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Several brands compete for the best ranks in the rankings presented in the comparisons. Based on user reviews or comments, we have found 7 brands for you that offer the most adopted remote monitoring alarm solutions in France.

Remote monitoring: operation and comparison of offers

You want to secure your accommodation for you protect against burglary, Against break -ins or simply to keep an eye on your family and your home ? Find out which remote monitoring offers offered, what are their price and the services included and how to take advantage of it.

You want to secure your accommodation ?

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  • The essential
  • Remote monitoring is a service operated by Control agents, which monitor your accommodation continuously thanks to approved equipment and act in the event of a break -in.
  • There are a large number of remote monitoring offers, offered by independent suppliers as well as by Telecom operators.
  • To choose your offer of Home or apartment remote monitoring, You must identify your needs and compare the services included or those offered in addition.

What is remote monitoring ?

Home surveillance

Remote monitoring is a service that ensures your protection, whether Against burglaries and intrusions, in the event of a fire but also in the event of discomfort for example.

Indeed, a remote monitoring offer Includes a video camera, which allows agents to monitor your accommodation continuously and alert the remote monitoring center in the event of a danger situation. Offers also include intrusion detectors (opening detector, movement detector or glass breakage) which allows you to be warned as soon as an intrusion attempt is made.

In the event of suspicious presence or unusual detection, Control agents are trained to intervene quickly to put your home in safety. If the break -in is proven, the agents also take charge of the call of the police, or firefighters in the case of a fire.

Investing in a remote monitoring system is also a great way to dissuade and scare away burglars, especially thanks to integrated alarms.

Video surveillance or remote monitoring: what differences ?

surveillance camera

If video surveillance and remote monitoring are two very similar concepts, they however have differences:

  • Video surveillance is a video device which allows you to protect your home and be alerted in the event of suspicious detection. You can notably be notified via the integrated mermaid or through your smartphone (by SMS, Mail or on the dedicated mobile application). A video surveillance system does not automatically include detectors for example.
  • Remote monitoring is a more complete device, who monitors your home continuously thanks to various tools, which complete your video surveillance system. We are talking for example of movement or glass breakage detectors, alarms, etc.
  • But remote monitoring stands out especially by the on -site intervention service that it includes automatically and free as soon as your alarm is triggered. Indeed, a remote monitoring system is connected to the remote monitoring center, and allows you to fully delegate your security to qualified agents.

Comparative table of the most complete house remote monitoring offers

In this comparison table, we have chosen to present the high -end offers of suppliers, who offer a real remote monitoring offer.

Selection of security offers, partners of Selectra first. Free SEO.

Note that this list is not exhaustive, there are other offers on the market.

What are the remote monitoring offers for individuals ?

Optimal verisure remote monitoring offer

You wish to take out a verrisal offer ?

50% discount on equipment, 10% on the subscription and installation offered for any purchase via selectra ! Contact us !

You wish to take out a verrisal offer ?

50% discount on equipment, 10% on the subscription and installation offered for any purchase via selectra ! Contact us !

The optimal verrisor subscription is theremote monitoring offer proposed by Verisure. It offers a large number of services, including a intervention service on site in the event of suspected break -ins.

Here are all the services included (offer valid on February 24, 2023):

  1. There Housing remote monitoring, Continuously, by the Verisure agents: the center is alerted in the event of intrusion detection, jamming or smoke detection and it identifies, thanks to images, by silent listening or thanks to the intercom, the nature of the alerts.
  2. L’intervention of the police or firefighters at the request of an agent.
  3. There anti-tab which ensures the connection with the remote monitoring center even in the event of a GSM cut.
  4. THE remote control via My Verisure.
  5. There Maintenance of your equipment during the duration of the subscription.

This offer also includes, at no additional cost, the following material ::

  • A GSM / GPRS alarm power plant with intercom.
  • 2 movement detectors with flash.
  • 1 shock and opening detector.
  • 1 anti-cambriolage fog.
  • 1 independent interior mermaid.
  • 1 badge reader.
  • 6 access badges.

To take advantage of this offer, you must make a Online or telephone quote.

Verisure also offers a initial offer, which offers the same services, except the unlimited intervention service. You also benefit from a number of lower equipment (a single movement detector, no mermaid, no anti-buzzing fog and only 3 badges).

