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It should also be noted that subscribers cannot choose between ADSL, VDSL and optical fiber: SOSH automatically allocates the most efficient connection available. This enables the fiber optic network to be valued for which Orange has granted very large investments. In addition, the France THD plan obliges Internet access providers to pass their subscribers to very high speed.

Sosh Internet offers: details of the Sosh Fiber / ADSL box

Sosh Internet box

In 2011, Orange launched its subsidiary centered on offers without a commitment of duration. The arrival of SOSH on the telephony market was thus made with a very specific objective: to counter the emergence of the new major player, Free Mobile.

In addition to offering mobile telephony packages, Sosh has also made Internet users a box subscription internets. This is one of the only fixed offers without a duration commitment, with the one that Red by SFR currently offers. Here is the main useful information on the Internet offer that Sosh currently offers.

The main on the Sosh box ::

  • This is an offer without a commitment of duration.
  • It is available in ADSL/VDSL and with optical fiber.
  • It works with XDSL networks and orange fibers.
  • It is compatible with many personalization options.

The SOSH box: an internet subscription without acknowledgment of duration

Search Criteria

  • Mobile package included
  • Without engagement
  • 12 -month commitment
  • 24 -month commitment
  • During 3 months
  • During 6 months
  • For 12 months
  • For 24 months
  • Without duration
  • 4G / 5G
  • Fiber
  • Satellite
  • Calls to fixed
  • Calls to fixed + mobile
  • TV decoder
  • Android TV
  • Multi TV
  • WiFi repeater
  • Wifi 6
  • Amazon Video Prime
  • Channel+
  • Disney+
  • Netflix
  • Ocs
  • RMC Sport

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Sosh offers only one internet box, the Sosh box. However, this is available in two separate versions. The first is The ADSL/VDSL offer, displayed at € 19.99. The second is the very high speed subscription, offering optical fiber and displayed at € 29.99 per month. The only difference between these two versions is size. With the two technologies available, the flows and the quality of internet access that varies.

The Sosh Internet box

SOSH ADSL and Fiber Optical Fiber.

It should also be noted that subscribers cannot choose between ADSL, VDSL and optical fiber: SOSH automatically allocates the most efficient connection available. This enables the fiber optic network to be valued for which Orange has granted very large investments. In addition, the France THD plan obliges Internet access providers to pass their subscribers to very high speed.

The versions of the Sosh box are ::

  • The ADSL/VDSL offer at € 19.99, which offers broadband up to 15 Mb/s and, in rarer cases, very high speed up to 50 Mb/s;
  • The fiber optic offer at € 29.99, with a very high speed internet connection, up to 300 Mb/s.

How to choose the network of your internet box ?

It is not the user who chooses her mode of connection to the Internet, but the FAI himself. To do this, it is necessary to carry out an eligibility test with FAI. This test is done using its fixed line number or postal address.

SOSH ADSL box: the broadband subscription without a duration binding

If its accommodation is not eligible for optical fiber, Sosh automatically directs the user to the ADSL and VDSL version of its internet subscription. This subscription is offered at a price of € 19.99 per month, Without a commitment of duration.

With an ADSL connection, the maximum subscription flow rate is to 15 Mb/s for download, and 1 Mb/s in Téléversation. The luckiest subscribers can take advantage of the VDSL option with a flow rate of up to 50 Mb/s, or more, in the case of the shortest lines. For televersals, the maximum flow rate goes to 8 Mb/s.

All services included in the Sosh ADSL Internet box package:

  • up to 15 Mb/s in download with ADSL2+ and 50 Mb/s with VDSL2;
  • Up to 1 Mb/s in TV and 8 Mb/s with VDSL2;
  • unlimited calls to the fixeds of metropolitan France and overseas;
  • Unlimited calls to fixed to more than 100 destinations;
  • The Orange TV app (on request) with 72 channels accessible on smartphone, computer and tablet.

