ODR Bouygues: all offers in June 2023!, Promotions, good deals & odr Bouygues-Telecom

Good deals, promotions and odr bouygues-telecom

The phones of the famous apple brand are also sometimes the subject ofBouygues reimbursement offers. If your smartphone is old and you have to change it, this is an opportunity to save several tens of euros. Currently, the Apple reimbursement offers have all expired, but these are frequently renewed.

ODR Bouygues: how to take advantage of a reimbursement offer ?

How to benefit from a Bouygues reimbursement offer ? Does the operator offer ODR Xiaomi or Samsung ? Can we take advantage of an Apple refund ? And what are the ODR Bouygues currently offered by the operator ? We take stock in this article to help you save on your telecom budget.

  • The essential
  • A ODR Bouygues is a reimbursement offer on mobile plans or Internet subscriptions.
  • It is also possible to enjoy a Bouygues Telecom coupon on smartphones and other telecom accessories.
  • You can participate in the current ODR Bouygues directly Online or by mail.
  • There are ODR Apple, Xioami or Samsung presented frequently on the operator’s website.

ODR Bouygues: how to acquire a low -cost smartphone ?

Yes, with a ODR Bouygues, You can enjoy a mobile phone at a lower cost. For example, you dream of a ODR Xiaomi or a ODR Samsung ? Bouygues did it ! Some are still in progress, until July 2023 .

ODR Xiaomi at Bouygues Telecom

Odr Bouygues Smartphones Xiaomi
01 86 65 29 98 Until 80 € reimbursed
Until July 10, 2023

Different reductions are applied depending on the model:

  • 50 € : Xiaomi Note 11 Pro 5G, 11T, 11T Pro, 12 Lite, note 12 5G, note 12 pro 5G, note 12 pro+ 5G;
  • 80 € : Xiaomi 5 IV, 12, 12 pro, 12t, 12t pro, 13, 13 pro

Samsung refund offer

To change mobile phone and acquire a Samsung smartphone, Bouygues reimbursement offers are a good pretext. Again, it is possible to take advantage of it until July 2023 .

Odr Bouygues Samsung smartphones
01 86 65 29 98 Until 100 € reimbursed
Until July 10, 2023

Bouygues Telecom offers discounts that vary according to Samsung smartphones models:

  • 50 € : Samsung A53, A23 5G, A33 5G, Xcover 6 Pro, Reconditioned S10;
  • 80 € : Samsung S22, S21FE 5G, S23, S23+, S23 Ultra, Z Fold4, Z FLIP4.

Are there ODR Apple ?

The phones of the famous apple brand are also sometimes the subject ofBouygues reimbursement offers. If your smartphone is old and you have to change it, this is an opportunity to save several tens of euros. Currently, the Apple reimbursement offers have all expired, but these are frequently renewed.

Odr Bouygues Smartphones Apple
01 86 65 29 98 Until 80 € Refunded until January 10, 2023

Here are the different discounts offered by Bouygues according to iPhone models:

  • 50 € : iPhone 11, SE 2022, 8 reconditioned, Se 2020 reconditioned, Reconditioned XR, 11 reconditioned and 12 reconditioned
  • 80 € : iPhone 12, 13, 13 mini, 13 pro, 13 pro max, 14, 14 Plus, 14 pro, 14 pro max

Google, Oppo, OnePlus, Sony, Motorola, Honor, Vivo: what are the ODRs offered by Bouygues for these brands ?

Bouygues Telecom offers € 80 discount on the selection of smartphones next :

  • Google Pixel 7 Pro
  • Honor Magic 5 Pro, Magic VS
  • Oppo Find X5, X5 Pro, Reno 8 Pro
  • Sony Xperia 5 IV

Other products are eligible for a Reimbursement of 50 € ::

  • Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6a, 7, 7a
  • Honor 70, Magic 5 Lite
  • Motorola Edge 30 Neo
  • Nothing Phone (1)
  • Oppo Reno8, Reno8 Lite
  • Sony Xperia 10 IV
  • Vivo v23, v21, y76

Subscribe to the Internet cheaper: reimbursement offers in progress

Of course, internet boxes are not outdone. You can easily subscribe to a Bouygues modem with a reduced price:

  • Until June 4, 2023: First 2 months reimbursed for the subscription of a Bbox must or Bbox Ultym ;
  • Until June 18, 2023: Refund up to 50 € for your whole First connection to fiber (eligible departments: 12.17, 22, 35.40, 46, 48, 53, 61, 70, 83, 90, 91);
  • Until June 23, 2023: until 100 € reimbursed on your Internet termination fees.

