Six new features to see in 2023-2024 on Radio-Canada television |, the best TV news in CES 2023: Wireless and Microled-ZDNT

The best TV news in CES 2023: Wireless and Microled

Each Displacetv will cost $ 2,999 when it was released next December and can be booked now for 299 dollars.

Six new features to see in 2023-2024 on Radio-Canada television

The comedy “Dog Time” arrives on here TV this fall.

Photo: Karine Dufour

Posted on August 28 at 9:36 p.m. UTC

Radio-Canada unveiled its TV program on Monday for the 2023-2024 season during a press conference led by Jean-Sébastien Girard. Here are some intriguing innovations: fictions The candidate And Bad weather, a documentary-shock on firearm violence and EVERAY DAY, A series that wants to prove that large people are not inactive.


For his first foray into fiction, the humorist François Bellefeuille gives his veterinarian Sarrau, a profession he occupied for 12 years. In Bad weather, He plays the role of Antoine Best, an animal doctor who succeeds, until he strikes a dog live on television.

Falted by the public, who accuses him of animal cruelty, the fallen man will take refuge in the islands-of-the-Madeleine, where he will try to put his life back on the rails by working in the veterinary clinic of Dr Armand Lapierre, embodied by Gaston Lepage.

The Comedy of 12 episodes of 30 minutes, written by François Bellefeuille and Olivier Thivierge, will be offered on here.Extra TV from November 16. It will be broadcast on here TV in the winter of 2024 before landing here all.TV.

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François Bellefeuille draws from his experience as a veterinarian for “dog time”.

Photo: Karine Dufour

In The candidate, A series vaguely inspired by the journey of the politician Ruth Ellen Brosseau, Catherine Chabot embodies Alix Mongeau, a technician in nails who agrees to present herself as a postpart for the Progress and Democracy of Quebec Party.

Finally elected, against all expectations, she will be precipitated in an environment she does not know, forced to learn about the job a profession for which she is not qualified. The series signed by Isabelle Langlois (Rumors, Bad karma, Let go) also features Christian Bégin, Éric Bernier, Geneviève Brouillette, Maka Kotto and Ines Talbi.

The series of 10 episodes of 60 minutes will be offered on here.Extra TV from September 21. It will then be broadcast on here TV in the winter of 2024 before landing here all.TV.

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The actress Catherine Chabot embodies the main character of the series “La Candidae”.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Bertrand Calmeau

The comic series Lakay nou, Who means with us or our Creole house follows the adventures of a Quebec family of Haitian origin. This is an original idea of ​​the actor Frédéric Pierre, who interprets the character of Henri.

The latter form with Myrlande (Catherine suffers) a couple stuck between two generations, that of their three children born in Quebec and that of their parents from Haiti. At the dawn of the forties, the couple decides to open a restaurant and tries to bring together the whole family behind the company, despite the shock of the values ​​that this implies.

The series, produced by Ricardo Trogi, has 10 episodes of 30 minutes, which will be offered on here.Extra TV from January 2024.

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“Lakay nou” tells the ups and downs of a Quebec family of Haitian origin.

Photo: Eve Lavoie

The dramatic series It doesn’t take the tchas in Papineau is another production that relies on the cultural diversity of Quebec society. Written by Lex Garcia and produced by Émilie Mannering, she stages Jojo (Alejandro Valencia Lemus), father working in a barber living room who finds himself alone with his children, Randy and Olivier, after the death of their mother.

We follow the reconstruction of the family nucleus after this hard ordeal, between the progressive isolation of the elder, Olivier, and the first signs of delinquency of his little brother, Randy. There tchas of the title of the series is a Creole term which designates a haircut with very defined contours.

The series of 7 10 -minute episodes will be offered on here.Extra TV from November 9.

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“It does not take the tchas in Papineau” takes place in a barbier lounge.


In the documentary series The crime weapon, Journalist Simon Coutu immerses the bowels of firearm violence in Canada, but also in the United States, especially in Chicago, where nearly 700 homicides were committed in 2022, most of them involving firearms.

He collects unpublished testimonies of families, members of the police, criminal people and other specialists in the phenomenon, who explain, among other things, how firearms are in Canada. He also meets the victims and their families, and addresses some of the possible strategies to put a brake on this violence.

The series of four an hour episodes will be offered on here.Extra TV in December, before being broadcast on here TV in winter 2024, after which it will be offered on here.TV.

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Simon Coutu became interested in violence by firearms for his most recent documentary.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Catherine Legault

Variety/reality TV

In the series EVERAY DAY, Mélissa Bédard, Mélanie Couture and Guylaine Guay wish to undo stereotypes on large people by indulging in sports activities that are sometimes associated – wrongly according to them – only for thin people.

Kayak, slap (cheerleading), climbing, water slides … The three animators are having a great time by lending themselves to fun activities, while rejecting the idea that big people are inactive.

The series of 8 episodes of 20 minutes will be offered from March 2024 in the Véro section.TV from here.Extra TV.

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“Toutoune Tourné” features in particular Mélissa Bédard.

Photo: Radio-Canada / screenshot

Several returns expected

Beyond new products, several series that already vibrate the public return this fall, as 5th row, of which the last season will be broadcast on here TV from September 11.

Without an appointment will also be back for a third and final season, while the nurse-sexologist Sarah (Magalie Lépine-Blondeau) will have to deal with a case of ecosexuality, an erotomaniac convinced to be in a relationship with the host Jean-Philippe Wauthier and Two young people who want to live their sexuality freely.

