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ONEPLUS NORTH 5G test: a pleasant summer refreshment

Another two similarities and finally a big novelty. Like last year, OnePlus offers a battery of 4500 mAh To feed your latest offspring. First similarity. This battery still does not support wireless load. Second similarity. However, the North 2T now takes up colors with a Supervooc recharge of 80 watts, Instead of 60 watts. A firepower which was inaugurated, let us remember, on the OnePlus 10 Pro.

ONEPLUS NORD 5G test: the mid -range smartphone comfortable

The North range is a real success and OnePlus surfs these good results to multiply the models. Here is the northern 2T 5G oneplus, light evolution of North 2 launched last summer and whose main lines with the same Amoled display, a more recent SOC, but of equivalent power and a photo part of which combines the combination of sensors, Is similar.

Northern oneplus 2t photo block

The continuity

The brand OnePlus succeeded in the launch of the range North which aims at the mid -range segment, expanding its opportunities by offering smartphones in space between 300 and 500 €.

The series quickly segmented in the North, North CE, North this Lite, multiplying the models and offering different configurations, always with the oxygenos overlay highlighting.

OnePlus Nord 2t Shelf

Several northern models have already been launched since the start of the year, a sign of the vitality of the segment, and here is now coming OnePlus Nord 2T 5G, light evolution of North 2 and while waiting for a northern 3 with the more marked difference.

The smartphone resumes the main lines of its predecessor, but joined the fast 80W load inaugurated on the OnePlus 10 Pro that we tested. So we find the same somewhat bulky charger that we had already had in hand with the flagship.

Characteristics of the northern OnePlus 2T 5G

  • 8.2 mm thick for 190 g
  • 6.43 inch FHD+ AMOLED 90 Hz HDR10 display+
  • SOC Mediatek Dimensity 1300 Octocore / GPU Arm Mali-G77 MC9
  • 8 or 12 GB RAM / 128 or 256 GB of storage
  • Wifi 6 / Bluetooth 5.2 / NFC
  • Optical fingerprint reader under the screen
  • 32 megapixel front photo sensor with eis
  • Triple Rear photo sensor:
    – wide angle 50 megapixels f/1.8 Sony IMX 766 with Ois
    – Ultra wide angle 8 megapixels with EIS (Angle Vision 120 degrees)
    – 2 megapixel monochrome sensor
  • Video recording up to 4K / 30 FPS / Slow Motion (1080p up to 480 IPS, 720p up to 960 IPS)
  • 4500 mAh Dual Cell battery with fast load 80W Supervooc
  • USB-C / Dual SIM 5G connectors
  • 2G compatible at 5G
  • Reference price: 429 € (8/128 GB), 499 € (12/256 GB)

Similar design, atypical photo block

We do not change a winning team and, faced with the success of the North range, the manufacturer maintains a certain uniformity of style found in the different models of the range.

For the North 2T, the format is therefore the same as the North 2 with 8.2 mm thick, a weight of 190 g and the front side which remains similar: a 6.43 inch FHD+ AMOLED plane display with 90 Hz refreshment and punch housed for the photo sensor before 16 megapixels.

OnePlus Nord 2T 01

The 20: 9 ratio does not change and the screen supporting HDR10+ is protected by Gorilla Glass 5 glass. The display is still as pleasant to view, with the possibility of finely adjusting the colorimetry in the parameters to favor strong contrasts or natural colors.

The fingerprint reader is housed under the screen and responds correctly to the requests in most cases. On the slices, in addition to the power button and the volume keys, the North 2T maintains the notification slider as for the brand’s flagships.

OnePlus Nord 2T Slider

The USB-C connectors and the double SIM trolley are the only elements of the slices, with the speakers, and we will therefore find neither 3.5 mm jack nor port port. The seal of the shell remains limited and the device is therefore not protected against immersions.

Northern onepus 2t back

At the rear, the photo block remains imposing and is still divided into 2 separate groups: the first for the main photo sensor and the second for the other two sensors. Note the particular arrangement of these.

With a formula that does not change, the handling remains appreciated thanks to the curved back and this silky touch of the shell, not to mention the Sandstone finish recalling the hull of the OnePlus 1, which underlines the concern for detail. The smartphone is well balanced in hand and will not mark fingerprints, but beware of sliding if it has no protective case or case.

The first with Dimensity 1300

THE OnePlus Nord 2 that we had tested A distinguished by its Dimensity 1200-Ai Soc, a personalized version of the Dimensity 1200 to push performance in artificial intelligence.

