Revolut: offers, account opening, contact, review, Revolut contact: telephone, address, customer service email

Revolut contact: telephone, address, customer service email


As a mobile bank, Revolut does not have banking agencies where it is possible to meet advisers or carry out current account management operations. Nevertheless, there are many Revolut physical offices.

Revolut: offers, account opening, contact and opinions

With 15 million customers in Europe and now worldwide, Revolut is an essential fintech. Revolut’s main asset: its multi-end bank cards and its simplification of exchange operations, all without hidden costs. Revolut is one of the most innovative Fintechs. What is the revolut offer and what are the prices ? How to open a revolut account ? Selectra dissects his offers.

✔️ Current account
✔️ Junior account
❌ Joint account
✔️ Pro account
✔️ Savings
✔️ Crypto-monnaies
❌ Immal credit and personal loan
❌ Stock market

✔️ Standard revolut card: 0 €/month
✔️ Revolut card Plus: € 2.99/month
✔️ Revolut Premium card: € 7.99/month
✔️ Revolut Metal card: € 13.99/month

✔️ Welcome offer: 3 months offered on Revolut Premium
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Google Play: ⭐ 4.5/5
Apple Store: ⭐ 4.8/5

✔️ Unlimited ephemeral virtual cards
✔️ Bonus: Pockets + Cashback
✔️ Free account with French RIB open in a few minutes
✔️ Efficient tools for budgeting and expenditure analysis
✔️ Discounts and cashback on major brands (Nike, Amazon, Adidas, etc.)).
✔️ withdrawals and payments abroad free of charge and at the real exchange rate, within the limits of your subscription

❌ No digital safe
❌ No Face ID
❌ No telephone line

Updated data September 2023

Revolut bank cards: What offer to choose ?

The Neobanque Revolut has 4 bank card offers, ranging from the basic offer giving access to a free card to the Prestige card.

There free card is ideal for extra or leisure use as if to travel by enjoying free payments all currencies combined.

For more demanding customers, Revolut invites you to go up gradually with 3 paid cards, including a insurance cover, A larger number of free withdrawals but also high -end services for premium and metal cards.

✨ The little extra of the revolut cards: We like it Bank cards design, a fortiori for Metal card formulas. I promise: you will not go unnoticed when paying with your revolut card.

Revolut Standard
0 €/month

Revolut Plus
€ 2.99/month

Premium revolut card

Revolut Premium
€ 7.99/month

Revolut Metal
€ 13.99/month

International MasterCard card with systematic authorization

International MasterCard card with systematic authorization

International MasterCard card with systematic authorization

International MasterCard card with systematic authorization

✔️ Immediate debit | ❌ Delayed

✔️ Immediate debit | ❌ Delayed

✔️ Immediate debit | ❌ Delayed

✔️ Immediate debit | ❌ Delayed

✔️ Free and unlimited

✔️ Free and unlimited

✔️ Free and unlimited

✔️ Free and unlimited

Until 200 €/month and 5 withdrawals/month at no cost

Until 200 €/month at no cost

Up to 400 €/month at no cost

Until 800 €/month at no cost

Until 200 €/month and 5 withdrawals/month at no cost

Until 200 €/month at no cost

Up to 400 €/month at no cost

Until 800 €/month at no cost

❌ No insurance coverage

❌ No insurance coverage

✔️ Premium insurance cover

✔️ Premium insurance cover

  • Free account with French RIB open in a few minutes
  • Free account with French RIB open in a few minutes
  • Free account with French RIB open in a few minutes
  • Free account with French RIB open in a few minutes

Updated data September 2023

How much costs The currency change with Revolut ?

  • For the standard customers and more : change of currencies in more than 30 currencies at no cost from Monday to Friday up to 1000 euros per month;
  • For the Premium customers : unlimited currency change in more than 30 currencies at no cost from Monday to Friday;
  • For the Metal customers : unlimited currency change in more than 30 currencies at no cost from Monday to Friday.

Revolut cards in detail

�� The standard revolut card

There Standard revolut card is free: ideal for discovering the mobile bank experience at a low price. With the standard card access a systematic authorization card, a current account and an application Among the most efficient on the market. On the other hand, you do not benefit fromNo insurance coverage or Web customer service, Reserved for paid revolut customers.

�� The Revolut Plus card

For € 2.99/month, Revolut Plus customers can benefit from a Design bank card with basic insurance coverage : protection of your purchases against theft or breakage, E-commerce return insurance, etc. Other advantage of Revolut Plus : all your payments abroad are free and you benefit from free withdrawals everywhere up to € 400 per month.