The 10 episodes of 30 minutes will be offered from November 2 on here.Extra TV, before a broadcast on TV here in the winter of 2024.

The horny series This is how I love you will also come back next spring with a third and last season centered on Huguette’s revenge. The Caïds de Sainte-Foy will also settle their account in Montreal. To see from March on here all.Extra TV.

Let us also mention the return of Stat, The daily newspaper by TV, which promises new intrigue.

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The daily “Stat” will be back on September 11 on here TV and here.TV.

Photo: here TV

The little life And A boy a girl, version 2023

The year 2023-2024 will also mark the Renaissance of two Quebec television classics, The little life And A boy a girl.

Claude Meunier’s comic series will be back for 6 30 -minute episodes bringing together the same distribution as 30 years ago, with the exception of Serge Thériault, whose character of Môman left the family home. The episodes will be offered from October 3 on here.Extra TV before being broadcast on here TV in winter 2024.

Guy has. Lepage and Sylvie Léonard will meet in 10 new episodes ofA boy a girl, which will be offered from January 2024 on here.Extra TV.

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The best TV news in CES 2023: Wireless and Microled

Technology: a completely wireless TV, ultra-fast screens, here is, among other things, what manufacturers have announced to these this year. Retail review.

By Maria Diaz | Thursday January 12, 2023

The best TV news in CES 2023: Wireless and Microled

Each year, these impresses technology enthusiasts with flying cars. Although all this is fascinating to see and be the subject of headlines, it is the concrete innovations that we use every day that interest me most. And the most innovative televisions enter this category.

Brands known like LG and Roku made huge announcements during these 2023, but there are also emerging brands that make their way, like Displace with his TV wirelessly.


Image: June WAN/ZDNET.

A 55 -inch 4K resolution TV, truly wireless, which sticks directly to walls and windows, without it being necessary to fix or pierce them ? It’s the Displacetv.

Displace has created a 55 -inch TV powered by battery which weighs less than 10 kg and operates up to a month in a single load. The company claims that it can be easily moved from one room to another, thanks to an exclusive active vacuum technology that makes it adhere to the walls or windows.

The TV has vocal, touching and gestural control, and does not have a physical remote control. The idea is to make the viewing experience more intuitive. According to Displace, up to 16 of these televisions can fit together to create large screens.

Each Displacetv will cost $ 2,999 when it was released next December and can be booked now for 299 dollars.

TV OLED LG 93 inch wireless M3

Wireless technology is found on many new features highlighted in these 2023. And LG also presented an Oled Zero Connect TV, winner of an innovation prize in CES 2023.

Although it cannot stick to the wall like the Displacetv, this 97 -inch colossal television offers a 4K resolution up to 120 Hz. It comes with a separate Zero Connect case which can be placed anywhere near the TV, and LG claims that its owner algorithm will identify the optimal transmission path.

The Zero Connect case indicates to the TV what it must do and read, and to make it a truly wireless TV, all the cables are connected to the case and not to the TV.

The price and the release date have not been announced.

LG has also announced new models of televisions OLED C, G and Z at CES 2023.

Roku TV

Image: Roku.

Roku TV, a very present SVOD service across the Atlantic, is embarking on the manufacture of connected televisions from spring 2023.

The video streaming company previously associated with companies like Hisense and TCL to build smart televisions with the Roku operating system. The new televisions of the company will be divided into two categories, Roku Select and more series, and their size will vary from 24 to 75 inches.

All televisions will include Roku Voice remote controls and more series will develop voice control and other offers.

Samsung Microled 8K in smaller format

Image: Samsung.

Samsung has also made great announcements to CES, revealing new Microled televisions of 50, 63, 76, 89, 101 and 140 inches, although no details on prices are yet available.

The company’s microled televisions are probably the fastest screens available on the market. Samsung prides himself in the response time of 2 nanoseconds, or 2 billionths of a second.

“The microled uses micro-height LEDs to express individual pixels and does not use backlight or colored filter,” said ZDNET CHO MU-HYUN journalist.

What produce better contrast and better colors than traditional market televisions.

Microled screens are sadly famous to be oversized, generally more than 100 inches, it is therefore possible that for the smallest announced prices are reduced.

Uled Hisense TV

Image: Hisense.

Hisense has also announced new technology for its television ranges: mini LEDs are at the center of the company’s new features.

The new technology in the screens is more obvious in the 85 -inch Uled X intelligent television, which will offer a 16 -bit light control for more precise gradation adjustments, as well as a cutting -edge brightness of 2,500 nits through 5,000 local gradation zones.

The other Hisense models equipped with mini LEDs are the U6L, U7K and U8K models, the latter two being equipped with Wi-Fi 6th.

Some other points to remember

A company that has remained very silent on the subject of televisions is Sony. The company surprised many people by not announcing any television during the 2023. Instead, she made a few announcements regarding cameras and games, including the Afeela EV concept.

Although most of the new televisions presented above do not have a release date or information on prices, trends are fairly clear. I think that we can say without risk of being mistaken that large manufacturers will increasingly adopt wireless technology and that, in the near future, the Zero Connect housing from LG and the television will be sold separately, which will allow to upgrade either instead of buying a new television.

And the interchangeable and rechargeable batteries, in particular those which are as easy to change as those of the Displacetv, make the versatility of a “take -out” TV “an interesting concept. Potentially, you could take your trip to travel or even camping.

If the television remains the first equipment of French households, digital has turned upside the way of consuming.

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By Maria Diaz | Thursday January 12, 2023