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We compared the neobank with the famous French online bank in a duel at the top: Boursorama or Revolut ?

Revolut in 2023: Test & customer reviews !

The Revolut neobank intrigues you with its atypical and innovative offer ? Would it be able to become your new main bank in 2023 ?

➡️ Our team has tested and analyzed for you the Rolls of the Nebanques and here is our opinion !

Our opinion in short on Revolut in 2023

  • An account opened in a few minutes and accessible without income conditions
  • International transfers and currency exchange at no cost
  • Innovative investment solutions on cryptocurrencies and raw materials
  • Cashback and Metal and Ultra Rewards program
  • Revolut
  • A French RIB since May 2022 !
  • No risk-free investments, PEA or life insurance (for the moment)
  • No delayed debit card or authorized overdraft
  • Premium and metal offers engage in 12 months

In summary, our opinion on Revolut is excellent : the British mobile bank is a very good extension of your main account thanks to its ultra-ergonomic application offering many practical and innovative features, as well as bank cards at no cost abroad.

Get more of your money

The promise of revolut

Indeed, the neobank is ideal for travelers, with its sub-accounts and virtual cards in free currencies, even in cryptocurrency. Finally, Revolut continues to improve, for example with the French RIB or its alternatives to the best booklets. To the point that it becomes difficult to find him really annoying faults. ��

➡️ is Revolut the best of neobancs ? Can it suit your needs ? Answer in our opinion and full test ! ��

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10 € offered by Revolut

Revolut presentation: the queen of neobancs ?

Revolut Opinion Page D

Revolut is a British neobank founded in 2014 by Nikolay Storonsky (CEO) and Vlad Yatsenko (CTO). The two English friends of Russian origin often traveling, they found that the exchange costs of traditional banks were unjustified. Finding no multi-duty card on the market, they decided to create one, without commissions. The success was immediate and Revolut today claims more than 20 million customers worldwide, including 1.5 million in France.

✅ From Brexit, Revolut settled in Lithuania to continue serving its European Union customers and take advantage of The deposit guarantee of the Lithuania bank to the tune of € 100,000. In 2022, Revolut became an approved credit institution in Europe, Revolut Bank UAB, allowing him to offer ever more services: loans, authorized discovered, credit card, savings booklets, etc … and even a French IBAN ! ��

Revolut Review Reviews RIB FRANCAIS 2022

Our opinion on revolut bank accounts

✅ The Revolut Mobile Bank allows anyone to open an account for free, without income conditions and without commitment. On the other hand, the premium and metal offers engage you over 12 months by tacit renewal.

➡️ Let’s see together the four types of accounts offered by Revolut:

Free standard offer

For the modest sum of 0 € per month, you are entitled to:

  • A Visa or MasterCard payment cardcustomizable, real and/or virtual.
  • Exchange operations in more than 30 commission currencies.
  • Free withdrawals worldwide, up to € 200/month.
  • An accountRevolut designed for your teenager, with a dedicated card and application.

❎ Attention : the card is free but it will be necessary to pay the shipping costs, between 6 € and 10 €. These costs are offered on paid offers. Likewise, you cannot choose between a visa or mastercard card, it is Revolut who decides according to your country of residence. In France, the bank card is a mastercard and the virtual card a visa.

Revolut more at € 2.99/month

The offer more contains the advantages of the standard account and adds:

  • Access to priority customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • 2 Revolut accounts and access to exclusive features (see. Our comparison of cards for teens).
  • Flight and accident purchasing insurance for 1 year after purchase, up to a limit of £ 1000/year.
  • Cancellation insurance For shows of shows and events, in the event of unforeseen events.
  • An extension of the deadline to return your purchases, brought to 90 days.

Revolut Premium at € 7.99/month or € 82/year

With the Premium Revolut account, you have:

  • Exclusive card designs , In addition to customizable cards .
  • Express delivery of your card, free.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange feesand more advantageous raw materials.
  • No limit for exchange on more than 30 currencies, at nochy.
  • Reinforced insurance and guarantees.