The full serenity offer of Kiwatch

You want to take out a Kiwatch offer ?

The first camera is offend For any subscription via selectra, contact us !

Kiwatch markets 3 offers but only one is considered a remote monitoring offer. This is the full serenity offer with which the whole process is carried out by the remote monitoring center and not by you.

  • The 1st interior camera is offered at € 39.90 and the 1st outdoor camera at € 54.90.
  • You have access to the images of your camera in real time.
  • In the event of suspicious detection, The center receives an alert. It is directly he who manages the situation, without you having to do anything. He will thus take care of identifying the nature of the alert and carrying out the lifting of doubt.
  • If necessary, the center sends a free security officer to the premises.
  • In the event of a break -in, the center directly calls the police via a priority number.
  • After intervention by the police, you benefit from free guarding for 8 hours.

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Premium serenity and serenity offers include real -time vision, detection of humans, an interior mermaid and personalized alerts. The premium offer also includes the intervention of an agent on request and the guarding of the premises for 24 hours in the event of a break -in. They are respectively offered to € 9.90/month (offer only offered by selectra) and € 16.90/month.

The Home by SFR remote monitoring offer

SFR offers 3 offers As part of its security offer, but only one offers remote monitoring services:

  • An offer without subscription to 69 € : it offers remote control, a 130 ° vision angle, the OK SFR voice assistant and includes a WiFi Full HD 1080p WiFi camera, a WiFi bulb and a connected socket.
  • The Video Alarm Pack offer at € 9.99/month + € 149 for the equipment pack : it offers remote control, real -time video day and night video, continuous recording, notifications and detection in the event of a power failure. It also includes an interior mermaid, opening and smoke detectors as well as a power station.
  • The Premium Video Alarm Pack offer at € 9.99/month + € 149 for the equipment pack : this is the offer of remote monitoring strictly speaking of the operator.
  • Remote control
  • Real -time video
  • Night vision
  • Continuous video recording
  • Continuous notifications by SMS or email
  • Detection planning
  • Detection in the event of a power outage
  • Compatible with all boxes
  • + Europ assistance continuously reached
  • + Operation on 3G key in the event of a cut
  • + Multi -risk franchise buyout up to € 250
  • + Intervention of a security agent on request
  • + Repair up to € 500 in case of break -in
  • 1 interior mermaid
  • 1 door opening detector
  • 1 smoke detector
  • 1 Grand-Angle camera
  • 1 V2 center
  • 1 remote control
  • + 1 control keyboard
  • + 1 3G key
  • + 2 motion detectors

Selection of a security offer, free referencing.

The three SFR Home offers all include a video camera which allows you to consult the images of what is happening at home in real time and receive unlimited notifications.

The two offers with subscription also offer services remote control and make it possible to dissuade any intruders and to prevent you in the event of danger.

On the other hand, only thepremium offer proposes the intervention of an audience assistance agent in the event of a break -in. He assesses the situation and secures your accommodation. It can also involve the police if necessary. This intervention is done on demand. It is this last offer that we consider more as a remote monitoring offer, which offers additional services to those of video surveillance.

If you need additional help or information, you can contact SFR customer service.

Protected house orange: the home or apartment remote monitoring system

Orange protected house: -10 € Until August 16
Take advantage of orange remote monitoring now open to all

Orange offers 2 security offers to protect you from intrusions (offers valid on June 27, 2023):

  1. An offer of Apartment remote monitoring at € 29.99/month: this offer is subject to a 12 -month commitment.
  2. An offer of Home or apartment remote monitoring in the DRC at € 39.99/month: this offer is subject to a 12 -month commitment.

If the price of the orange remote monitoring subscription varies depending on the type of accommodation (house, apartment in the DRC or floor on the floor), the two offers include the same services, namely:

  • L’Installation and maintenance of your equipment by a professional.
  • There continuous remote monitoring, Even in the event of a power outage, with in particular notifications in the event of suspicious presence, the intervention or the call to the police if necessary or the security of your accommodation up to € 800.
  • THE remote control, From your smartphone, via the mobile application.

To take advantage of the orange remote monitoring offer, it was necessary to be part of the operator’s customers, but this is no longer the case. Now everyone can take advantage of this offer.

In the event of a subscription concern or to obtain more details, you can reach Orange customer service or SOSH customer service.

