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Swappie Avis

I obtained in 3 click a questionnaire on the condition of my iPhone and a very satisfactory price offer
The shipment is prepared and the payment very fast without discussion

Swappie: The Finnish actor of a reconditioned iPhone is now active in Belgium

Swappie, the Finnish seller of rewritten iPhone, also opens the virtual doors of his webshop in Belgium. With the arrival of swappie, the purchase and sale of quality iPhone of quality becomes safer and simpler. Consumers save on the high purchase prices of an iPhone, while contributing to the fight against global warming by reusing precious materials. Thanks to the convincing 24 -month warranty on all smartphones and a prior process of advanced technical tests, Swappie has established itself as a leader of this market in the Nordic countries in a few years.

The mission of Swappie is very simple: sweeping all the difficulties and all the doubts often associated with the purchase of a reconditioned smartphone, thanks to a transparent and rationalized service where customers are always assured of high quality. More than 300,000 people have already bought an iPhone reconditioned on Swappie. Swappie currently targets Scandinavia and the rest of Europe with webshops, especially in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and now also in Belgium.


The iPhone of Swappie are online, each time with a description of their condition, ranging from “like nine” to “acceptable”. Swappie does not sell simple used models, but focuses on the rewritten iPhone, carefully inspected used devices and if necessary. All phones are subject to a detailed technical test in 52 steps before being sold. Swappie is therefore able to guarantee customers a highest quality product. “If we discover the slightest defect during the test phase, we make all the necessary repairs in our specialized factory. In addition, the customer has a 24 -month warranty, the same as on a new iPhone, “explains Sami Marttinen, CEO of Swappie.

It is also possible to sell old iPhone in Swappie. On the website, sellers provide some important data on the state of the phone, obtain an estimate of its value and receive a shipping label. The money is transferred once swappie technicians have checked the phone status.

It all started after a scam

In 2019, 206.7 million used smartphones sold worldwide. The second -hand market shows that there is high demand for smartphones already used. The purchase of used devices allows you to save money provided not to choose a new model each time. The growing demand for second -hand models also stimulates offers from fraudulent websites or the sale of smartphones on the black market.

“Even by buying a new device from knowledge, you do not have the guarantee that everything works perfectly. The idea of ​​swappie was born from a bad buying experience of used online smartphones. I experienced it personal. I was defrauded and I noticed that I was not the only victim. This is the reason why I wanted to create a safer and more practical alternative to buy used and reconditioned smartphones online, “says Sami Marttinen.

Climatic concerns

In just five years, Swappie has conquered the iPhone market reconditioned in major countries defending climate neutrality such as Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. Today, Swappie is not only market leader in Scandinavia, but the company has also been designated by Sifted as one of the fastest growth scale-ups in Europe. Swappie now opens its webshop in our country, because Belgium is the heart of Europe and a supporter of European climatic objectives.

“We have chosen Belgium because the Belgians are increasingly concerned by the environment and climate neutrality. The purchase of reconditioned iPhone makes it possible to extend the life of the product, to avoid the burial of dangerous chemicals and to save precious raw materials. Recent figures also reveal that the energy used to produce a new smartphone is equivalent to the electricity consumption of a smartphone for ten years, “said Sami Marttinen.

Swappie also nourishes the ambition to make reconditioned consumer electronics a common practice. “Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone. If we all buy a new phone every two or three years, the impact on our planet will be very heavy. By focusing more on the purchase and sale of reconditioned smartphones, we can already take a big step towards a greener future, “concludes Sami Marttinen.

More info on Swappie.be.

Swappie Avis

Great experience. I have estimated my iPhone on several sites (Apple, Rebuy, Easycash. )).
There was no hesitation. Swappie offered me € 200 more. Of course it’s always a little impressive to send your phone in Lituania lol. The shipment was very fast in 1 day and a half the package had arrived (super service DHL Express). Treatment of the super fast transaction, transfer received in less than 6 days. Package sent Thursday morning September 14. Transfer on my account Tuesday, September 19 afternoon. Bravo swappie !

Date of experience: September 19, 2023

Our 2022 transparency report is available

Be confident

Simul Sunday (€ 800)
Depot Monday evening at point DHL
DHL management Tuesday
Received by swappie on Wednesday, I receive a swappie email which apologizes in advance for the wait (!))
Transfer by swappie on Thursday, money received the same day on the bank account ! (€ 800)

You are on Trustpilot because the offer is too good to be true ? The offer is beautiful, it is true. I was as you were wondering if it was prudent to send my 14 pro in Lithuania. No regrets. Well played swappie, next year I would do the same thing. 😉

(Impossible to put a link, but by looking for my nickname Boygnetik on YouTube you should find the video that shows the condition of my smartphone before sending)

Date of experience: September 21, 2023

Nothing to say

Nothing to say, Securized service and very fast transaction ! Perfect

Date of experience: September 21, 2023

I got a very pro and honest questionnaire in 3 clicks ..