Metal revolut at € 13.99/month or € 135/year

The high -end revolut proposal gives you access to:

  • A metal card Available in 5 colors and customizable.
  • Free monthly withdrawals up to € 800.
  • A cashback system for all your payments by card : 0.1 % in Europe and 1 % outside.
  • Up to 5 revolut accounts with bank card for your teens.
  • The best insurance and guarantees, In addition to the protection of purchases.

Revolut Ultra at € 45/month (launch offer) or € 540/year

Announced in 2023, the new revolut subscription offers you:

  • A platinum plated metal card.
  • Free monthly withdrawals up to € 2000.
  • International transfers at no cost.
  • Dedicated customer service and reachable by phone.
  • Unlimited access to airport salons.
  • Lower costs For the scholarship and the purchase of raw materials

➡️ The hero finance notice on the revolut banking offer

Revolut banking offer is of excellent quality. Its different subscriptions adapt to most profiles and uses. Likewise, the free account allows you to discover the neobanque and its best features, without obligation. So why not try ? ��

10 € offered by Revolut

And for pros ?

Revolut also offers accounts cut for professionals. These offers even have a small name: Revolut Business.


Besides, with the Free Formula, Revolut is one of the few players to offer a free online pro account. This subscription includes a physical (and virtual also) bank card, however it is limited to 5 transfers offered each month.

�� If you are ever looking for alternatives, you can consult our comparison of online professional banks.

Our opinion on the app and revolut features

Revolut force: its mobile application

Revolut Avis L

✅ Neobanque obliges, Revolut offers an ergonomic and innovative application, including many very practical features such as:

  • Complete management of your physical and virtual cards : blocking, unlocking, reset of the contactless payment ceiling, etc ..
  • Monitoring your expenses and your budget in detail, with the possibility of setting limits and alerts.
  • Precise monitoring of all your subscriptions : the application automatically detects them and allows you to terminate them in a few finger tapping. ��
  • The creation of sub-accounts or “pockets” To easily save or manage your expenses.
  • An open banking account aggregator To facilitate followed by your budget and transfers between your banks.
  • The creation of accounts in more than 30 currencies, with advantageous exchange rates.
  • Sending and receiving facilitated payments, Whether the recipient is a revolut customer or not.
  • An automatic savings option : your payments are rounded to the upper euro, and the difference is placed in a dedicated account, in the currency of your choice.

Revolut review review app application

Customer reviews revolut in 2023 the functionalities of the Revolut application

Our opinion on the Revolut cashback

Revolut offers an interesting cashback system, only on its metal offer. Here are the main characteristics of this program:

  • 0.1% of all your payments in Europe and 1% in the rest of the world, even in foreign currencies and cryptocurrencies.
  • Limited monthly at the price of the metal subscription, or € 13.99.
  • Partner merchants grouped under the “Reward” label offer either exclusive promotions (€ 15 offered at Getir or 30% discounts at Adidas for example), or a cashback that can reach 10%. So a single purchase can amortize the price of the monthly subscription. ��

➡️ In short, our opinion on this cashback system is rather positive : it is an appreciable bonus that allows you to partially or completely make your revolut metal subscription through all your payments. We will still have to spend € 13,990 in Europe over the month to be able to compensate for the price of the package, which seems difficult to reach ! Apart from Europe on the other hand, and with the partners of the Reward program, it seems to us much more feasible. ��

10 € offered by Revolut

Placements and investments with Revolut

Remunerated savings is finally available !

Revolut Remote Processor

We have been waiting for them for over a year, the paid accounts finally disembark at Revolut ! Originally planned only for metal customers, they are finally open to all. ��

✅ Nevertheless, Ultra customers will benefit from a improved rate, up to 5.31% according to currencies.

Reverse Revolut Review

�� Be careful however, this is not a booklet Because your money is actually invested in a monetary fund.

✅ Finally, let us talk about the possibility of creating “chests”, with objectives defined to be achieved, in order to save for your projects. Revolut obliges, these chests can be in the motto of your choice, and shared with those around you to serve as a common kitty.

Finally, they are compatible with the automatic savings option of your card, allowing you to combine small sums in the motto of your choice, and even in cryptocurrencies.