THE OnePlus Nord 2T 5G opts for its part for the SOC Dimensity 1300 de Mediatek offering an octocore 1+3+4 CPU configuration which pushes one of the hearts Arm Cortex-A78 to 3 GHz, leaves three Cortex-A78 coeurs in standard frequency and includes 4 venerable economic cores arm cortex-a55, while The GPU part goes through a Mali-G77 ARM.

It is a suitable combination in the mid-range by offering a good mix between average performance and moderate energy consumption, while offering 5G compatibility (Sub-6 GHz).

OnePlus Nord 2T Antutu

OnePlus Nord 2t Geekbench

Concretely, the difference in performance with the Dimensity 1200 is not obvious and shows the SOC even behind certain indicators. This does not prevent the smartphone from being very comfortable on a daily basis and offering flawless fluidity.

Most mobile games run without difficulty and autonomy remains correct (just over a day of operation in mixed use). The supply of the 80W fast charge is welcome and allows a full load in just over 30 minutes, with a very moderate final heater.

The northern one 2T runs under Android 12 overlay Oxygenos 12, already crossed on the OnePlus 10 Pro. We find the sleek interface and the many personalization possibilities offered in the settings.

Northern OnePlus 2t Welcome screen

OnePlus Nord 2t Shelf

Oxygenos offers several modes (Zen, game. ) and a shelf mode accessible from a slipped finger from the upper right angle, bringing together the most used applications and contacts and useful information.

It is fast and fluid, with few pre-installed applications and a large number of settings to adapt the smartphone to its style or desires. We will also find something to set up an Always on screen with the now classic insights displays that give an idea of ​​daily activity and the number of screen unlocking, and canvas to create a drawing from a photo.

Note that it is possible to display the Always screen temporarily (it disappears after a few seconds) or permanent on the watch screen, which is not always offered on other overlay.

A photo part dominated by the Sony IMX766

For the photo part, the OnePlus Nord 2T takes up the same composition and the northern sensors 2: a main module Sony IMX766 50 megapixel with f/1.9 opening which will do most of the job and remains supported by an ultra-angle of 8 megapixels and a 2 megapixel monochrome sensor.

OnePlus Nord 2t Photo Bloc 02

There is therefore no module dedicated to the zoom and the smartphone will offer an X2 lossless zoom using the main sensor, while the digital zoom will go to X10, with a very smoothing on arrival.

OnePlus Nord 2t Photo 02

OnePlus Nord 2t Photo 03

The photos taken with good brightness offer a beautiful rendering, as well as the weaker light shots, with preserved details. On the other hand, the post-processing is quite visible and the object contours are sometimes very marked, which can make them lose natural.

The positive point is that it remains very clean on a wide range of use, with detail, color and contrast.

OnePlus Nord 2t Photo

Oneplus Nord 2T: Photo without night mode

Northern oneplus 2t night photo

OnePlus Nord 2T: Photo with night mode

The clichés in night mode are rather interesting with residual light in support, otherwise the result is very rough. Nevertheless, the difference between normal and night mode is clearly visible and brings an additional level of detail and welcome.

OnePlus Nord 2T photo 50 megapixels 02

OnePlus Nord 2T: photo in 50 megapixels

However, it will be necessary not to look too close as the smoothing is very present without always hiding the noise (at the level of the sky, in particular), creating a lot of discontinuity.

The ultra -wide angle sensor of 8 megapixels with 120 -degree vision angle meets expectations correctly with the limitations of its f/2.2 opening, but EIS stabilization which will reduce the blur when light becomes lower.

At the front, the northern oneplus 2T has a 32 megapixel module for selfies which offers good results with a well -lit face even indoors, while offering a pack of embellishment options and filters to modify the atmosphere snapshot.

The image can be a bit burned in the present day, but the main subject remains clearly visible and highlighted, which remains the most important.


The northern north 2T takes up the basics of its predecessor with always this desire to offer a beautiful oxygenos experience at a lower rate than the brand’s reference smartphones.

Everything is there or almost: a beautiful AMOLED screen, a quality main photo sensor, correct autonomy and even the notification slider. The mobile device is fluid and responsive and will not have trouble fulfilling everyday tasks. It is only with particularly heavy applications that it will eventually show limitations.

OnePlus Nord 2t Dos 02

The handling remains pleasant and the silky touch of the back highlights detail, while the quality of finish remains impeccable. The 80W fast charge provides additional comfort that is always appreciable.

