In other words, the screen of the Galaxy A53 5G responds to the technological standards of the high -end segment.

If Samsung tends to saturate the colors a hair, the options available in One UI allow you to adjust the display settings to obtain an almost perfect image. The screen of the Galaxy A53, with a diagonal of 6.5 ″ (6.3 ″ by removing the rounded corners), will therefore be able to seduce the lovers of films and / or play.

The frequency of 120 Hz makes the experience much more fluid, at stake on the one hand, but also on all the applications in which the user scrolls content: social networks, web, etc.

In summary, our Galaxy A53 5G test shows that it takes a little wonder, probably the best in its category.

That are worth the performance of the Galaxy A53 ?

Galaxy A53 5G performance test Galaxy A53 5g Perfs test

If it is an area in which Samsung is struggling, it is that of autonomy. This year again, the Galaxy S22 do not shine with their endurance. Against all expectations, the Galaxy A53 5G is in the antipodes of its counterparts. With its 5,000 mAh battery and the Exynos 1280 chip engraved in 5nm, it easily holds a day and a half in intensive use and up to 2 days for more “standard” use (fewer photos, games and videos).

This does not prevent him from delivering convincing performance for a smartphone in this range. Admittedly, the manufacturer’s house chip does not reach the phenomenal power of the A15 Bionic of the iPhone SE 2022, but the A53 5G is powerful enough for everyday uses.

During our A53 5G test, we did not have any difficulty playing the latest 3D games with a high graphic configuration. Samsung also offers in mode Game Booster allowing to optimize temperature, autonomy and performance but also to block notifications to stay focused on its parts.

The Galaxy A53 5G also inaugurates shared memory on the Galaxy range. The user can “take” 6 to 8 GB on his storage memory and “transform” it into RAM memory for more speed and better general performance. The Galaxy A53 5G will therefore meet the needs of almost all users in France.

Autonomy and recharge of the Galaxy A53

Test Galaxy A53 5G Availability

Since consumers are dissatisfied with the withdrawal of chargers in Galaxy S boxes, Samsung also applies this rule to Galaxy A. Always hidden behind the ecological argument (and not at all economical), the Korean does not provide a load block with its Galaxy A53 5G, or even headphones since he is now the right. If the process had been purely ecological, Samsung could have lower the price of its smartphone. What do you want, business is business.

If you are fortunate to have a charger then you can recharge the Galaxy A53 5G with a maximum power of 25 W. If Samsung sells it as fast load, this is no longer really the case in 2022. Over 1.5 hours to recharge the 5,000 mAh battery, this is not what we would describe as fast.

We cannot even console ourselves with compatibility with the wireless load (even less inverted) however inexpensive. Samsung once again plays the upmarket to push consumers to move towards the Galaxy S. This strategy was acceptable when the Galaxy A50 cost 300/350 euros, this is no longer the case when its price is around 500 euros. Damage.

The Galaxy A53 is super gifted on video

Galaxy A53 5G Test Photo Quality

Reference of photography on the high -end segment, Samsung has taken a few years to apply its formula on its more affordable models. But since the A50, everything is much better on this side.

According to our test the Galaxy A53 5G is therefore in a certain continuity. The Korean does not revolutionize the genre but improves in small touches a recipe that works. This year, the A53 has an arsenal of four sensors to erase competition.

No need to get carried away: among these four optics two are really interesting. Yes, Samsung also plays the game of the number of sensors as a marketing argument.

The Galaxy A53 5G incorporates a main 64 Mpxl sensor with a high-angle lens (f/1.8), a 12 Mpxl sensor with ultra-angle lens (f/2.2), a 5 MP-MP sensor for portraits and another 5 mpxl for macrophotography. You will understand, these last two do not bring much to experience.

At the front, Samsung incorporates an excellent 32 mpxl sensor for selfies.

With these sensors, our Galaxy A53 5G test shows that it is necessarily versatile. But not only because the quality is also there.

In good light conditions, the shots are excellent. Of course, everything is not perfect: the clutching of the portraits could be more precise, the ultra-angle sometimes displays an aggressive distortion and the homogeneity between the sensors is lacking on certain scenes. But overall, the results are very convincing.

