Opinion MG4: What do the membership members think, Standard MG4 test 51 kWh: Should we fall for the cheapest MG electric MG? Digital

STANDARD 51 kWh Standard MG4 TEST: Should we crack for the cheapest electric mg

As on the MG ZS EV II, the MG ISMART companion app is a good surprise. It is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. A pairing goes through a code and a verification code. MG ISMART authorizes the location of the vehicle, route planning, remote control of air conditioning, but also the visualization of autonomy, adjustment of a programmed load and driving statistics. Remote locking and the Bluetooth key are also available. The interface turns out to be well readable and the design more attractive than many competing applications.

Opinion MG4

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Being the owner of an MG4 ComfPrt for 9 months I am fully satisfied with this car I bought it without even having tried it or seen and I did well.
Recharge more than correct and much better than announced 20 minutes for 20 80% and autonomy with the same results always.. Between 520 and 550 on daily trips of 60kms at an average speed of 68 km for. My consumption of the last 6400 kms is 13.2 and there are 1,400kms of highway counted in this average.
In short, nothing to complain about “” Bravo mg “” ”
And strongly the X Power ��

MG 4 Comfort (V1) – 14,800 km

This MG4 is an exceptional vehicle, since we have it we have had no problem and we are delighted. Be careful, trying to adopt it … This is our main vehicle and we have 2 children, the size is perfectly suited us. It is really the release of this car that has taken the plunge towards electric because for the moment the value for money is unbeatable and no other brand offers a real alternative unless you put your hands in wallet. Little youth bugs have been corrected and we have no worries to report apart from the Lane Assist that we disconnect on country roads. We were pleasantly surprised by low consumption in summer with real autonomy greater than the WLTP announced, we are currently around 500km of autonomy in mixed use but without using air conditioning. This car is so nice to drive, it is very comfortable, ultra silent but above all super playful when you press the mushroom! It’s been a long time since I had had so much fun driving a vehicle. In conclusion, I believe that MG has done exceptional work with this car with a really very correct level of finish for the price.

MG 4 Luxury (V1) – 8000 km

Very happy with this vehicle. Unbeatable value for money. Better than announced performance, reasonable consumption. Frankly, apart from the “autonomous driving” that works badly and the help of keeping in the path that must be deactivated, I am amazed by this car: comfort, handling, agility, Android auto which works very well ..

MG 4 Standard (V1) – 2800 km

Happy owner of a standard MG4 since November 2022, I do not regret this purchase. I wanted to have an electric vehicle equipped with an LFP battery and it is the Salt Model available at MG.
Good points:
Unlike not many remarks in the internet trials, I find the standard MG4 comfortable, it must be due to the mounting in 16 -inch tires.
The seats are drawn, wide and comfortable.
The chassis is dynamic and well amortized.
She is silent with regulatory.
The MG4 is V2L, it is therefore possible to eat various electrical equipment up to 2.2kW, I had fun powering my house (network disconnected), fuel oil heating, TV, coffee machine, microwave oven , PC etc …, Everything works perfectly. Consumption for 14 hours = approx. 12% of the battery. Enedis can therefore cut electricity, the MG4 will act as a generator.
Do not forget the 7 -year warranty on the whole vehicle, it was important for me for this “new” electric mobility experience.
The MG4 is not free from defects,
It is necessary to systematically and at each restart disconnect the assistant in the way. It’s tiring.
The audio system is very flat, only 2 speakers at the front and no bass box, it seems that it is necessary to dismantle the counterports entirely to access the speakers to replace them. Precabling is not completed in the rear doors.
Another weak point, the steering wheel is plastic. Fortunately, there is a custom leather cover that can be ordered and sew yourself. Happiness!
Listed consumption, they remain high (without preheating the battery). The heat pump really seems necessary on electric vehicles. The standard MG4 is not equipped with it. Consumption from heating in winter and 5 to 7 kWh/100km. It is enormous.
I travel 95 to 100 km per day to go to work, 70% on highway journey-displays fast at 100-110 km/hour. The average consumption indicated by the computer over the 3100 km and 20.9 kWh. The real autonomy of the vehicle battery loaded at 97 or 100 % and around 245 km real, it should easily be able to increase to 300 km in summer.
In finality, I do not regret at all replaced my BMW 420xd Luxury against this MG4, if it is “too weak” autonomy. The very large autonomy model (77kWh LFP battery) must be presented this year, I will be attempted.

STANDARD 51 kWh Standard MG4 TEST: Should we crack for the cheapest electric mg ?

Writing note: 3 out of 5

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Writing note: 3 out of 5

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Writing note: 3 out of 5

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Writing note: 4 out of 5

Writing note: 4 out of 5

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  • Autonomy and recharge

Note: 5 out of 5

Note: 5 out of 5

Note: 5 out of 5

Note: 5 out of 5

Note: 5 out of 5

  • Sliced ​​style.
  • Habitability.
  • Serial equipment.
  • Dynamic road behavior.
  • Chest volume.
  • Finishes.
  • Info-division lack of fluidity
  • Comfort controls.
  • Semi-autonomous driving.
  • Highway consumption.
  • Load power.

