Passage to French Iban | Revolut fr, revolut: the French RIB now available

Revolut: the French RIB now available

So what to do in this case ? It’s simple, start by writing a letter to the company or the merchant who refused your foreign rib to remind him of the law. If this is not enough, you can call on a competent authority such as the Banque de France, the DGCCRF or the Prudential Control Authority.

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Passage to French Iban

Revolut opens a French branch. This means that customers living in France will be transferred to the French branch and will have a French IBAN. Thanks to French IBAN, your revolut account will be even better suited for use as a main account:

  • Receive your salary directly on your revolut account
  • Payment by direct debit
  • Avoid paperwork in addition to non -French Iban
  • Pay public service providers directly from your Revolut account.

When will new French local account information be available ?

Once you have agreed to join the French branch and have sent all the necessary additional information, we will send you a confirmation of new French IBAN emission for your revolut account.

Where to find my new French account information ?

No reason to worry ! Aside from the new information, your account will hardly change. You can consult the information of your account in the Revolut app by going to the reception → Accounts → EURO FLAUT icon → LOCAL.

Can I keep my old Iban instead of going to the new French Iban ?

To be able to continue using your Revolut account, you must have your French IBAN. You can do this by updating your information and selecting the option of joining the French branch.

Why did I not receive an invitation to migrate to a new French IBAN ?

We treat migration to French Iban by lots. We will contact you when we are ready to make you migrate to the new French IBAN. Stay on the lookout !

To be eligible, you must have the required documents (namely, passport, national identity card, residence permit or visa) and your country of residence must be France. Users who have registered with a driving license must contact us via instant messaging and update their document. After verifying these new documents, you will be about to join the French branch, and you will be informed as soon as everything is in place.

Essential articles concerning French Iban:

  • I have recurring payments configured on my current Iban, for how long will they work ?
  • Can I use the new French IBAN for automatic samples ?
  • If a bank transfer is delayed due to migration to French Iban, I will receive compensation ?
  • What do I sign exactly via electronic signature ?

Do not hesitate to contact us via instant messaging if you have any questions, or to consult our help center if you want to know more about the French branch.

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Revolut: the French RIB now available

Revolut deploys the French RIB

Revolut replaces his Lithuanian RIB with a French RIB for all its customers in France ! An automatic transfer that will allow revolut customers to no longer find themselves in difficulty with their foreign rib. What will it change ? How to ask for your new Iban ? We tell you everything !

Revolut: finally a French Iban !

French RIB

Good news for French customers Revolut ! The neobank has indeed started to Deploy the French to her customers domiciled in France, to replace the Lithuanian Iban.

A service highly anticipated by revolut customers of France, since foreign Iban can sometimes be a problem for its holders !

What will it change for customers ? Well, they will now be able to receive their salary on their revolut account, make payments by direct debit from all types of service providers or avoid additional administrative formalities requested for foreign IBA.

“After having opted for this account transfer to our French branch, they will be able to transparently use their revolut account for salary deposits, direct debit payments with any type of service providers and have a truly compatible bank product In France.»

Vincent Péron, French Revolut manager.

Customers therefore gain flexibility and can now Reverse their main bank If they wish ! It is also a real step forward for the neobank, since it will allowattract new customers, previously hampered by the absence of local Iban, andIncrease the competitiveness of the neobank Faced with his competitors.

What is an IBAN ? IBAN is the bank account identification number. This combination of figures allows the holder of the account to make various transactions, including transfers or samples. You will find your IBAN directly on your bank identity statement (RIB).

Revolut customer: how to ask for your new IBAN ?

SO How to ask for its new French Iban from the neobank ? Well it’s very simple since Revolut takes care of everything, or almost ! The transition to French Iban will therefore be automatically, you will only have Validate and sign the new general conditions Before receiving your new bank details in the process.

Revolut customers, So watch your email boxes To join the French subsidiary of the Neobank and be able to obtain your new banking contact details !

To facilitate the transition to this new IBAN, the Lithuanian Iban will still be active for 30 days after the transfer.

RIB Foreign: why sometimes is a problem ?

To be denied a payment or a transfer because of his foreign rib is a situation far from being anecdotal. Yet, It is a perfectly illegal practice in the SEPA zone !

Since the arrival of foreign neobancs in France, the Discrimination at IBAN has continued to increase. Indeed, some still offer their customers today foreign RIBs who can sometimes be declined because the country’s code does not correspond to that of France. Customers are therefore found in dead end, with refused payments or transfers.

“Our customers in France are regularly victims of unfair discrimination from service providers due to their foreign banking contact details, even if it is illegal to refuse European bank accounts. We are very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​offering French Iban to our customers and helping to solve this problem for them.””

Vincent Péron, French Revolut manager.

So what to do in this case ? It’s simple, start by writing a letter to the company or the merchant who refused your foreign rib to remind him of the law. If this is not enough, you can call on a competent authority such as the Banque de France, the DGCCRF or the Prudential Control Authority.

Revolut: You can finally go to a French Iban and make it your main account

With nearly 2 million customers in France, it was necessary one day that Revolut could offer local Ibans for its customers. The neobank has just announced the deployment of these through its French branch.

With the launch of its French branch at the end of last year, Revolut aimed to finally be able to launch 100 % French accounts for its resident customers in France in order to end discrimination at IBAN. This is done today since the deployment of French is underway, customers can now domicile their accounts in France as in any French online bank.

The end of discrimination at IBAN

Revolut statements, it was the functionality most requested by its customers in France. It must be said that despite the laws concerning the need for automatic acceptance of foreign bank accounts, the regulations were far from being respected by certain entities or service providers. With a single French Iban, revolut users will be able to:

  • Carry out paids by direct debit to any type of service provider.
  • Place their wages directly on their revolut accounts without complications.
  • Open an online account with telephone operators and avoid additional administrative formalities required for foreign IBAN.
  • Have a bank product entirely compatible in France.

The replacement of Lithuba Iban by French Iban is automatic and will gradually be. Revolut users in France must expect in the coming days to receive a notification inviting them to accept the new general conditions. Note that after this change, Lithuanian Iban will remain active for another 30 days after migration, in order to ensure a smooth transition to the French subsidiary.