PEUGEOT E-208 Autonomy Electric: How many kms can I travel?, How much can we really go through Peugeot E-208?

How much can we really go through Peugeot E-208

The Peugeot E-208, put to the test by us, thus announces 340 km of autonomy in mixed journey (therefore in principle composed of city, secondary network and fast way). The figure is consistent, given its rather generous capacity battery (50 kWh, including 46.5 useful).

PEUGEOT E-208 Autonomy Electric

How many kilometers can I travel with the Peugeot E-208 electric vehicle ?

The autonomy of the Peugeot E-208 electric car is 400 km, with a single load, depending on the WLTP standard.

Real autonomy can then depend on several elements: battery load level, the type of course (highway, city or mixed), air conditioning or heating, the weather, the elevation.

Peugeot E-208

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Version Battery capacity Autonomy
50 kWh 46 kWh 400 km
51 kWh 48.1 kWh 400 km

Peugeot E-208 autonomy simulator

Use the simulator below to estimate the autonomy of the electric vehicle Peugeot E-208 Depending on the different criteria offered:


Battery level
Air conditioning / heating


Highway (Moy. 120 km/h)
Strong rain or snow

The values ​​are calculated from WLTP autonomy. With this value is calculated the theoretical autonomy according to the selected criteria. Real autonomy is given as an indication and has no contractual value. This data is not provided by the manufacturers. More or less 10% error margin.

* Autonomy in 100% electric driving

Try Peugeot E-208 Electric ?

Configure your PEUGEOT E-208 Electric vehicle or request a free trial.

All about Peugeot E-208

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How much can we really go through Peugeot E-208 ?

This is the big question that sticks to the Basques of any electric novelty. The Peugeot E-208, 100 % electric version of the new 208, claims a range of 340 km in mixed route. Even if the new WLTP measurement cycle is now more realistic, the promise of the lioness remains completely theoretical.

The gap between the figures announced by the manufacturers and the reality reached very laughable levels of the time of the old nedc measurement standards. Sometimes from simple to double, for certain thermal engines ! Hence some misunderstandings, when independent laboratories engaged in other test protocols (on diesel from the Volkswagen group for example). The entry into force of WLTP measures, since last year, has brought a little more realism, especially for electric cars and hybrid plug-in.

The Peugeot E-208, put to the test by us, thus announces 340 km of autonomy in mixed journey (therefore in principle composed of city, secondary network and fast way). The figure is consistent, given its rather generous capacity battery (50 kWh, including 46.5 useful).

Almost an electric GTI

First contact. 100 %charged, the gauge indicates. 220 km of radius of action. A bug ? No, the system simply analyzes the latest driving phases to give an estimate, readjusted over the kilometers. Clearly, our predecessor had to take advantage of the 136 hp engine generosity. It is true that she works strong, this e-208. Gaps of torque (260 nm in sport mode) and player, she passes for a real little electric GTI ! The suspension is also a little firm (to compensate for its fairly strong weight) but the damping rather well filtered.

Do not panic therefore, everything is back to normal after a few tens of kilometers traveled in town and on Péri-Urbains Ile-de-France journeys. So rarely beyond 90 km/h, and punctuated with many stops and restarts, while enjoying a rather effective recovery mode B. The first laps are engaging, and the autonomy dates back to 230 km after about 30 km traveled.

Essay: How much can we really go through Peugeot E-208?

Almost 1.5 t for a 208 ? The fault of the batteries. But the chassis is balanced, a bit player, and the accelerations frank: 2.8 s from 0 to 50 km/h !

Good to know: anticipate purchase and resale.

It is possible to know the resale or recovery value of your vehicle thanks to the Turbo car rating of your Peugeot E-208, the alternative to the Argus coast.

340 km is doable.

. But in an extremely limited framework, and far from a varied mixed use. Because as soon as we venture on a fast track, consumption flies away (more than 20 kWh / km at 130 km / h) and barely achieves 200 km. We know that electricity, by definition, does not like the highway. But the energy appetite of the E-208 is particularly high there. Too bad, because its comfort and road qualities make it almost a small traveler. A Renault Zoé is less fun but does better when it comes to preserving its battery (slightly larger, 52 kWh).

