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Recharge the mobile of a loved one in Africa

The prices of the services mentioned on the site, which are understood all taxes, are those in force at the time of consultation of the site and the validation of the order by the customer. The content and price of the offers made are likely to be modified according to the evolution of the supply of operators and also according to the fluctuations in exchange rates of the respective currencies of the countries in which operators have established their activity.

Phone recharge

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With Topngo, the purchase of your phone card is done freely and safe: secure payment, immediate sending of the code electronically. These advantages allow you to buy your prepaid card 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Also take advantage of it to buy cheap recharges, with promotions on the mobile card, offered by operators with limited series. So for the purchase of a NRJ mobile prepaid card, buy a simplicimo phone recharge, make the choice of freedom safely.

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Real alternatives to conventional packages, mobile recharges adapt perfectly to your consumption. The principle of a prepaid card is simple: you buy a SIM card with a certain amount of credit and you recharge as you go. Once your credit is exhausted, you can buy a recharge that will be credited to your card.

Whether you need SFR recharging, Mobicarte charging, Credit La Poste Mobile or you prefer to recharge your Lebara or Lycamobile Recharge, Topngo will be able to satisfy your request. Indeed, whether you are a large consumer of mobile telephony or occasional user, there are at TOPENGO all the prepaid cards you will need.

TopEngo, it is also recharges for prepaid payment cards. With bank recharges and prepaid bank cards, never be short of money ! These solutions make it possible to control your expenses at home as on a trip. The prepaid bank card is a practical solution. Some offer the transfer of free funds from a bank card prepared for another from the same brand. This modern and fast solution can be particularly useful.

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Recharge the mobile of a loved one in Africa

International mobile credit transfer is a simple way to offer credit and maintain contact with your loved ones living abroad.

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A recharge range from € 3


Payment by secure bank card via Visa and Mastercard networks

Country transfer recharge becomes Kinouli recharging

The purpose of this change of name is to facilitate understanding of the international credit transfer service.

Kinouli recharge is this service that binds members of the diaspora to their family and friends in Africa.

Members of the African diaspora in Europe, United States and Canada thus keep in touch with their loved ones.

How it works ?

Enter the country and the account number to be charged

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× General Conditions of Sale

Orange, the orange logo and any other name or orange logo used on this orange site whose URL addresses are https: //, https: //, https: //, https: //, https: //, https: // are marks deposited by Orange Brand Services Limited, a company of the group.



  • the transfer of telephone communications credits for the recharging of prepaid mobile accounts;
  • Remote purchase of a prepared Energy Orange account.

These services are offered to the customer through the website accessible online at URL address: /

The customer is the person who commands and pays the service in order to carry out the prepaid mobile credit recharging or the recharging of the orange Energie solar kit on behalf of a beneficiary.

The beneficiary is the person on behalf of which loading is carried out by the customer through the service. The beneficiary holds a prepaid mobile account or an Orange Energie Prepay account with one of the mobile operators of the service. The beneficiary is individually identified by telephone call number in international format (+ Country code+ call number) or by the identifier number of his Orange Energie account.

Mobile operator partner of the service:

A mobile operator partner of the service is one of the mobile communications operators with which Orange Link SAS has contractual technical means and agreements adapted for the purpose of recharging mobile accounts, as well as the Orange Energy Accounts prepared under the CGV conditions. The list in force of partner mobile operators is available on the site.

Credit is a telephone communications credit which, within the framework of the provision of the service, is transferred in the form of recharging of the beneficiary mobile account of the beneficiary. A credit is defined by an amount worded in mobile communications credit unit: for most mobile partner operators, the communications credit unit is the local currency of the country in which the operator exercises his activity. This amount, below designated “facial value”, corresponds to the recharging which is actually credited and available on the beneficiary’s mobile account.

