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Laptops with touch screen

Ideal for intensive use, this ultrabook is designed to meet the needs of professionals. It has a touch screen with an impressive WQHD resolution with anti-reflection so that you can use it comfortably. Very practical, just switch to the touch screen to quickly access your work.

Tactile laptop comparison

If the Tactile screen portable are undoubtedly a certain success, it is undoubtedly for its many advantages of use, appreciated more and more by users on their tablet or smartphone. Its ease of use at the touch of the screen gives it undeniable comfort, especially when it is tapped with a touch pad. Both PC Bureau laptop for its keyboard strike comfort when situations require it, and hybrid tablet for consultation, you opt for a solution halfway between power and precision of the touch screen. Note that there is also a category of hybrid laptops with touch screen and removable keyboard ! What transform your computer into an autonomous touch pad.

Which tactile laptop to choose ?

To better choose your Tactile laptop, It is advisable to examine all technical characteristics, as well as your specific criteria. To help you opt for the PC meeting your expectations, you can use our tool to create a Comparison of tactile laptops Between different models. This will allow you to examine the advantages and disadvantages of each model, both in technical terms (power, connectors, screen) as in budgetary level. Each sheet also has essential information on the different models and, to refine its research, a certain number of filters can be selected according to your needs. With Comparez-Malin, find the best tactile laptop becomes easier !

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Laptops with touch screen

Laptops with touch screens allow direct interaction with the screen without needing mouse or physical keyboard. This is very useful for browsing the internet, visualizing photos and videos or drawing. If you are looking for a laptop with touch screen, compare the models and choose the one that suits you best.

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Asus-ZenBook-S-13-Oled- (UM5302) -Frandroid-2022

Asus-Zenbook-14-Oled- (UX3402) -Frandroid-2022

Tactile laptop


Purchase Tactile laptop

Form factor
: Laptop
Processor : Intel Core i5 – 3.0 GHz
RAM : 8 GB Memory
Storage disc :: 256 SSD up to 35 times faster
Graphic card : Integrated – Intel HD Graphics
Soundcard : Integrated – speakers and microphone
Network : 100/1000 – Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless : Yes
Bluetooth : Yes
Keyboard : Azerty
Screen : 14.1 ” HD – Tactile – Screen type: touchscreen touch
Operating system : Microsoft Windows 11 Professional 64 bit
Dimensions : Height: 2.3 cm – Width: 34.8 cm – Depth: 23.1 cm
Weight : 1.8 kg
Color : Black and gray
Connection ports
3 x Super-Speed ​​USB (3.0)
1 x VGA-HD D-SUB (HD-15) 15 Pins
1 x Memoir card reader: SD
1 x Smart Card
1 x Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) 10/100/1000MBPS
1 x Port Home Station / Duplicator
1 x microphone – input / audio – line / helmet outlet
Guarantee : 1 year

Options and accessories

Bit Defender Antivirus 1an / 1PC
Bit Defender Internet Security 1an / 1PC
Professional office 2019 Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access
Professional Office 2021 Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access
Laptop PC bag
PRO wireless mouse
Pro wired mouse
DVD Windows catering support “essential to reinstall Windows in case of crash”


A tactile laptop that lasts over time !

Current touch screen laptops are most robust PCs ever built. Indeed, they resist any incident of everyday life: dust, humidity or any other extreme environment, nothing can prevent them from functioning correctly. It is therefore the only computers that allow you to connect anywhere and at any time.

Likewise, there is now a high -end tactile laptop model that is even resistant to liquids. Indeed, it is made from magnesium reinforced by a carbon fiber. In other words, this is a computer that combines reliability and resistance allowing you to work without constraint.
The 1 year warranty provided is free. Our after -sales service is also free during the warranty.

Ideal for intensive use, this ultrabook is designed to meet the needs of professionals. It has a touch screen with an impressive WQHD resolution with anti-reflection so that you can use it comfortably. Very practical, just switch to the touch screen to quickly access your work.

Easy to hold in hand, the size of this tactile laptop is reduced. In addition, it weighs only 1.28 kg. It thus brings together all the portability characteristics corresponding to professional users who are looking for a powerful, resistant touching PC while being simple to take everywhere.
The screen size of this tactile laptop is 15.6 inches and graphic resolution is in FHD (Full HD).

The 1 year warranty is free and provided in the offer.

This laptop is available in stores or in delivery. It has a very practical azerty type keyboard in addition to the tactile function which makes it a professional product melleur than a tablet. The operating software is Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 Bits. In stok delivery possible within 24 to 48 hours.

