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How to choose your student laptop

For new graduates or students, buying a laptop is a key moment. A computer accompanies you on a daily basis and must meet certain essential criteria: design, performance, weight, value for money … how to decide ? Which model to choose ? Follow the guide with Microsoft !

Laptop for student

You are students and wish to acquire a Laptop for your studies ? From college to your higher education, it is important to be able to work with suitable IT tools. Apparently similar needs: very good autonomy, good performance and an easily transportable device. Beyond these obvious expectations, certain training courses require well-defined criteria. From office automation, to internet research, including the use of business software or the need for 3D rendering, not all PCs are created.

Today, studies are more and longer and complex. It is important to best choose your computer who will accompany you throughout your schooling. Each course requires a powerful tool, but Certain training courses will need to be more demanding. For creatives (graphic designers, photographers, etc.), your criteria will focus on the quality of the slab, the screen size or the presence of a stylus. For others (engineers, computer scientists, etc.), you will have to target PCs with a higher level of performance, often located on a different price range. Others will not have a specific real need, if not do research on the Internet to work and will be satisfied with a good office PC.

The best laptops for students ?

In order to be sure of the right PC you need for your studies, several questions must be raised, starting with your budget. Car malgré leur polyvalence et l’aspect bureautique – que vous retrouverez maintenant dans presque tous les modèles – ils ont des caractéristiques différentes : performance du processeur, capacité de stockage, type de disque dur, quantité de mémoire vive, résolution de l’écran, connectors, etc. Once your needs have been identified, research will become easier using the many filters we offer you.

In conclusion, there is no ideal computer that would suit all students, But a selection to make which is specific to everyone. For office use, We ideally recommend a PC equipped with 8 GB of RAM, with an SSD hard drive from at least 128 GB and a 4 -core processor. The screen size is a personal criterion but its resolution determines its display finesse, it is now possible to find PCs with a resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) in a suitable budget. Whether under Windows or Chrome OS, you will find the essential tools to work.

We insist that it is not recommended to stop on the first cheap PC which passes, but to grasp the importance of selecting it, according to its characteristics and expectations. You have to see this purchase as a investment over several years, by associating as well as possible, budget and performance. Comparez-Malin facilitates your search for student laptops and helps you in choosing a powerful tool to support you throughout your studies. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.

How to choose your student laptop ?

How to choose your student laptop?

For new graduates or students, buying a laptop is a key moment. A computer accompanies you on a daily basis and must meet certain essential criteria: design, performance, weight, value for money … how to decide ? Which model to choose ? Follow the guide with Microsoft !

The Microsoft surface range, with you from the first to the last year of studies

Did you know ? Microsoft, which is among the high-tech leaders companies in France, has launched a range that perfectly meets the needs of students. With surface, Microsoft offers high -performance tablets and ultrabooks adapted to all uses. Your computer is a versatile tool, which is used both for studies (taking note, writing, prices monitoring), everyday communication (writing emails, participating in calls or visio courses) And entertainment (playing, making audiovisual creation, watching movies or videos, listening to music). It is a tool that follows you everywhere, from home to campus via public transport … also take it on vacation or abroad, during a university exchange, for example.

You will understand, your computer turns out to be a precious ally for your studies. Hence the importance of choosing the right equipment and investing over time. For more than 10 years, Microsoft has redefined the codes of the laptop with innovative models and adapted to new user expectations. Its surface range combines design, flexibility and performance. It accompanies you in time, from license to the master’s degree, and even after !

Choosing the right student laptop: the key criteria

What are the criteria to take into account to make your choice ? Zoom on the key characteristics of student laptops.

  • Weight and format: If you want to win everywhere with you, your laptop must absolutely remain light. It should not weigh more than 1.5 kg. Thus, favor a compact model. Its size must adapt to be able to transport it easily in a backpack. Avoid computers that are too large with screens that is more than 14 inches (35 cm).
  • The keyboard : When you are a student, you type a lot on your keyboard for notes or writing ! A comfortable keyboard, with a fluid and discreet strike, is therefore ideal.
  • Autonomy: Your PC must be able to follow you for a whole day of lessons without recharge.
  • Design : Your computer will keep your computer for several years, so it’s important that you don’t get bored. So choose a model that looks like you and whose look, color and design you like.
  • Value for money : the price is also an essential choice criterion. A computer is an investment: it must therefore last a long time and be efficient for the purchase to be amortized.

Laptop Go 2 and Microsoft Surface Models: two ideal options for your studies

The Laptop Go 2, a compact ultrabook to follow you everywhere

What is an ultrabook ? Unlike conventional laptops, ultraportable computers are equipped with a smaller screen – between 10 and 14 inches. Generally finer and lighter, they also have good autonomy.