10 € offered by Revolut

A simple access to access account

✅ Revolut’s investment possibilities are rather innovative but limited, this is what we remember:

  • A secrecy to buy more than 2,200 shares.
  • According to the plan chosen, free transactions per month : 1 (standard), 3 (plus), 5 (premium) or 10 (metal and ultra). Then 0.25 % with a minimum of $ 1.00, except ultra with 0.12 % without minium.
  • Invest in gold and silver easily, from $ 1 : with brokerage fees of 1.5 % for the standard offer and more, 0.50 % for Premium and Metal.
  • Simplified access to more than 80 cryptocurrencies : with exchange costs of 1.5% for Premium and Metal, 2.5% for others (standard and more).
  • The possibility of making stuking With 4 cryptos (ETH, DOT, XTZ and ADA) since 2023.

❌ However, we regret childcare costs (Custody Fees) of 0.12% per year, which can be avoided elsewhere.

Antoine’s advice

The revolut offer to invest in action and cryptocurrencies is certainly very simple to use with the advantage of having in the same place. Nevertheless, if you want to go beyond the course of “discovery investment”, we recommend other less expensive and more complete platforms:

10 € offered by Revolut

The weak point of revolut: credits

Revolut does not offer credit for the moment. Nevertheless, the British bank acquired in December 2021 the banking license. In March 2022, Revolut Payments UAB has become Revolut Bank UAB, An organization authorized to exercise as a credit institution in France, in order to soon be able to offer personal loans and authorized overdrafts. ��

Consumer credits arrive at Revolut on May 30, 2023 ! Their offer will borrow up to € 50,000 over 84 months.

This option appeared in my “Widgets” Revolut but I am on the waiting list. So I don’t have access to you to give you my full opinion on this new feature. Likewise, their site in French does not make any mention of it.

Business !

Our opinion on revolut cards

✅ We have summarized the main characteristics of revolut cards:

  • Visa or mastercard, you do not choose : it’s revolut who decides ! In 2023, I received a metal mastercard card and virtual cards are visa. ��
  • For the moment, that immediate flow : Revolut has obtained his credit institution approval in Europe, which will allow him to soon offer cards in delayed debit or an authorized overdraft.
  • Almost unlimited payment ceiling, even as standard : the theoretical amount of ceilings is € 100,000 per month, we hope it will be enough for you ! ��
  • Fairly low withdrawal ceilings, but at no cost : if you exceed your monthly limit, this will cost you 2% of the amount withdrawn, with a minimum of € 1.
  • Unlimited and free ephemeral virtual cards, Usable from the opening of the account.

➡️ The hero finance notice on revolut cards

The range of cards offered by Revolut is of very good quality and accessible without conditions. The payment ceilings are very comfortable, unlike withdrawal ceilings a little too limited to our taste. Nevertheless, everything seems to avoid withdrawing species, foreign exchange payments taking advantage of attractive exchange rates and the virtual card or mobile payment to secure your transactions, even abroad.

10 € offered by Revolut

How much really cost a revolut account ?

✅ The important points concerning revolut costs:

  • No incident fees : your account will never be in negative and discharges of samples are free.
  • Without inactivity costs: Whether for the use of the card or account.
  • Free international transfers between revolut customers, Otherwise between 3 € and 5 €, which is really reasonable, for example in the face of 25 € + 14 € of orange bank exchange fees ! They are free unlimited with ultra.
  • Currency exchange at no cost : Monday to Friday in 30 different currencies. Fees of 0.50% are taken on weekends but it is easy to avoid them. ��

➡️ You have the possibility of paying in one go the annual price of the subscription of your choice, which gives you a reduction of around 20%. This is particularly interesting for premium and metal offers that engage you anyway over 12 months. For example: € 135/year for the metal offer paid at once against € 167.88 in monthly subscription.

➡️ The hero finance notice on revolut costs

We were pleasantly surprised by the very low revolut prices : there is no inactivity fees and the impossibility of having an authorized overdraft prevents any incident on the account. Likewise, international operations such as transfers or currency is either free, or up to 10 times cheaper than other online banks. It is therefore quite possible to have a 100% free account at Revolut and save money on costs abroad. ��

10 € offered by Revolut

Our opinion on revolut in practice

How to open your Revolut account ?