By subscribing to an orange alarm offer, you benefit from equipment following, included at no additional cost:

  • An alarm power plant.
  • Movement detectors.
  • Opening detectors.
  • An control keyboard with integrated mermaid.
  • Two activation badges.
  • A remote control.

To benefit from a smoke detector or additional equipment, you must subscribe to an option in addition to your subscription. The connected smoke detector is for example offered at € 2.50/month.

Homiris remote monitoring offers offered by EPS

  1. The first, the comfort offer, is a formula that ensures your protection and warns you in the event of triggering your alarm.
  2. The second, the serenity offer, is a formula which also ensures your protection but which has the advantage of including theIntervention of an agent at your home If in doubt, without you having nothing to do.

The two formulas offer a different price depending on your accommodation:

  • To secure an apartment, you benefit from an advantageous price because the surface is often less to cover and you receive 2 intrusion detectors.
  • To secure a house, you benefit from 4 intrusion detectors.
  • Connected alarm system
  • Remote control
  • Continuous remote monitoring
  • Intrusion detection with photos
  • Aggression alert key
  • Call in less than 30 seconds
  • Subscriber space + mobile application
  • € 21.50/month For the apartment remote monitoring offer
  • € 26.50/month For the home remo -surveillance offer
  • Connected alarm system
  • Remote control
  • Continuous remote monitoring
  • Intrusion detection with photos
  • Aggression alert key
  • Call in less than 30 seconds
  • Subscriber space + mobile application
  • + Intervention of an agent if necessary
  • + Call for the police if necessary
  • + Fire protection thanks to the smoke detector
  • € 31.50/month For the apartment remote monitoring offer
  • 39 €/month For the home remo -surveillance offer

Selection of security offers, classified from the cheapest to the most expensive. Free SEO.

How to choose your remote monitoring system ?

Choice Telesurveillance

In addition to making a remote monitoring comparison to make your choice, you must base yourself on several criteria:

  1. The equipment included : look carefully which equipment is included and what you can enjoy only (camera, movement detectors, glass breakage or smoke detector, etc.)).
  2. The quality of the equipment : some remote monitoring systems offer wireless equipment, which use your telephone line. However, this type of connection to the remote monitoring center makes you vulnerable because it is easy to cut, unlike a GSM connection. It is also recommended to promote suppliers who offer equipment that triggers an alarm in the event of an attempted tearing or even detectors compatible with the presence of animals to avoid false alerts.
  3. The services offered : if certain offers offer services in the form of options, which generates additional costs, others offer an all inclusive offer (with the intervention of an agent or police at your home by example).
  4. The remote monitoring rate : some suppliers offer their offers in the form of a monthly subscription while others provide equipment in the form of a pack, with a price to be set at order only. Also remember to check whether the equipment is included in the subscription or whether to pay them in addition.
  5. Reviews on remote monitoring systems : today is very common, looking at the opinions of a product allows you to have a real return on the offer and the equipment.

Tele -assistance in addition to remote monitoring, You can opt for remote assistance solutions, In order to allow dependent, elderly or sick people, to feel safe and reassure their loved ones. Presence green offers remote assistance for individuals and professionals. Senioradom also markets remote assistance offers.

You want to secure your accommodation ?

The 12 best alarms TV 2023

According to the latest statistics, France is subject to more than 489,000 burglaries per year. Studies have shown that the presence of an alarm drastically reduces the risk of intrusion. But you still have to be able to choose an effective device. Use our comparison on remote monitoring alarms to discover the best of alarm systems in terms of security and to choose the model that suits you best. We have analyzed different tests and consulted different consumer portals to offer you a relevant comparison of the different offers of market surveillance alarms.

TV alarm List of the best products 2023

TV alarm List of the best products 2023

Last update: 03.09.2023

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What is a remote monitoring alarm ?


Before starting any comparison whatsoever, we must inform you about the subject of this comparison. A remote monitoring alarm is an alarm that is connected to a remote monitoring center where dedicated agents are available 24 hours a day.

Like any classic alarm, she ensures the safety of people and property. But unlike traditional alarms, it does not only make or dissuade intruders. Indeed, the objective of the remote monitoring option is to trigger an action.