Above all, the Galaxy A53 is doing quite well in low light, something quite rare in this price segment.

This year, Samsung has also decided to benefit users of Galaxy has its know-how in video. The main sensor enjoying optical stabilization, the videos take a new course. More stable, they are also of much better quality and can reach a 4K definition at 30 IM/s.

There are still a few things missing for the Galaxy A53 to be really flawless. Rather than joining two unnecessary secondary sensors, Samsung could have invest in a telephoto with 2x optical zoom for example. We ask too much ? Without a doubt. Recall that the iPhone SE 2022 is sold more expensive and offers only one sensor ..

What else ?

Galaxy A53 5G test Test Galaxy A53 5G Review

The Galaxy A53 5G is, as its name suggests, 5G compatible. We will also highlight WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5 connectivity.1.

Samsung is always based on Android 12 and one UI, his house overlay, here in a version 4.1 Always so pleasant to use. Highly customizable, one UI was also thought of for use with a hand on large screens.

You will have noticed that we have not detailed our opinion on the design of the device. And for good reason, it is almost identical to that of the Galaxy A52 5G released last year.

It will therefore be recalled that the Galaxy A53 5G consists of a matte plastic that is both elegant and robust. Its lines are inspired by the Galaxy S range, also its neat finishes give it a high -end aspect.

Our opinion after the test of the Galaxy A53 5G

You liked the Galaxy A52 ? You will love after our test the Galaxy A53. Without revolutionizing the genre, Samsung improve all aspects of its best -selling smartphone. More efficient, more enduring, better in photo and video, the Galaxy A53 5G is distinguished by its design always as attractive and (especially) its magnificent screen.

Too bad Samsung plays the pears by no longer providing a charger in the box. If the ecological argument is acceptable, it would be more so if the price did not increase 10 euros compared to last year.

In addition, Samsung no longer offers a more affordable 4G version. Too bad because the call price of the Galaxy A53 is suddenly much higher. The fact remains that at 459 euros, this A53 5G stands out as the new quality-price reference on the smartphones segment at less than 500 euros. We can only advise him highly.

Test of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: excellent autonomy, but a unfortunate lack of fishing

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

This is the 2022 version of one of the most popular Samsung smartphones, due to its reasonable price. The Galaxy A53 is a very slight update of a smartphone that had disappointed us a bit last year. An corrected copy ?

01net’s opinion.com

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

  • + Design (but beware of shocks and scratches)
  • + The screen, excellent
  • + Autonomy
  • – A serious lack of power
  • – The absence of Wi-Fi 6
  • – The disappearance of the jack
  • – A smartphone less powerful than the one he replaces

Writing note

Note published on 05/16/2022

Technical sheet

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

System Android 12
Processor Samsung Exynos 1280
Size (diagonal) 6.5 “
Screen resolution 405 ppi

See the full file

After the Galaxy S, Samsung renews its mid -range smartphones as every year. And it’s far from being a small event, because the Galaxy A are the best -selling Korean mobiles each year. Here is the Galaxy A53 5G, successor to the… A52 5G, and especially the A52S, an update version with a more swaddle Snapdragon SOC at the start of the 2021. The A53 5G, meanwhile, is led by an Exynos 1280 chip and offered at 459 euros.

Good. Samsung has not set on to renew the design of this terminal, which is strictly identical to the model of last year. Despite its plastic back, the Galaxy A53 5G remains an elegant, well -finished and solid smartphone. However, we advise you to quickly bring a protective shell, for two reasons. First, after a week of intensive use and an extended stay at the bottom of our pocket, there has been a slight degradation of the photo modules coating. This is not very serious, but it could make you lose a few euros if you want to resell it.

Then the A53 5G is part of the annoying family of smartphones that slide. Its facade is so smooth that it tends, very slowly but surely, to approach the edge of a vaguely wobbly table when you put it on the side of the screen. And if we don’t be careful (as has happened to us several times), he will surely fall to the ground. You are warned.