On the other hand, the balance sheet is much more flattering over the city courses, where having significant autonomy is completely superfluous, finally. At the end of our test carried out over 800 km, we managed to travel 300 km on a single load, with a share of largely dominant urban journeys (only 50 km of highway and 150 km of secondary network between 70 and 80 km /h). A varied course will be more ended, by being realistic, by a range of 260 km. Provided you show restraint, and limit the use of heating (luckily fall is mild), it is therefore technically possible to reach the 340 km promised. Provided to transform each of their journeys into an eco-driving test and to adopt a driving driving activism.

Essay: How much can we really go through Peugeot E-208?

The E-208 supports the load in 100 kW, and can go up 0 to 80 % of autonomy in 30 minutes on a quick charging station. More realistic and cheaper for daily use, a 7.4 kW wallbox requires 8 hours of load.

Peugeot E-208 technical characteristics

Peugeot E-208 GT technical sheet

Model Try: Peugeot E-208 GT
Dimensions L x W x H 4.06 / 1.77 / 1.43 m
Wheelbase 2.54 m
Mini chest volume 311 L
Unloaded weight 1.455 kg
Engine / battery Electric / 50 kWh battery
Eco / normal / sport power 82/100/136 hp
ECO / Normal / Sport couple 180/220/260 Nm
0 to 100 km/h 8.1 s
Max speed 150 km/h
Announced consumption 13.5 kWh / 100 km
Announced / raised autonomy 340 km / 260 km
Bonus 2020 7.000 €
Prices from 32.700 € (model tried: 37.550 €)

Good to know: anticipate purchase and resale.

Whether for the purchase of a new or used car, it is important to provide all expenses by comparing different car insurance offers.

  • – Frame
  • – Chronos
  • – Look, finish
  • – Autonomy on fast track
  • – Prices

Confirmed fear, the autonomy of the Peugeot E-208 disappoints. The rest, no. We will keep from the electrified 208 a completely different memory than that of the figures: a blissful smile with each rejoice, which makes it one of the most endearing of the family (and the most expensive too). The most important, ultimately.

Peugeot E-208: The new version with 400 km of autonomy increases the bill

The Peugeot E-208 is now available in a brand new version equipped with the EMP 2 electric motor. Thanks to this new more powerful engine, the city car also displays a range of 400 km against 362 before. But obviously, this gain has a cost and the bill inevitably rises.

Peugeot E208

Since its launch in 2019, the Peugeot E-208 has made a place for itself in the sun in the top 10 of the best-selling electric cars in France. In October 2020, the electric city car was one of the best sales alongside the Renault Zoé, or the Kia E-Niro and the Renault Twingo Ze.

For several months now, we have mentioned in our columns the hypothetical launch of a new version of the Peugeot E-208 with a more powerful motorization and greater autonomy. The thing was finally confirmed by the brand in the lion in September 2022, on the occasion of the presentation of the new Peugeot E-308.

Indeed, this Peugeot E-208 has a new EMP2 engine co-developed with Emotors, a company co-founded by PSA and Japanese Nidec. With this new generation engine block, the electric city car is posted A power of 115 kW instead of 100 kW. We therefore go from 136 hp to 156 hp, while the couple remains at 260 Nm. In summary, this is a overall increase in motor power by 15 %.

An increase in the increase which has a cost

Unsurprisingly, the battery also benefits from slight improvements, with an increased capacity of 50 to 52 kWh. Result, The Peugeot E-208 exceeds the milestone of 400 km of autonomy, Against 362 km previously. Electricity consumption decreases in passing, to reach The 12 kWh per 100 km.

However, we have just learned that this variant of the Peugeot E-208 is available for order since Wednesday, November 16, 2022. The opportunity for us to discover the price, and especially to note that only the Peugeot E-208 GT will benefit from this engine. Indeed, if you choose the Like or Active finish, you will always be on the old technical sheet with the engine at 136 hp and the 50 kWh battery.

You will understand, it will therefore be necessary to opt the GT version, displayed at 40,400 euros all the same, for having “under the hood” the EMP2 engine. Note that the bill has climbed 400 euros compared to the old high -end version of 136 hp. By deducting the ecological bonus currently capped at 7000 euros, the Peugeot E-208 GT is therefore negotiated in 33,400 euros. If you are interested, know that deliveries will start during the 2023, without further details.

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