�� The Premium revolut card

The account Revolut Premium has several advantages:

  • Obtaining and shipping of the free bank card
  • Obtaining a virtual bank card when opening the account
  • Cash for cash withdrawal of cash (€ 400/month)
  • Unlimited exchange operations in 24 currencies
  • Health insurance abroad and travel luggage insurance
  • Possibility of carrying out exchange operations in cryptocurrencies (bitcoins, etc.))

The offer Revolut Premium Allows you to enjoy more extensive services whether standard or more offer: dedicated customer service, personalized card or even insurance abroad. In addition, the free retirement ceiling in foreign currency is higher.

�� The Revolut Metal card

For their most demanding customers, Revolut offers a black card, the metal card. On the program: a Complete insurance cover, High -end services and up to € 800 per month of free withdrawals all over the world in addition to all free payments. We like it cashback service very interesting outside the euro zone as well as the attention paid to the Metal card design.

However, the Metal high -end card residence one Systematic authorization card without overdraft. We also deplore a relatively fragmented insurance pack For an offer that wants to be very high -end.

The Revolut Business offer also has an offer for businesses and independents. The principle is the same: a current account with pre-paied banking card (s), with the possibility of making payments in foreign foreign currency and exchange operations without fees. With some differences: this offer is not 100% mobile, the monitoring of the accounts can be carried out online in a dedicated space; In addition, all solutions are chargeable, whatever the range chosen.

Our opinion on Revolut

✔️ Unlimited ephemeral virtual cards
✔️ Pockets
✔️ Cashback
✔️ Protection of tickets
✔️ Revolut junior accounts
✔️ Customer service reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
✔️ Interbank exchange rate
✔️ Cashback on major brands
✔️ Budgeting tools and expenditure analysis ✔️ Currency change up to € 1000/month with the free offer ✔️ RIB French

❌ Systematic authorization cards
❌ Offer of restricted additional products
❌ Premium incomplete insurance pack
❌ No telephone service

Updated data September 2023

The benefits of revolut

With its standard offer at no cost and free bank card (apart from delivery) is extremely competitive in terms of price.

In addition, Revolut is accessible to everyone: the bank account is without income conditions and minimum deposit. This is an unauthorized discovery account, which can make it a practical solution for a banking person prohibited.

The main advantage of Revolut remains its solution to Multi-DEVISIVAL PAYINGS AND CHANGE OPERATIONS at nochy. REVOLUT offers the most competitive multi-disage and exchange payment offer on the market, by the number of currencies that can be used free of charge with the card and by the price of exchange operations, free in 24 currencies.

Finally, the Many features of the Revolut application are a real advantage. The immediate transfer system to another revolut account to easily reimburse relatives is a plus, even if it is competed by other applications (Lydia, Pumpkin, etc.)

Revolut disadvantages

The Revolut account has Not yet all the features of a current account . This is an account without discovery: to be used, it must therefore be credited by transfer of another account, by withdrawing a bank card, an Apple Pay or Android Pay account, or even by receiving money from another revolut account. You can also

In addition, Revolut does not yet offer all the services of a bank: Revolut does not offer not yet a savings solution or credit .

  • Trading : Revolut offers its customers to invest from $ 1. More than 850 shares are available to invest in companies such as Apple and Tesla. The operations are without commissions on 1, 3, 5 or an unlimited number of operations depending on the type of subscription (standard, plus, premium, metal). Something to know: Revolut does not provide investment advice, each customer is the sole decision -maker of their placement and must take into account the potential loss of capital that it implies
  • Donations : With this option, Revolut allows you to give associations easily without limit and without obligation. The customer can plan their donations every week or every month or decide to make punctual donations. It is also possible to make a “rounded” donation, that is to say with the currency of payments.
  • Coffers : This feature allows customers to put money in different ways: with the rounding, that is to say that each payment is rounded to the higher figure where this small currency is invested in cryptocurrency. Or with the establishment of an automatic transfer.

Revolut current account

Revolut is a 100% mobile fintech: its customers manage their accounts and their banking operations entirely since the Revolut application. The company offers 4 offers: standard, which is completely free, plus € 2.99 per month, premium at € 7.99 and metal at € 13.99.

The Revolut account is fully mobile: the holder credits his account via the mobile application and performs all of his banking operations from them. It can in particular carry out exchange operations, transfers or set up a permanent transfer or a direct debit.

The Revolut account is an without discovery account: the holder cannot make payments beyond the total sum available on his account. If the holder does not receive his salary on Revolut, he must first credit his account to make payments by transfer or by bank card.