Nothing has changed, on the A53 ? If still. There are several disappearances … First, that of the jack, which still equipped the A52S. Weird, all the same, to offer a terminal with almost unchanged proportions compared to the previous generation while depriving it of this practical audio sheet on certain occasions. Remains the hybrid accommodation for two SIM cards or a microSD card, it’s already not bad.

Then, and it is more annoying, unlike the A52S, the A53 5G is not compatible Wi-Fi 6, probably because of its SOC Exynos. It’s a shame, at a time when this technology is becoming more democratic.

An excellent screen, like last year

We do not change a winning team: the slab of the A53 5G is simply excellent. That is to say not very surprising. It is, according to our measures, the same as that which had dazzled us last year. This Super AMOLED screen (2400 x 1080 pixels) offers a refresh rate of 60 or 120 Hz, an infinite contrast, Oled obliges, and an exceptional brightness, measured at 803 CD/m 2 . Characteristics worthy of high -end smartphones, if we omit adaptive refreshment, which obviously does not yet have its place in this price range.

Only downside to bring: color loyalty is not great in the default mode by Samsung, probably activated to better flatter your eye. With a Delta E 2000 to 5.96, we are very far from the best smartphones in the matter … but by tilting towards the “natural” mode in the parameters, we fall back on much more fair colors, with a 2000 delta e measured at 1.39. This is very very good !

Performances: less good than its predecessor !

The A53 5G gets rid of the Snapdragon 778g of its predecessor to accommodate an exynos 1280, a new “house” chip engraved in 5 nm. It is a mid -range SOC, with an eight core processor arranged in 2+6 (2 to 2.4 GHz Cortex A78, 6 to 2 GHz Cortex A55). As for the GPU, it is a Mali G68, a six -core video circuit inaugurated by Arm last year. This SOC is, in our A53, supported by 6 GB of RAM – an 8 GB version of RAM, a little more expensive, also exists.

What is this exynos 1280 in concrete terms ? Well … it is a bit difficult. Our measurements show it well: despite a more recent processor, it marks the plunge against the Galaxy A52S, which was equipped with a Snapdragon 778g chip, in all areas or almost. This is the case on Geekbench 5, which is excited to measure the performance of the processor in mono-heart and multi-heart. The verdict is final, if exynos does not deserve in Single Core With a score very close to his rivals, he clearly marks the footsteps of multi-core, especially against the Qualcomm chip of his predecessor.

Same observation under Antutu 8 and 9, whose global scores position it well below the Galaxy A52S.

How to interpret these results that are not really brilliant for the new Samsung chip ? In fact, they are not so amazing when compared to the magnifying glass the architecture of exynos 1280 to that of the Snapdragon 778g of the A52S. It also benefits from eight hearts, but its architecture is more modern: it has a Kryo 670 premium heart (2.4 GHz, Cortex A78) for intensive tasks, but also three solid cores Kryo 670 Gold (2.2 GHz, Cortex A78) and four “small” Kryo 670 Silver cores (1.9 GHz, Cortex A55) for less delicious processes.
In other words, the 778G has more more modern and more velocious hearts, which certainly give it this blatant advantage. We note, moreover, that our heating measure is not glorious either. Subject to a heavy task, the A53 is 31 % warmer than the average of smartphones in its category recently tested.

In terms of 3D too, there is an important gap between the old model of Samsung and the new. Which does less well than its elder in all the GFX Bench tests that we made it pass, as well as on 3dmark Wild Life. Again, you have to believe that Mali G68, bought “on shelf” from Arm is not worth the adreno 642l, the fruit of Qualcomm know -how.

And for use ?

We no longer have the Galaxy A52S in our hands, and it is therefore difficult to compare the performance of the two smartphones to use. However, we quickly realize that the A53 is not an arrow. Nothing unacceptable, which we reassure ourselves, but we notice from unlocking – the fingerprint sensor under the screen is a bit slow – that the experience in use will not be optimal.
Navigation in the One UI 4 interface.1, the Samsung sur-layer that drives the device, is far from being perfectly fluid. For example, there is notable latency time when opening or closing certain applications, when switching from one app to another, or simply when “we” scrolle »». The lack of fishing from exynos 1280 makes the A53 Mollasson clearly and we would have hoped better from a smartphone at 459 euros.

