Orange call transfer: how to activate it and deactivate it?, Our solution for the transfer of orange call

Our solution for the transfer of orange call

The referral option is included free of charge in certain offers:

Orange call transfer: how to activate and deactivate it ?

Orange call transfer

You do not want to miss any call in all circumstances ? Orange call transfer allows you to redirect your calls to the fixed or mobile line of your choice ! In this guide, we tell you about everything you need to know about the calling back to Orange: how to activate and deactivate it from a mobile or a fixed, what are the different types of call transfers offered at the operator, or even how much is the cost of the service.

  • The essential
  • Call transfer is an option that allows return calls received from a fixed or mobile to another phone number.
  • Orange mobile customers can opt for 4 types of call transfers according to the situation : systematic transfer, in case of no response, in case of’inaccessibility or in case ofoccupation of the line.
  • The call for calling for Livebox offers and the mobile Orange packages, but billed € 0.11 Each new activation. Customers alone must subscribe to the option € 1.50 per month.

�� What is the orange call transfer ?

Call transfer, also called call forwarding, is a service included with certain internet, fixed and mobile offers from Orange. This option is to be activated and configured From a landline or mobile phone In order to automatically redirect the calls you receive to the number of your choice, systematically or according to a specific situation.

Why use the call referral ?

The calling back stay reachable in all situations, in Transferring calls from your fixed or mobile line to the mobile/fixed line of your choice. You can, for example, have recourse to this service if you expect a major call on your fixed line, but you are not at your home. In the same way, you can have the calls received on your mobile phone transfer to another fixed or mobile number, in the event that you are waiting for an important call and you soon have no battery.

What are the different types of call transfers at Orange ?

There are 4 types of call transfers at Orange, which are to be configured according to your preferences:

  • “Systematic” appeal referral : all calls for your line are redirected to the desired number, whether fixed or mobile;
  • The transfer of call “in the event of occupation” : the call transfer takes place if you are already online with another correspondent and refers to voicemail;
  • The referral of appeal “in the event of non-response” : calls are transferred to another line If you don’t answer or towards your voicemail;
  • The transfer of call “in case of inaccessibility” : Calls are sent to the number of your choice when your phone no longer captures a network, it is off or no longer has a battery.

International call transfer

The call transfer service refers to a fixed or mobile line of Metropolitan France or in an overseas area (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion, French Guyana, Mayotte, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon). If you want to transfer your calls to a line abroad, you must subscribe to theInternational call transfer option. Activation is only done by contacting Orange customer service to 3900. The cost of communications is based on the price of an international communication applied to your orange mobile plan (or your internet/fixed subscription).

�� Is the Orange call free ?

The referral option is included free of charge in certain offers:

  • Orange mobile packages, Except blocked packages and mobicartes;
  • Orange Livebox Internet offers Through the internet phone (VOIP);
  • Fixed telephony subscriptions my optimal.

If you hold another subscription, such as the basic fixed telephone subscription (€ 19.96/month + communications cost), you will have to Subscribe to the Call Referral option (without commitment) For € 1.50/month (in a city). You can terminate the option at any time, at no cost. In addition, whenever you activate the call transfer, Orange will charge you € 0.11 (this is also the case if you have subscribed to an optimal offer). The deactivation of the service is, on the other hand, free.

Communications cost

In the majority of cases, the calling back is Package as a classic call and therefore does not generate any additional costs . On the other hand, the call can be billed if you make a call transfer from your fixed line to a number not included in your offer (example: to a mobile while your fixed does not include unlimited calls to mobiles).

It may then be wise to subscribe to the option Unlimited fixed to mobile (€ 5 per month without commitment) or 1 hour of calls to mobiles (3 € per month without commitment), so as not to be billed by Orange when calls for your fixed line are transferred to your mobile.

In case you would transfer your calls from your mobile line (excluding voicemail) While you are abroad, the following prices apply according to the area in which you are:

  • From the DOM/Europe/Switzerland/Andorra areas: 0.38 €/min ;
  • From the Maghreb/Türkiye/USA/Canada areas: € 1.73/min ;
  • Since the rest of the world: € 4.30/min.

Premium calling back

Livebox customers also have the possibility of subscribing the option Premium calling back, proposed to 2 €/month without commitment . This service makes it possible to transfer the calls received to your fixed line to the mobile or fixed line of your choice in several ways:

  1. Reference of appeal without ringing;
  2. Simultaneous calling for the Livebox line and a second issue;
  3. Cascade calling back to other numbers.

Furthermore, a function Diary allows you to Plan your call references according to the desired dates and times. You can also add up to 3 different numbers to which transfer your calls.

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�� How to make a call transfer to an orange mobile ?

Thanks to the service of Orange calls, You can transfer the calls you receive from your mobile to your fixed phone or to another mobile or fixed line (whether associated with an orange contract or not). Depending on the situation encountered, it is possible to opt for one of the 4 types of orange call transfer offered by entering a specific code from your mobile.

Systematic call transfer

  1. Compose the *21*
  2. Type the phone number to transfer calls
  3. Type the key # Then on the key to call

If you wish to activate another call transfer, here is how to proceed:

  • Call transfer “if non-response” : compose the ** 61*Telephone number*11# ;
  • “If not accessible” call transfer : compose the ** 62*Telephone number*11# ;
  • “So busy” call transfer : compose the ** 67*Telephone number*11#.

