Sosh sponsorship – List sponsors September 2023, Sosh Mobile sponsorship code: how to take advantage of it? How much?

Sosh Mobile sponsorship code: how to take advantage of it? How much

Godson : Your first month of SOSH Package offered.

SOSH sponsorship – List sponsors September 2023

SOSH, the 100% web brand of the Orange operator markets a range of 4 packages from 4.99 € per month. In addition to using the best telephone and 4G network in France, the formulas available at this operator are without obligation.

To benefit from Sosh sponsorship ::

  • – You must select a godfather from the list below.
  • – Copy paste its sponsorship link in the URL of your browser.
  • – This will generate a code that you will have to enter the promo code box when subscribing to your package.

Godson : Your first month of SOSH Package offered.

Sponsor : 1 month offered on your package (within the limit of 6 godchildren over 12 slippery months).

�� Moment offer: 50GB package in limited series available until 01/09/2021 including unlimited calls and SMS/MMS and 50GB. All without commitment at a price of € 12.99/month !

Updated on 08/01/2021

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Sosh Mobile sponsorship code: how to take advantage of it ? How much ?

Raudière Maxime

Sosh offers its subscribers to enjoy advantageous offers thanks to sponsorships. By sponsoring a loved one, the godfather and the godson both earn a free month. So how to enjoy it ? Who can benefit from this good plan ?


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Sponsor to save

  • To remember
  • The Sosh sponsorship operation is currently suspended but will soon come back.
  • Thanks to the Sosh sponsorship code the godfather and the godson can Take advantage of a month offered on their mobile packages.
  • The godfather can benefit from this offer in the Limit of 6 godchildren over 12 slippery months.

Sponsorship is a win-win marketing strategy, increasingly used by internet and mobile operators, allowing the godfather and his godson, to be a bonus (Discounts, gifts, several months of subscriptions offered). This method is beneficial for the operator who retain its current customers and sees her number of subscribers increase, but also to the godfather and his godson who feel valued and take advantage of attractive discounts thanks to Sosh promo code Offered by the operator.

Sosh sponsorship: how it works ?

Sosh sponsorship operation is currently on break : the operator should come back very quickly with a new sponsorship system.

You want to sponsor a loved one ? The approach is simple and takes place in 4 steps ::

  1. The approach must be carried out by the godfather himself. The Sosh subscriber who wants to participate in the sponsorship, must identify with your Sosh mobile number to its customer area
  2. The godfather must then inform the email addresses of the people he wishes to sponsor.
  3. Those interested in taking out a SOSH subscription will therefore receive the email with an invitation to Recover a Sosh sponsorship code. To obtain the SOSH sponsorship code, simply click on the link indicated in the email. This SOSH sponsorship code must then be informed when subscribing to the Sosh offer. These people thus become the godchildren.
  4. After Verification of the referral file and validation of the sponsorship by the operator, Both parties will benefit from a month offered On their respective packages, as soon as the Sosh Mobile offer of the godson.

What are the Sosh sponsorship advantages and conditions ?


The operation of Sosh sponsorship is no longer available. However, it should soon return in a new format.


Sponsorship allows the sponsor to benefit, when his godson subscribes a Sosh Mobile offer, one month offered on its Sosh Mobile or Sosh Box package, Within the limit of 6 godchildren over 12 slippery months. The godfather can therefore depending on the number of godchildren, save up to 6 months of year -round subscriptions, or 50% of its annual bill. For the sponsor, the month offered will be applicable on the invoice following the confirmation of the subscription of the package by his godson, at the latest within 2 months after this validation by the operator.

The godfather must be subscribed to a Sosh Mobile or Sosh Box offer subscribed in mainland France, at least A month before the start of the operation.


The godson will also benefit, one month offered on the Sosh Mobile package of his choice, to which he will have subscribed. He will be able to benefit from it from his first invoice. The first month of the godson will therefore be free.


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Sponsors/godchildren: is there a limit ?

How many godparents can have a Sosh godchild ?

To be able to take advantage of the Sosh sponsorship offer, The godson can only have one godfather.

How many godchildren can have a Sosh godfather ?

A SOSH subscriber who benefits from the sponsorship system can have a limited number of godchildren. Indeed, the godfather can benefit from this offer within the limit of 6 godchildren over 12 sliding months.

What are the other solutions to save from Sosh?

Good deals Sosh

The Sosh operator has implemented several tips, other than sponsorship, allowing its customers to carry out significant savings On their mobile and internet subscriptions. In addition to the SOSH sponsorship code, reimbursement offers and many promotional offers are offered.

Sosh reimbursement offer

The operator offers up to € 100 for reimbursement on internet termination fees For any change in your former operator for Sosh.

Sosh promotional offers

SOSH allows its subscribers to benefit from aggressive discounts on subscriptions thanks to various promotional codes.

  • THE 130GB package is 15.99 €/month For any new subscription to Sosh.
  • Promotions on Sosh services : Discounts on Deezer Premium, OCS, Epress subscriptions.


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