There is one UI, then, which will certainly delight the fans of Samsung, but who can also disturb those who disembark in his ecosystem. The manufacturer always seeks to encourage you to use his own services: his alternative application blind to that of Google, Bixby, his vocal assistant ersatz, or his cloud. All this is however optional, and Samsung has made efforts to refine its overlay. We had notably criticized that of the A52 for its too many advertisements, which have disappeared here. So much the better.

Photo: a very good main sensor

The photo partition of the A53 is very classic for a smartphone in this price range, and will not disorderate those who know the A52S, since it is exactly the same ! We therefore have a main sensor of 64 Mpix (f/1.8, 26 mm) which benefits from an optical stabilization system, an ultra-angle of 12 Mpix (f/2.2), as well as a macro sensor (5 Mpix, f/2.4) and finally a depth sensor (5 Mpix, f/2.4). Selfies are provided by a 32 Mpix sensor.

Again, the exynos 1280 shows its limits. The camera is a bit long to get started, which can pose some problems to capture a moment on the spot. However, the pictures of the main sensor are frankly good, day and in low lights. However, there is a slight excess of sharpness treatment and a rather aggressive HDR in broad daylight.

The color rendering is rather hot to make the shots more flattering. Again, it’s a common choice, and Samsung masters his copy well.

In low lights, the colors are rather well preserved, the subjects remain clear, but this is done at the cost of a fairly high smoothing of the details.


We are more reserved on the ultra-angle module. The deformations on the edges of the image are very important, and the dive is sorely lacking in the call. Concerns which obviously increase at night, where you are advised not its use.

In ultra-angle, there are significant deformations on the sides of the image, and a lack of dive.

The “macro” module is rather anecdotal. With only 5 mpix on the clock, the shots are furiously lacking in dive, appear a little “pasty”, as shown in the flower above.

Finally, the selfie module is good, even excellent: egoportraits have bitten, good color rendering, and also offer an effective simulated bokeh effect.

Autonomy, its great asset !

Admittedly, the A53 clearly lacks fishing, but it is at least in favor of its autonomy. Our tests give it a versatile autonomy of 2 p.m. It is certainly less than some of its direct competitors, with an autonomy 10 % lower than the average of mid -range smartphones that we have recently tested. But in use, and provided obviously to moderate its consumption of YouTube videos or its surfing sessions, the A53 holds well, even very well. You can easily use it for two days without going through the recharge box. It is very pleasant !

The smartphone is delivered without a charger, and is compatible with a 25 W charging. We measured a full load in 1h18, it is much better than the A52S. But not yet in terms of Chinese competition, which does much better in the matter.

Technical sheet

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

System Android 12
Processor Samsung Exynos 1280
Size (diagonal) 6.5 “
Screen resolution 405 ppi

See the full file

  • + Design (but beware of shocks and scratches)
  • + The screen, excellent
  • + Autonomy
  • – A serious lack of power
  • – The absence of Wi-Fi 6
  • – The disappearance of the jack
  • – A smartphone less powerful than the one he replaces

The verdict of the test

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Yes, the new mid -range smartphone from Samsung is pretty and has an excellent invoice screen. But it is difficult for us to recommend it to you. First, because it seems a bit sensitive to the wear and tear of time (buy a shell quickly !)). Then, because his SoC really fishs with a lack of power that we quickly see when using. This exynos 1280 is even less efficient than the snapdragon which equipped its predecessor, it is regrettable !

The A53 5G certainly catches a little in photos and benefits from good autonomy. But faced with Chinese brands that strike very hard in this segment (Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo. ), the A53 5G is a little too minimalist update to our taste. If you are an aficionado of Samsung, we would rather advise you to orient yourself towards an S21 Fe, which can be found to barely more expensive on the web. Where to settle for the A52S ! Released only a few months earlier, and which offers a very similar score, with it is true a lower autonomy, but more horses under the hood.


Test Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: the mid -range all in seduction

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Samsung returns in force to the mid -range sector with the Galaxy A53 5G for spearheads. With its new design and equipment brought up to date, this smartphone is armed to establish itself as the essential model of this start of the year ?

