Online bank account: Open your account in 5 min – Bforbank, online bank account Axa Banque – Up to € 200 offered CB at 0 €

AXA bank account


✔ Protection of personal effects

Online account

Follow your expenses in real time, go on a trip on a whim, turn money to your friends instantly … whatever your needs and desires, you will necessarily find your account.


4 €/month 0 € for 6 months*

6 free months + 80 € offered ! (see conditions of the offer)

Your exclusive advantages

Card payment ceilings

€ 3000 for the physical card and € 1000 for the virtual card on 30 sliding days

Card withdrawal ceilings

1000 € / 7 sliding days

Virtual bank card

Always on your phone

Free instant transfers

To send money in 10 seconds

Real -time operations

To see everything without waiting

Payment by card outside the euro zone (European) included

Up to € 1000 per month **

Travel insurance and assistance

For a serene vacation

Personalized annual assessment

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Your advantages

Card payment ceilings

€ 1,500 for the physical card and € 500 for the virtual card on 30 sliding days

Card withdrawal ceilings

500 € / 7 sliding days

Virtual bank card

Always on your phone

Free instant transfers

To send money in 10 seconds

Real -time operations

To see everything without waiting
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Contractual documentation

Bforbank pricing conditions

Bforbasic convention

Bforzen Convention

Assistance contract_europ assistance

Camca insurance contract

Price information documentation

Bforbasic pre-contractual sheet

Bforzen pre-contractual sheet

You can count on us for:

Banking Banking Bank Telephone Finance

Carry out your best projects

Borrow up to € 75,000

Banking account Bforbank phone mobile insurance

Ensure all your mobile devices

Brising, theft, breakage, oxidation.

BFORBANK Bank account Savings

Save your savings

Your free and flexible savings booklet

Your digital and human bank

Download the BforBank application and discover a new banking experience on iOS and Android

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Mobile application bank account

Our advice to manage your money well

Brakes on online purchase: Impacts of too complex payment

Brakes on online purchase: Impacts of too complex payment

Digital portfolios, prepaid cards, fractional payment: two recent studies allow you to see more clearly on the means of payment which will impose themselves in the near future … or already become very widespread !

Taxes 2023: dates and calendar of deadlines not to be missed by the end of the year

Taxes 2023: dates and calendar of deadlines not to be missed by the end of the year

By the end of the year, tax deadlines will follow one another. Updating your source of restraint at source, online correction of the income declaration … What are the essential dates ?

Cash stuffing or the envelopes method: how does it work?

Cash stuffing or the envelopes method: how it works ?

To put money aside regularly, the simplest methods are sometimes the most effective ! Example with the envelopes method.

Your questions, our answers

What are the eligibility criteria to open a bank account ?​

Here is the list: being 18 or over, be legally “capable”, live in Europe and have a bank account.

How many accounts can I have ?​

Today you can open a single account. Tomorrow it will be more !

How to activate my bank card and get my confidential code ?​

Go to your app: on the screen that indicates your balance, click on your card then on “I discover my secret code”. Then just identify yourself and your code is displayed for 7 seconds. This code will remain valid for as long as you have this card. Finally to activate it, make two withdrawals or a payment in store with your code.

In how long will I receive my bank card in my mailbox ?​

Time to make it and send it, it usually arrives in your mailbox within 8 to 10 working days.

How to oppose my card ?​

You have 2 solutions. The first, call customer service on 09 72 72 10 10. The second, directly on your bforbank app: “cards” menu, then “oppose” and let yourself be guided. It’s free and your card is renewed in stride. Important information: if you first blocked your virtual card, unlock it before opposing.

Legal information

* Welcome bonus of € 80 reserved for natural, adults, valid for any first opening of an individual BforBank bank account accompanied by the subscription to the Bforzen offer valid from 19/09/2023 at 31/12 /2023 included as soon as the customer has activated his physical bank card within month after opening the account.
The customer must keep his bank account opened in Bforbank books for at least 1 year from the opening of the said account. Otherwise, BforBank reserves the right to collect the amount of premiums paid.
The welcome bonus will be paid at the latest within a maximum period of 3 months from the date of activation of the physical bank card.
Free Bforzen subscription during the first 6 months is reserved for BforBank customers for any first subscription to the Bforzen offer. The Customer will benefit from the first 6 months offered on the contribution of the Bforzen offer and at the end of this period the amount of the subscription as provided for in the contract will apply, to date 4 € per month.

