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Distrust an image for free

Yes. After having cut your image with the background deletion tool, simply access the “replace the background” option and choose a new background in the selection. To find out more, see our page explaining start to change your background.

Photo montage: how to quickly cut an online image

No need to be a photo editing expert to cut an image. Simple online tools allow you to remove the background in a few clicks to create a collage or to draw attention to a particular element of the image. Find out how to perform a photo clipping with Remove.BG, Clipping Magic and Zyro.

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Detouring an image, what does that mean ?

Dating a subject of a photo consists in extracting it or modifying the bottom of it. Often the goal aims to draw attention to the detached element. The latter can then be inserted in another image: this is called a photomontage. You can recover a photo of you taken in a place not very fun, then stick to a landscape of paradise island. Hop, you can make your friends believe that you are on vacation in Bali !

In this tutorial, we show you how to cut out in your images with three easy -to -access tools.

Discover an image with the Remove

This is by far the simplest and most known online photo cutting tool. remove.BG (for Remove background, Remove the background in Molière’s tongue) makes it possible to remove the background from an image in a few clicks. No need for a powerful computer or install specific software. Just go to the Remove and follow the following few steps:

  • Click on Download an image
  • On your computer, select the one you want to cut, then click Open

Immediately the remoteness finished, the bottom of the image will disappear. It will only remain the main subject. If the result satisfies you, just click on download to recover the photo. If you want to refine, click modify and make the necessary changes.

The tool gives you access to two features to proceed: erase and restore. Remove.BG also suggests several background models in which you can integrate the cutter photo. Once your changes are completed, click Download.

The photo will then be downloaded to your computer, but with a quality limited to 0.25 megapixel. It is possible to download it with better quality (up to 25 Mpx), but for that it will be necessary to get your hands on the wallet and pay € 1.99 (1 credit) for a high definition image (decreasing price if you buy several credits simultaneously). Several subscription formulas are available for those who intend to regularly use the tool: 40 credits per month for € 9, 200 monthly credits for € 39, 500 credits for € 89, etc., All with prices decreasing in the image.

Discover a photo with the clipping magic website

Another online tool intended to quickly remove the bottom of a photo, Clipping Magic is distinguished by its precise cutting. It is recommended for retouching of complex images. Its operation is as simple as that of Remove.BG:

  • To start, go to the clipping magic website
  • Click on Slip Image here or Download Image
  • On your computer, choose the photo to cut, then click Open
  • The background will be automatically deleted and you will see on the screen the original photo plus the markings on the left, as well as a preview of the image cut to the right
  • Different tools are made available to refine the result in case it is not satisfactory, always with live preview

To recover the photo retouched, click the Download button in the menu located at the top and left of the screen. Just like Remove.BG, Clipping Magic allows you to download a limited size result for free, which cannot serve a commercial purpose. To recover the image in high definition, you have to pay. A credit is worth an image and you have the choice between three subscription formulas: Light (15 credits/month at € 3.49), standard (100 credits/month at € 6.99) and pro (500 credits/month to € 16.99).

Discover a photo with Zyro’s cutting tool

Unlike Remove.BG and Clipping Magic, Zyro allows you to cut out a free online photo. On the other hand, it does not include features to retouch or modify the final result. If there is a defect, it will therefore not be possible to correct it with the tool. Here’s how to remove the background of an image on Zyro:

  • Click on TV image
  • Select the photo to cut on your computer, then click Open
  • The tool immediately performs your photo and you can recover the cutting version via download the image

Unlike the other two solutions, Zyro’s cutting offer is completely free, but does not offer any configuration. You provide the photo and the subject is cut off, that’s all. You just have to download the result. The site is content to delete the background and place the subject on a transparent background; It’s up to you to change the background image.

Zyro is also a website creation service, which offers a selection of practical tools and accessible free of charge in parallel with its paid offers.

Distrust an image for free

Tool to remove the background of a 100 % free and automatic image

With the background removal tool based on INPIXIO AI, get a transparent background in a few seconds.

Remove background from Image

Or slide a file

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How to use the free background deletion tool

Choose an image

To cut out an image, import it into the background deletion module. If you want to remove the background of several images, you can also submit several files at a time.

Delete the bottom

After importing the image, the background deletion tool automatically runs in one click ! And once the bottom is removed, you can also adjust the selection manually.


As soon as you are satisfied with the cut image, click “Save the photo” to instantly download your image with a transparent background in PNG format.

Automatically cut your images in a few seconds

The high performance AI of the free background deletion tool detects the background of your images and instantly deletes it

  • Cars
  • Products
  • Graphics

A yellow sports car with a blue background

A yellow sports car with a transparent background

A person who does sports in front of a window

A person who does sports with the deleted background

A white dog with black spots sitting in front of a sofa

A white dog with black spots and a transparent background

Floor sneakers with a pattern background

CDes sneakers without background

An illustration representing a camera with the text

An illustration representing a camera with the deleted background

Inpixio’s background removal tool is ideal in the following cases:

A person in front of the Golden Gate bridge


Detour a portrait photo to quickly remove the annoying elements or create a collage by placing several transparent images on a new background.

An orange watch in an e-commerce ad


Make photos of transparent products and place them on a white background to create clear and uniform images for Amazon, eBay, etc.

A logo image with different backgrounds


Easily create business marketing media, while improving the workflow. For example, cutting a logo image to be able to use it easily on colored backgrounds.

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Inpixio is an excellent photo editing software

Inpixio works perfectly to remove the bottom of an image. I love this tool and I recommend it to all photographers.

Super background deletion tool

The background removal tool is very precise and saved me a lot of time. THANKS.

I love this background deletion software

I love this background deletion software. He helps me a lot.

FAQ on the removal of background

Why use the Inpixio background deletion tool ?

The Inpixio background removal tool guarantees HD cutting, which means that your image retains its quality. In addition, the background is deleted 100 % automatically-and it’s free !

Can I change the background of my photo ?

Yes. After having cut your image with the background deletion tool, simply access the “replace the background” option and choose a new background in the selection. To find out more, see our page explaining start to change your background.

Can I cut my image manually ?

The free background deletion tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) and automatic learning to automatically detect backgrounds. However, you can also manually select the areas of the image to erase and continue to use the red and green markers.

Is the final image transparent ?

Yes, cutting your photo creates a transparent image that you can download in PNG format.

How to delete the background from an image on my phone ?

The process for deleting the background of an image on your phone is the same as on a computer. Just import a photo into the online tool for the background deletion and download the final image on your phone.

Is the background deletion tool available as an office app ?

Yes, in addition to the online tool, the inpixio background deletion software is available in our studio desktop application. Photo Studio includes a high-precision background deletion tool, as well as a full toolbox for incredible photos.