  • Our full test of the Galaxy A53 5G on video
  • Price and availability of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
  • Technical sheet
  • An improved design, while seduction
  • Super Amoled screen: always a success
  • We expected a little better from autonomy
  • Small performances compensated by a solid bone
  • He defends himself pretty well in pictures
  • Comments

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G at the best price

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

After revealing its flagships last February, the long -awaited Galaxy S22, Samsung is attacking the heart of the range with the launch of a Galaxy Ribambelle A. On sale for a few days, the Galaxy A53 5G is undoubtedly the most attractive model of this series, in particular thanks to a renewed design and solid mid -range equipment. However, he has the heavy task of succeeding the Galaxy A52 and A52S, smartphones that were very successful in 2021.

The new attours of the Galaxy A53 5G and its state-of-the-art components are enough to make it the new star of the mid-range ? Can he like his illustrious predecessors assert himself as the best value for money of the moment ? We tested this brand new smartphone for a few days and we share our experience and our conclusions with you.

Our full test of the Galaxy A53 5G on video

The new mid -range reference by Samsung – Galaxy A53 5G test.

Price and availability of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Available since April 1, the Galaxy A53 5G was officially launched at a price of 459 euros. For this price, it embeds 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB for storage (an extensible capacity by micro SD up to 1 TB) and this is the version in which we tested it. The device also exists in 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage for the most gourmet in terms of installation of applications. A billed version 60 euros additional or 519 euros.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Four colors are present in the catalog, so you can choose your device in black, blue, white or fishing. We had a small small for the blue shade which, in our view, better highlights the original design of the back of the Galaxy A53 5G, but we had to be satisfied with black, not bad either, and more unifying.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Delivered in a packaging which calls for half the cardboard than the competition, the Galaxy A53 5G is in fact accompanied by a simple USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable. If your old charger accepts only a classic USB connection, you will unfortunately have to buy a new one. On the Samsung site, the 25 W charger costs 28 euros and it will at least allow you to take advantage of the manufacturer’s rapid “ultra” load.

Although the pre -order period is completed, you take advantage of any purchase of a Galaxy A53 before April 24 of a pair of galaxy buds offered, worth 149 euros and a bonus recovery of 50 euros. An offer valid at Samsung and on all specialized sites like Darty.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G at the best price

Technical sheet

With a predecessor like the excellent Galaxy A52S launched last summer, the Galaxy A53 will have a lot to do to win. Reading the show technical sheet shows, at equivalent launch price level, an evolution in small touches with the most visible part a slightly renewed design. For the material part, there is a battery which gains in capacity (going from 4,500 to 5000 mAh) and the integration of a house processor (Exynos 1280 in place of the Snapdragon 778G).

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
Screen Super Amoled 6.5 “, FHD+ (407 ppi), 120 Hz
Chipset Samsung Exynos 1280 at 2.4 GHz
Ram 6 GB
Storage 128 GB
Photo – Main optics F/1.8 (64 mp sensor) ois
– Ultra Grand Angle Optics F/2.2 (12 MP sensor)
– Macro f/2 optics.4 (5 MP sensor)
– Optics Portrait F/2.4 (5MP sensor)
– Optics on the facade f/2.2 (32 mp)
Battery 5000 mAh
Charge Fast, 25 W
5g Yes
Biometry Fingerprint reader on the screen, facial recognition
Dimensions 15.96 x 7.48 x 0.81 – 189 g

An improved design, while seduction

Despite its high capacity battery, the new Samsung Galaxy A53 5G does not take a gram and even gains in finesse and width in front of its predecessor, even if it is played in a quarter millimeter ! With a screen that occupies 84 % of the facade -the edges are clearly visible, but always of reasonable size -, the compactness of the device ensures a very pleasant grip.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

