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Orange mobile network coverage

With a 4G mobile coverage rate of 92.39%, Orange offers the second best 4G network in France, behind SFR (94.29%) and ahead of Bouygues Telecom (92.81%). Free Mobile is the operator who covers French territory the least in 4G (90.26%).

Mobile coverage of the Orange network in 3G, 4G and 5G

Orange is a pioneer in the world of telecommunications in France. Today multinational, the brand continues to advocate its status as a leader in the territory. The historic operator was elected ” Mobile network n ° 1 in France “For the 11th consecutive time by the ARCEP (regulatory authority for electronic communications and posts) in 2021. It does not mean that its competitors will let it go and in particular with the advent of 5G. What about the orange cover For this year 2022 ? here are the answers.

  • What is the state of the 4G mobile orange coverage ?
  • What is the 5G mobile coverage of Orange?
  • What about the 3G and 2G coverage of the Orange mobile network ?
  • How to know the performance of the Orange mobile network at home ?
  • What to do to better capture the Orange Mobile network ?

What is the state of the 4G mobile orange coverage ?

According to the report of the ANFR (National Frequencies Agency) dating from May 2022, the mobile operator Orange counts 27,883 relay antennas to ensure the deployment of its 4G network throughout the territory. This allows him to cover No less than 30,000 municipalities either approximately 99% of the population and 93% of the territory.

Orange is indeed the best if we focus on the population covered, but things are different when it comes to the territory covered. SFR takes the lead in the ranking with 94% of cover followed very closely by Bouygues with its 93%. Free, the youngest operator is in Last position with 90% of the territory covered in 4G. The latest study by the ANFR, published in November 2022, details the classification of operators concerning their 4G coverage.

Orange 4G coverage in a few figures

There Orange 4G coverage is not measured only in dense areas or rural areas. It is indeed important to be able to benefit from connectivity no matter where we are. And this is precisely what Orange offers with its network which is also available in:

  • transportation : all of the Paris metro stations and up to 90% of the RER;
  • mountains : more than 140 mountain stations, including the most famous like Chamonix, Morzine, Montgenèvre or even Val-d’Isère;
  • tourist sites and stages : to the delight of vacationers, the network is deployed in more than 300 sites most popular with tourists as well as in 15 stadiums which are among the largest in France;
  • The ribs : the network is available on the entire French coast and covers no less than 600 seaside resorts such as Carnac, Borgo, Saint-Malo or Lacanau;
  • TGVs : to surf very high speed on the 7 TGV lines as well as the Eurostar (until the outlet of the Channel Tunnel);
  • traffic lanes : The network currently covers 43 highways (50 including 3G) as well as important axes such as the Boulevard peripheral of Paris, N12, N166 or D137.

Orange 4G speed and performance

As mentioned at the very beginning of the article, Orange currently has the best reception quality with regard to the 4G mobile network. In some regions, the operator also deploys the 4G+ (LTE Advanced), an evolution of the 4G standard promising theoretical flows of Over 500 Mb/s. This should allow users to benefit from a speed ofat least three times higher than 4G LTE.

The tests carried out during the second half of 2021 have indeed demonstrated performances up to the brand’s reputation with outdoor speeds around 68 Mb/s for download And 10MB/s for the upload. Indoors, performance is also excellent with a little less than 65mb/s for download And 9 Mb/s for the upload.

Orange mobile network coverage

Performances and flows, 4G/5G orange coverage card, 4G/5G antennas deployed, discover the state of 4G and 5G orange coverage in France.

4G cover 92.39 %
Performance 6.68 / 10
5G / 4G branches 6,649 / 29 543

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Orange mobile network card

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Our Mobile Orange networks map is based on mobile signal propagation algorithms from relay antennas. It is based on data regulators of telecoms (Arcep, ANFR) and is developed by our R&D team in partnership with Inria.

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Orange is the fourth operator to have the most 5G antennas with a total of 6,649 antennas spread over 6,538 sites. The 5G coverage of Orange is provided by 6,445 antennas at 3.5 GHz and 203 antennas at 2.1 GHz and 1 antennas at 700MHz. You will find the whole 5G orange card above to visualize or are located the antennas of the operators.

Orange 4G cover

4G orange mobile network coverage

With a 4G mobile coverage rate of 92.39%, Orange offers the second best 4G network in France, behind SFR (94.29%) and ahead of Bouygues Telecom (92.81%). Free Mobile is the operator who covers French territory the least in 4G (90.26%).

5G orange mobile network coverage

4G coverage rate

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Number of orange 4G 4G relay antennas on the territory

Orange is the operator who has deployed the most 4G relay antennas in France (29,543), offering total 4G network coverage of 92.39%. Orange also deployed 2,224 3G branches on French territory.

29,543 4G antennas at Orange

4.41 For 10,000 inhabitants

28,383 municipalities are covered by the 4G orange network

Of the 34,886 municipalities in mainland France, 28,383 of them are covered by the Orange 4G network and 27,462 by the 3G mobile network. ZoneADSL estimates that a municipality is covered by the 4G mobile network of an operator when its coverage rate is greater than 95%.

Well -covered municipalities (> 95%) 28,383
Municipalities with limited coverage (50%) 5 819
Municipalities not covered ( 684

In all of the municipalities in France, 684 of them are not covered by the 4G Orange network and 739 municipalities are not covered by the 3G Orange network. Our experts consider that a municipality is not covered by the 4G network of a mobile operator when its coverage rate does not exceed 50%.

What are the performance of the Orange network ?

Orange has the best performance for the 4G network in France. With the highest download flows (64.81 Mbit/s) and upload (9.04 Mbit/s), Orange offers the best quality of the 4G mobile network indoors. For external performance (outside the buildings), the flows are 10.12 Mbit/s in upload and 67.41 Mbit/s in Download.