Description and terms of the service

Orange Link SAS does not provide a telecommunications service, nor a subscription service for use of an Orange Energie solar kit, it is only a reseller of communication credits for mobile operators and recharge of solar kits of mobile operators partner of telecommunications, with a view to recharging mobile accounts and Orange Energie prepaid for beneficiaries, customers of these operators. Orange Link SAS does not provide end -to -end service, the service as part of which the recharging is carried out being provided by the mobile telecommunications operator. Communication credits as well as the credits for reloads of Orange Energy offers from these telecommunications mobile operators are transferred for the benefit of the beneficiaries, subscribers of the operator, without recourse against Orange Link SAS in the event of a breach of the mobile telecommunications operator. Disputes relating to the quality of the service, the number of minutes or any other telecommunications service provided by the operator, the cost, the period of validity of the credit or any other condition of the mobile telecommunications credit or the Orange Energie recharge transferred must be treated directly with the mobile partner operator. As well as the quality of the service, non -functional kits, failure on the technical platform which would be likely to have an impact on the operation of the service. The operator provides beneficiaries with a telephone assistance service in service twenty-four (24) hours out of twenty-four, seven (7) days out of seven and during the three hundred and sixty-five (365) days of the year. The operator sends an SMS to the beneficiary, or a similar confirmation, as soon as the service is provided.

Recharge, order and payment conditions

4.1. Recharging Conditions The website only recovers the prepaid accounts of customers of the recipient operators accepting it and having been the subject of an agreement with Orange Link SAS. Operators accepting this recharging may change without notice, their list being published on the site. The list of territories and that of mobile network operators may be subject to modifications. The recharge made has no monetary value. She is neither exchangeable nor repayable. The number of minutes of call is variable depending on the conditions and pricing offers, as well as the durations of the Orange Energy refills proposed are variable depending on the type of offer subscribed to the Customer and the tariff conditions and offers of each recipient operator. The amount of recharging indicated may also change without notice depending on the changes made by the recipient operators. Likewise, the recipient operator can apply costs of all types such as taxes, taxes or other, without notice, which can thus reduce the credit associated with the facial amount of recharging according to these developments, and this at any time. Orange Link SAS is not responsible for these conditions and modifications made by the recipient operator. The value of the recharge may be subject to modifications in accordance with the general conditions of the partner mobile operator. Orange Link SAS is in no way responsible for the general conditions of these mobile operators or any change of these. Once the credit load is made on the beneficiary’s mobile account or the recharging of the orange energy account of the beneficiary, the use of the telephone communications credit or the use of the solar kit made available to the beneficiary are then governed by normally by the preexisting contractual conditions between the beneficiary and the partner mobile operator of which he is customer. In particular, the validity duration of each recharge is defined by the partner mobile operator. 4.2. Order process as an intermediary, Orange Link SAS takes charge of the Customer Customer of the rechargement of the beneficiary’s account. To this end, Orange Link SAS offers the customer, on the site, a credit recharging order interface. This interface has the following functional characteristics: – The customer chooses a country from the list of the countries offered in which operators exercise their activity; – The Customer is then invited to provide online the beneficiary’s telephone number, corresponding to the mobile account or the identifier number of the Orange Energie Prepayed account to recharge: this call number must be provided in international format (+ Country code + call number); Then the customer chooses an amount of the recharge that he intends to subscribe from the list offered by Orange Link for the operator concerned. The price of the service is displayed to the customer. The Customer must then provide information relating to his means of payment necessary for the smooth running of online payment as described in article 4.3 below. The Customer is finally invited to confirm his order by clicking on the “” Confirm “button the purchase of the recharge concerned. By this action, the customer gives an irrevocable mandate to Orange Link SAS to credit for his order and on his behalf, the mobile account or the orange Energie prepaid account of the beneficiary. In accordance with article L.133-8 of the monetary and financial code, the commitment to pay given by card is irrevocable. By communicating his bank information during the sale, the Customer authorizes the seller to debit his card of the amount relating to the price indicated. The Customer confirms that he is the legal holder of the card to be debit and that he is legally entitled to use it. In the event of an error, or impossibility of debit the card, the sale is immediately resolved as of right and the order canceled. When the customer confirms the recharging, Orange Link SAS performs the process of debit the customer and recharge the mobile account or the orange Energie account of the beneficiary. Once carried out, the customer cannot cancel this validation process. Any mobile recharging, as well as any recharge of an Energy Orange account is final, without the possibility of reimbursement or exchange. The Customer has the full responsibility to indicate without error the beneficiary’s mobile phone number or the beneficiary’s Orange Energy account identifier. Orange Link SAS is not in particular responsible for a transaction validation to an incorrect or erroneous recipient phone number. The customer must ensure that the mobile number of the beneficiary indicated to receive mobile recharging as well as Orange Energy recharging is correct. An automatic reception for the order is also sent by SMS to the mobile phone number indicated by the customer when registering. 4.3. Payment conditions and conditions The payment must be made by credit card or by any other means specified on the site. Any payment method can be changed under the responsibility of Orange Link SAS. Orange Link SAS reserves the right to reject the order of a customer with whom she has encountered payment problems.