The phone number to indicate is the one you want to transfer your calls. You can also configure your mobile call transfer from your customer area or the Orange & Me application.

☎️ How to activate call transfer from my fixed orange ?

Several options are possible to activate the transfer of calls from your fixed line, depending on whether you have an RTC line or Internet telephony (VOIP) included with Livebox offers.

Activate call transfer for your RTC fixed phone (connected to a wall outlet)

From your telephone line

Your fixed orange phone (wired or wireless) is connected to a wall outlet ? Compose the *21*Telephone number# To activate the transfer of your fixed calls to the fixed/mobile number of your choice.

From the vocal server

You can also activate the remote service from another phone (fixed or mobile) by contacting the orange voice server, which allows you to manage the services of your offer independently:

  • From an orange line in France : compose the 3000 ;
  • From the line of another operator in France : compose the 09 69 36 3000 ;
  • From abroad : compose the +33 9 69 36 3000.

Once you have composed the competent number in your situation, follow these few steps to Activate call transfer ::

  1. After listening to the reception message, press the key 2 And enter the number of the mobile line to which you want to transfer your calls.
  2. Enter your password 4 -digit to confirm that you are the line holder.
  3. Once authenticated, press the key 1 To program a call transfer, then let yourself be guided and validate your request

You can get your confidential code by calling the 3000 From your fixed line in France and by pressing the key 1. From the menu relating to the management of your confidential code, select the choice “To manage your confidential code”. Then compose the key twice twice 1, Then enter your confidential code and press the key # to confirm.

From the customer area

  1. Identify your Orange customer area;
  2. Go to the “Manage and troubleshoot” tab then “manage your services”;
  3. In the “My Services” section, click on “Pack 3 Services (including call transfer)”;
  4. Click on “Modify” to the right of “Call transfer”;
  5. Indicate the line number to which you transfer your calls and click “Validate”.

Activate call transfer for your VoIP fixed (connected to your Livebox)

If you wish to activate the call transfer from your landline plugged in your Livebox, several manipulations are possible depending on what you want to do.

From the phone

You can activate the call referral directly from your fixed:

  • Activate the systematic calling for : compose the *21*Telephone number# ;
  • Activate the referral to voicemail in the event of non-deputy : compose the *22* ;
  • Activate the referral to voicemail in the event of occupation : compose the *23*.

Taking into account your request is confirmed by the following message: “Your request is registered and accepted, you can hang up”.

Via the voice server

You can also activate the call transfer by composing the 800 From your telephone line. Once this is, pronounce ” Call forwarding “ And let yourself be guided until the service activation. If you want Configure your appeal referral from another fixed line, compose the 0 819 100 800 And enter your landline number, before validating with the key #. You will then only have to enter your confidential code and let yourself be guided to activate the transfer of calls from your fixed line to your mobile.

With customer area

  1. Click on Home And select the fixed line from the category “Internet services”.
  2. From “Your Fixed Services”, click on Call forwarding.
  3. Check the box “If you don’t answer or are already online” and select the number of ranges desired before the call is returned.
  4. Check the box “Towards this issue” And enter the destination number.
  5. Check the box “Immediately, without ringing” If you want your calls to be automatically redirected to your messaging, without ringing your landline phone.
  6. Finally click on To validate To confirm your choice.

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Program a temporary calling back

You can also program a temporary call transfer to your fixed:

  1. From the customer area, click on Program a transfer top right ;
  2. Enter the phone number to which you want to program the call transfer, then enter the date, as well as the start and end time, before clicking on to validate.

It is finally possible to Program a call transfer every week, during the days and schedules you want, thanks to periodic transfer ::

  1. Select Program a transfer and check the box “Periodic transfer (weekly)”.
  2. Select the service activation day (s), then enter the desired start and end date and end, before clicking on to validate.

❌ How to deactivate or cancel the call transfer ?

Disable call transfer from a mobile line

Like activation, several possibilities are available to you for Deactivate a call referral from your Orange mobile line ::

  • “Systematic” call transfer: compose the ## 21# ;
  • “SI non response” call: compose the ## 61# ;
  • “If not accessible” call transfer: compose the ## 62# ;
  • “If occupied” call transfer: compose the ## 67#.

In the event that you have activated several call transfers, it is also possible to deactivate them all at the same time by composing the ## 002# From the Orange mobile concerned. Furthermore, if you want to deactivate all situations for situational calls and Keep only the systematic calling for, You can compose the ## 004#.

Disable call transfer from a fixed line

In order to deactivate the service from a landline, you should compose the #21# From the line concerned. If your landline is connected to your livebox, You can proceed in the same way to deactivate the systematic calling back. On the other hand and if you want End an end to call references to your voicemail, Please perform one of the following manipulations according to your situation:

  • Call referral to vocal messaging in the event of non-deputy: compose the #22# ;
  • Call referral to voicemail if your line is already busy: compose the #23#.

You can also Delete your calls from your online customer area by following one of these paths according to your contract: sections House> Fixed> Call referral (Livebox customers) or Manage and troubleshoot> Manage your services> Call transfer> Modify> Delete a transfer (fixed telephone customers).

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