Type of card and ceilings Revolut bank cards are immediate debit and systematic authorization cards. Revolut grants visa and mastercard cards, but the account holder cannot choose between one and the other: the brand is automatically attributed by Revolut. As for the ceilings, they are very high: € 5,000 per day for withdrawals, € 7,000 over 4 days for payments and € 40,000 per year. On the other hand, there are account charging limits: between € 500 and € 3000 per day.

�� IBAN REVOLUT: French IBAN has arrived

Your IBAN REVOLUT is now a French IBAN, accepted by all French Revolut French merchants to you will be notably requested for the implementation of samples or to collect money.

For Find your French Iban Revolut, Just access the Revolut app, then:

  • Go to the main entrance “Account” ;
  • If you have several revolut accounts, choose your European account and the local currency;
  • Click on the three -point icon located to the left of the commands “Add money” and “send money” then Select “Banking contact details” ;
  • Find the details of your Iban and Bic Revolut to copy/paste or share from the application.

Payments and withdrawals in foreign currency

The main revolut force is its exchange service and payments in foreign currencies. These operations are free of charge. In this sense, Revolut is one of the best cards to travel.

Exchange operations are simple and at no cost. Once the account has been credited, it is possible to carry out a exchange operation from the application: just select the desired currency and then the amount to exchange. The exchange operation is done immediately and free of charge (within the limit of € 1,000/month for the standard offer; beyond, revolut invoices 0.5% of the amount exchanged).

Payments abroad are free of charge in 150 currencies. It is also possible to make cash withdrawals in these currencies, without cost, within the limits of the free withdrawal ceiling determined by the offer.

What is the exchange rate used ? The exchange rate applied for foreign currency exchange or payment operations is the interbank exchange rate. This is the exchange rate to which banks are exchanged from currencies, updated continuously from Monday to Friday. On weekends, Revolut sets a exchange rate.

Revolut application services and functionalities

Google Play: ⭐ 4.5/5
Apple Store: ⭐ 4.8/5

❌ Google Pay
✔️ Apple Pay

�� Budget management

✔️ Real -time balance
✔️ Download the RIB FR
✔️ Consultation of the card code
✔️ Personalization of the card code
✔️ Categorization of expenses
✔️ Sub-accounts
✔️ Expenses statistics
✔️ Pockets
❌ Digital safe
✔️ Virtual card
✔️ Modification of ceilings

�� Design and ergonomics

✔️ Elegant design
✔️ Loading speed
✔️ Accessibility of main functionalities
✔️ Easy to hand

✔️ Identification by fingerprint
❌ Facial recognition identification
✔️ 3D Secure
✔️ Opposition Bank Card
✔️ Blocking/Unlocking of the card

❌ Secure messaging
✔️ Telephone line
❌ Chatbot (virtual assistant)
❌ Online cat

The Revolut application, acclaimed on revolut review platforms, has many practical features, thoughts to allow its users to easily manage their finances.

TruffleInnovative tools And displaying a licked design, the revolut banking application rose among the best applications on the market.

Exchange operation

✔️ Design and efficient application
✔️ Personalization of the PIN code of the card
✔️ Individual and shared sub-accounts + Pockets + rounded Euros
✔️ Ephemeral virtual card

❌ No digital safe
❌ No Face ID
❌ No telephone line

Updated data September 2023

Revolut account security

Guarantee of funds deposited on the Revolut account:

The funds filed on revolut accounts are stored on a cantonment account with the Lloyd’s or Barclays bank, two worldwide banks. The placement of funds in a cantonment account constitutes a security guarantee, since these are not used to finance other financial operations. Revolut will be able to store the funds of its users without the support of a bank once its banking license has been deployed.

Securing application and payments:

The Revolut application has many safety barriers that the user can configure at his convenience. The opening of the application is subject to authentication. It is possible to block a card from the app or to deactivate certain features (contactless payment, online payment, etc.) Revolut offers an interesting innovation to secure the payment card: the user can choose to be geolocated via his smartphone and when the card is used in another rental, payment is blocked.

How to open a revolut account ?

Register in the application

To open a revolut account, you can benefit from the sponsorship one of your knowledge. Registration in the application and opening of the Revolut account are in two steps:

  • Download the Revolut application: you will be asked for your phone number. An identity verification is also requested, but can be done later.
  • Credit the Revolut account: Once credited, the account can be used to make payments or exchange operations.