If before, in your absence the alarm was not used for much, with a remote monitoring alarm, agents are warned and act according to the provisions of your contract. They analyze the data sent by the alarm and determine if it is relevant.

Then they can dispatch a security agent on the spot to see the facts, call the police or even call you directly. In general, a single kit serves both an anti-intrusion, anti-fishery, anti-fuy, etc., Because it is enough to put sensors throughout the house or in the premises of the company, and to connect them to the alarm center. Thus, with such a device, security is reinforced and your home or your business is better protected.

How does a remote monitoring alarm work ?

How does a remote monitoring alarm work?

To choose the best system, you must understand its operation. The device is made up of a power plant that plays the role of brain for the device.

This brain is connected to control and detection organs. It is for this reason that usual, we speak in system comparisons or alarm kit. The control bodies are, as the case may be: a remote control, a badge, badge keyboard or a control keyboard incorporated into the alarm, or even a smartphone application.

As for the detection organs, these are different movement detectors, namely the shock sensor, the interior and exterior motion detector, and the opening detector. As soon as a movement is detected, the sensors send the information to the alarm power plant which triggers sound and/or bright signals. The power station also orders the remote monitoring alarm (if the option exists) to take photos, or film the intruder (thanks to the cameras).

These data are immediately sent to the supplier for analysis. Once the alarm started, automatisms can be put in place to prevent a burglar from continuing its package while the police arrive on the scene.

Generally, the most used remote monitoring alarms work thanks to the Internet connection. Otherwise you can use the GSM network by equipping the device with a SIM card.

Advantages & Application Domains

What are the advantages of

There are many advantages to use a remote monitoring alarm. We have listed them in this comparison to allow you to have a general opinion on the question before determining the specificities on which to wear your choice.

As we mentioned above, the remote monitoring alarm is currently the best protective system on the market. It allows you to enjoy optimal security and assistance, especially when you are absent, because agents of the remote monitoring center are trained in safety and can intervene remotely quickly and effectively.

Another advantage is that this alarm is the best way to prevent burglaries or any other form of intrusion. Indeed, unless you have cameras outside the house or the shop, nothing suggests the position of the alarm.

What are the types of existing remote monitoring alarms ?

The systems or kits that we will present in our comparison are available under two types of remote monitoring alarms. These types have been defined by analyzing the various tests and comparisons carried out, and taking into account user reviews.

Cabinated remote monitoring alarm

Type D

This is the traditional option. With this type of alarm, all components are connected to the power plant by cables. This means that motion sensors and detectors send information to the power plant, which triggers the siren.

Cameras that can also be included in the system all work thanks to wired installations. But that does not prevent the surveillance company from being informed in the event of a problem and reacting accordingly. The greatest advantage of this type of alarm is its cost.

Users are of the opinion that it is lower than that of the wireless system. In addition, you have no concern to do with the power with any batteries. Since the whole system is wired, it is the current that feeds it.

It is very rare, especially today, to find remote monitoring brands that market this type of alarm. The offers they offer concern wireless remote monitoring alarms. Thus, we generally meet when the owner already had alarm and wishes to add the remote monitoring option.

The large defect in the various comparisons is the difficulty of installing this type of alarm. To make the various wiring, the professional will have to pierce the walls, unless the former owner of the house has already carried out the installation.

The other point not very beneficial too is that you cannot easily take the system with you, if by chance you decide to move. It will take some time, without forgetting that you will still have to break down walls in your new home.

Wireless remote monitoring alarm

Type D

The operation of this type of alarm is like that of the wired system with the only difference that there is no wire. Generally, the system components communicate with each other using WiFi or a GSM network.

In case of intrusion, gas leak, etc., The system sends data to the remote monitoring center which analyzes it to take the appropriate measures. Installation does not require any connection and it is possible to incorporate surveillance cameras into the alarm.

Unlike the previous type, it is easy to install. Which means that it is also easy to move. However, it is more expensive. But being increasingly popular, competition tends to adjust prices. In addition, the many options that can be included in the remote monitoring contract represent a better investment.

Information on the 6 main brands

Several brands compete for the best ranks in the rankings presented in the comparisons. Based on user reviews or comments, we have found 7 brands for you that offer the most adopted remote monitoring alarm solutions in France.

