OPEL Electric combination: Technical sheet, Opel Combo-E Life test: an electric and efficient ludospace

Opel Comboe Life test: an electric and efficient ludospace

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Opel Comboe

Opel Comboe

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Available in utility and ludospace versions, the Opel Combo Electric inherits the same mechanics as the other models in the PSA/Stellantis range. In autonomy, it announces up to 275 km according to the WLTP cycle.

Electric combo engine and performance

In terms of motorization, mechanics is identical to that of the small corsa-e or the electric mokka. We thus find a block cumulative up to 100 kW of power, or 136 horsepower, and 260 nm of torque.

The 0 to 100 km/h is made in 11.2 seconds and the top speed bridled at 130 km/h which guaranteed versatile use.

Battery and autonomy of the Opel Comboe

Offering 50 kWh of capacity, including 46 useful, the battery is common to other models in the PSA range.

Consisting of Catl Chinese cells, it announces 275 kilometers of autonomy in WLTP cycle. A figure that can obviously vary depending on the type of driving, route and on -board payload.

Combato recharge

Equipped as standard with an on -board charger of 7.4 kW, the Opel Combo electric can receive optional 11 kW three kW.

For fast recharging, it is the combo standard that is used. Power is limited to 100 kW and authorizes a load of 0 to 80 % in approximately 30 minutes.

Declinations of the Opel Combo electric

The new Opel electric vehicle is available in two large variants:

Opel Comboe Cargo

This utility version is available in two lengths and offers up to 800 kilos of payload. In volume, count 3.8 m3 for the basic version and 4.4 m3 for the elongated version

Length 4.4 m 4.75 m
Max payload 800 kg 800 kg
Useful volume Max 3.8 m3 4.4 m3

Opel Comboe Life

Also offered in two lengths, the ludospace version of the electric combo can accommodate up to 7 passengers

Length 4.4 m 4.75 m
Nb of places 5 5 – 7
Chest (5 -seater version) 597 L 850 L
Max volume 2,126 l 2,693 l

Electric combo and price marketing

In France, the Opel Comboe is currently only available in its Ludospace version, billed from € 35,300 excluding ecological bonuses.

  • Opel Comboe Life Edition L1: 35.300 €
  • Opel Comboe Life Elegance L1: 37.750 €
  • Opel Comboe Life Elegance L2: 39.010 €
  • Opel Comboe Life Elegance Pack L1: 38.850 €

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Opel Comboe Life test: an electric and efficient ludospace

Our Opel Comboe Life test in Rüsselsheim

In the middle of the “Ludospace” trend, the Opel Comboe Life draws in the advantages of the Comb-E utility to seduce families on a daily basis. Successful operation ? We took the wheel of the electric family on his native land, in Rüsselsheim, in order to judge them.

Direction Germany ! The brand’s cradle, it is in Rüsselsheim that the historic OPEL site is located where the new LIFE Comb-E is produced and the entire LCV range with the Vivaro and Movano. Presented at the beginning of the year, the electric ludospace is none other than the little brother of the van Opel Zafira-e Life, in a more compact format and adapted to urban families, its favorite target. Let’s go for a day behind the wheel of the Opel Comboe Life, between Autobahn and Center-Ville.

Opel Comboe Life: automotive design

Like the other ludospaces of the Stellantis group (ex-PSA), the Opel Comboe Life is a nicely declined version of an existing light utility vehicle: the Opel Comboe. Taking up the lines of the original model, our life in its Elegance Pack finish is valued by 17 -inch 5 -inch alloy rims, a panoramic glass roof with storage, side windows and overtinred rear window, and an outer paint “Copper metal »Who distinguishes it from his utility counterpart, available only in more classic shades.

Available in 5 or 7 seats with the two body lengths L1 (4.40 m) and L2 (4.75 m), the Opel Comboe Life is a versatile vehicle for families whether for journeys everyday or for leisure. Only the absence of any exhaust outlet betrays the nature of the comb-e, which makes it a modern but discreet ludospace, which does not transpire the 100 % electric once in the traffic. Moreover, the identity of the brand carried by the LED gaze evoking in particular that of the Opel Grandland is very present. A car design, and clean.

Motorization and autonomy

The underside of the Opel Comboe Life are nothing new, since we find it identically the technical sheet of the other models of the group designed around the Modular EMP2 platform. Like the Peugeot e-Rifter and Citroën Ë-Berlingo, the Life Comboe is based on an electric motor of 100 kW/136 hp with a maximum torque of 260 Nmm. Electronically limited to 135 km/h, it shot the exercise from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.7 seconds.

If this value matters little in everyday use, it still results in accelerations sufficiently frank to fit into the Autobahn and make safe overruns. Needless to say, this will be largely suitable for our French motorways. Announced at 280 km, the autonomy is provided by a 50 kWh battery, the 216 cells divided into 18 modules display great performance on a quick charging station up to 100 kW: 30 minutes of load for 80 % autonomy !

On our side, we took the road in two stages, with 100 % battery and 266 km of autonomy displayed on the dashboard for each vehicle. On a predominantly urban first journey, we have “consumed” 28 km for 26 km actually traveled, which is close to the autonomy announced under these conditions. The second route to the many portions of highway was punctuated with overtaking and top speed (we reached 137 km/h on the counter !)). There, the 266 km of autonomy increased to 88 km, for 79 km really traveled. The observation is clear: the ludospace is not a big truckier, and it is in any case not done for. Fortunately for “leisure” journeys, the Opel Comboe Life will be able to count on quick terminal stops, time to take a break and eat a piece with the family and it left !

Comfort on board: ergonomics and technology

A simple and efficient head -up display

Inside, the Life Comb-E is faithful to the philosophy of practicality and simplicity of the brand. We find an ergonomic dashboard with easy access to essential controls (air conditioning, driving mode, multimedia system), as well as many storage as well under the panoramic roof and in the central tunnel. Spaces that continue at the rear with a volume of trunk ranging from 597 to 2,126 liters for our L1 model and from 850 to 2,693 liters for L2. Special mention to the three rear seats (ISOFIX) foldable individually and easily to create an optimal flat floor in case of transport of objects. An additional 36 -liter pavilion chest perfectly perfect the smart storage of ludospace.

Opel Comboe Life

Opel Comboe Life

Opel Comboe Life



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Technical specifications

Power 100 HP / 136 CV
CO shows2 0 g/km **
Autonomy 276 – 284 km
Mixed electricity consumption 20.1 – 19.5 kWh/100km **



Price from € 27,750*

Elegance Pack

Price from € 40,700*


Price from € 41,700*

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