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The complete guide on the Tesla supercharger

Urvillers area (A26)

Tesla superchargers accessible with the Payment Passemap Pass badge

The French network of Tesla superchargers, which currently has 1,500 terminals, is now accessible to holders of the ChargeMap Pass badgemap. No commission is taken, but the passage through the Tesla mobile application is compulsory.

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Since February 2022, the Tesla supercharger network in France, which brings together 1,500 terminals, has been accessible to owners of an electric vehicle other than those of the brand. The editorial staff of Digital had experienced it with a Cupra Born on the Vélizy-Villacoublay site where 16 terminals V3 (load power up to 250 kW). Payment required (and always requires) to go through the Tesla mobile app. Once downloaded, we were invited to fill out an information sheet with our postal address and our email, without forgetting the information relating to our bank card.

From now on, it will be possible to use the chargemap pass, one of the precursors in the payment of recharges on most of the terminals available in France, regardless of the network. ChargeMap, it is also a map of the electric terminal networks and a community that alerts in real time to the state of said terminals. To date, ChargeMap has 1.5 million subscribers in Europe.

To use the ChargeMap pass from a Tesla terminal, it will again be mandatory to go through the Tesla application, where it will be necessary to mention as the main means of payment the PASSMAP Pass. On the other hand, it will always be possible to verify the history of the Tesla terminal recharges from the Mobile ChargeMap app.

ChargeMap assured us that he will not take a commission from the Tesla SuperChargeur network: “For the moment, we adopt the same public price as Tesla. We hope to be able to perpetuate these conditions. As we are not sure, we prefer to indicate it clearly to our users.»

Today, the prices in kWh of superchargers for “non-tesla” vary according to the time of day: 0.55 €/kWh from midnight to 4 p.m., 0.61 €/kWh from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and 0.55 €/kWh from 8 p.m. to midnight. Tesla also offers a subscription to € 12.99/month in which the price per kWh is lower.

Today, access is confined to only Tesla terminals located in France. Compatibility “Will soon be extended to the entire European network for the owners of a Tesla and to the superchargers open to all in Europe for the owners of another electric vehicle”.

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The complete guide on the Tesla supercharger

Use a Tesla supercharger: what to know

Car parks with charging stations

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  • Free tesla supercharger: it exists ?
  • Where are Tesla superchargers ?
  • List of Tesla Supercharters in France
  • Supercharters installed in 2021
  • Opening of the Tesla supercharger to all cars
  • Pilot program: 16 stations open to “non tesla”
  • Tesla France
  • SUPERCHERGENCE technology V2 and V3
  • Tesla V3 supercharger
  • How many tesla supercharges are there ?
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Use a Tesla supercharger: what to know

At a time when this guide is written, Tesla supercharges are reserved for American brand customers. But in just a few months – in September 2022 – to be precise, the network of superchargers will be open to all electric cars with a Combo CCS socket. A test has been in progress since the end of January in 16 French stations. So almost the entire electrified fleet. Because it is not always easy to navigate in the jungle of accelerated charging stations that we find in roaming, on the roads of France, Yespark has concocted a complete guide which evokes the prices, the card or technology of these automotive jewelry.

Tesla Supercharger Price

Tesla invoices her ultra -fast recharges to € 0.36/kWh. However, as the manufacturer indicates on its site, “The costs are likely to vary depending on the geographic location of the vehicle, its configuration, the age of its battery, the habits of use of the driver and the climatic and environmental conditions».

To give yourself an idea of average price Roaming recharging on a Tesla supercharger, here is a rates grid from the official website.

Tesla model

Price for 100 km (€)

Price for 500 km (€)

Price for 1,000 km (€)

Price for 2,000 km (€)

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Free tesla supercharger: it exists ?

Tesla Supercharger

You may have heard of Free tesla superchargers. What is it about ? Can we really use this terminal without paying ? In fact, you must first be Tesla customer and respect certain conditions. The owners of Tesla vehicles prior to 2017 benefit from free recharge for life ! This is valid in Model S and Model X.

But this is not the only condition. It must, in addition, that the first buyer of the vehicle was sponsored by another customer of the brand. In this case, you must therefore hold your Referral Code. Since September 2018, superchargers are no longer free for life, But only the first year following the purchase. The same goes, you must always be sponsored and have bought one of the two models (the Model 3 is not affected by this advantage).

Where are Tesla superchargers ?

Tesla supercharger map

Tesla’s official website released a Supercharters map installed in France and in the world. It is thus possible to see precisely the place of each terminal. The Data-Gouv site has also reproduced this map of the Tesla terminals. To give you another view, here we offer you an exhaustive and detailed list of supercomposes (updated at the end of 2021).

List of Tesla Supercharters in France

Supercharters are currently located on 14 areas highway and in 81 cities. A deployment plan is underway, many other sites will host Tesla charging technology in the coming years, starting with Paris.