Eligibility conditions and duration of the offer

The welcome offer takes place from 09/19/2023 to 12/31/2023 Included the request for a bank account opening is reserved for prospects which will benefit from € 80 of premium for the first effective opening of a BforBank bank account accompanied by the subscription to the Bforzen offer. To be eligible for the offer, the prospect must:
Respect the conditions of eligibility for the opening of a deposit account and associated products at Bforbank, that is to say being a natural person, major and capable and not use the account for professional needs,
Do not have a bank account at BforBank (individual account or joint account),
Have finalized your bank account opening request and online subscription no later than the last day of the validity duration of the offer,
Communicate a complete and compliant file during the opening of the bank account within one month of one month.
Maintain the bank account opened as part of the offer for at least 1 year from the date of account opening.
To have activated your physical bank card within the month following the opening of the account
The opening of the BFORBANK bank account and the subscription of the associated products are subject to the acceptance of BforBank. In the event of refusal to open a bank account by BforBank, the prospect cannot claim the payment of the bonom bonus. In the event of a closing of the bank account, either on the initiative of the customer, or on the initiative of BforBank in the event of the customer’s reprehensible behavior, BforBank reserves the right to take the amount of the welcome bonus from which He benefited. Bank account opening requests received by BforBank after 12/31/2023 included will not be taken into account and will not benefit from the conditions relating to this welcome offer. Prospect Bforbank can only receive one welcome bonus, per person and per account, which means that in the event of opening several bank accounts, the bonus of € 80 will only be paid once, On the open account.
You have a legal withdrawal period of 14 days (except in the event of the aforementioned period when opening the account).

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AXA bank account

For a bank account equipped with a card, you do not pay any account holding fees (4)

Opt for the card, services and pricing adapted to your needs. Here are 2 examples to help you choose.

AXA bank account

+ Visa Classic CB card (5)

Up to € 200 offered (1)

��︎ Free bank card (5)

Max payments: € 2,000/ 7 slippery days

Withdrawals (6) max: € 500/7 days

✔ Free separate transfer by Internet (7)

From 0 € /month (4)

AXA bank account

+ Ogoon formula (8)

+ Visa Premier CB card (5)

Up to € 200 offered (1)

Advantage 4% AXA customer the first year (9)

��︎ Free bank card (5)

Max payments: € 3,500/7 sliding days

Withdrawals (6) max: € 1,000/7 days

✔ Replacement of the free card once a year

✔ Free separate transfer by Internet (7)

✔ Cashback insurance 4% the first year (9)

Ogoon Formula Protections (8)

✔ Protection of personal effects

✔ Purchasing protection:

From € 6.50 /month (8)

Pay with Apple Pay is simple and secure

Apple Pay on iPhone

Discover the account and the features you need

Opt for a bank account in harmony with your daily needs and practice

  • A CB Visa (5) bank card suitable for your payments abroad
  • An application to innovative features for effective management of your budget.

Solutions for each situation

Find all the benefits and banking services at your disposal. Being by your side on a daily basis and in your projects is our priority.

Change bank easily

A free service (10) to make a change of bank and transfer your current operations.

A full and advantageous account formula

With the Ogoon formula (8), take advantage of a reimbursement of 4% of your AXA insurance premiums (9) the first year, then 2% from the second year and protection for your personal effects and many other advantages.

In the event of financial difficulties

We support you in the event of financial difficulties: the security package designed to allow you to better manage your bank account.

Tailor-made services when you need it

Pay the right price. You choose your protections and banking services according to your habits and to meet only your needs.

Simply and effectively manage your accounts with the app

Instant addition of beneficiaries for your transfers • Management of your withdrawal and payment ceilings • Access to the credit simulator • Download of your RIB.

Personalized advice

Accompanied by your local advisor in AXA agency (3), you benefit from its expertise and suitable offers.

Everywhere with you

Personalized support

Your AXA (3) agent guides you and finds concrete and fast solutions.

A simple and efficient app

Consult and manage your accounts with many features

Download from App Store

Download from Google Play

Contact when you need it

Contact our advisers by phone or from your secure mailbox.

Make your financing projects concretize

Personal loan calculator (11)

For all funding: auto, work. Make a personal loan simulation in 2 minutes

Mortgage loan insurance

Change borrower insurance, the game is worth the candle, especially when you are well accompanied

A credit commits you and must be reimbursed. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

Be well informed

How to secure your online purchases ?

In order not to fall into the traps set by cybercriminals when you buy online, Axa Banque presents the advantages of secure payment.

Increase in rate on regulated savings booklets

On February 1, 2023 the annual net interest rate of your regulated savings booklets increases. Benefit 3% on booklet A, the sustainable and solidarity development booklet and the young booklet.

An offer for new baccalaureate holders 2023, quickly ask your general agent AXA

The baccalaureate tests are finally behind you, it’s a great step of crossing. To celebrate, Axa Banque offers you a bonus, ask your AXA agent advice.