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Temporary Internet: The Event Box 4G solution

NVIDIA SHIELD TV PRO Best Price: 219 €

Orange wifi – Orange wifi connection characteristics

Orange offers several WiFi equipment for the house with its Livebox offers at prices that vary between € 24.99 and € 37.99 per month. The operator is renowned on the telecom market for its very efficient internet network. Orange offers its customers several solutions to optimize or boost their WiFi connection. Discover in this article all the details on the Orange WiFi: price, characteristics and advantages.

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  • The essential
  • THE Orange Livebox allow you to connect in wifi at home.
  • Orange offers the WiFi 6 repeater allowing you to benefit from a Fast wifi everywhere in your accommodation.
  • Orange wifi is premium : Orange customers can take advantage of Smart wifi or even WiFi 6th, According to Livebox models.
  • Orange customers can connect to Orange public wifi and wifi from its partners.

What are the characteristics of orange wifi ?

Orange wifi corresponds to the wireless internet access service provided by Orange for its customers. THE features specific orange wifi connection may vary depending on equipment, Technological offers and developments. In general, here are some characteristics and functionalities associated with Orange wifi ::

What are the wifi standards adopted by Livebox ?

Orange Livebox followed The evolution of WiFi standards Over the years to offer subscribers A quick WiFi connection, stable and secure. Here are all of Wi-Fi standards generally adopted by different livebox models ::

  1. WiFi 802.11 b/g : The old livebox such as the Livebox 2 or the Livebox Play, supported these older standards, offering maximum flows going as far as 11 Mb/s For 802.11 b and 54 Mb/s For 802.11 g.
  2. WiFi 802.11 AC or WiFi 5 : This standard is available in more versions recent Livebox (the Livebox 4 and the Livebox 5), this standard makes it possible to reach flows of more than 1 Gb/s, Users thus benefit from significantly improved performance.
  3. WiFi 802.11 ax or wifi 6 : New equipment such as the Livebox 6, integrate this standard, allowing ultra -fast connection speeds, better management of connections in simultaneous.
  4. WiFi 6th: It is an extension of Wifi 6, also available in the Livebox 6, this extension uses The gang of 6 GHz to provide more canals available and lessinterference, ensuring user experience again more fluid. By subscribing to an internet offer at Orange, the operator offers WiFi 6 repeaters to improve your Internet connection in your accommodation.

You want to know the characteristics of your Orange WiFi connection ? To have information on the characteristics of your Orange WiFi connection, log into your Livebox interface while typing on the web then go to the “wifi” section.

Here is a painting summary WiFi features at Orange:

WiFi characteristics at Orange on September 22, 2023

Livebox type WiFi Orange standards Frequency band
Livebox 2 / Livebox Play 802.11 b/g 2.4 GHz
Livebox 4 / Livebox 5 802.11 AC (wifi 5) 5 GHz, smart wifi
Livebox 6 802.11 AX (WiFi 6/6th) 6 GHz, smart wifi

What is smart wifi ? This new technology optimizes the wifi connection of your accommodation independently. With this feature, your internet connection remains stable and efficient even if you connect Several simultaneous devices. Intelligent wifi is a service included in New orange boxes :: Livebox 4, Livebox 5 And Livebox 6.

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Orange serenity wifi option

You have tried to optimize your connection but you still do not arrive at a satisfactory wifi quality ? You can turn to Orange WiFi experts. Being subscribed to a Max Livebox Offer (fiber like ADSL), you can benefit from the advice of a free wifi coach, on demand : this is the WiFi Serenity of Orange. You take advantage of tailor-made support to enjoy the best internet performance at home.

Concretely, the WiFi Orange coach gives a diagnosis of your connection and then gives you advice on the actions to be carried out to optimize it. To take advantage of this service, Connect to your WiFi Serenity Customer area, or Contact Orange at 3900 To make an appointment with an Orange expert

How to improve your Livebox Internet connection ? If you are already a customer of an Orange Internet box and want to boost your Internet connection. Orange offers several solutions to help you improve your internet connection. All details in this article:

How to secure your orange wifi connection ?

