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Mobilize duo

The duo reminds you of something ? Normal because she draws her DNA from the Renault Twizy whose silhouette and architecture she keeps. Capable of accommodating two passengers in tandem, the small mobile car is distinguished by its ultra-compact size (L 2.43 m, L 1.30 m, H 1.46 m) which allows it to evolve easily in the most crowded urban areas.

Renault Mobilize Duo

The Renault Mobilize Duo is the new Twizy. An electric microcar that has elytre opening doors. It has a single electric motor which allows it to reach 45 km/h in its version without a license, or 80 km/h in its version requiring a B1 license. The autonomy is fixed at 140 kilometers. Because of its quadricycle categorization, this movable duo can therefore be conducted from the age of 14, such as Citroën’s friend. It is scheduled for the end of 2023.

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While electric cars are more and more successful and cars have less and less their place in town, the urban quadricycles market is booming. If the Renault Twizy, launched in 2011 was one of the first on the market, other players also arrived in this segment. This is particularly the case of Citroën with his girlfriend, who seduces customers and especially the youngest.

A replacement for Twizy

But now this will soon have a new rival. And not just any, since it is actually ofA replacement for the current Twizy, still in production despite its great age. Called duo, this is not badged Renault but Mobilize, a subsidiary of the tricolor group specializing in urban mobility and self-sharing.

Displaying ultra-compact dimensions, with only 2.43 meters long and 1.30 meters wide, the electric quadricycle is made of plastic panels and is made up of 50 % recycled materials. The style remains fairly close to the car it should replace, with slightly more modern features all the same.

On board, the presentation is obviously very summary, while The vehicle can accommodate two passengers, always one behind the other. Note that the driver’s seat slides on 20 centimeters, while the rear square can accommodate a passenger up to 1.80 meters.

Storage spaces are provided for two cabin suitcases, whileA development for people with reduced mobility is planned, allowing to accommodate a foldable wheelchair. The dashboard incorporates a digital handset, a USB-C port as well as a smartphone support, allowing you to do without the central screen. The steering wheel has an airbag, a rare thing in the segment.

Driving from 14 years and 140 km of autonomy

Like the Citroën Friend, The movable duo can be conducted without a license, From the age of 14 in its 45 km/h version, considered a light quadricycle. On the other hand, the 80 km/h variant required a traditional B permit, as for the Renault Twizy 80, the two then being heavy quadricycles. If the power and the torque have not been specified in the brand’s press release, it specifies that The vehicle can travel up to 140 kilometers in a single charge, subject to WMTC approval. This is a specific cycle dedicated to light vehicles, which differs from the classic WLTP.

To be compared to the half lower autonomy of the Citroën Ami (75 km) or the previous Renault Twizy (120 km).

Two types of recharge are offered, with a standard and type 2 -type cable, intended for public terminals. The maximum power as well as the necessary time is not known, as well as the battery capacity. Accessible to individuals, but also to professionals and mobility operators, this new movable duo will be offered in long -term rental as well as in the form of a three -month subscription. The vehicle can then directly be ordered online. He then competes with the little Microlino, already available at the order, as well as with the new XEV Yoyo, unveiled a few weeks ago.

A “cargo” version for professionals

In parallel, A utility version called Bento was also unveiled by the company. This then replaces the passenger seat with a closed chest of 700 liters made of rotated plastic. It is also supplemented by a hatch allowing to transport long objects, while storage modules for tools can be added. This version will be available in LLD to professionals from 2024.

Mobilize duo

Mobilize duo

Configure your Mobilize Duo vehicle or ask for a trial for free.

Competitor of the Citroën Friend on the segment of electric cars without a license, the movable duo will be offered in a long -term subscription or rental from the end of 2023.

Design of the Mobilize Duo

The duo reminds you of something ? Normal because she draws her DNA from the Renault Twizy whose silhouette and architecture she keeps. Capable of accommodating two passengers in tandem, the small mobile car is distinguished by its ultra-compact size (L 2.43 m, L 1.30 m, H 1.46 m) which allows it to evolve easily in the most crowded urban areas.

Completely closed thanks to its opening doors in elytre, the Mobilize Duo takes care of its occupants and offers a much less spartan environment than the Citroën Friend. On the security side, the duo is one of the rare models of its segment to integrate a driver’s airbag.

Versions and autonomy of the movable duo

Like the Twizy, the duo will be available in two versions:

  • approved in light quadricycle and accessible from 14 years old, the Mobilize duo 45 can climb up to 45 km/h
  • classified among heavy quadricycles, the Mobilize Duo 80 can climb up to 80 km/h

If Mobilize has not yet given details as to the technical characteristics of the duo, improvements are expected compared to the Twizy, which has hardly changed since its launch. Limited by homologation criteria, the engine powers should not move too much. Conversely, there should be new on the battery, Renault announcing up to 140 kilometers of autonomy with a load.

