Red by SFR fiber offers., Red Box Fiber: offers, price, installation and eligibility

Red Box Fiber: offers, price, installation and eligibility

If you prefer to be assisted in your approach, you can contact a free selectra advisor on 01 86 65 29 78.

Red by SFR fiber offers

Red by SFR is the brand of the SFR group, which offers a Red Fiber offer without engagement with internet access and unlimited calls to fixed ones in France and to more than 100 destinations.

Red by SFR also offers a WiFi 6 option to boost its wireless internet connection and flows.

⬇️: maximum flow in reception

⬆️: Maximum speed in emission

Red by SFR’s fiber offer in detail

Offer Promo price
Standard price
Network Max
TV channels Costs
Red Fiber € 19.99
(12 months)
€ 29.99 Ftth
500 500 Ftth
50 Fttla
35 included /100 optional 39 € 49 €
Red Fiber
With Wifi 6
€ 26.99
(12 months)
€ 36.99 Ftth
1,000 700 Ftth
100 Fttla
35 included /100 optional 39 € 49 €

The services included


Red by SFR relies on the fiber optic and very high speed of SFR to offer its internet offers.

  • FTTH network : 500 Mbit/s ⬇️ and 500 Mbit/s ⬆️
  • FTTLA network (THD) : 500 Mbit/s ⬇️ and 50 Mbit/s ⬆️
  • FTTH network – WiFi 6 option : 1 Gbit/s ⬇️ and 700 Mbit/s ⬆️
  • FTTLA network (THD) – WiFi 6 option : 1 Gbit/s ⬇️ and 100 Mbit/s ⬆️

Red Box 8


THE calls to fixes in France and to more than 100 destinations are unlimited in the Red Fiber offer.

And at the moment, the operator is offering the option including unlimited calls to mobiles in mainland France and DOM.

Red TV decoderTelevision

35 TV channels are included in the offer, but you can opt for a TV option at € 2 per month to access 100 channels. It gives you access to TNT channels, thematic channels, and certain replay services as well as a wide choice of vod programs.

The option with 100 channels does not include a TV decoder. To get one, you have to pay € 3 per month to have the Connect TV decoder. The latter includes access to Android TV in 4K HDR and is provided with a remote control integrating the Google assistant.

  • Internet : 35 TV channels
  • Internet offer + option at € 2 per month : 100 TV channels
  • Internet offer + option at € 2 per month + Connect TV decoder (€ 3/month) : 100 TV channels accessible from your TV

You then have the possibility to complete your television offer by various paid bouquets (Entertainment and discovery, RMC Sport, Netflix …).


10 GB of storage are included on the SFR cloud with the Red Fiber offer. You can opt for a 100 GB storage (paid option).

The Red by SFR fiber offer in short

Red Internet Options

Red by SFR WiFi options

The promotions of the moment

At the moment, the Red Fiber offer is offered at Promotional rate of € 19.99 per month for 12 months, then go to € 29.99 per month. In addition, the option Unlimited calls to mobiles is offered.

Red by SFR also reimburses you Termination fees of your former operator up to 100 euros.

What fiber cover with Red by SFR ?

SFR has two fiber optic networks. Red fiber offer relies on both networks: FTTB technology which uses a coaxial cable to connect your internet home over the last meters, and FTTH technology where the home is directly connected in fiber optic.

More than 22 million dwellings are eligible for the SFR network.

Commitment and costs

  • Without engagement
  • Setup fees : 39 €
  • Termination Fee : 49 €
  • Box rental : Include

Fiber connection by Red by SFR and other services

  • Connection by the technician: offered
  • Intervention for moving your socket if its current location does not suit you: € 60
  • Installation of a second socket if you have the TV option with Red Box THD and want to install the decoder at a different location from the modem: 60 €
  • If you want the Branch technician and configure your equipment during this service, available in THD only: € 20

Red Box Fiber: offers, price, installation and eligibility

You want to benefit from the Internet with very high speed, without commitment and at a low price ? The Red Fiber offer could interest you with its non -binding box. Find out how Red SFR fiber, eligibility, offer characteristics and installation process.

  • The essential
  • Two fiber technologies are used by Red SFR in very high speed: FTTH fiber And Fttla. To find out if you are eligible, you should do a test with your postal address or your fixed line number.
  • L’Red Fiber offer is without commitment and costs 19.99 €/month for 12 months, then 29.99 €/month (with 1 month offered !)).
  • L’Red by SFR fiber installation is done at home by a technician and she is free.

How does Red by SFR fiber work ?

The Red Fiber can be connected to accommodation with different technologies: optical fiber or FTTLA. To find out which technology will be used in your accommodation, you must do a Red fiber eligibility test.

Fiber (ftth) and THD (fttla): what difference ?

Red question

Red by SFR is a low cost brand that belongs to the SFR operator. To offer Internet fiber offers, Red relies on the infrastructure of his parent company.

So if you have a Red by SFR fiber box, Know that you use the same internet network as that of SFR customers. Only theoretical maximum speed can vary.

With SFR (and therefore Red by SFR), two “fiber” technologies exist:

  • Optical fiber: this is the most efficient technology, and the only one recognized under the name “fiber”. Also called FTTH (Fiber to the Home), it directly connects the closest optical connection node to the subscriber’s home. There optical fiber Allows particularly high flows, which can reach 1GB/s in Download (with Red by SFR).
  • THE Very high speed (THD) : Established only by SFR, this technology connects the optical connection node to a street cabinet or a box located in a common place, to finish the connection to the home of the subscriber via a coaxial cable. To do this, SFR uses the old numericable cable network. The THD, also called FTTLA (Fiber to the Last amplifier), allows you to reach flows almost equivalent to those promised by fiber optics.

