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Orange Bank: how to open an online account

I consult the orange bank regulatory documents

Bank accounts

Savings and daily Bank products Orange Bank are no longer sold.
The information on these offers is intended for customers already holding one or more of these products.

You have an Astréa Orange Bank formula

To manage your formula, you have access to the new simple, innovative and secure Gbanque application.

Astréa formula with premium mastercard card (1) : € 7.99/month.

In the event of a joint account, 2nd Premium card: + € 5/month

Your current account

– Updated balance in real time (2)
– Free payments and withdrawals in France and in the euro zone (3)
– Notification with each operation
– Contactless payment with your mobile (4) and your card (5)
– Immediate supply of your account with another bank card
– Simple and secure transfers
– Strong authentication of internet payments

Your Premium MasterCard card

– Contactless payment (5)
– Mobile payment (4)
– Free payments and withdrawals in France and all over the world (3)
– Free choice of the secret code of your card from the application
– Express and free dismissal of the card in the event of loss or theft, even abroad (6)
– Securing your internet payments by strong authentication
– Blocking and unlocking the Actionable card at any time (7)
– Purchases: extension of the 36 -month manufacturer’s warranty, flight/breakage warranty for 60 days, guarantee good delivery (8)
– Travel insurance (8)
– Advance on hospital costs (8)
– Rental vehicle warranty (8)
– Snow and mountain warranty (8)

You have an Orange Bank Astréa Plus formula or Astréa Epargne

Astréa Plus formula

In addition to the Astréa formula, you also benefit:
– Savings/ cash service (9)
– of an associated booklet paid to 0.20%. (10) Astréa Plus formula with 1 premium card (1) : € 8.59/month. In the event of a joint account, 2nd Premium card: + € 5/month

Astréa Savings Formula

This formula is the same as the Astréa Plus formula. Simply, you do not hold no bank card or means of payment insurance. Astréa Epargne formula: € 3.60/month

The Treasury savings click (9) (Astréa Plus formulas and Astréa Epargne)

The Epargne click (9) allows you to put aside the sums available at the end of the month on your accounts, Compared to a threshold that you have predetermined.

The cash click (9) allows you toavoid overdrafts, automatically tilting funds From your booklet to your bank account.

You have an Orange Bank bank account “out of formula” with or without a bank card

If you have a classic visa bank card:

– It is replaced by a standard mastercard card. (1)

If you have a Visa Premier bank card:

– It is replaced by a premium MasterCard card and you pass on an Astréa formula. (1)

Your questions, our answers:

Orange Bank Safety Information:

Know how to react in the event of suspicious solicitation (calls, email, SMS) asking for sensitive information.

I consult the orange bank regulatory documents

Savings bank

Bank savings

You have one or more Orange Bank bank savings products ?
Find here all the useful information to manage your bank savings with ease.

Groupama bank card

Your new generation MasterCard bank card

You have an Astréa or Astréa Plus formula ? Discover the advantages of your new generation Mastercard cards.

To contact Orange Bank customer service about your bank account or card:

Call (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Legal and informative notices

*Rate in force on May 1, 2022.

(1) issued under conditions and subject to acceptance by Orange Bank.

(2) subject to conditions and subject to the monetic merchant rules. Balance given as an indication.

(3) Some banks charge costs when withdrawn from their automatic distributors; They must in principle inform you by any means before withdrawal. These costs remain at your expense. Conversion to the Mastercard exchange rate, without additional commission from Orange Bank.

(4) Mobile payment subject to conditions, reserved for holders of a bank card of the Orange Bank offer with Groupama with compatible mobile equipment (Android 7 or higher and a Google, or iPhone 6 account with iOS 12 or superior and an iCloud account).

(5) See conditions and ceilings on the GBANQUE and GBANQUE

(6) Reference of the card following opposition from you, within 72 hours worked from the date of receipt of your request since the GBANQUE application. The delivery time may vary depending on the country concerned.

(7) Temporary blockage. Unlocking by the customer. If permanent loss, necessary opposition.

(8) Insurance subscribed to Mutuaide Assistance (SA in the capital of 12,558 240 € fully paid – 383 974 086 RCS Bobigny – 126 rue de la Piazza – CS 20010 – 93196 Noisy le Grand Cedex) and Groupama Paris Val de Loire ( Regional Caisse d’Assurance Mutuelles Agricoles Paris Val de Loire – Mutual insurance company – 382 285 260 RCS Nanterre – 1 bis avenue du Docteur Ténine – 92184 Antony Cedex), companies governed by the insurance code, subject to the authority of Prudential control and resolution located 4, place de Budapest – CS 92459 – 75436 Paris Cedex 09. Guarantees within the limits and conditions of the information notice.​

(9) Treasury click: Thresholds and ceilings likely to modifications to the initiative of Orange Bank. Terms by general conditions.

(10) Gross annual nominal rate in 1/05/2022, susceptible to modifications. Within the framework of the Astréa or unit formula under tariff conditions in force. Terms by general conditions.

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Orange Bank: how to open an online account ?

With the desire to simplify the daily life of consumers, Orange and Groupama Banque gave birth to Orange Bank. A full offer with a bank account, a payment card, a savings product and even the possibility of subscribing to a consumer credit.

This mobile bank is an alternative to historic online banks thanks to reduced prices and disconcerting ease of use. Here is a complete presentation of all the offers and all the Orange Bank services, as well as the details of the procedure to follow if you wish to become a customer.