I obtained in 3 click a questionnaire on the condition of my iPhone and a very satisfactory price offer
The shipment is prepared and the payment very fast without discussion

Date of experience: September 03, 2023

Top Top Top

I was quite reluctant to send an iPhone to 1100 € to a platform that I did not know, but I do not regret at all ! Really I sent my phone last week the estimated price was € 1075 and today I received € 1075.
I really really recommend !

Date of experience: September 01, 2023

The legal scam..

The legal scam. I send an iPhone 12 pro 128gb blue for an estimate 475 € I was offered 175 € Be saying camera so battery and broken lecran, I send with its box which before it is no trace of usury battery just replaced with a repaire. Strip of thieves.

Date of experience: September 22, 2023

I recommend

I made a price request for my iPhone, I was honest, I sent my phone via DHL and quickly received the price estimate !

Date of experience: September 07, 2023

Despite the fear of this experience

Despite the fear of this experience, I was very satisfied with the procedure, its speed. Package arrived quickly at Swappie, and payment of the estimated value received quickly. I am happy to have taken this step. In 3 words I would say speed, confidence and honesty.

Date of experience: August 23, 2023

I had an iPhone 8 100 resume…

I had an iPhone 8,100 euros picked up.

Swappie provides you with a DHL coupon with the possibility of having the package removed anywhere. Well 1 hour after ordering DHL, I had the delivery person at home.
The next day, the package had arrived in Tallinn in Estonia. A few days later I received confirmation that the Tel is OK and that the 100 euros would be fired on my account. I think I receive them tomorrow or after tomorrow.

Very efficient, fast and higher recovery price than elsewhere (Orange 47 euros, Easycach 80 euros, backmarket 60, swappie 100 euros !))

Date of experience: August 13, 2023

Very fast payment once made but..

Thank you to the Swappie support (Nathalie) for giving me confidence in the service. Indeed, I did not see too many traces of my sending to the postnl site.
After a few days, she came back to me, without forgetting me to tell me that the package is on the way.

4 stars because it was a bit long, despite the deadline respected.

The package unfortunately took 12 days to arrive, and 6 days for the processing of the phone and payment.

Total of 18 days of sending it upon receipt of payment.

It was a new phone, never open, estimated at € 930.

Date of experience: August 28, 2023

Iphone 13 mini resale

Serious and fast site, I sold my iPhone 13 mini on Wednesday, I received the transfer on Tuesday at the recovery price that had been given to me

Date of experience: August 04, 2023

Confidence contract

From A to Z The process is well explained and simple to follow. Quality service and honest evaluation at the price level offered. Fast and effective.

Date of experience: August 19, 2023

Perfect !

It was fast, I was a little afraid when I consulted the opinions, in reality, I am very satisfied ! I would have hoped a little more but it is already the highest price offer on the refurbished telephone sites. I recommend ��

Date of experience: 05 July 2023

The price offered for the resumption of my ..

The price offered for the resumption of my iPhone 12 was the highest of all sites. The explanations are clear. The shipment via DHL was made quickly and the sale was validated in less than two days after receipt of the laptop. Payment on my bank account was made in less than 4 days. I highly recommend. Guarantee and confidence guaranteed.

Date of experience: December 27, 2022

Great experience

I ordered a reconditioned iPhone with, I admit, some fears.
I am completely satisfied to have made this purchase from Swappie because the device is actually like new with a 100% battery. It works without problem. In addition, he reached me in 2 working days.
I will renew this experience for my next purchase

Date of experience: December 15, 2022

IPhone 12 sale

1st experience with swappie for the sale of my iPhone 12. Removal by DHL and reception 3 days later! A top follow -up and a 1 -week regulation after sending to the amount provided for on the site. Sure, I will repeat in the future for the sale of my next phones. I recommend this company without hesitation to take over phones.

Date of experience: December 11, 2022

Serious service

Validation of the estimate, I received the email allowing to start the appropriate approach as well as a relaunch a few days after the initial email.
Perfect DHL support.
Small downside linked to the holiday season on the confirmation period of receipt and treatment of the package contenting the terminal but nothing serious.
Confirmation of compliance control, the transfer was made very quickly at the announced rate.

Date of experience: December 18, 2022

To flee for the sale.

I sent my iPhone 12 64GB following an offer at 360 euros online for a sale at home.

I received an email today: they offer me 5 euros! My phone would be twisted, the screen would also be broken gold, everything worked perfectly when sending.

FYI I am careful with my equipment, he had no defect from my house and he was even sent to his original box and in a bubble envelope.

Today I’m afraid of the state in which we will potentially send it to me.

To flee for resale.

Date of experience: September 18, 2023

Thank you for your return from experience. We are sorry to learn that it was not up to your expectations.

Each phone is scrupulously inspected by our technicians. Some faults are more difficult or more expensive to repair than others. This includes non -original screens or folded phones. A folded phone is not reparable. For this reason, the sum of € 5 in order to recycle the device to use the parts still in good condition is offered to you. As a business, we must take into account each cost and adjust the price offered accordingly. This price can be refused, in which case the phone has returned to you for free, as it was received. You can read more concerning our recovery conditions in our general conditions of sale for customers.

We are whatever it is sincerely sorry if you had not read it before sending your device.