With Red by SFR, you can take out a Optical Fiber Internet offer or in THD, According to the results of your fiber eligibility test.

Theoretical flows with a Red SFR Fiber offer

By subscribing to a Red by SFR Fiber offer, you benefit from the most efficient theoretical flows, in view of the different technologies. Here is a summary of connection speeds reaching with fiber or THD:

Until 50mbit/s

Red by SFR offers a WiFi 6 € 7/month option to benefit from a higher speed. This can reach 1gbit/s in Download.

What are the prices and characteristics of Red Fiber offers ?

Red fiber offer adapts according to your needs. Indeed, it is possible to choose for example to choose the option “Without TV decoder” If you don’t wish.

Red Box Fiber: Internet, Fixed Telephony and TV

Unlike conventional operators, Red by SFR offers only one internet offer. Here are the characteristics:

Details of the Red Box Fiber offer – valid at August 30, 2023

Rate 19.99 €/month for 12 months, then 29.99 €/month + One month of subscription offered
Commitment Without engagement
Internet Internet access with very high speed via fiber optic technology FTTH or FTTLA
Telephony Unlimited calls to fixed in France/DOM + 100 destinations
Unlimited calls to mobiles in France/DOM
Television 35 channels with Red TV (without TV decoder)
100 channels as an option paid (3 €/month)
8 hours of recording
TV decoder accessible for purchase at a price of € 29 (instead of € 60)
Bonus SFR Cloud 10GB storage
Equipment Box Plus (and Connect TV Decoder optional)

The technology used varies depending on the eligibility of the subscriber, to obtain a Red fiber box offer, So you have to live in accommodation eligible for optical fiber (or THD).

You want to take out a Red SFR fiber offer ?

You want to take out a Red SFR fiber offer ? 01 86 65 29 78

You want to take out a Red SFR fiber offer ? Compare them Different Red Box Fiber offers, Test your eligibility and subscribe to the box that best suits you ! See offers

Red Box Fiber Personalization Options

There Red Fiber Box Allows access to basic features, but if these are not enough for you, you can very easily develop your offer by subscribing additional options. The price of these is added to the monthly price of the offer.

RED options selection – valid at August 30, 2023

How to perform a Red by SFR fiber eligibility test ?

Perform an RED fiber eligibility test via the red by SFR site

The first option to find out if you are eligible for the fiber optics of Red by SFR is to go to the site Red-By-Sfr.Fr. Then proceed as follows:

  1. At the top of the page, click on Internet box.
  2. Click on the button Test your eligibility.
  3. Inform your fixed line number or your postal address and click on To validate. Details may be asked.
  4. The site then tells you to which internet offer you are eligible.

Perform an RED fiber eligibility test with a selectra advisor

If you prefer to be assisted in your approach, you can contact a free selectra advisor on 01 86 65 29 78.

To save time, prepare your fixed line number or postal address, which will be requested on the phone to make the Red by SFR fiber eligibility test. In a few minutes, you will know which Red offer you are eligible.

How to install the Red by SFR fiber ?

You want to take out a Red Fiber offer ?

You want to take out a Red Fiber offer ? 01 86 65 29 78

You want to take out a Red Fiber offer ? Test your Red SFR fiber eligibility And compare the available offers at home ! See offers

To benefit from the Red Fiber from the moment you are eligible, when installing your equipment within your accommodation, different steps may be necessary.

Make an appointment have the Red by SFR technician


You have subscribed a Red Fiber offer, But then, how is theFiber installation at your place ?

At the time of your online order, you will have to Make an appointment with a SFR technician which will make the trip to your home for the installation of the fiber. This intervention can last up to two hours, the ideal is therefore to plan a full half-day to welcome the technician on D-Day. If you cannot be present, an adult can represent you.

48 hours after your subscription, you can access the Tracking your order. To do this, simply use the number that has been sent to you in your confirmation email.

In the event of an impediment, it is possible to change your appointment until 48 hours before the date initially planned.

The process of installing fiber optics by the technician Red by SFR

The method for Install the Red SFR fiber In your accommodation depends on your situation: do you already have a fiber socket or not ? This is generally in the form of a small white case glued to the wall.

  1. The technician goes to your home with your equipment.
  2. It checks the conformity of the fiber socket and replaces it if necessary (arrange for your socket is easily accessible on the day of the appointment).
  1. The technician goes to your home with your equipment.
  2. It installs your fiber socket and connects your accommodation to a connection point that is outside.

How much is the installation of the fiber by red ?

THE fiber installation service by a Red by SFR technician is free. Nevertheless, Red invoice the opening costs of service, an amount of € 39, if you are a new customer.

At the time of the meeting, additional services may be invoiced:

  • Movement of socket: € 60
  • Connection and configuration of equipment (in THD only): € 20
  • Installation of an additional socket: € 60

Deployment of RED fiber on the territory

In 2013, the French government set up the Very high speed plan : a program to deploy optical fiber, which aims to ensure that the entire territory can be covered by 2025.

All operators are mobilized, and SFR is no exception. The deployment of FTTH and FTTLA fiber by the operator is developing in new municipalities each year. Thus, Red by SFR indicates on its site that “Red Box Fiber and Red Box Thd offers are available in nearly 22.4 million households“”.

Good mobile

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