Find the promotional offer of the moment for any opening of a 1st bank account

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Balance Bank

Societe Generale

80 € offered
Societe Generale
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Orange Bank: 100% mobile bank presentation

Orange Bank is a 100 % mobile bank created in 2017. The Orange telephony operator got closer to the Groupama insurance company when entering Groupama Banque capital. The two entities then decided to rename the Groupama Banque offer so that it becomes Orange Bank, with a new strong positioning.

The idea was then (and remains to date) to simplify access to banking services with products suitable for mobility, easily accessible. Bringing banking services directly to users in their pockets wherever they wish with their mobile, such is the promise.

Assets among the main features that make the strength of the Orange Bank offer (see detail below), let us quote, for example, the possibility of accessing a balance that instantly acts, management features directly from the smartphone or access to mobile payment or SMS transfers without additional cost.

It should be noted that the Orange Bank bank account is accessible without income conditions and without minimal payment .

Orange Bank and its products are distributed in the network of shops and agencies equipped with digital tools Orange, Groupama and Gan (around 150 Orange agencies can receive customers or future Orange Bank customers).

Within the various points of sale, experts can be present to inform you and guide you, from subscription to the management of your account. The latter have received specific training to answer all your questions (you can easily spot them because they display the “Orange Bank” badge).

Essential attention, if you can benefit from this tailor-made support thanks to the proximity agencies already established, it is not possible to benefit from these agencies to deposit checks or even carry out banking operations as can be done within Other banks.

Orange Bank has distributed a bank account and a savings book since its launch since its launch. Other products then appeared, such as the Orange Bank personal loan or the possibility of opting for a more complete bank card, namely the Visa Premium card (paid).

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Details of the Orange Bank banking offer

Do not expect to discover among the range of Orange Bank services such a great diversity as in a conventional establishment. However, the possibilities are important, and the services more numerous than in the majority of neo-banks.

Bank account

The bank account is the basis of the Orange Bank offer. With classic operation, it has most of the features that are found elsewhere. You can check your balance from your mobile or by internet, but also make transfers, order checkbook and configure sales alerts.

An authorized overdraft is also present. Small feature: the balance of your Orange Bank account is updated in real time.

Indeed, automatically, as soon as a transaction is carried out, then your balance evolves. Practical if you want to have daily management and quickly check a movement in your account.

The credit card

By opening your Orange Bank individual current account (it is impossible for the moment to open a joint account) you benefit from a free bank card. A single bank card model is offered free of charge. This is the Visa Classic card.

You can customize your confidential code, modify your payment and withdrawal ceilings. Directly from the Orange Bank application, you can also block or unlock your bank card.

Note that mobile payment possibilities are present with this bank card. You can in particular make transfers by SMS via a dedicated phone number.

Important it is important to note that Access to a bank account and a payment card is not subject to any income condition nor even domiciliation of your wages. While some online banks require minimum income, everyone can quickly create their account with Orange Bank.

However, it will be necessary Respect spending conditions for the offer to be free. It is for example necessary to carry out at least three operations per month so that the account hold is 100 % free.

In the absence of these three operations (payment by bank card, mobile payment or withdrawal), 5 € account holding fees will be applied.

If you wish, you can choose a premium visa card. It offers additional options with in particular reinforced security thanks to a dynamic cryptogram. Your payments and withdrawals are free all over the world and you also have insurance for your expenses. Its price at Orange Bank is € 7.99 per month.

A savings booklet

You cannot open a regulated booklet at Orange Bank (like a booklet A for example), but the bank publishes its own non -regulated booklet. Its remuneration rate is 0.5 %. The money placed on this savings book remains available and is not subject to any ceiling. A first minimum payment of € 10 is required.

A personal loan

Orange Bank offers a credit offer with a personal loan that can be used to buy a new car, carry out work, or offer you a trip. This personal loan and an unpaid credit.

  • Fund release is fast and can be done directly online, to obtain the necessary sums on your bank account.
  • You have the possibility once the loan agreement is obtained to use the sums immediately or later according to your needs.
  • For an expenditure ultimately less expensive than what you imagined, you can adjust your credit and reduce the amount borrowed immediately.

This possibility of adjusting or canceling your credit free of charge for six months allows real flexibility of management and can avoid significant costs if your purchase does not materialize or if its amount is less than your forecasts.

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How to open an online orange bank account ?

Bank account opening at Orange Bank

Find the promotional offer of the moment for any opening of a 1st bank account

How to benefit from the advantages of the Orange Bank offer and open your account ? The procedure to follow is very simple. All steps take place online.

It starts with a form that you must fill out directly on the official website of the bank.

Then choose the products and services you want to subscribe. Validate your choice and you can sign your membership contract directly by internet by validating your agreement thanks to a confirmation code received by SMS.

Then, two proof of identity and proof of domicile must be provided. You will therefore have to take a picture or scan two of the following documents: your national identity card or your passport, your driving license, your last tax notice, your birth certificate extract or your family book or even a if necessary.

Regarding proof of address, an invoice with your name dated less than three months will suffice. You can provide an invoice for an energy supplier (water, electricity, gas) or a telephone or internet invoice.

Once all the supporting documents have been received and validated by the bank, a first payment will be requested to permanently validate your file. Once the money has been received, your account will be open, and you can benefit from all the Orange Bank services.