Ring4: Mobile, without SIM card, available in France, telephone without SIM card: 6 useful applications

6 applications to call without SIM card

And many other features ..

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Ring4: Mobile, without SIM card, available in France

Publication: July 2019

A second professional mobile line without phone or SIM card.

Ring4, the telephone application to create a second digital mobile line without SIM card arrives in France. Founded by a Frenchman based in San Francisco and already a hit on the Apple Store, Ring4 allows in 10 seconds to create a mobile line without SIM card with all the necessary features, freedom and the price in addition ! Ring4 meets the needs of users who use pro and personal mail and wish to benefit from the same flexibility with their mobile lines without the burden of having an additional phone or card. Already launched in the US, Canada, UK in Australia, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands, Ring4 allows you to benefit from a local number to choose from in one of these countries, for a limited or continuous period.

While Apple offers a new quality standard for voice communications, from which telephony without SIM card benefits, with Apple Callkit launched in September 2016. In addition, Apple launched ESIM this year, standard to provision a SIM card in a dematerialized manner. Mobile telephony is experiencing its revolution.

Ring4 founded by Alex Botteri In March 2017 is already present in 7 countries including US, Canada, UK, Australia, Belgium, Austria and Pays Bas. The application already with already 400,000 new numbers created announces its arrival in France.

The dematerialized telephony offered by Ring4 allows you to create a real new mobile line from your smartphone or tablet in less than 10 seconds. The user then benefits from a real additional phone number with the advantages of dematerialized. In the same way that he can benefit from a professional and personal email, he benefit from a professional and personal number without having to equip himself with a 2nd smartphone or additional SIM card. Better still you can access its mobile line from any connected device.

A new temporary or permanent number of mobile,

A real standard mobile number to make and receive calls with the whole world,

A local number in all the countries where Ring4 is present,

Unlimited text calls and messages,

Unlimited messaging,

The possibility of managing several telephone lines according to the use,

The possibility of blocking robotcalls,

The possibility of recording conversations,

The quality of VoIP, just have access to a wireless connection,

And many other features ..

For Alexandre Botteri, Founder of Ring4 “Telephony is experiencing its true revolution. Even yesterday to create a line you had to go to a shop, fill in multiple documents and wait to receive your SIM card …, today with Ring4, managing its mobile lines is as instant and easy as managing your emails with freedom to change it when you wish ”.

Ring4 is the essential telephony service for those who create their business or manages it. This is the flexible number you need to manage pro and personal communication on a single phone. It is also according to uses the best tool to guarantee your privacy with the possibility of creating a number for personal and punctual uses and changing it with a single click.

Ring4 is available on Apple Store and Google Play for € 9.99 per month without commitment.

Elected Best Product on Producthunt and noted 4.3 on the Apple Store with more than 2,000 reviews.

6 applications to call without SIM card

call without sim card

Nowadays, it is easier and easier to call without SIM card, thanks to the many applications available on the market. Whether you want to stay connected with your loved ones or make professional calls, these applications are a practical and economical solution to make calls without using your mobile package. Discover our selection of applications to call without SIM card.


One of the most popular applications to communicate without SIM card is WhatsApp. Available on Android and iOS, this application allows you to exchange text messages, images, documents and also to make audio and video calls thanks to a Wi-Fi connection. Just add the contacts using their phone number.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is also a popular choice for those who wish to make calls without SIM card. In addition to offering the possibility of sending text messages, photos and videos, Facebook Messenger has an audio and video call function in Wi-Fi. The advantage is that your Facebook contacts are automatically added to the application.


Viber is another interesting option to call without SIM card. Like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Viber allows you to exchange messages, photos and videos, as well as make audio and video calls using Wi-Fi connection. To use Viber, it is necessary to create an account with your mobile phone number.


Skype is a well -known application for making audio and video calls, as well as sending instant messages. Skype works on smartphones, tablets and computers, which allows you to stay connected with your loved ones or make professional calls without using a SIM card, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.


Often used for professional purposes, Zoom is also a practical application to call without SIM card. Zoom allows you to organize virtual meetings with several participants, share the screen and use collaboration tools such as the interactive whiteboard. The application is available on Android, iOS and Windows, and simply requires an email address to create an account.

Google Duo

Finally, Google Duo is an application developed by Google which allows you to make audio and video calls without SIM card. Compatible with Android and iOS, Google Duo offers a simple and refined interface to communicate easily with your contacts. Just have a Google account to use this application.

The advantages of applications to call without SIM card

Savings on the cost of calls

One of the main advantages of using these applications to call without SIM card is the possibility of saving money. Indeed, these applications work thanks to a Wi-Fi connection, which means that you can make calls for free or at a reduced cost compared to the prices of your mobile operator.

High quality audio and video calls

Most of these applications offer exceptional audio and video call, much superior to traditional calls made via mobile networks. In addition, they generally offer advanced features such as screen sharing, the possibility of organizing conferences with several participants or the use of real -time collaborative tools.

Ease of use and portability

Finally, these applications are very easy to use and can be installed on different types of devices (smartphones, tablets, computers). So you can stay connected and make calls wherever you are, as long as you have Wi-Fi connection.