Technical control of motorcycles and 50cc scooter, I drive on a 50cm3 scooter, technical control becomes compulsory for my vehicle? Nice morning

I drive in a 50cm3 scooter, the technical control becomes compulsory for my vehicle

Technical control for the motorized two wheels
Author: Philippe Sourha


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On November 22, 2011, the interministerial delegate for road safety, Jean-Luc Nevache, confirmed the postponement of the technical control of scooters which was to enter into force on January 1, 2011. let’s remember that scooters bring together at the end of article R311-1 of the Highway Code. Category vehicles L1E and L2E. That is to say, among others: The mopeds, the scooters 50, the mecaboites, the mopeds, the solex. Luc Nevache also said that motorcycle technical control was “not envisaged”. Currently and also insisted that his priority is currently the fight against drivers alcohol and that questions related to the motorcycle constituted his second concern. This has nothing to do with the correct driver of a scooter, but check data checks of the motorcycle or scooter.

It emerges from this meeting that the dialogue started by Michèle Merli with concertation on the safety of motorcycle and scooter drivers continues, continues.

L1E category vehicles are two -wheeled vehicles whose maximum speed per construction is equal to or greater than 6 km / h and does not exceed 45 km / h and equipped with an engine of a displacement not exceeding 50 cm³. If it is internal combustion or with a net maximum power not exceeding 4 kilowatts for other types of engines;

Category L2E vehicles are three -wheeled vehicles (L2E) whose maximum speed per construction is equal to or greater than 6 km / h and does not exceed 45 km / h and equipped with an engine of a displacement not exceeding 50 cm³. If it is with ordered ignition or a net maximum power not exceeding four kilowatts for other types of engines.

Technical control is compulsory for cars

A measure was decided during the Interministerial Road Safety Committee (CISR) which was held on February 18, 2010 to combat road insecurity. According to a study conducted in 2007 by the central automotive office expertise for the French Federation of Insurance Companies (FFSA). 50 % of accident scooters are unbridled, 38 % have an important element (exhaust, filter, engine, transmission, cylinder) not operating properly, and finally 29 % are not in accordance with the highway code (mirrors, indicators, safety elements )).

No bonds for the 2 wheels

The scooter is not currently the subject of periodic non-debrication or its good maintenance. Regarding a vast majority of vehicle for a young, minor audience, who must be made aware of respecting the rules and the good maintenance of his two-wheeler. It is therefore necessary, estimates the CISR, to set up a appropriate device for periodic technical control of scooters centered on unlocering.

Technical control

Its unit cost is evaluated by the CISR between 50 and 60 €. Price which appears, to our modest notice, very high for young people with limited means. Should not such an investment be taken care of by public authorities and road safety. This often spends fortunes in campaigns whose objective sometimes seems “smoky”. As long as road safety will call on fashionable marketing agencies, youth, their problems and the real world to design its road safety campaigns, it will not be able to reach young people.

Similarly, decides the CISR, the scooters seriously damaged as a result of an accident must be the subject of expertise during their repair, before their circulation. The Interministerial Road Safety Committee therefore decides:
– to establish for scooters a compulsory technical inspection every two years focused on engine clamping, from the second year of circulation,
– to extend the scooters the expertise system in the event of a serious accident provided for by the Highway Code.
Deadline: 2011 (time required to equip control centers with apparatus adapted to scooters and controllers’ training).

Technical control for the motorized two wheels
Author: Philippe Sourha

I drive in a 50cm3 scooter, the technical control becomes compulsory for my vehicle?

Your question is topical since the Council of State has just restored the technical control of two-wheelers, the application of which was scheduled for early 2023 before the government decides its cancellation last July by a decree. Motorcycles and scooters will therefore have the obligation to go to technical control, possibly from 2023.

In a press release, the government indicates “Take note of the decision of the Council of State”. “He underlines that this decision does not lead to an immediate entry into force of the technical control, given the need to publish the texts of application of the decree of August 9, 2021 beforehand, specifies the press release. “A consultation will be launched by the Minister responsible for transport with all the parties concerned in the coming days to determine the measures to be implemented”, Indicate the latter.

By the fact of a legal back and forth, it is therefore necessary to return to the decree of August 9, 2021 to find out who will be affected by this technical control. The decree therefore indicates that it concerns “Two or three -wheeled motor vehicle holders, motor quadricycles and vehicle control operators”. A decree that went further than what the European Union recommended elsewhere.

In 2014, the European Commission introduced the obligation for all the countries of the Union to institute a technical control for motorized two-wheelers, on January 1, 2022 at the latest. Pushed by the EU, the French government ended up publishing a decree on August 9, 2021.

Are you concerned?

The answer is yes, if we base ourselves on the decree published on August 9, 2021. Your vehicle being a 50cm3 scooter, you will therefore be subject to technical control. “As of January 1, 2023, motorized vehicles with two or three wheels and engine quadricycles are subject to technical control“Indicates the decree. This new technical control would therefore concern all two-wheelers, 50 cc and cars without a license included. Unless the government returns to this provision, in the application texts.

More broadly here, all the owners of two, three or four wheels with thermal engine of displacement equal to or greater than 125 cc are concerned in the more or less long term, by this device. Note that the oldest scooters and motorcycles should be the first aims.

What a calendar?

There is a bit of the blur. In its press release, the government indicates that the Council of State does not oblige the State to put it in place immediately. A consultation will thus be launched in the coming days and above all, technical control centers are not ready. You still have a little time in front of you, before this implementation.