However, the Soc Dimensity 1300 remains very close to the processor of the previous model and the photo part remains a little limited with certainly a good main photo sensor, but a limited zoom and a night mode which clearly improves the brightness, but also smoked enormously, lose in detail.

Northern oneplus 2t photo block

There is still no 3.5 mm jack or memory card port, while the water tightness remains limited to light sponsorsions.

At € 429 as an entry price on the brand’s official website, the northern one 2T 5G There remains a very good mid -range smartphone, but there is a lack of personality or surprise effect in a series that continues to grow.

+ Most

  • Beautiful Amoled screen
  • Correct autonomy
  • Effective Sony IMX766 photo sensor

– The lessers

  • Very close to the northern oneplus 2
  • Perfectible night photo
  • No headphone jack / Port memory card
  • No sealing

ONEPLUS NORTH 5G test: a pleasant summer refreshment

ONEPLUS NORTH 5G test: a pleasant summer refreshment

In 2014, when the One was released, its first smartphone, OnePlus justifies its method of sale by invitations by declaring: “Making too many devices that cannot be sold, could easily cause the loss of our young business”. Eight years later, if we refer to the simple vitality of its northern series, we can say that the firm is doing pretty well. Inaugurated in July 2020, this range, which covers entry into the mid -range, has already sold 10 million copies in the world. Building on this success, OnePlus does not hesitate to multiply the references.

After having already left his hat for this start of the year a North CE 2 and one This 2 Lite, OnePlus offers for the holidays the North 2T 5G. On paper, this smartphone seems to be an improved version of the North 2, An excellent product released last summer. On paper, OnePlus refines his copy, always keeping at the head to offer an experienced experience for an affordable rate, the 2T being offered in two versions. The first (8/128 GB) billed at 429 euros and the second, more muscular (12/256 GB), 529 euros excluding promotions. This is the first version that we were able to have in hand for several weeks, just to know if OnePlus offered us with Nord 2T 5G, a simple refreshment without too much interest or a real improved version. The answer in this test.

Design: an already seen that is not to displease us

In broad outlines this northern 2T 5G clearly resembles its predecessor. In terms of dimensions and weights, these are practically the same two drops of water. Last year OnePlus delivered a device of 158.9 x 73.2 x 8.3 mm for 189 g, while for this year, we leave on 159.1 x 73.2 x 8.2 mm for 190 g. The overall grip of the smartphone is pretty good And access to the different buttons of one hand is done without too much problem. For example, switching between vibrating, ringing and silent modes naturally runs thanks to the presence of the always very useful “Slider” button on the right edge.

Thanks to slightly curved edges towards the rear side, the chassis offers a pleasant rotundity. On the back, the photo sensor materializes on the shape of a rectangle housing two circles. Although the photo block is a bit prominent, the North 2T 5G is rather stable when placed on a table. The whole is rather consistent and the smartphone gives off a certain premium refinement. It must be said that the plastic coating imitating a glass effect is really successful. On the other hand, this back takes a lot of fingerprints. Given her beauty, it’s almost a shame to have to dress her with a shell.

To finish this owner’s tour, we find on the left edge the locking button, on the right the volume button and on the lower slice a USB-C port and a location to receive two nano-sim cards. As you will understand, No microSD port, nor a 3.5 mm jack port.

Screen: OnePlus keeps the course on 90 Hz

Last year, we were already a little surprised that for this OnePlus price range chooses a refresh rate of 90 Hz. For this year, the manufacturer persists and signs, the North 2T 5G is updated in 60 or 90 Hz. It will be up to you to choose, since this mode is not adaptive. Although the slab is always fluid and reactive in its animations, it is weird that OnePlus do not flatter the retina of the most picky of entries we.

For the rest OnePlus delivers a copy in accordance with the mid -range standards. To know A 6.44 -inch AMOLED slab in Full HD+ (1080 x 2400 pixels) with a 20: 9 ratio: 9. Like last year, Maximum brightness is excellent, It is possible to enjoy the screen even when the sun is at its zenith. Amoled obliges, no complaints also on the management of contrasts. For colorimetry, However, it will take a tour in the parameters to correct the shot. Indeed, in factory calibration, the whole pulls too much towards blue and reds are more like a fluorescent orange. Go from “lively” mode to “natural” mode will allow you to get closer to reality, but not totally. We really had to play on the temperature gauge, which is not the most precise either, so that the rendering is really acceptable.

The overall service of this screen is in the high average, Too bad that oneplus does not caliber his slab better or failing that does not offer more precise settings.