Urvillers area (A26)

Cambarette area (A8)

Châteauvillain area (A5)

Manissieux area (A43)

Reims-Champagne area (A4)

Aire de Saint-Priest (A43)

Vidauban area (A8)

Somme Bay area (A16)

Vendée area (A83)

Abis area (A43)

Doors of Angers

Granier area (A43)

Bresse chicken area (A39)

Le Mans Saint Saturnin

Supercharger Paris Marseille Lyon

Supercharters installed in 2021

In addition to these numerous locations, superchargers will also be deployed in other cities in France. The municipalities of Angers, Bordeaux-Est, Brest, Montpellier, Perpignan, Savigny-en-Terre-Plaine, Bourg-en-Bresse, Charters, Colmar, Lyon, Nevers, Roissy-en-France, Toul, Yvetot, Lille-Nord, Marseille, Paris, Pontoise, Saint-Etienne or Toulouse-Labèges. The installations of these supercomposes should be completed in 2022.

Opening of the Tesla supercharger to all cars

Tesla opening charger

Currently, the entire network of Tesla superchargers is exclusively reserved Tesla brand cars. With a very interesting network for long distances, especially during the holidays, they represent a real showcase for the American manufacturer. Some charging stations count up to 16 fast tesla terminals.

However, from September 2022, Supercharters will be open to other manufacturers. This decision arrived ten years after the launch of this network, which now has 25,000 terminals. There are several questions concerning this opening: it concerns the entire network ? Will the price of € 0.36/kWh be higher for Tesla’s non-customers ? Anyway, on the technical side, this will not pose any concern, the terminals having a CCS Combo connector.

Pilot program: 16 stations open to “non tesla”

Since Monday, January 31, 16 Tesla superchargers have been opened to the general public, which means that cars in other brands can recharge on these ultra-rapid terminals. The pilot program is an extension of the test started in the Netherlands, and it should allow the wider opening of the network in a few months, time to pay the last details.
Only vehicles with a combo socket can benefit from it, which excludes the Citroën C-Zéro, the Peugeot Ion and the Nissan Leaf, which use the Chademo Standard. For the moment, supercomposes will charge 0.57 €/kWh these new users, who will also be able to take advantage of preferential rates in the event of a subscription.

“Supercharters deliver their energy quickly and reproduce gradually their flow as the battery recharges ”

SUPERCHERGENCE technology V2 and V3

SUPERCHERGUER V2 Power Technology

Tesla V2 supercharger

The V2 supercharger has two cables on each stall: a Type 2 connector modified (for Model S and Model X) and a CCCS Combo connector (for new vehicles, such as Model 3). A V2 supercharger has a pair of terminals, numbered 1A/2A, 2A/2B, etc. Each pair can deliver 150 kW power, which means that a vehicle that is alone in charge on a pair can benefit from the entire power.

If two people are connected to a pair of V2 terminals, they share the power. Thus, if the two cars can receive more than 75 kW, this is what they will have. If one of the two has a lower capacity, then sharing will be done as follows: 150 kW – Power

Tesla V3 supercharger

Since 2020, Tesla only has installed V3 superchargers. They bring a great progress compared to the previous generation. Indeed, their maximum power is 250 kW And there is no power sharing between the terminals. Unlike V2 superchargers, they have only one cable, The CCS combo, thinner than before and cooled by water.

How many tesla supercharges are there ?

Tesla has an incredible total of 25,000 supercomposes worldwide, and 2,500 charging stations. In France, There are just under 100 sites.
Here is the deployment calendar with the number of supercharger sites open in the country since 2014:

Number of SuperChargeur stations

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Tesla Motors was established in 2003 in the famous Silicon Valley By a group of engineers, including the revolutionary and visionary Elon Musk, who wanted to demonstrate that electric vehicles could be better than petrol, speed, performance, ecology and efficiency cars. Tesla has a strong presence in the electrification of transport and the development of the recharging infrastructure for its customers. From there, they have established a network of superchargers, free fast charging stations for the owners of a Tesla vehicle. The recharge of a Tesla Model S or a Model X takes only a few minutes.

In 2016, more than 682 rapid charging stations (level 3) were strategically distributed in order to minimize stoppage during long trips. These supercomposes are located near restaurants, shopping centers and Wi-Fi Internet access points. Each station has several connectors – there are more than 4.175 Tesla connectors (2016), which are only compatible with Tesla electric vehicles.

Find all level 3 charging stations (superchargers) thanks to the Interactive Chargehub card, available on iOS and Android.


There is no subscription required to access the level 3 charging stations of the Tesla network, but these terminals use its own connectors. In other words, their charging stations are limited to Tesla electric vehicles. In addition to the supercomposes installed by Tesla, an increasing network of choice partners installs level 2 charging stations compatible with Tesla electric vehicles.

Recharge cost

Tesla electric vehicle drivers have free access to all supercomputers installed around the world. In just 30 minutes, the recharging can provide up to 270 kilometers to the Tesla Motors electric vehicle.