Sosh box reviews and test

To read also tests and characteristics of the SOSH box

Optical sosh fiber box: very high speed of orange without obligation

The other SOSH Internet box allows you to enjoy very high speed thanks to fiber optics. This subscription is at the price of € 29.99 per month for all subscribers. This time, the maximum rate allowed by the subscription is 300 Mb/s for both downloads and for televersation. In addition to this, the subscription always allows you to take advantage of unlimited calls to the fixed.

Sosh’s fiber optic subscription in short ::

  • up to 300 Mb/s in Download and Upload with optical fiber;
  • Unlimited calls to the fixeds of metropolitan France and overseas;
  • Unlimited calls to fixed to more than 100 destinations;
  • The Orange TV app (on request) with 72 channels accessible on smartphone, computer and tablet.

What options can be taken out with Sosh Internet subscriptions ?

In addition to the services included by default in its subscription, SOSH allowsflesh out your internet box with options. The latter, optional and without acknowledgment of duration, represent a very good solution to personalize its offer. This makes it possible to meet the needs of each, to meet a usual or punctual need.

Livebox Sosh options

All the options available with the Sosh Livebox.

The options to enjoy TV with the Sosh Internet box

If television is not included in the basic services of the Sosh Internet Box subscription, it remains well accessible as an option. It is not necessary to pay to take advantage of it. On request, Each subscriber can take advantage of the Orange TV app. The latter includes 72 channels accessible on PC, tablet and smartphone. In addition to this free option, the subscriber can still access paid and more complete services.

The main TV options of the SOSH Internet offer:

  • The TV decoder with 160 channels for € 5/month;
  • Canal + for € 14.90 per month;
  • Bouquet cinema series at 13 €/month;
  • Family bouquet at € 12.99/month;
  • BeIN Sport at 15 €/month;
  • TV key at € 3.99/month + € 10 activation.

Sosh customer service

To read also how to contact SOSH customer service ?

Other options to expand its Sosh Internet offer

In addition to television, Sosh offers many other options to complete its fixed internet subscription. It is thus possible to take advantage of more elements with regard to fixed telephony, especially with calls to mobiles. SOSH also offers security services and other entertainment services.

Here is a selection of the main telephony options available with Sosh ::

  • Unlimited calls to mobiles at € 5/month;
  • Reference of premium calls for € 2/month;
  • Stop secret for € 2/month;
  • 10h to the Algerian fixes at € 5/month;
  • 10 hours of calls to Southeast Asia for € 5/month.

In addition to these numerous options dedicated to the enrichment of the telephone offer, users can also benefit from other services.

All entertainment available with the SOSH Internet box:

  • Deeezer Premium at € 9.99/month;
  • Epresse at € 9.99/month;
  • Izneo by Fnac at € 9.99/month;
  • Video games pass at € 14.99/month.

With telephony and entertainment options, the SOSH Internet box can be completed with other advantages. This is particularly the case with an option related to security.

Options to protect your equipment and children:

  • Orange safety continuation at € 5/month;
  • Xooloo Digital Coach at € 3.50/month.

How to subscribe and terminate the Sosh Internet box options ?

With Sosh, everything is going online. To subscribe, as well as to terminate an option, you must connect to your customer area on the website or simply go through the Sosh and I mobile application and I.

Breakdowns and error codes of the Sosh Internet box

Sosh takes advantage of the first Fixed Fixed in France with its access to orange infrastructure. However, Even the best network is not immune to a breakdown. It happens that subscribers meet dysfunctions that make access to certain impossible services. This is more common with ADSL connections. Compared to broadband technology, optical fiber stands out for greater reliability.

The assets of the Sosh box

The different advantages of the Sosh Internet box.

What are the most frequent errors with the Sosh Internet box ?

Several types of errors can happen when using an internet box. When there is a problem, it often manifests itself by difficulties or impossibility of connecting to the Internet. It may also be that the problem observed concerns other services, whether it is fixed telephony or television.

The most common errors are in particular:

  • Internet connection impossible;
  • inaccessible TV channels;
  • the unavailable phone;
  • The connection error between two devices (livebox and decoder).