On the front, the design hardly evolves. The edges outcrop to the ultra-flat screen, of the infinity-o type, that is to say with a hallmark to house the front camera. The shiny slices offer under the fingers a slight rounded, rather comfortable. At the rear, we find the mat matt plastic back, dear to the range, with a rather pleasant aesthetic change of order. The photo block blends even more pronounced in the chassis, with a small effect in curves which is reminiscent of that initiated on the Oppo Find X3. A “inspired” style therefore, but which brings a welcome distinctive touch to this range.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

For the rest, we find the characteristics already present on the Galaxy A52S. Samsung’s latest addition therefore benefits from a fingerprint sensor under the screen, fast and well reactive. It also responds to the IP67 certification which makes it resistant to dust and water (but shallow water with a maximum of 1 meter). Equipped with fairly powerful and fairly correct quality stereo speakers, it loses on the other hand the jack present in its predecessor. You have to be satisfied with the USB-Type C port, knowing that Samsung does not provide loyal headphones in the box. Finally, the Galaxy A53 still has a microSD reader capable of supporting cards up to 1 to.

In terms of connectivity, the Galaxy A53 plays the right students since it is compatible Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.1, NFC and 5G.

Super Amoled screen: always a success

Like its predecessor, the Galaxy A53 5G is equipped with a 6.5 inch screen, an intermediate size which presents the merit of being large enough to fully enjoy all its content and small enough to have a compact device, easy to handle or slide in a pocket. Definition Full HD+ or 1080 x 2400 points, this display surface ensures excellent resolution of 405 ppi and is protected from scratches by Gorilla Glass 5 glass.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

The Super Amoled technology of the slab brings an almost absolute contrast while the brightness of the slab is around 500 nits, measured by our probe, with points beyond the 800 nits announced by Samsung, when necessary, in a very enlightened environment for example. What to take advantage of an optimal interior display as well as outdoors, even under a generous sun.

Setting by default in “lively” screen mode, the slab offers colors that are a little too dazzling with a predominance of reds, greens and flattering yellows to the eye, but not very natural. The measured deltae is too high (4.4) Just like color temperature (6892). On the other hand, screen lovers faithful to reality will find their happiness by activating the “natural” screen mode. With a Deltae of 2.2 and a color temperature of 6479, Samsung here delivers display performances that confine perfection.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Like most recent mid -range smartphones, the Galaxy A53 5G benefits from a screen refreshment higher than the classic 60 Hz to boost the display fluidity. The rate climbs on this smartphone at 120 Hz, but you have to choose between 120 Hz and 60 Hz in the absence of a so -called “adaptive” function, capable of intelligently varying this rate depending on the uses. The 120 Hz refreshment (set as such by default) being more resource -gourmet, do not hesitate to rebound in 60 Hz if you need to spare the autonomy of the smartphone at the end of the day. The good news is that with its 5000 mAh battery, this Galaxy A53 5G can stay in 120 Hz without jeopardizing your evening, as we will see.

We expected a little better from autonomy

With its 5000 mAh battery, the Galaxy A53 5G therefore displays a rather comfortable autonomy which should allow you to hold almost two days without going through the recharge box, as long as you limit too energy -energy uses. With a screen adjusted to the maximum of its brightness and in 120 Hz, we have gleely spent the 10 -hour bar streaming in continuous reading streaming.

However, we expected a little better from this high capacity battery. If the Galaxy S22 Ultra, equipped with a 5000 mAh battery and an Exynos processor had given us a 9 -hour result a few weeks ago, the Motorola 30 Edge Pro on its side had provided the same result as the Galaxy A53 5g, or 10:15 am in video streaming. However, the Motorola device is equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor as well as a large 6.7 -inch screen, just as bright. With the new Samsung smartphone, we are therefore a little hungry and far from the autonomy of a Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 (12 hours). The Exynos 1280 house processor may well be involved ..

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

If Samsung still does not accompany its Galaxy A53 5G with a charger, the good news comes from what it supports the rapid 25 W load, as before it the Galaxy A52S or the Galaxy S22. You have to activate the function in the battery settings under penalty of having to wait almost 2:30 to go from 0 to 100%. With the 25 W load, this time is reduced to 1h14. A much slower result than on a northern onepus 2 and its 35 minutes (it is true with a 4500 mAh battery), but fast enough to make you forget the perfectible autonomy.