ODR TV TCL: up to 100 € reimbursed, TV TCL 85 on sale: 200 € reduction

TV TCL 85 on sale: € 200 refunded on 85C735 – 85C731

The lowest price observed is 1.399.00 €. It was found on the Darty site on Friday 01 September 2023

ODR TV TCL: up to 100 € reimbursed

On the LED and OLED television market, major brands like Philips, LG, or Samsung share the biggest part of the cake. This does not prevent less known brands from making a place like hisense.

This is also the case of the Chinese manufacturer TCL who managed to make himself known by offering very interesting quality / price reports by inspiring the success of his compatriots Huawei or Honor on the smartphones market.

TCL: up to € 100 refunded on 4K LED TV

To make its TV models even more attractive, TCL pushes the nail by offering a reimbursement offer that will save from 30 € to 100 €. Notice to those who would like to equip themselves at a good price !

Thus, TCL offers the following reimbursement offers:

  • Until 05/02: up to 100 € on TV TCL C63
  • Until 25/02: up to 30 € refunded on TV TCL P63
  • Until 07/02: up to 100 € refunded on TV TCL P735

We find in particular these offers in most major brands, as you can see the help of the buttons below (then search for the “reimbursed” inserts):

TV TCL TV offers

Once your purchase is made, you will have to go to the official TCL promotions website to register and obtain your participation form to be returned with the necessary supporting documents (Participation form + copy of the invoice + original barcode)).

New TCL reimbursement offers

Given the amount of the refund, we advise you to ship your file by monitoring and/or recommended mail.

After good receipt of your full request, you will receive your refund within 10 weeks by bank transfer. Offer limited to a home request for France (Corsica, Monaco and Dom Tom included), Belgium and Luxembourg.

Vincent Ramarques 09/01/2023

TV TCL 85 ‘on sale: € 200 refunded on 85C735 – 85C731

ODR TCL valid from Wednesday May 10, 2023 to Tuesday July 25, 2023

TCL offers you a promo on 85 -inch TVs in the C73 series. Thanks to this reimbursement offer, benefit from a reduction of € 200 on references 85C735 – 85C731. Find the best prices on these TCL TVs.

Expired reimbursement offer

This promo has expired, we advise you to consult the following tips:

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Conditions of the TCL reimbursement offer

€ 200 TCL TV 85 ‘C73

TCL, a brand recognized for its quality televisions, offers you an incredible promo on 85 inch televisions of the C73 series. With this reimbursement offer, you can benefit from a reduction of € 200 on references 85C735 – 85C731. This opportunity is perfect for those looking to get their hands on a large television at an affordable price.

TCL TVs in the C73 series have innovative technologies to provide an immersive and realistic visual experience. With a 4K resolution, you can enjoy your favorite movies and series with exceptional image quality. The colors are brilliant and the blacks deep, for a more realistic and more alive image.

TCL TVs in the C73 series also have sound technologies for an immersive audio experience. You can enjoy your content with quality surround sound, for a full entertainment experience.

In addition to these advanced technologies, TCL TVs in the C73 series also have an elegant and modern design. With a soaked glass finish, these televisions will integrate perfectly into your living room and will bring a touch of sophistication to your interior.

With this promotion, you can benefit from a TCL TV in the C73 series at a very affordable price. If you are looking to get your hands on a large TV at a cheap price, this offer is made for you.

To help you find the best offer, good promo.com invites you to compare the best offers on the TVs affected by the offer. You will be able to find the right plan that meets your needs and your budget.

Do not miss this opportunity to get your hands on a TCL TV in the C73 series at an affordable price. Take advantage of this promo to benefit from a reduction of € 300 on references 85C735 – 85C731. Make it quickly, this offer is valid until stocks exhaust !

How to be reimbursed for € 200 per TCL ?

Buy a TCL TV concerned by Off Re in participating and TCL stores reimburses you:

€ 200 refunded on TV references C73 85 inch 85C735 – 85C731

Register and participate online no later than 08/09/2023

Connect to the site https: // promotions-tcl.FR/FR_FR/, provided with your invoice, your IBAN/BIC bank details (FI GUIRS on your RIB), the barcode of the packaging of your product as well as the serial number of your device to save your request *.

*If you do not have access to the Internet or Advantages to register, contact our hotline at +33 (0) 4 86 91 41 27 from France (call not surcharged) – Off re number to recall: 50680.

1. Create your account or identify yourself on the site https: // promotions-tCL.fr/ fr_fr/ if you already have an account

2. Click on the C73 offer sticker

3. Complete and validate your personal information

4. Complete and validate your purchasing information

// Your proof of purchase or rental: Copy of the invoice of your TCL TV, rental contract or 1st rental invoice, dated between 05/10/2023 and 25/07/2023

// The photo of the serial number of your TCL TV, located on the signage plate at the rear of the product. The serial number begins with Z or T and is made up of 11 characters.

// The photo of the barcode of your TCL TV after cutting it out on the packaging card.

The barcode begins with 590 and is made up of 13 digits. (Not cut barcode photos will not be accepted)

6. If the purchase brand has a review page, you can submit your opinion on the product at the end of the course via the proposed link (optional)

7. Validate your registration

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Conditions of the reimbursement offer

The articles that were affected by this offer

TV Qled TCL 85 '85C735 2022

TV QLED TCL 85 ’85C735 2022 for 1.399.00 € at Boulanger.com

The lowest price observed is 1.399.00 €. It was found on the Darty site on Friday 01 September 2023

Products concerned by this good TCL plan

Find below the different references concerned by this TCL offer. We are looking for the best exclusive prices on these items, to offer you to buy them cheaper. The prices displayed are the result of a calculation including the discounts offered by the merchant (promo code, good plan, reduction voucher), as well as the reimbursement offers currently available. Other references can be affected by this promotion.

  • TV Qled TCL 85 ’85C735 2022

Comments, opinion and questions

Leave your comments or ask your questions.

TV TCL 85 'on sale: € 200 refunded on 85C735 - 85C731

Bonne-Promo offers you the consultation of brands reimbursement offers. We do not manage the refund application files. Please get closer to TCL, or the organization dealing with files, to have information on your current file.

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Advice to get reimbursed

How to benefit from an ODR ?

Once your purchase is made, you just have to build your file to claim a reimbursement offer. First, you must go to the ODR site and create your account. You then fill out the registration form by mentioning your contact details and the details of your purchase.

In rare cases, a will simply be necessary to print the participation form and fill it with your contact details without the need to register online.

That being done, you will only have to print your participation. Generally, you must send the 3 elements mentioned below in an envelope. Put the original barcode of your product in it, which you will cut on its packaging card and the original of your receipt as well as the RIB where you wish to receive your refund. Do not forget your participation bulletin.

Make sure to be reimbursed ?

We want to specify that your request may not be accepted if certain conditions have not been met. You can optimize your chances by following the following instructions. First, be sure to submit your file no later than 15 days after purchasing your product. We strongly advise you to send it as soon as possible. Most reimbursement offers are limited to a few thousand participations.

Before submitting your request, check that all the required documents are indeed inserted into the envelope. Also, when you complete your form, avoid making erasures at all costs or filling it with illegible writing. In short, be very careful ! These small details will be able to help you optimize your chances of being reimbursed.

If you follow all these conditions to the letter, you will normally receive your refund within 10 to 12 weeks after receipt of your request.