  • EPS
  • Nexecur
  • Protection 24
  • Sepsad
  • Emotion

Through its Homiris remote monitoring alarm, the EPS brand has won the world of security devices. The EPS brand presents itself as n ° 1 of remote monitoring in France. To serve its customers (professionals and individuals), the brand offers them two subscription formulas: one with rapid intervention service and smoke detector (serenity formula) and the other without these two options (comfort formula).

Nexecur is a subsidiary of the Crédit-Agricole group which specializes in the supply of security system. Its systems are often considered in comparisons as intermediate range products. The brand provides its customers with systems available under subscriptions.

Protection 24 is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, a French bank working in 71 countries. The systems that the brand markets are known to start the least expensive on the market according to consumer opinions. If we make the comparison compared to other brands, Protection 24 offers better value for money.

Sepsad is the European company for protection and home assistance service S.HAS. It was created in 1998 and has operated for 15 years in the remote monitoring sector. It offers its customers comprehensive alarms increased with related services that strengthen the safety of people and goods.

Edomis is a specialized company that offers cutting -edge remote monitoring alarms. These offers are coupled with a fire alarm. Its customers can maintain total control of their home thanks to the emotional application. It is a very promising brand that has received a lot of favorable opinions.

Example of product assessment

It is difficult in a comparison to determine the best product or the best service offer, because each brand has its strengths and weaknesses.

To facilitate your own comparison test, we offer three of the most used products that have generated the most reviews, so that you can have a clearer idea of ​​the points of comparison. Remember that the best product on the market is not necessarily the one you need.



This product is considered the effective entry -level. The alarm is made up of a GSM/GPRS power station (SIM card included). It is connected to a video movement detector (NFA2P certified) and a smoke detector (10 years of lithium).

This alarm also has a control keyboard and an integrated mermaid. A multifunction remote control (including SOS Aggression function) is also provided as well as two badges that allow you to activate or deactivate the alarm.

The remote monitoring alarm formula – EDOMIS Pack is available from € 28.90 per month. There is no commitment and you benefit from an application for remote control.

Strong points

  • Free intervention in case of breakdown.
  • Good value for money.
  • Presence of a smoke detector.
  • Easy installation.
  • Police alerted in the event of break -in.

Weak points

  • Lack of opacifying fog.
  • Optional Opening detector paid.

Téléturveillance offer – Sepsad

From € 19.50 per month, you can offer yourself this septo brand remote monitoring alarm. The septusad’s remote monitoring offer offers a kit made up of a power plant with integrated telephone transmitter, four valid movement detectors for a house or two detectors for an apartment.

An independent interior mermaid of 110 dB is triggered in the event of suspicious movement and a keyboard allows you to access the alarm. The brand offers you a one -month warranty, satisfied or reimbursed after 14 days.

Remote control is possible via an application. SEPSAD’s Télésurveillance offer is one of the best low -end products available.

Strong points

  • Good value for money.
  • Possibility to choose between opening and movement detectors.
  • System subject to a daily performance test without additional costs.

Weak points

  • No intervention by a specialized agent.
  • PA of alert for police forces in the event of break -in.
  • Optional smoke or movement detectors.
  • Equipment only available for rental.

Frequent deficiencies and shortcomings

The different shortcomings of

The observation made in the comparisons is that the worst comments relate to the remote monitoring contract while the best relate to equipment in general. This means that for this article, attention must be more paid on the remote monitoring offer.

Very often, users end up with contracts that are difficult to terminate or after -sales service that do not take into account certain needs. Thus, whatever the brand that will have seduced you, when subscribing to one of these offers you must find out about all the conditions and all the services before and after the installation.

You must also state situations such as move, prolonged absence, untimely breakdowns, etc., in order to find out beforehand the measures that will be taken. This will also serve as a comparative element. At the time of purchase, check the presence of all the elements of the kit.

Another important point to check is the compatibility of the alarm with your domestic connection. Indeed, there are devices compatible with fiber for example. It would be a shame to buy it before you realize that you cannot use it. If you are in a distant area with few neighbor around, favor alarms remotely when buying.

This is a type similar to the classic system, but you are warned of a possible intrusion via your landline or mobile phone. For this system, you must buy in addition to the alarm, a transmitter. Otherwise, you will end up with an alarm whose remote monitoring does not work.