Order your revolut bank card

Appearance of the

To order the Visa or Mastercard card, simply go to the application, “Cards” tab then select “Physics” and follow the steps for the creation of the card. This will then be delivered to him to€ 5.99 + delivery costs (Free for premium and metal offers)). Once the card has been received, the card PIN code is available in the application: Select “Display my PIN code” in the “Cards” tab.

Offer holders Premium Or Metal can obtain a virtual bank card from the first opening of the application : this card includes a card number, expiration date, cryptogram and can be activated immediately. Thus, the user can make payments online with his card before receiving his real visa or mastercard card.

  • make a transfer from another account to your Revolut account;
  • Carry out a direct debit on a bank card via the Revolut application;
  • take a direct debit on Apple Pay or Android Pay via the Revolut application;
  • receive money from another revolut account thanks to the application.

The advantage of the Revolut Business account more expensive than the solutions offered by other neobancs, the main advantage of the Revolut Business account of allowing the company to reduce the costs of the movements of its employees abroad. Those can indeed make their payments at no cost with their revolut card. The number of unlimited cards and the innovative features of the platform are also a plus. To find out more, consult our comparison of online banks for professionals and businesses and that of banks for auto-entrepreneurs.

Contact Revolut: How to contact Revolut Customer Service

As a 100% mobile fintech, Revolut favors digital communication. However, a telephone automated service is available in the event of loss of your card.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Dribble

Updated data September 2023

Revolut phone

THE Revolut customer service can be contacted by phone at +33 6 44 60 40 08 , especially to block your card in the event of loss.

However, this is an automated telephone line.

By cat in the application

A cat is available in the 24 -hour application. Requests of premium and metal are processed as a priority, as well as those of Business accounts from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.


Who is behind Revolut ?

Revolut was created in 2015 by two former financial engineers, Vlad Yatsenko And Nicolay Storonsky. Both have evolved for several years in market finance, where they got to know the exchange operations system well. Wishing to set up a system to allow individuals to make payments in foreign currencies and exchange operations at a lower cost, they then create Revolut. Their objective: to develop the first Multi-DEVIDE bank card.

The purpose of the founders: “Create a simple and intuitive platform to manage all your financial life around the world.””

Revolut in key dates

  • 2017 : The founders of Revolut carry out a first fundraising of 3.5 million dollars, before raising $ 66 million to develop their activity in North America and in the field of crypto currencies
  • 2018 : a new fundraising allows Revolut to raise $ 250 million. Revolut is then valued at $ 1.7 billion
  • 2020 : lifting of $ 580 million on a valuation of $ 5.5 billion
  • 2021 : lifting of $ 800 million on a valuation of $ 33 billion

Initially designed as a simple multi-downside payment system, Revolut has extended its services since its creation. Since 2017, Revolut thus allows its members to have an IBAN. Revolut has also opened up to crypotomonia and offers insurance solutions.

Why the Revolut name ? For his consonance with Revolution ! Revolut’s objective: revolutionizing banking services, starting with exchange services.

Revolut in figures

Sometimes described as “gifted of neobancs”, Revolut is a success confirmed by the figures.

  • 16 million customers around the world
  • 1.5 million customers in France, making it the third largest market just after the United Kingdom
  • A service offered in 31 European countries
  • A payment solution without exchange costs in 150 currencies
  • A exchange solution in 31 currencies

Interested in revolut offers ?

Revolut or N26 ? Between Revolut and N26, which mobile bank offers the best offer ? Discover our comparison of Revolut and N26 offers for more information.

Revolut contact: telephone, address, customer service email

Lost revolut card ? Need to contact a revolut advisor ? A banking emergency ? To contact Revolut Customer Service, you have many contact means. Find in this guide all the contact details to chat with a revolut customer service advisor by phone, cat, e-mail, postal address.

�� How to contact Revolut Customer Service ?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Dribble

Updated data August 2023

Revolut is a neobank whose services are entirely dematerialized. The customer has a set of means of Contact Revolut Customer Service any place where it is: Revolut app, phone, email and revolut address.

The choice is very complete to adjust a bank concern (Revolut card loss) or a information request.

�� Contact customer service revolut by chat

Need to contact a revolut advisor ? It is recommended Favor the Revolut cat : accessible from mobile, Revolut instant messaging allows you tobe put in contact quickly with an advisor.

Available 24 hours a day And 7J/7, THE Revolut customer service by chat is ultra practical: a blue card problem on Sunday ? An emergency in the evening ? A problem at the other end of the world ? Wherever it is, the revolut customer can get a quick answer to his question from his mobile.