In terms of recharge, Renault does not yet specify the characteristics of the on -board charger but confirms the presence of a type 2 connector that is found on most public limits.

Marketing and prices of the Mobilize Duo

Expected at the end of 2023, the Mobilize Duo will be marketed via rental solutions. Accessible to individuals, companies and mobility operators for self-service applications, the duo will be based on flexible formulas with subscription solutions and long-term rental.

The prices of the Mobilize Duo have not yet been announced but will strongly depend on the chosen formula.

For individuals, Mobilize will offer a range of flexible subscriptions from three months of rental. The vehicle can be ordered directly online via a dedicated site which will soon be launched.

For professionals, Mobilize will be based on Mobilize Financial Services to offer suitable LLD solutions with complete maintenance, insuring and recharge solutions. The after-sales service will be directly provided by the Renault network.

Note that the duo will also be entitled to its utility declination. Called Mobilize Bento, it will be available from 2024.

Try movable duo ?

Configure your Mobilize Duo vehicle or ask for a trial for free.

Renault Mobilize Duo: release date, price, options … All info on the new electric car

Renault Mobilize recently unveiled its new duo, which will replace the Twizy. This new electric car has the particularity of being able to be conducted from 14 years old, and offer excellent autonomy.

  • What is the Renault Mobilize Duo ?
  • Which can lead the Renault Mobilize Duo ?
  • What autonomy for the Renault Mobilize Duo ?
  • The movable duo utility version
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Electric cars are always more popular as the oil crisis continues to get away. But the market was mainly surprised by the creation of a new category: Small city cars who do not look like much, but are as accessible as they are relieved to drive. On this ground, it was the Citroën Friend who managed to shine.

Renault recently responded to this via its Mobilize brand. We are now preparing for the arrival of The movable duo, A small car that we will rather consider as a quadricycle which has many peculiarities … and assets.

What is the Renault Mobilize Duo ?

If you stopped at thermal engines without taking too much interest in the electric, the new car of the Mobilize brand will be easier to understand if you compare it to SMART. But if, you know, these very small two places who have the great advantage of being able to park and sneak everywhere. The movable duo is of the same ilk: it is a two -seater quadricycle, of which Second place is at the back of the driver. The passenger can go up to 1.80m high, and the front seat slides over 20 centimeters to allow him to access his seat.

It is his size that is the most amazing. Here we have a “car” 2.43 meters long and 1.20 meters wide and 1.46 meters high. To give you an idea, you can easily park three furniture duo in an ordinary parking space. The safety of the vehicle has not been seen downwards, however, since it is wrapped in large shields that are easy to repair and interchange to facilitate its production. This is also why The body is made of plastic, Without painting, which you can customize in multitudes of choice of stickers in 6 predefined areas.

You can also count on an airbag at the front of the vehicle, A large speaker in the passenger compartment and a USB C port to connect your smartphone, which will thus become the multimedia “brain” of the movable duo. Storage is available and will accommodate two cabin suitcases. It is also possible to transform this space to optimize it For people with reduced mobility, and thus store a foldable wheelchair.

To recharge the vehicle, you will need to use A Type 2 socket Available on most public limits. A standard socket is also available, for the house in particular.

Which can lead the Renault Mobilize Duo ?

The Renault Mobilize Duo can be conducted without a license in its first version limited to 45 km/h. The vehicle is thus categorized as a light quadricycle, in the same way as the classic scooters of adolescents.

A second variant that can roll up to 80km/h However, the traditional B license will demand for heavy quadricycles.

What autonomy for the Renault Mobilize Duo ?

Renault and its Mobilize group announced A range up to 140 kilometers For the movable duo, waiting to be certified however. This is largely placed above its competitors such as the Citroën Ami or the previous model of Renault, the Twizy.

As said before, you will need to count on a type 2 cable to recharge it on public limits. However, it is possible to use a standard cable to recharge it, in particular at home. However, we have no details on the specifics of the battery it uses or its average charging time.

The movable duo utility version

Note that this movable duo will not only be available in a simple car. A utility version is also planned, nicknamed Bento by the company. She made her second seat at the rear to accommodate a large closed trunk of 700 liters, also in plastic.

How to buy the Mobilize Duo ?

You will not be able to buy the Renault Mobilize Duo, at least when it comes out. This vehicle will actually be offered for a long -term rental, with a minimum three -month subscription. To order it, it will necessarily be necessary to go through the brand’s official website, which is not yet available. For the time being, the Mobilize Duo is simply presented to the public for the World Cup 2022.

The Bento utility version will also be available for long -term rental, but only for professionals, from 2024. Note that for these projects, Renault seeks to concentrate production on French soil.

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