Power: always a reference for 500 euros

While North 2 proposed a Dimensity 1300 chip, Le Le Nord 2T has a slightly better version in its bowels, the Dimensity 1300. This SOC Mediatek relies on four cores Cortex-A78, on four Cortex-A55, as well as on a Mali-G77 MC9 GPU GPU. Like last year, This solid configuration allows you to benefit from maximum activities with fluidity. For several weeks, the smartphone has never presented signs of fatigue, even when a good dozen applications were running in the background or during prolonged office automation on the cloud. In terms of gaming, it is also extremely comfortable.

Geekbench, 3D Mark and PC Mark

Even with high level graphics, we have not noticed No texture problems During our Asphalt 9 games: Legends. Especially since OnePlus generally controls the heating, The North 2T has been mounted in a measured manner, only after 40 minutes of play. To spoil nothing at the party, without being exceptional, The audio experience is neat. Located respectively on the lower edge and slipped between the upper edge and the screen, the two speakers offer pleasant stereo printing. However, it will be necessary not to put the volume at more than 80%, beyond the distortion is invited and the dynamics lose balance, especially on the mediums.

Oxygen OS 12.1: one of the most flexible overcrowers on the market

North 2T runs under Android 12, The latest version of the Google system, with Oxygenos 12.1. In the world of Android, the oneplus overlay is very appreciated For its flexibility and its refined side. We find everything that makes the charm of the OnePlus overlay, namely plethoric personalization choices all in A clean and easy to use setting.

Let us quote for example, the “Shelf” option, which brings together widgets on a panel, the successful animation of notifications or the imperturbable “Zen” fashion, which will force you to enjoy a little tranquility once activated. The icing on the cake, which it is appreciable to take charge of a phone without having a handful of pre-installed commercial applications.

Autonomy and load: always so enduring and even faster

Another two similarities and finally a big novelty. Like last year, OnePlus offers a battery of 4500 mAh To feed your latest offspring. First similarity. This battery still does not support wireless load. Second similarity. However, the North 2T now takes up colors with a Supervooc recharge of 80 watts, Instead of 60 watts. A firepower which was inaugurated, let us remember, on the OnePlus 10 Pro.

In fact, we don’t have much to blame him on these two aspects. In terms of endurance, it holds two days in basic use and much a day Even if we add some game sessions and a good hour of video streaming. In other words, these are great results. With its new charger, the North 2T went from 3% to 60% in 18 minutes and for a full load, it has never exceeded the 33 minutes. If its autonomy is good, its recharge is even more so, it is excellent.

Camera: OnePlus refines his experience

Here again, North 2 and North 2T is identical. OnePlus offers three sensor with Sony’s excellent IMX766, as the main module. The complete configuration breaks down as follows:

  • A main module of 50 megapixels, f/1.8.
  • An ultra-angle module of 8 megapixels, 120 ° and f/2.2.
  • A depth sensor of 2 megapixels, f/2.2.
  • And at the front, a module for selfies of 32 Mpx, f/2.4.

In good light condition, OnePlus always offers Excellent results, in particular with regard to sharpness on the edges of the image. The management of contrasts is successful and the colorimetry acceptable except on blue.

This is particularly the case in a background situation, it is really necessary to make the development in order to obtain variations of blue close to what our eye actually perceives on the stage.

For ultra-angle shots, The result is usable, but nothing more. Although the distortion is mastered, we notice elements that clearly lack sharpness. We don’t want one in OnePlus, this type of sensor is never really the strong price smartphones.

On the other hand, in night photo, the north 2T is much more comfortable than its predecessor. OnePlus has worked the software part well since the level of detail is there without the smoothing is too marked.

It’s not yet perfect, but with a little training, it is possible to take photos without too much digital noise. Finally, the front sensor offers a rather natural clutch, which is highly appreciable.

A point on competition

Billed at 429 euros, our test version directly confronts two cadors also offered at less than 500 euros, namely the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and the Redmi Note 11g of Xiaomi. If these three smartphones are equal or less, let us specify all the same that this northern 2T is, to use, more powerful than the Samsung and much more design than the Xiaomi.


Although the changes are light, they are successful. With its new SOC, its more convincing night photo part and its ultra-fast charge, OnePlus successfully refreshes its model from last year. For the rest, the Chinese manufacturer does not upset its recipe and so much the better, the design is always as premium, the bone always pleasant to use and the autonomy largely sufficient. If you are looking for a smartphone below 500 euros, this North 2T 5G should satisfy you with its consistency. If you already have last year’s model, the difference is not, in our view, quite obvious, to justify a change of model.

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