THE Laptop Go 2 surface is the perfect computer to study ! It is equipped with a 12.4 -inch bright touch screen and an improved HD camera. The secure Windows Hello Windows connection allows you to unlock the computer without password thanks to your fingerprints. Its screen format 2: 3 allows you to clearly view the screen to write documents on Word or PowerPoint, or to read PDF. Its performance is optimal, as is its autonomy (up to 13.5 hours). Finally, its light format (only 1127 g) allows you to win everywhere !

The Laptop Go 2 surface is distinguished by its Premium and ergonomic design and its perfect finishes. It is available in several shades as colorful as it is elegant: sand, platinum, sage green, glacier blue. Put color in your student life: no more gray or black computers !

In addition, this model offers excellent typing comfort thanks to its keyboard designed to improve notes taking.

And, must for students: Windows 11 and the Edge browser, now enriched with artificial intelligence, are included in the purchase of the surface laptop go 2. They allow you to organize your work (student as staff) thanks to two separate offices. Navigation is fluid and fast, especially with the Snap functionality, which allows you to use several files on the same screen, and synchronization with Android or iOS mobile phones.

Finally, the surface laptop go 2 is also Excellent value for money ! You will find it at the moment at 535 euros on the Microsoft Store (instead of 769 euros). A promotion valid until June 23.

The surface pro 9, the iconic hybrid computer, reference of the two-in-one

Why choose a hybrid model ? The two-in-one allows you to combine the fluidity of a touch pad with a computer performance. Compact, light, the tablet adapts perfectly to nomadic use and student life. For notes, it is possible to add a stylus or keyboard to accessory for even more comfort.

With the Pro 9 surface, take advantage of all the power of a computer with, as a bonus, The flexibility of a two-in-one format. With a touch screen and a stylus Surface 2 (accessory sold separately), the Pro Surface 9 is ideal both for digital creation and for word processing. It offers a colorimetry and resolution of 2880 x 1920 (276 ppi), on a Pixel Sense 13 inch screen. Its front camera is in full HD 1080p. The surface pro 9, vs’is an elegant hybrid tablet at sleek design. Both solid and ultralight (only 879 grams), the hybrid tablet offers an innovative design: very fine borders, a fine and compact notebook format … Make your choice from several sober and original anodized colors: platinum, sapphire, forest or anthracite. The aluminum anodization technique gives materials better resistance in time to wear, corrosion and heat.

Ultra-fast, the Pro Surface 9 East a daily life apparatus. It is equipped with the 12th generation Intel EVO processor, pledge of power and safety. It is capable of processing several software simultaneously and can reach up to 15.5 hours of autonomy. Its operating system ? Windows 11, the best of Windows to date, which will save you time !

Give free rein to all your ideas: Sign, draw or navigate with the Surface Pen 2 stylus, which is easily recharged and easily stores in the Keyboard signature keyboard (the two accessories are sold separately). The keyboard, precisely, is covered with a precious fabric in Alcantara for incomparable comfort of use.

In addition, the Pro 9 surface is compatible with all graphic or audiovisual creation applications, as well as with the Adobe suite. Watch movies or play in viewing mode on the tablet, wherever you are ! It also offers the possibility of drawing and taking notes with the feeling of writing on paper thanks to the haptic return.

Surface Pro 9 is available from 1,099 euros on the Microsoft Store, instead of 1,299 euros, right now, and until June 23.

The Microsoft surface range has been perfected over the years to provide an optimal experience to all students. Strike comfort, autonomy, flexibility … that you opt for the Laptop Go 2 with its design and practicality or for the flexibility of the Pro 9 surface, you will necessarily find the model adapted to your needs. Take advantage of exceptional promotions on the Microsoft Store Until June 23 !

The best laptops for students 2023

Studies implies a good dose of equipment and means. And the tool that often happens on the podium of the modern student is the portable pc. Whether we choose studies in law, medicine, architecture, drawing, engineering studies or of course, computer science, the laptop quickly becomes an essential to take notes, complete a thesis or have fun Once the work is finished. But what budget is necessary for a good student laptop ? And on what criteria to choose it ? follow the leader.

  • Our student purchasing guides
  • What criteria to take into account to choose a student laptop ?
  • The processor and the graphics card
  • The operating system
  • The screen
  • Battery life
  • The weight
  • Connectors
  • The keyboard and the touchpad
  • Is it possible to take advantage of student prices for a laptop ?
  • How to get financial assistance for the purchase of a student laptop ?
  • What accessories for its student laptop ?

Our student purchasing guides

We have concocted three purchasing guides addressed to students, with a selection of models available for sale to help you define which student laptop is for you, according to your orientation and your budget.

What criteria to take into account to choose a student laptop ?

The processor and the graphics card

Nowadays, all laptops with a minimum of an Intel Core or an AMD Ryzen, whatever its generation, is able to meet so -called basic office needs such as web navigation, text publishing , email management, sorting your vacation photos (light) or video streaming. Thus, students who have no more specific needs have a fairly wide choice that opens up to them, to budgets that can remain reasonable, from 500 or 550 euros.

