SFR fiber offers., SFR box offers. Fiber, ADSL and mobile packages: everything on the operator

SFR, fiber box offers and mobile packages

The two networks are intended to last at SFR, and the offers are identical except at the level of television bouquets where differences persist.

SFR fiber offers

SFR is the second Internet access provider in France. It offers three Internet offers: the Starter box, the Power box and the premium box.

The price varies according to the services included and the advantages, with the Box Starter being the entry -level and the premium box the high -end and the most complete offer of the operator.

SFR fiber offers in detail

Offer Promo price
Standard price
TV channels Commitment Costs
Starter box € 20.99
(12 months)
€ 34.99 500 500 160 12 months 49 € 49 €
Power box € 29.99
(12 months)
€ 39.99 2,000 700 200 12 months 49 € 49 €
Premium box € 35.99
(12 months)
€ 46.99 8,000 1,000 200 12 months 49 € 49 €

The services included


Even if a flow of 100 Mbit/s is sufficient for the majority of households, you can reach a maximum flow of 8 GB/s on the offer with the 8x box.

SFR has the distinction of offering its fiber box offers on two different fiber optic networks:

  • Ftth (fiber to housing) from SFR
  • Fttb (fiber to the building) from numbers and using the coaxial cable in the building to connect the subscriber

Consequently, The maximum speed proposed differs according to the network. Here are the maximum flow rates according to the network to which you are eligible:

FTTH network FTTB network
Offer Max
in Mbit/s
in Mbit/s
in Mbit/s
in Mbit/s
Starter box 500 500 200 10
Power box 2000 700 400 20
Premium box 8000 1000 400 20


SFR fiber box offers include unlimited calls Towards fixed to metropolitan France and the French overseas departments, as well as unlimited calls to the fixeds of more than 100 countries in Europe and the rest of the world.

Connect TV decoder on

The Android Connect TV Decoder


The TV bouquets of SFR fiber offers are another differentiating element. Depending on the offer chosen, the Number of channels included varies and the decoder changes:

  • SFR Starter box: 160 channels, SFR Box 7 TV
  • SFR Power box: 200 channels, Connect TV Android
  • Premium SFR box: 200 channels, SFR Box 8 TV

And right now, for any new subscription to the Power box or the premium box, SFR offers 6 and 9 months respectively in Netflix, Disney+ or Video Prime (Amazon Prime) a choice.

Other services included

  • Cloud : you have 10 GB of storage included on the SFR cloud with all internet offers
  • SFR TV : your television offer is available on PC, tablet or mobile
  • SFR Wifi : you have access to millions of WiFi hotspots in France and around the world

SFR fiber offers in short


The promotions of the moment

SFR fiber offers are on promotion with:

  • The SFR Starter box at 20.99 euros per month for 12 months (instead of 34.99 euros)
  • The SFR Power box at 29.99 euros per month for 12 months (instead of 39.99 euros)
  • The Premium SFR box at 35.99 euros per month for 12 months (instead of 46.99 euros)

What fiber cover with SFR ?

More than 22 million dwellings are covered by SFR in very high speed fiber/THD, and 6 million in high speed 4G boxes+.

As a reminder, SFR has two optical fiber networks:

  • Ftth : FTTH Optical Fiber Network of SFR
  • Fttb : network using a coaxial cable to connect residents to very high speed

The two networks are intended to last at SFR, and the offers are identical except at the level of television bouquets where differences persist.

However, the two networks are complementary and not competitive. Most often, you will not choose your fiber network at SFR. To find out what technology you depend on, do an eligibility test On the SFR website.

Commitment and costs

  • Commitment : 12 months
  • Setup fees : 49 €
  • Termination Fee : 49 €
  • Box rental : Include

Fiber connection by SFR

  • In a building of more than 3 dwellings: € 60
  • Individual house / building of less than 4 dwellings:
    • Underground connection: € 149
    • Aerial connection: € 299

    SFR, fiber box offers and mobile packages




    By choosing to get closer to Nine Cegetel, SFR creates the 2nd French telecommunications operator and the 1st European alternative operator. SFR (French Radiotelephone Society) is one of the main French telecommunications operators. Precursor in mobile telephony, he is also a provider of internet access.

    Second operator in France behind Orange in a market share, he is in the shoulder to go with Free, and has long bet on the quality of his mobile network to distinguish himself. Today, its fiber offers are among the most efficient on the market. Discover below the detail and the price of SFR offers concerning mobile plans and internet boxes.

    SFR Internet offers

    SFR offers 6 box offers with internet, television and fixed telephony. Among them, 3 with ADSL and 3 with fiber or THD, to which you can add many options. For mobiles, there are a multitude of packages adapting to all budgets.

    SFR also markets accumulating packs Internet subscription and mobile package that makes you benefit from special prices on your mobile. For your governs, be aware that the prices of the offers described below are valid for a 12-month commitment and often vary in Grè for promotions. Just contact SFR to find out more.

    SFR Box adsl offers

    SFR markets 3 ADSL offers: ADSL Starter at 20.99 €/month for one year then 34.99 €/month, Power ADSL at 29.99 €/month for one year then 39.99 €/month, and premium ADSL at 35.99 €/month for one year then 46.99 €/month.