A wifi repeater

In order to protect your personal data from malicious acts caused by hackers, it is highly recommended to Secure your WiFi connection : Indeed, an unsecured WiFi allows anyone to use your Internet connection without your permission. This can also cause a saturation of your bandwidth, which will generate a slowing down your connection. In addition, if these people carry out illegal activities using your wifi, you might be held.e responsible.

Here are the steps to follow to secure your Orange WiFi connection:

  1. Opt For a difficult and unique password.
  2. Put regularly your equipmentup to date.
  3. From your livebox interface, check to have chosen The right safety mode.

How to change the orange wifi password ? For your safety, it is best to constantly change your wifi password at Orange. Discover in this article how to change your wifi password at Orange

How to program your WiFi connection at Orange ?

If you are looking to deactivate your orange Wi-Fi connection, for health reasons related to the sensitivity to the waves emitted by WiFi for example, it is important to know that with the Livebox Orange, you can plan the activation or the Disabling your Wi-Fi according to your needs. To temporarily deactivate your Wi-Fi connection, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to your Livebox using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open your web browser, then enter the IP address In the address bar to access the Livebox interface.
  3. Identify Using your connection information.
  4. Navigate to the “wifi” menu and select the “WiFi planner” option.
  5. Activate the WiFi planner by checking the corresponding box.
  6. You can choose between a mode predefined or “personalized” to define Your own schedules.
  7. Select time slots during which you want deactivate wifi.
  8. Save your settings.

You can also plan the connection of your WiFi Orange Using the Ma Livebox application by accessing the menu “Wi-Fi settings“, then by selecting the option”To plan“”.

Updated on 09/22/2023

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Temporary Internet: The Event Box 4G solution

With Event Box 4G, you benefit from a solution, without obligation, from Haut-Débit internet access, in wired or WiFi connection. You have a simple and quick connectivity solution for your employees.
Take advantage of the quality of the Orange network for your event !

Event box 4G

Make your choice

The Event Box 4G solution in a few words

You need temporary internet access dedicated to your employees ? You encounter eligibility and/or delay problems to build internet access for your event ?

  • With Event Box 4G, box solution on event, you have high-end connectivity and offer shared internet access to several users

The most orange events on the temporary internet

  • A 4G box offer on event, turnkey with immediate activation

We also offer you for your temporary wifi needs:

  • Event Pocket 4G, an offer from the Internet Haut-Débit without boxes for mobility use

The Event Box 4G offer in detail

  • Event box 4G consists of a 4G category 4 router and a SIM card associated with a data

Orange Wi-Fi Sensing: How Livebox could help monitor home

Sensing Wi-Fi technology currently tested by Orange could detect the presence of people in a home or in its rooms. This possibility could be offered to Livebox holders.

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The wireless network distributed by the Box of Internet Access providers makes it possible to connect the computers and smartphones of the home, but also all the new connected objects that take place there. WiFi could also have another use in the future thanks to Sensing Wi-Fi technology.

At the beginning of 2022, the CNIL digital innovation laboratory (National Commission for Data Protection) made it a particularly interesting description, explaining what the Standard Sens could be used in the future. The list of possibilities is something to surprise: understanding of sign language, detection of body data such as the pace of breathing, or even detection of intrusions.

Livebox as a presence detector

It is precisely on this last point in which Orange was interested. According to 01net, The operator even put into practice technology and demonstrated it at the research and innovation show that was held from October 18 to 20.

WiFi waves are indeed impacted by the environment, those who enjoy thick walls at home have probably noticed it. However, the waves are also disturbed by the presence of people in motion. Thanks to analysis functions and after a software update, recent livebox could be able to detect the presence of a person, warn the user and thus replace the motion detectors used by conventional alarms.

We can also imagine other types of use, as reported by the CNIL lab, which quotes the cognitive system Systems. This already markets solutions using this capacity of WiFi to improve the well-being of people or automatically control heating and lighting.

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