In case of error, The Internet box displays a code or description of the error in question. It is then enough to follow the instructions related to this error code to solve the problem. Depending on the models, it may also be the small diodes that indicate the nature of the problem. In any case, there are some manipulations to do that allow you to get out of many situations.

Basic procedures to overcome any SOSH Internet box problems:

  • Restart the livebox by pressing the ON / OFF button on the box, unplug it for 10 seconds, then turn on;
  • Reset the Internet box from the latter’s menu;
  • Perform a connection or debit test.

If none of these basic solutions works, the best is, as always, to contact Orange Customer Service.

Change wi-fi key sosh

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The procedure to terminate its Sosh Internet box

The termination of a SOSH Internet box subscription has the advantage of being much simpler than the termination of an Orange subscription. It is indeed necessary to concede that, the SOSH Internet box being without commitment to duration, The procedure is less restrictive. The subscriber can therefore end his contract at any time, without ever having to justify himself.

To terminate your Sosh Internet subscription, it is possible to do so on the operator’s website ::

  • by connecting to your account from the site identification page;
  • By applying for termination via online cat.

SOSH, an operator only reachable online

To contact SOSH, you must necessarily go through the Internet. Subscribers can thus refer to the FAQ, to the help forums available, or ask their questions about the cat.

It is also possible to terminate it from the application by ::

  1. Going to the Myosh app on its smartphone;
  2. clicking on “contracts and options”;
  3. Selecting “Manage your offer and options”;
  4. opting to “terminate your offer”.

SOSH being an operator without commitment of low-cost duration, Everything must be done by internet, From subscription to termination. Once the termination is requested, the subscriber receives an email within 48 hours. You must also pay fixed costs of € 50, generally reimbursed by the replacement ISP if there is one.

Advice from mySmallBox

Note that after effective termination, the procedure is not completed. It is indeed necessary to return the equipment within 30 days by following the instructions transmitted by email. This step is essential since any non -returned material is billed by FAI.

Compare the best Sosh adsl boxes

Box offer Sosh Adsl the cheapest of the moment is at the cost of € 20.99/month.

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The SOSH ADSL + TV box

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Which adsl sosh box to choose ?

Choose your Adsl Sosh Box Box

Sosh offers ADSL and with or without TV decoder and calls to unlimited mobiles. Sosh box modems being comparable to those used for fiber, you can migrate without problem to fiber without changing boxes. Choose the best ADSL Sosh Box package that meets your needs (Sosh box with television, telephone calls, etc.) and check the price from the second year to avoid a surprise.

Sosh box with ADSL Internet box

Sosh ADSL boxes available at the moment

The Sosh operator offers two internet box offers: the Sosh Adsl box and the Sosh fiber box. Each of these offers can then be completed by TV options or calls to mobiles. Discover all the offers of Sosh ADSL boxes currently available with Zoneadsl. Today, the cheapest ADSL SOSH offer is the Sosh Adsl box, it is at 20.99 and is without commitment.

The SOSH ADSL + TV box

Are you eligible for ADSL and Sosh optical fiber ?

Make the free zoneads test to determine if you are qualified for an ADSL connection of Sosh. You will be able to determine which internet service is available, as well as the speeds you can expect in your accommodation. If you wish, you can also consult the 5G box offers and 4G box subscriptions to receive higher flows to ADSL.

Fiber -eligible housing rate
Are you eligible for fiber ?

Your livebox meets a dysfunction ? Sosh tutorials give you the tip to test and help your livebox:

The flow of the ADSL Sosh

The maximum download speed of a SOSH ADSL connection is 20 megabits per second. Until March 2022, this Internet access technology was the most popular in France.

Sosh fiber for 10 € more

For around € 10.00 more per month, the Sosh fiber service offers significantly faster speeds than ADSL. This is why the fiber optic subscriptions have argued to reach more than 50 % of households since March 2022. Because SOSH fiber modems offer speeds 6 times higher than those offered by ADSL modems, this is generally the optimal solution.

The cheapest ADSL Internet offers in September 2023

Which Sosh ADSL box to limit costs ?