On the other hand, as soon as you arrive on a specialty that requires specific calculation software such as BIM software (archicad, revit, vectorworks, etc.) in architecture but also 3D modeling software, rendering engines, virtual reality or more running, the Adobe suite to work on the photo and the video, a powerful processor (with the termination -h/S -X) becomes essential.

Likewise, for video, photo or 3D, a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce graphics card will also be very useful.

The operating system

Windows And Macos are the main operating systems that oppose the market. Each having its advantages and disadvantages for users, we leave you free to determine the one that suits you best. Whether in terms of taste, versatility, practicality or available applications.

Note that Windows is still the safest operating system of the two, being compatible with all large rendering software (architecture, engineer …) and graphics, which is not the case with Mac OS.

There are also alternatives like Chromeos adapted to simple office use or Linux which is an open source operating system that can be installed on most laptops.

The screen

The ideal size of the screen depends above all on your needs and the use of your PC in your studies. For questions from portability, We advise you to opt for a 14 -inch laptop.

However, if your field of study, especially the graphics, requires a more important display, you should opt for a laptop of 15, 16 or 17 inch. In this case, also ensure the display quality of your screen if it is important. Better to spend more to have a clearer display.

THE tactile can also be an interesting option if you make a lot of diagram or drawing. In this case, do not forget the suitable stylus.

Depending on your use, know that you can still Connect a larger external screen at home to have more versatile use of your laptop.

Battery life

A student laptop must be capable of holding a whole day of lessons to be relevant, and therefore to have great autonomy. For good reason, it is not always possible to connect your PC during the day to recharge it. And imagine in addition that each student is in the same situation … therefore, great autonomy on a laptop is an important criterion for many students.

The price does not necessarily influence the durability of the battery. A laptop PC assembled with high-performance components may tend to discharge more quickly since it will draw more resources to make them properly.

Consequently, a lower range PC can last longer. However, an over -end machine may include a smaller and low battery life to limit construction costs.

The weight

Whether you transport your computer to your bag or in a dedicated bag, the weight of the laptop accompanied by its accessories or your lesson business can quickly become a daily constraint. In particular, if you should bring it everywhere with you (classroom, library, university restaurant, transport, etc.).

The 13 inch format and the 14 inch format are lighter and more compact. Nevertheless, some students prefer to have a larger screen and it is possible without undergoing weight constraint thanks to models designed to be light.


THE USB ports are essential for a large number of people and their number present on a PC varies according to the models, as well as the presence of HDMI ports.

The presence of a USB-C port, of a Ethernet connection or a SD card reader Maybe a plus also.

Manufacturers no longer offer laptops with a CD / DVD player So if necessary, you will need an external reader.

The keyboard and the touchpad

This is not necessarily a criterion of choice for all students but it can be important because all keyboards are not equal, as are touchpads. It is generally said that macbook keyboards are the best but Apple products have a price that students cannot necessarily pay.

The space between the keys is not always the same depending on the laptops and it plays on the strike comfort, Just like the presence or not of a digital pavement. This is sometimes directly integrated into the touchpad.

Is it possible to take advantage of student prices for a laptop ?

Several manufacturers offer discounts to students on their products, including laptops. For example, Apple offers a 10% student reduction on MacBook.

Dell, HP or Lenovo are also one of those who offer special student offers on their laptops. These are generally between 10% and 15%; And you will have to bring your student card or university email to benefit from it. And to facilitate your research, go to UNADAYS, the site to save students dedicated to students.

It is not uncommon to find more advantageous tips during promo times, but these students’ offers have the advantage of being valid at any time of the year.

How to get financial assistance for the purchase of a student laptop ?

It is always possible to benefit from the Equipment loan from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) for the purchase of computer equipment. This is a zero rate loan that allows students to finance a computer, tablet or printer and which can reach up to € 600 depending on the departments. However, this loan is assigned according to your family quotient.

Other solutions also exist, such as the stock exchange on laptops paid by certain universities to Students. This is financial aid between 200 and 300 € which can be completed by departmental or regional aid. These aids vary from region to region and are subject to certain criteria to help only the most disadvantaged households.

However, know that even if you are not eligible for any of these offers, you still have the possibility of contracting a micro-credit at reduced or even zero rate on computer equipment. You can buy a quality student laptop that meets your needs, while gradually repaying your loan.

What accessories for its student laptop ?

Some accessories may be essential for some students, while others will only occasionally. A cover or a sack for laptop is recommended to protect your computer from shocks and scratches. In particular, if you should transport it regularly with you.

A external hard drive Or a USB key can be useful if you need to store a lot of data or if you just want to have a backup of your files. For long days of class, a external battery can allow you to extend the autonomy of your laptop.

And to work more comfortably at home, a wireless mouse can be more comfortable to use than the touchpad. It is almost essential for students who want to do more than word processing. In addition, a comfortable mouse mat will be just as welcome.

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