The prices of the services mentioned on the site, which are understood all taxes, are those in force at the time of consultation of the site and the validation of the order by the customer. The content and price of the offers made are likely to be modified according to the evolution of the supply of operators and also according to the fluctuations in exchange rates of the respective currencies of the countries in which operators have established their activity.


The customer is informed that Orange Link SAS applies rules for using the service that are as follows: – Maximum amount authorized per day: 220 €
– maximum amount authorized per month: € 330
– Number of transactions authorized per day: 15
– Number of transactions authorized per month: 30
– CB restriction: couple IP address/country,
– CB valid on the site: visa and mastercard,
-CB not valid on the site: professional card or a sales card, system with systematic authorization, e-card and virtual card, in addition, Orange Link SAS may suspend the use of the service by the customer in the event of fraud or attempt from customer fraud to the service, in particular during communication transfer operations as well as the purchase of Orange Energy refills made by the customer.

Cancellation of a validated order

In the event that a credit transfer operation fails after the validation of the order, and whatever the reason (mobile account, orange Energy ineligible, refusal of the operator, technical incident, etc.), the corresponding order of the customer is then canceled. The payment of the customer corresponding to this order is also canceled. Orange Link SAS sends an email to the Customer in order to notify him of the cancellation of his order and the corresponding payment.

Renunciation of the right of withdrawal

Since recharging is an immediate execution service, and in accordance with article L.221-28-1 ° of the Consumer Code, the Customer expressly agrees to renounce the right of withdrawal within 14 days, as soon as the use by the recharging beneficiary has started before the expiration of this period 14 days. Acceptance of the immediate start of the provision of the service and the express renunciation of the right of withdrawal is formalized during the validation of the order. Consequently, purchases of credits are firm and final. They cannot therefore give rise to exchange, reimbursement or the exercise of a right of withdrawal.


Orange Link SAS and the operator (hereinafter referred to as “suppliers”) will provide their best efforts in order to ensure the best availability and quality possible to the service. Suppliers will endeavor to keep the service accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Suppliers reserve however, in particular for maintenance reasons, the right to suspend momentarily and without notice access to the service, without this interruption being able to open any compensation for the benefit of the customer or the beneficiary. Suppliers set up the means necessary for the smooth running of the service. They take the necessary measures to maintain the continuity and quality of the service. As such, suppliers’ responsibility will not be engaged in the event of force majeure within the meaning of the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation. In any event, suppliers cannot in any case be required to repair any indirect damage suffered by the customer or the beneficiary during the use of the service. Indirect damage are those which do not result exclusively and directly from the failure of suppliers; In particular, the losses of operating losses and the commercial damages mean by indirect damage. Suppliers’ responsibility for any cause can only be engaged in the case of a proven fault in the execution of the services duly ordered by the customer. The responsibility of suppliers in the event of partial or total non -performance of their own contractual obligations is limited to the amount of the price received by suppliers. Finally, suppliers are released from any responsibility for the use of the bank card which falls under the contractor contract between the customer and the customer’s bank. The site is usually available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, Orange Link SAS reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the site for maintenance and repair of the site. It is recalled that Orange Link SAS does not provide mobile telecommunications services, or solar kits subscriptions. It only acts as a reseller for telephone credit recharges and solar kits recharging. Consequently, Orange Link SAS cannot guarantee that the mobile and orange energy services provided by mobile operators will be executed without any defect or interruption, and cannot be held responsible for the quality of performance of these services.