The SOSH ADSL box with a downward flow of up to 50 Mb/s costs € 20.99/month. This is the cheapest ADSL Internet offer from the Sosh operator.

What price for Sosh’s Adsl boxes ?

Right now, the cheapest Sosh ADSL box is the Sosh ADSL box. It is available from € 20.99/month and without commitment. As a comparison, you can find at the operator Sosh the box the Sosh ADSL + TV box 72 channels, without commitment and only € 25.99/month.

Comparison table of SOSH ADSL offers

The Sosh operator offers two internet offers: the Sosh ADSL box and the Sosh Fiber box. If you are looking for an ADSL box at low prices, ZoneAdsl advises you the box The Sosh ADSL box at a price of € 20.99/month, this is the most affordable ADSL box at Sosh.

Discover all the best Sosh ADSL box offers the cheapest in September 2023

Internet box 1st year price Download speed Upload
The Sosh Adsl box € 20.99/month 50 Mb/s 5 Mb/s
The SOSH ADSL + calls to mobiles € 25.99/month 50 Mb/s 5 Mb/s
The SOSH ADSL + TV box 72 channels € 25.99/month 50 Mb/s 5 Mb/s

SOSH BOX ADSL: Our advice for choosing the right

You can use an ADSL speed test to find out if your current Internet connection works optimally. An ADSL speed test can show you the real speed of your connection. This will allow you to compare SOSH’s ADSL offers to those of other suppliers and see which one is the fastest.

9.32 Mb/s Download
2.45 Mb/s upload
ADSL flow in France in 2022
And you, what is your flow ? Do the ADSL debit test. Debit

Is Sosh Adsl compatible VDSL ?

Yes, SOSH ADSL connections are compatible VDSL. This is why the highest flow available with a Sosh box is 50 megabits per second, greater than 20 megabits per second usually offered by traditional ADSL lines.

VDSL is faster than ADSL

VDSL is a broadband internet connection that works on the same network as ADSL and offers connection speeds up to 50 or 70 Mbps. ADSL transmits data up to 20 megabits per second. ADSL modems that allow VDSL can reach speeds of 50 to 70 megabits per second. This is the case with Sosh Adsl boxes.

Sosh does not offer VDSL2

VDSL2 subscription services offer maximum speed up to 100 Mbps, while VDSL offers a maximum speed of 50 to 70 Mbps. In addition, the distance between your service provider and your home has an impact on the speed of your connection.

Sosh fiber is 6 times faster than the ADSL Sosh

If you can have a fiber optic connection, we recommend that you prefer it to the ADSL/VDSL for its speed of 300 MB/s at Sosh, 6 times faster than the classic ADSL connections for a supplement of 10 €/month from the second year of subscription.

Go from ADSL to fiber optics

What a difference between ADSL and Sosh fiber ?

The difference between ADSL and fiber can be summarized as follows: day and night. You can get 300 MB/s download speeds to 8 GB/s with a fiber internet connection. Fiber allows you to broadcast 4K videos on several screens at the same time with a single fiber connection. Which is absolutely not possible with the ADSL.

Will Sosh ADSL disappear ?

Yes, by 2030, the Adsl network will be obsolete. From 2025, the copper infrastructure of Sosh will gradually be deleted. This requires a cost of 500 million per year. Sosh’s ADSL service is based on Orange infrastructure and will end between 2025 and 2030.

Should we go to Sosh fiber ?

You are not obliged to have an immediate upgrade of your ADSL box. If you still have an ADSL connection, you can use it for a few years. By 2025, 10 million households will no longer be able to access the ADSL from their home due to the closure of the network. Our recommendation remains the same: if you can get the fiber optics in your region, do it. In terms of performance and convenience, ADSL is completely outdated.

Our advice to go to Sosh fiber

If you want to benefit from fiber optic internet offers, you must first check if you are eligible for fiber and your supplier offers this service. If you have discovered the best offer in your region, connect the fiber optic cable to your apartment or connect your home to fiber as soon as possible.