�� I open my revolut account

☎️ Contact Revolut by phone

For some questions, we will prefer call. THE Revolut customer service by phone is unfortunately a simple automatic standard: ☎️ +44 20 33 22 83 52 ” .

Also, rather than using the Revolut phone, It is advisable to go to the cat from the Revolut app to get a quick answer to your questions.

�� Discover Revolut

Not satisfied with revolut ? You are not satisfied with the customer service offered by Revolut ? You rather want a bank with a help in French, opt for a change of bank. Comparabian experts have made a French bank comparison to guide you. �� Compare offers for the best French banks.

�� Revolut emergency numbers

�� Flight or loss of the revolut bank card

In the event of loss or theft of its revolut bank card, customer service can be reached on the following revolut number: ☎️ +37 05 214 36 08 ” .

THE Revolut bank card blocking is also possible on the app. Just open your Revolut application and go to the “Cards” tab> “Block my card”. You can temporarily, If you think you are able to find it, or definitely, especially as part of a flight. Directly from the app, you can, in a few clicks, Recommend a revolut card.

In the case of a fraudulent use of the revolut bank card, It is possible to apply for retrofing from Visa or Mastercard. This approach allows you to obtain a refund on your bank account.

✈️ declare a disaster on Revolut travel insurance

In case of’accident or disease abroad, THE Emergency number attached to the Revolut card Allows you to obtain quick medical assistance. Just compose:

  • For Revolut Premium and Revolut Metal accounts: ☎️ +34 913 874 640 “
  • For other day or year travel and year travel assistance services ☎️ +44 1733 224 956 “

Reverse address: Contact customer service by mail

As a mobile bank, Revolut does not have banking agencies where it is possible to meet advisers or carry out current account management operations. Nevertheless, there are many Revolut physical offices.

The existence of a Revolut address to whom to address their correspondence is practical, especially in the event of disputes with the neobank.

For Contact Revolut by post, It is possible to send your correspondence to theREVOLUT Headquarters address ::

7 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf
E14 4HD.
London, England,

French IBAN with Revolut since May 18, 2022, it is now possible to have a French IBAN with Revolut ! A major advance for the British startup. If you live in France, you can change Iban for a French Iban at any time. Contact revolut services to support you on the steps to follow.

�� Contact Revolut via the mobile application

L’mobile application of a neobank is the essential tool to manage its current account and its bank card in complete autonomy.

Nevertheless in certain situations, it may be necessary to discuss with an advisor in order to solve a particular problem. In this case, the Revolut customer service is available on the app via cat. To exchange with an advisor, simply open your revolut app and launch the instant messaging.

Via the Revolut mobile application, the Customer has all the features to carry out current banking operations: transfers, virtual card, edition of an IBAN, opposition to the bank card, implementation of a direct debit, renewal of A bank card, etc.

Premium and metal subscribers are priority over the Revolut customer service by chat. Subscribers to other revolut account formulas (standard formula and more) must wait in the virtual queue of the cat.

In the event of too long waiting, it is possible to send an email to [Email Protected] for everything Contact with Revolut and its customer service.

�� Contact Revolut by e-mail

A question, a request for information, or a complaint on the revolut banking services ? The user can Use email to contact Revolut customer service ::

  • Write an email to Revolut:
  • For Contact a revolut advisor For a general question or account problem: [Email Protected] – be careful to use only if the queue of the Revolut cat is too long;
  • For a complaint following a litigation (invoicing of bank costs, unusable card, etc.): the online complaint form or theRevolut e-mail[Email Protected] .

�� FAQ: Revolut Contact

�� How to get help on Revolut ?

The best way to get theRevolut customer service assistance is to use the cat present the mobile application. As a mobile bank, most of the interactions with its customers are treated by Revolut via the dematerialized track: Instant messaging (cat) preferably, e-mail or online form.
Note that customers can also use the Revolut or FAQ customer support, particularly complete on the issues encountered in the management of its bank account.

⚙️ How to use the Revolut cat ?

To exchange with an online advisor, it is enough beforehand byInstall and activate your revolut account via the mobile application. The Revolut app makes it possible to manage most of your bank account and your revolut card: transfers, samples, ceilings of your credit card, unlocking revolut card, shared budget, virtual card, etc.

�� How to change your phone number on Revolut ?

Just open your Revolut app and go to the “profile” tab to change the phone number attached to your revolut account.
Note that the change of your phone in the Revolut app is only possible after validating your account and checking your identity. After sending supporting documents (identity and photo parts), Revolut confirms the opening of the account. The holder can then change the personal information he wishes: address, telephone, username.

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