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Motorization Electric
Vintage 2022

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After the convincing test of the MG4 Luxury, we wanted to know if the standard version was made of the same wood despite its lowest battery capacity and its lower equipment. Answer in our test !


With more than 13,000 registrations in 2022, and the largest increase in sales with +166 %, MG went from simple exotic outsider to dangerous competitor for traditionalist brands. Admittedly, on the global market, MG still weighs little, but our tests prove it each time: the brand learns quickly and the MG4 Luxury could today constitute the best quality/price ratio on the electric market. It is not for nothing that she received the car star of the year from Digital In 2022, even though it is not a 5 -star test with us.

With its modern silhouette drawn in a London style office, the MG4 regularly turns heads – even more in its friendly delivered orange. Behind her incisive dress, she hides the new modular platform MSP (Modular Scalable Platform) dedicated to electric vehicles and opens the track to 10 models expected by 2025. Among its advantages, there is a simplified range reading, complete equipment and aggressive prices.

The version of our test, called standard, is equipped with a 125 kW engine (170 hp, 250 Nm of torque) powered by a 51 kWh battery for 350 km of autonomy (WLTP cycle). Its price is € 28,990 (excluding bonuses of € 6,000). The Comfort and Luxury versions have on their side with a 150 kW engine (204 hp, 250 Nm of torque) powered by a 64 kWh battery for a range varying between 435 km (Luxury) and 450 km (Comfort), According to the WLTP cycle. The prices are respectively € 32,990 and € 34,990, again excluding ecological bonus.

In terms of competition, it’s always so complicated. On the electrical compact side, the Hyundai Kona, or Nissan Leaf are € 36,900, and even € 37,200 for a Renault Megane E-Tech EV40, with a smaller battery so. Same punishment on the side of the Zoé R110 (€ 32,500) or E-208, for example. Even the Fiat 500E, with the 118 hp engine and supplied by a 42 kWh battery starts at € 30,900.

So, squander or break from the century ? We try to answer in this test.

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Writing note: 4 out of 5

Ergonomics and design

Writing note: 3 out of 5

Still not widespread on our roads, the MG4 has the gift of intriguing passers -by. As proof, during our test, we were repeatedly arrested to discuss the car, its line and its properties. Its orange livery certainly throws it, and its incisive style drawn in London pleases.

The chopped hood plunges on a closed grille with sharp lines, while the front spoiler sets the bow of the car. The light signature is characterized by fine headlights and tilted indicators upwards. Breakfasts and LED crossing form six vertical bands. It is even better at the rear, with fires composed of 172 LEDs, which arise in the shape of a y and in constellation on the top of the light banner.

The body height is quite low, with a fleeting roof line which peaks at only 1.5 m. The total length of the MG is 4.28 m for 1.83 m wide. According to the manufacturer, the use of this new MSP platform not only makes it possible to reject the wheels around the four corners for better dynamism, but above all to integrate a battery “Cell to Pack”Among the finest on the market (110 mm), which lowers the center of gravity and improves handling. The wheelbase also wins (2.7 m).

Indeed, four adults are largely on board, with a good roof guard and the possibility of sliding your feet under the front seats; But beware, there is no holding handle or armrest in row 2 on this version. The place of the environment is not comfortable because of its assertive base. On the other hand, there is good accessibility with doors that open almost 90 °.

First grievance on the other hand, the volume of trunk is limited to only 363 L, and there is no trunk at the front (fruit). For the megane e-tech we have 440 l. Some will console themselves with the folding 60/40 rear seat which allows a volume of 1177 l and a almost flat floor.

Second complaint: the poor quality of the interior materials. The finishes are not enthusiastic, the brilliant plastics are without nobility and hard on most of the places where you put your hands, except on the top of the dashboard, where a large foaming strip blurs this low-cost impression. However, the adjustments are without reproach (with a tolerance less than 0.3 mm), and not a neck or still is heard in the passenger compartment, whatever the state of the road.

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Writing note: 3 out of 5

Comfort and equipment

Exit the adjustment of electric seats of the Luxury finish. Here you have to be satisfied with manual controls to adjust your seat, but you end up finding a good driving position. Above all, the front seats provide good lateral support. Simply a shame that the fabric is a little cheap – we wonder about its outfit in time – just like the foam on the steering wheel with two flat and two branches (adjustable in height and depth).

Writing note: 3 out of 5

The 7 -inch digital edge instrumentation (800 x 480 pixels) benefits from a color display which allows you to display the essential information related to driving: speed, autonomy, percentage of remaining battery, travel consumption. That’s all. The graphics are modern, simple, effective, but the typography of certain information, such as the remaining level of battery, is a bit small and the menus are a bit confused, because we must not forget to get out of a context menu for call another.