    The first gives you access to 160 channels, the Internet per ADSL up to 20Mbit/s in descending debit and 1Mbit/s in update, unlimited calls to fixed in France and 10 GB of online storage space.

    The second adds 40 additional channels, unlimited calls to mobiles in France and 90 GB of online storage space. The premium offer is unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles throughout Europe and almost 1000 GB of online storage space.

    SFR Fiber Box offers

    If you are eligible, the operator also offers 3 fiber offers. The first, the starter fiber offer, is marketed at the very attractive price of 20.99 €/month for 12 months, then 34.99 €/month. It gives you more than 160 channels, very high speed with 500Mbit/s in downward flow and 500Mbit/s in update, unlimited calls to fixed in France and storage on the cloud over 10 GB.

    With the Power Fiber offer, at 29.99 €/month the first year then 39.99 €/month, you have a 4K box and 40 additional channels. Your internet debit is doubled and calls are also unlimited to mobiles in France.

    With the Premium Fiber offer, at 35.99 €/month for 12 months, then 46.99 €/month, very high speed goes to 1gbit/dry in down debit, the multi TV option is offered, calls are unlimited to fixed and mobiles throughout Europe and you benefit from a storage space Online of 1000 GB, enough to store photos of a whole life !

    SFR’s mobile packages

    On the side of mobile packages, SFR’s offer begins with a € 4/month package the first year then 7.99 €/month for 2 hours of calls, unlimited SMS and 40 MB of mobile internet. The prices of the various packages then range from 13.99 €/month up to 64.99 €/month, with each time a little more mobile internet and new unlimited destinations.

    The SFR 240GO 5G package package with mobile notably offers unlimited mobile internet, calls and SMS unlimited from France abroad or vice versa and more than 100 GB of mobile internet usable in Europe and in the rest of the world.

    Eligibility with SFR

    Before taking out an SFR offer, make sure the eligibility of your home. To test your SFR eligibility, you can use a dedicated tool on the SFR website. Just go to the “Box offers” section and click on the “Test your eligibility” button. You can then enter your phone number or postal address to check with which technology, ADSL, VDSL2 or optical fiber, is compatible with your accommodation. You have chosen an offer for your new address ? Discover the details of all the SFR procedures in the event of a moving.

    ADSL or fiber ? Test your eligibility for SFR boxes Simple, fast and free.

    SFR for pros

    To read SFR’s internet and mobile telephony offers, you must go to the SFR site dedicated to professionals, SFR Business. SFR offers many solutions for business leaders, craftsmen or self -employed workers at very advantageous prices. They concern mobile, Internet but also corporate telephony, telephone standards and a set of expert solutions and services ranging from integration into operation.

    Opinions on SFR

    Since the acquisition of SFR by the Altice group, many customers have pointed out a deterioration in the quality of customer service and assistance. They also deplore recurring billing errors. Nevertheless, for a few months these problems seem to have been solved and few consumers still complain. On the side of positive opinions, SFR customers often praise the quality of the cellular network of their operator and the modularity of the various subscriptions offered. We tell you more about SFR reviews here.

    The story of SFR

    SFR, Historically the French Radio Society for Radio, was created in 1987 by the Compagnie Générale des Eaux. He supported the development of new information and communication technologies by trying to make them accessible to the greatest number. Bought successively by Vivendi in 2011 then by Altice in 2014, SFR is today the second French operator.

    SFR managers

    SFR has experienced successive redemptions accompanied each time by change in its organization and in its governance. During the acquisition of SFR by Altice, Patrick Drahi takes the reins of the new group. He keeps them a few months before giving way to Michel Combes. Since November 2017, Alain Weill has occupied the presidency of SFR Group.

    The key numbers

    SFR is the second French operator behind Orange. It has nearly 15 million mobile subscribers. Likewise, it brings very high speed in more than 2.3 million French households. Very well positioned on the professional market, it thus has more than 150,000 companies and administrations among its customers. Since 2011, she has been marketing at low cost offers via her Red subsidiary.

    SFR positioning

    It markets Internet subscriptions and mobile packages for all prices and all needs. For a long time, he positioned himself as a reference player for professionals, even if it is less the case today. The current SFR group strategy to differentiate itself from its competitors is to bet on convergence. Thus, SFR no longer wants to be content to offer internet access. He also wants to provide you with the content that goes with it, notably by offering many television programs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to terminate my SFR mobile package ?

    To terminate your mobile plan, you must contact 1023. We will provide you with the postal address to which you must send your termination letter. If you are incurred, an amount of termination fees will be billed to you in proportion to the rest due.

    Orange installed the fiber in my building, is it still possible to take out a fiber offer with SFR ?

    A priori yes. It is not because Orange deployed the fiber in your building that you must go through this operator to subscribe a fiber offer. It is still necessary that SFR has correctly connected its network to your building. To be sure, test the eligibility of your address to SFR offers using our dedicated online tool.

    Can I call since and to the whole of Europe with my SFR mobile package at no additional cost ?

    It all depends on the mobile package you have subscribed. For example, the entry -level SFR mobile package offers you 2 hours of communication from Europe to France. On the other hand, it does not allow you to call from France to Europe at no additional cost. The high -end SFR mobile package allows you to call from EU countries to and to the countries of the EU.