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Surveillance camera: price

As with wired cameras, the price increases quickly for a sophisticy system including several WiFi cameras. Such a system costs About 600 €.

Surveillance camera – Safety camera

You would like to equip your home or video surveillance workplace ? In this case, you arrived in the right place ! Navigate among our category dedicated to surveillance cameras and take advantage of all the advantages offered by this type of safety equipment for your home or business. Indeed, surveillance cameras make it possible to monitor sensitive areas, to dissuade intruders and to secure your most precious goods. Without forgetting that they also play a crucial role in the prevention of acts of vandalism and the protection of your loved ones. On our Rakuten e-commerce site, you will find a wide range of video surveillance cameras of renowned brands such as Hikvision, Somfy, and Xiaomi, to name a few. Among the different models available, you can opt for connected surveillance cameras which are configurable thanks to an application. This feature allows you to view and control your cameras in real time from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are, for optimal and reassuring monitoring. In addition, some cameras offer options such as movement detection, night vision, or storage in the cloud, in order to adapt to the specific needs of each user. To help you make the best choice, our marketplace offers you a selection of new and used items, allowing you to find the surveillance camera which both meets your expectations and your budget. Each product is accompanied by a detailed descriptive sheet providing you with all the technical characteristics and the functionalities of the camera. You will be able to compare the offers and identify the one that suits you best. It is also important to take into account the opinions of buyers who have tested these surveillance cameras, as they will provide you with useful information on the quality and reliability of the product, as well as the ease of use and installation. These feedback will allow you to make an objective opinion and make sure that you invest in equipment that will really meet your security needs. Good search and good shopping on our Rakuten marketplace !

Surveillance camera: price

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If you want to buy a surveillance camera, here is information on the prices of different models of cameras to give you an idea of ​​how much it costs. Here is an overview of the factors that influence the price of a surveillance camera. You will be able to choose the model that best suits your requirements and your budget.

Types of surveillance cameras and their prices

There are many models of different cameras on the market. The most popular are the IP cameras. The term IP (Internet Protocol) here designates a surveillance camera that can connect via the network. The captured images are transmitted either by a network cable (Ethernet) or by WiFi. In addition, you have the choice between dome cameras, PTZ cameras (Pan Tilt Zoom) and Bullet cameras (cylinder -shaped). Here is an overview of their prices:

Camera IP Price

How much IP cameras cost ?

IP cameras have two important characteristics that vary for each model: resolution and angle of view. The larger the latter, the larger the image is. On the other hand, a small angle of view makes it possible to better zoom in on the details from a distance. Such functions obviously have an influence on the total price.

A standard IP camera costs About 100 €. When adding a recorder, accessories and installation costs, the price easily climbs 500 – 700 €.


For a wifi camera, therefore wireless, there are basic models from 40 €.

As with wired cameras, the price increases quickly for a sophisticy system including several WiFi cameras. Such a system costs About 600 €.

PTZ cameras (Pan Tilt Zoom, that is to say panoramic, inclination and zoom) are generally more expensive than dome cameras and Bullet cameras. Logically, since they are more sophisticated than other types of cameras.


Door with camera

There are bells equipped with a wifi camera, which serves as connected optical judas. This allows you to see who is in front of you via your smartphone, whether you are there or not. The price of this device depends on image resolution, angle of view, storage capacity, etc.

A doorbell with WiFi camera costs between 100 and 200 €.


Videophones are also a form of video surveillance. As a rule, when you buy a videophone, you receive the indoor device, a power cable and an outdoor module. This set costs Between 600 and 700 €. The material of the exterior module also influences the price: aluminum will obviously be more expensive than plastic.

If you add other gadgets, such as access control, code keyboard or fingerprint scanner, the price may rise up to 1000 €.

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Surveillance camera price

Factors that influence the price of a surveillance camera

The exact amount you will have to pay to protect your home or business depends on several factors. The type of camera (IP, WiFi, doorbell, videophone …) is only one of these factors. Here are the other important elements that must be considered when you choose a surveillance camera and which will determine the price.

1. Analog or digital camera

This first factor concerns image quality. For a long time, analog cameras were the norm. Although they are always used today, their image quality is less good than that of new digital cameras. However, some analog cameras are quite capable of capturing high definition images. And if these are a little old-fashioned, this also allows you to find it at attractive prices. For a system including an analog camera and a recorder, you will pay Between 325 and 475 €.

On the other hand, a high -end digital camera (IP or HD SDI) can cost the double. But the resolution is also much better. Images captured by a digital camera can be transmitted via a network cable or by WiFi.

2. Camera with or without recorder ?

Then you can choose to buy a storage device for images or not. Many people do not buy it to save money. However, a recorder is a very good investment. It allows you to save all the images, so that in case of burglary, you can check them. Without recorder, you will only see what is happening in real time.

This is why it is recommended to buy a storage device. Its price will depend on the total capacity, the program and the type of camera to which it will be connected. Normally, such a device costs More or less € 200.

3. Install the camera yourself or use an installer

Finally, you must decide how you will install the camera (s) (s). If you have some technical knowledge, it is possible to install it by yourself.

Otherwise, rather call on a specialized installer. Not only can he give you tailor -made advice, but you will be sure to have a perfect installation and that nothing will be left to chance. Installation costs of a video surveillance system cost on average Between 175 and 225 €.

Advice : Compare the prices of several companies to be sure to find the best offer. Click here to request quote.

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