Steering wheel orders require adaptation time. On the left, we activate driving aids and vocal control; right, telephony and context menu of the on -board computer. It is therefore necessary to switch regularly from one order to another. Interesting point: the steering wheel incorporates two keys of customizable controls materialized by a star on the left and on the right. Thus, it is possible to configure, for example, driving modes on the left control (snow, eco, normal, sport and custom), and especially the air conditioning control with the right star.

In doing so, we can adjust the temperature and the power of heating – not very effective – playing with the joystick. And fortunately, because otherwise, adjusting the air conditioning on the central screen is not pleasant by driving. There is a surprising translation error in passing: the “Load station” application is actually dedicated to heating controls.

On the infinitation side, MG uses a 10.25 inch touching slab (1920 x 720 pixels). If brightness and contrast are important, the slab is sensitive to reflections and fingerprints. In addition, the Ismart interface has a pleasant drawing and a scheduling of the different rather ergonomic functions. The fluidity is just correct and the latency to go from one menu to another remains important.

There is no navigation integrated in this standard version, and unfortunately no route planner. By force we say that it should however be an essential tool integrated into all electric cars. Juggling with the applications of your phone (Type ChargeMap or ABRP) is boring and requires a certain without cold when you lose the network in the countryside.

Fortunately, we can count on Android Auto and Apple Carplay compatibility to guide or manage music. The “star” shortcut key from the left branch of the steering wheel allows you to recall in one click one of these two applications when you are lost in the mysteries of the ISMART interface.

Finally, make a cross on the rear view camera or the 360 ​​° camera, they are absent from this finish. It is therefore necessary to rely on the reversing radars not very effective if we believe the touch brands of our test vehicle. There is no parking assistance or traffic warning at the back of the vehicle. Exit also the blind spot and the induction charger.

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Writing note: 4 out of 5

Connectivity and application

As on the MG ZS EV II, the MG ISMART companion app is a good surprise. It is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. A pairing goes through a code and a verification code. MG ISMART authorizes the location of the vehicle, route planning, remote control of air conditioning, but also the visualization of autonomy, adjustment of a programmed load and driving statistics. Remote locking and the Bluetooth key are also available. The interface turns out to be well readable and the design more attractive than many competing applications.

Also, the MG4 authorizes connectivity with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, only wired. The manufacturer offers a cable passage that allows them to be hidden. Three USB ports are available in all. Finally, updates are compatible over the air (ota).

Writing note: 4 out of 5

Ruling and performance

Noise measurement at 50 km/h

Writing note: 4 out of 5

Noise measurement at 130 km/h

Writing note: 4 out of 5

The standard MG4 keeps the type of synchronous engine with permanent magnets of the Luxury version. However, it is deflated here to offer only 125 kW (170 hp) of power, against the 150 kW (204 hp) of the Comfort and Luxury finishes. Rest assured, not only is the 250 Nm couple preserved, but in addition, no doubt due to a slightly lower mass (1655 kg against 1685 kg), 0 to 100 km/h wins 0.2s, going from 7.9 s to 7.7 s.

In any case, these figures do not reflect the dynamism of the MG4. Indeed, with its center of low gravity, its wheels pushed to the four corners, its good distribution of the masses and, better still, its rear suspensions with 5 arms, the MG4 is frankly funny to drive.

She is really surprising on small roads, where her propulsion character works wonders. Thank you the adjustment of the rolling trains and the communicating direction-only in sport mode, because otherwise it is chewing gum. We reiterate our advice: go into custom driving mode, push all potentiometers to the bottom and simply adjust the power of the engine according to your needs. Even with engine power in Eco mode, you will have fishing on a highway to exceed. As for the disconnectable ESP, MG lets us see an electric future where it is still possible to have fun ..

However, everything is not perfect. Suspensions lack finesse on large compressions, but note that it is a little less sensitive than with the Luxury version. Indeed, the tires with high sides 205/60 R16 (against 215/50 R17) of the standard finish lessen this feeling a little. We lose a little in dynamism, but it is not very significant.

A small point on regenerative braking, which does not offer one-pedal mode. In our opinion, only level 3 is the most interesting and offers an acceptable bite. On the other hand, the automatic mode supposed to adjust according to the conditions of the road and the distance with the preceding vehicle did not convince us.

We will not be able to close this chapter without evoking semi-autonomous driving of level 2. If activation is simply done using the steering wheel buttons, it is, in any case in our test vehicle, poorly set. The adaptive cruise control can put brakes when you double a truck, and above all, the trajectory corrections for keeping the track are far too abrupt. For no reason, the management remains hard as concrete, even with the indicator committed to double. To be reviewed urgently, but the manufacturer ensures that an imminent update will solve the problem.

Let’s finish with the starting of the start button, as in a tesla. If you just have to open the door, settle, press the brake and turn the control wheel to activate mode D and set out. The procedure is a little too long for our taste. On the other hand, it is practical on arrival: we go to position P and we leave the car which will extend automatically.