Advantages and disadvantages described in customer comments


  • Efficient system.
  • The wireless system is easy to install yourself.
  • Good security with excellent responsiveness.
  • Perfect for professional premises: replaces personal security.
  • Possibility of providing specific information to the police in the event of an attempted break -in (photo or video).
  • More powerful mermaid when comparison with that of conventional alarms.
  • Possibility of detect False alerts.
  • SOS Assistance In case of incident.
  • Possibility of controlling its security.
  • Complete system and reassuring, both from a technical and psychological point of view.


  • Increased risk of hacking because the alarm uses the Wireless.
  • Possibility in the event of hacking to use the alarm to access all the other functions of the house via
  • The various associated equipment.
  • Stressful system for the whole family in case of dysfunction.
  • More frequent technical problems than with conventional alarms.
  • Too expensive.
  • Offer too complicated with options.
  • The power station becomes defective after a few attempts at burglary.
  • Loss of connection problems that make the house vulnerable.
  • Increase in subscription rates during the service.
  • Customer and technical services in the long unpleasant and ineffective.

This is how the remote monitoring alarm is tested

Detector test

Result of test D

It was reported in the various comparisons, that the alarm test is done simply by checking the operation of each component. To be sure that the alarm works, the detectors can recognize the movements, shocks and openings and send information to the power station.

It must then in turn be able to trigger the mermaid, the light indicator and all the other equipment connected to it. To collect a favorable opinion, the alarm must without problem respond when it is requested and above all be reactive. Thus, once the power plant has been installed, the first detector allows you to check its operation.

We make movements in front of the detector to see if he recognizes them and sends the message to the power plant. Then we see if the power plant triggers the siren. This operation is repeated for each detector as soon as it is installed.

Application and connectivity test

There connectivity with the smartphone application is also verified. If everything goes as planned, then we conclude that the device has kept its promises.

For some, tests, the testers have imagined various scenarios to verify the efficiency of the device. They also noted data such as photos, empties, etc., always to analyze efficiency.

Reactivity and efficiency of the remote monitoring system

Apart from the device test itself, you must test the system of remote monitoring and the speed of the agents’ reaction to take charge of the situation.

Internet or specialized trade

In this specific case, the Internet presents itself as the best way to find your happiness. So you have to start research there. By reading this comparison, you probably have tracks and beginnings of response. This will therefore allow you to find the best suppliers and carefully study the offers they offer.

Then you can make quote requests to continue your comparison. It is once your choice is effective that you can make an appointment with the lucky winner and discuss more widely of the terms of the remote monitoring contract. Above all, don’t forget to read the small characters.

Alternative to remote monitoring alarm

The different alternatives to a remote monitoring alarm

Failing to buy a remote monitoring alarm, contact a surveillance company to entrust it with the management of the system already in place is the best compromise you can make.

This can be difficult and more expensive at certain levels, especially if you have to buy more equipment. But since you already have an installed system, it should not create many problems for you.

Otherwise, you can buy a home automation alarm that you will connect to your equipment and your smartphone, to monitor your home yourself. This solution can be more expensive and more restrictive.

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How to know that the alarm is activated ?

The GSM indicator must light up and remain fixed for 5 seconds and the badge reader (if there is one) must issue a sound.

To choose the system, should you take into account the area of ​​the house ?

Yes, the greater it, the more you will need sensors and detectors. The best way to know it is to discuss it with your supplier.

Can we use the remote monitoring alarm in a shop ?

It depends on the configuration and operation of the store. If there are times when it is closed and devoid of any human presence, the alarm can be useful.

Which pays for telephone communications of the alarm ?

The customer, through his subscription.

Is it possible to retract after installing the system ?

If you are an individual or if you have less than 6 employees at your expense. You usually have 14 days to retract.

Mobile applications are secure ?

Yes. Since you have to enter a password to connect to the system, no one other than you can do.

How to do in the event of a move ?

You can resume your old device or the supplier can offer you a new one and install it for free. It all depends on your contract.

How long does it take to install an alarm ?

On average 3 hours. It all depends on the size of the house and the complexity of the installation.

Is remote monitoring alarm compatible with animals ?

Some are. The best way to make sure is to specify it during contact with the company.

What is the best way to avoid false alerts ?

In installation, the expert will explain to you how to use the alarm and the methods to avoid false alerts.