Buy and save a tactile laptop to switch to a gear

Unlike simple laptops, an ultra professional touchscreen with quadruple heart heart processors. They increase computer performance by about 35% compared to previous generations. Its Intel Core i5 processor can go up to 2.90 GHz to switch to a turbo mode. This portable hybrid with 15 inch FHD Full HD screen has the best customer reviews and offers incredible performance of more it is in stock and delivery is possible.

With its REV memory capacity up to 8 GB of SUD RAM RAM and its 240 GB SSD storage disc, this model does not know the slowness problem, during a copy, or even to download software. On the contrary, this tactile laptop is ten times faster than any other computer of the same kind. With such a quantity of RAM RAM it is possible to defect games. The opening of this laptop is of the Flip type without hook and without button. This tactile product is equipped with an Intel 4 Core processor which unlike the AMD Ryzen processor is faster in calculation stains and in games, moreover it does not overheat.

About 15 seconds are necessary to start the laptop and access all the data. Unlike so many other models, a tactile laptop is able to endure the opening of several tabs at a time. It does not even slow down when you want to make retouching on Photoshop. The Intel Core i5 processor associated with an SSD 240GB disk. A version of Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 Bits A RAM memory of 8GB An FHD Tacile 15 screen.6 inches and an azerty keyboard for a very low price and you get with this product an excellent daily tool. Optionally a GeForce graphics card with ultra realistic graphics details. This hybrid computer is the perfect product for all.
Do not opt ​​for computers type Chromebook or Zenbook, they do not have the same quality components and therefore are not as fast.
In short, its configuration is made to meet everyone’s needs. It is especially intended for professionals who want an ultrabook configured with the best components of the current market. Our portable products in stock store or in delivery of the latitude family sometimes have a GeForce card which offers better graphic rendering in games or in certain desktop applications. This tactile laptop, halfway between tablet and a laptop can be considered as a hybrid as the Microsoft Surface touch product. Lenovo, Acer, Asus, and Chromebook only have to stand in front of this hybrid.

Ultra-complete connectivity on the Dell Tactile Computer

Apart from its excellent quality, a tactile laptop has complete connectivity which allows its user to use a large number of connectivity devices. Among other things, its HDMI port is compatible with a mini display, a fingerprint reader and a video device.

It is also equipped with a headset and micro combo socket. With its two USB 3 ports.0, you will be able to easily transfer data and connect other devices with your laptop computer. You can also connect by Bluetooth, Wifi and why not use a webcam.

Regarding the devices, Dell, unlike Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Chromebook or Zenbook made a very good choice by opting for a lightened retro screen associated with a FHD Full HD matte slab which reduce the eye fatigue of its user and Especially to offer better visual comfort on this screen 15.6 inches.
The closing system of this professional touching laptop is of the Flip type, very practical for opening to one hand.

Combining lightness and optimal connectivity, this hybrid tactile laptop is incomparable finesse. If its characteristics interest you, simply go to the laptop site.Org to take advantage of good value for money and benefit from a free one -year warranty on this product in stock whose delivery is possible quickly.

This hybrid laptop Micosoft Windows 10 Professional 64 BTSESEST equipped with an FHD touch screen (Full HD) 15.6 inches, thanks to this touch screen it can be used as a tablet and it is as reactive as Microsoft Surface. The quantity of RAM RAM is 8GB DDR 3. It is equipped with an Intel Core i5 2 processor 2.9 GHz what makes it a very harsh and very efficient laptop. Unlike the AMD Ryzen processor, the Intel processor offers better performance and as long as it is associated with an Nvidia GeForce graphics card that will bring ultra realistic details in games. The Dell brand is a direct competitor of the Lenovo, Acer, Chromebook, Zenbook, Asus brand. This offer is limited in time, stocks are not huge. This tactile laptop is available in stores behind Drive 2h or fast delivery by carrier. By the way the keyboard of this tactile laptop of the latitude family is of the chiclet type, it is for the blow even more practical than a tablet. The low price allows a lot to be able to offer it and have fun. Our reconditioned products are all tested and many verifications we have on many control points. Recall that the storage capacity of the SSD type disk is 240GB. The opinions of our customers about this tactile laptop are all positive, this ref to our stoks is a flagship ref, highly requested. Buying it in a reconditioned version you save at least 50% of its original value and you make a gesture for the planette.