In order to benefit from the service, the customer must create their own account. When creating his account, the Customer must provide specific, complete and up -to -date information, as requested on the registration form. The customer certifies that the information provided is accurate, precise and complete and agrees to update it if necessary. Once registered, the customer receives a username and password and is fully responsible for any activity occurring under their account, including the unauthorized use of his credit card. The customer must immediately notify any unauthorized use of his account to the following address: [email protected] The customer must be of legal age to use the reload purchase service on the site. Orange Link SAS cannot be held responsible for use carried out by customers who have violated this rule. Consequently, minors must obtain the authorization of their parents (or persons holding parental authority on the minor), to make a purchase of a recharge, for the purpose of transferring it to a beneficiary.

Dabadoc consulting voucher Consult

DABADOC, (public limited company of Moroccan law, with a capital of 314,040 DHS whose registered office is 250 bd de BORDEAUX and angle MOULAY YOUSSEF, n ° 6 SIS in Casablanca registered in the Casablanca trade register under number 299319) An online medical teleconsultation service.
The offer allows the customer to acquire a voucher Dabadoc Consult to pay a video consultation medical on the Dabadoc website.
Dabadoc’s general conditions of sale apply (see Dabadoc CGV: https: // The voucher designates a credit which represents a purchase value, allowing its user to acquire services from Dabadoc. The voucher is associated with a facial value in currency. In return for the value used, Dabadoc undertakes to provide the service. Dabadoc undertakes to credit the beneficiary’s account as soon as he exchanges the voucher from his account. According to the service and contractual conditions of Dabadoc, the validity of the voucher is limited in time. Orange Link invoices to the Customer for this acquisition of the voucher of transaction costs of € 1.83 excl.

Customer service and complaints

– For any question or information relating to these general conditions or to the service, the customer can contact our customer service: by email: [email protected] – Any complaint must be sent to Orange Link SAS no later than a month from the date of the event under penalty of forfeiture, and formulated in writing by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address: Orange Link SAS Orange Top-up / Country Transfer
Customer service
12, Rue Rouget de Lisle
92130 Issy Les Moulineaux Any request must include the following elements:
– the country, the number of the mobile of recharging, and the identifier of the Orange Energy account of the recipient,
– The date and time of the order.
– The transaction reference,
– The user account identifier,
– the precise reason for the complaint.

Right of access to personal files and data

Orange Link SAS is led to collect, when ordering the service by a customer, personal data concerning the said customer (e.g. telephone number, e-mail) and the beneficiary (telephone number). This collection allows Orange Link SAS to process the order but also to be able to improve its services towards its customers or to transmit them in particular information on its services. Using the services of Orange Link SAS, any customer accepts on the one hand, the processing of their data and, on the other hand, to receive commercial offers for free. For the purpose of the execution of this contract, the mobile phone number of the beneficiary and the identifier of the orange energy account of the beneficiary will be the subject of a transfer to the mobile operator of the beneficiary, established in a country which can, If necessary, be outside the European Union. These data may also be transferred to any service provider or subcontractor working for the provision of the service. In accordance with articles 38, 39, and 40 of law n ° 78-17 called Data Protection law, files and freedoms of January 06, 1978 (law n ° 78-17) modified by ordinance n ° 2018-1125 of December 12, 2018 Taken in application of article 32 of law n ° 2018-493 of June 20, 2018 relating to the protection of personal data and modifying the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to IT and the ‘Article 4, 7 and 11 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, the Customer has a right of opposition, access, rectification and deletion of all personal data concerning him obtained by Orange Link SAS when using the service. To do this please send your request to [email protected] or to the address of the customer service mentioned in article 11.


We inform the customer that during his visits to the site, one or more “cookies” can settle automatically on his computer. A cookie is a small recorded file on the customer’s hard drive. This file does not identify the customer in a nominative manner, but records certain information relating to his navigation (pages consulted, the date and time of the consultation, IP address, etc.). The information collected is in particular for statistical purposes. These data are not transmitted to third parties, however in the event of illicit behavior on the site, or a request from a judicial authority, these data could be communicated to justice.

Applicable law and disputes

Legal Notice

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