✅ To make this notice, I personally opened a revolut account and it is particularly effective: The process literally lasted 5 minutes ! ��

➡️ Here are the steps to follow:

  • �� Download the Revolut application.
  • �� Take a picture of a retrato-verso identity document.
  • �� Take a selfie to confirm your identity.
  • �� Inform your contact details: name, postal address, email and telephone number.
  • �� feed your account (by CB or transfer) depending on the formula chosen: minimum € 10.
  • �� That’s it, your account is open and functional !
  • �� You can start using a virtual card immediately, while waiting to receive your physical card. ��

10 € offered by Revolut

Our opinion on Revolut Customer Service

✅ Revolut offers customer service that can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can contact him by email, instant messaging or via social networks. I excluded the phone because it is an automatic standard that will not be of great use to you. ��

Note that premium, metal and ultra revolut members have priority access to the serveIce Customer. Nevertheless, French -speaking advisers are not always available and it is better to know how to speak English if necessary. Finally, Only ultra customers can reach customer service by phone (Reminder request).

If you are looking for an online bank that allows you to speak directly to a human being and emphasizes the quality of customer relations, we advise you rather Fortuneo or Monabanq.

Conclusion: When to open an account at Revolut ?

As a conclusion, our opinion on Revolut is very positive : It is an ideal mobile bank for all people who need to access different currencies easily, with advantageous exchange rates, whether to travel or send money abroad.

✅ Here are the important points we retain:

  • Physical and virtual cards Accessible without income and customizable conditions.
  • An ideal solution to have currency accounts and change very easily.
  • Innovative and practical investment possibilities : raw materials, cryptocurrencies and actions, with very low costs.
  • Availability savings are finally available ! With (gross) yields that can exceed 5%.
  • The possibility of having a French RIB : more discrimination because of the Lithuanian Iban provided by Revolut. ��
  • A very ergonomic and functional application, Among the best online banks.

Finally, note that Revolut seems to listen to the feedback from his community and keep improving: the French RIB, the credit and the flexible paid account are good examples, and we hope to see new surprises in the coming months. ��

➡️ In the meantime, you can today open a free account to try Revolut and take advantage of € 10 offered !

10 € offered by Revolut


What bank is behind Revolut ?

The Revolut Mobile Bank is an independent English fintech. After Brexit, his company Revolut Payments UAB obtained a banking license from the Lithuania bank to guarantee the deposits of its European customers up to € 100,000. Since 2022, Revolut Bank UAB received the approval of credit institution in Europe, allowing it to offer loans or paid savings.

What are the benefits of revolut ?

– The British neobank is accessible to all, without income conditions.
– You can open a free account in a few minutes, with French RIB, to take advantage of international transfers and change in more than 30 currencies at no cost.
– a range of bank card that adapts to all profiles, including the prestigious metal card.
– innovative investment solutions on cryptocurrencies and raw materials.
– Revolut
What are the revolut costs ?

It is possible to have an account Standard revolut 100% free with an international payment card without fees abroad.
Otherwise there are 4 paid subscriptions:
Revolut Plus at € 2.99 per month.
Revolut Premium at € 7.99 per month or € 82 per year.
Revolut Metal at € 13.99 per month or € 135 per year.
Revolut Ultra at € 54 per month or € 540 per year.

Why Revolut blocks accounts ?

The neobank is a financial service company managing third party money. It is therefore subject to specific regulations in order to prevent fraud and financial crimes. In particular by detecting suspicious movements and requesting the supporting documents to verify their compliance. Note that these blockages remain rare and can quickly be lifted.

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What are the latest Revolut News ?

Antoine was heritage advisor and private banker before joining Finance heroes. He puts his service and his experience in the banking environment at your service.

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What are the countries and banks that are taken care of for card deposits ?

You should be able to recharge your account from almost all banks.

Revolut does not support card recharges from the following countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodge, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Egypt, Eritrea, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Ethiopia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, French Guyana, Guyana, Haiti, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Uganda, Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan , Palaos, Palestine, Panama, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo, Popular Democratic Republic Lao, Russia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tadjikistan, Timor-Leste, Trinité-et-Tobago, Tunisia , Vanuatu, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic), Yemen and Zimbabwe.

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