Tendering offers that make it possible to make considerable savings on multimedia equipment and your telecom subscriptions. ODR Bouygues regarding Internet boxes may be a good way to encourage you to Leave your Internet access provider current without exposing yourself to exorbitant termination costs.

But again, be careful. Any incomplete or sent request outside the deadline will not be taken into account.

Odr Bouygues on mobile plans: subscribe to Bouygues at a low price

THE mobile packages are also regularly part of the Bouygues reimbursement offers . In addition to the non -binding prices for the B & You range, using a Bouygues Telecom coupon to become the operator’s customer can be very advantageous.

  • Bouygues offer portability up to 15 €/month for all Portability request for a number Until June 2023.

By clicking on the “I participate” button, you access the form to be completed online . You have nothing else to do than enter your contact details and validate your participation.

Bouygues discounts on accessories


That you love them IT accessories Or that you simply appreciate material innovations because they are useful to you on a daily basis, you will be delighted to learn that ODR Bouygues also apply to this kind of equipment.

  • Until June 4, 2023: 50% reduction on the JBL products : JBL pregnant Go, JBL pregnant Go 2, JBL helmet, JBL ECOUTERS Sprint, JBL pregnant Clip 3, JBL pregnant OneBea, JBL Sound bar;
  • Until June 4, 2023: 30 € reimbursed On a selection ofLivoo speakers (Livootes213, light ball, arch) for any subscription to a Bbox must or ultym offer (including Smart TV).
  • Until June 21, 2023: until 90 € reimbursed On a selection ofSamsung accessories (Live Buds, Buds2, Buds2 Pro, Watch 44mm and Watch 4 44mm) for the purchase of a S23, S23+ or S23 Ultra ;
  • Until June 21, 2023: until 99 € reimbursed for any simultaneous purchase of a Google Pixel 7a and a pair of Pixel Bus A-SERIES ;
  • Until June 25, 2023: up to 300 € reimbursed on a selection of Samsung Galaxy products ;
  • Until June 30, 2023: 30% reimbursed on the purchase of a selection of Belkin products ;
  • Until June 30, 2023: until 20 € reimbursed for the purchase of a case or shell For Galaxy S23 Series, S22, Z Flip4 or Z Fold4;
  • Until June 30, 2023: up to 20 € reimbursed for the purchase of a quick quick charger or a Quick load external battery.
  • Until July 10, 2023: a Coque offered for the purchase of a Google Pixel 7a ;

These temporary promotions are a good opportunity to acquire a new pair of earphones or a connected watch without breaking his budget.

Want to change your bouygues offer ?

The ODR Bouygues, what is it ?

Bouygues smartphone

The ODR, acronym of Refund offer, corresponds to a promotion offered by the vast majority of French telephone operators. Generally, these commercial offers are available for a limited period.

That is to say that if you are interested in an Apple reimbursement offer or an Xiaomi ODR, you have a certain delay during which to buy the product in question, then an additional time to subject your proof of Purchase and any other document necessary for the validation of your file.

Operators are free to apply these products to the products of their choice. Thus, the ODR Bouygues may concern both mobile or internet packages, as are many IT accessories (headphones, smartphones, smartwatch, etc.)).

In the case of a Bouygues reimbursement offer, So the potential to save money is not negligible. When you have never been a customer, it is common to subscribe and pay A reduced monthly rate During the first six or twelve months of contract. With reimbursement offers, it is possible to extend this period and make more savings over time.

How to enjoy an ODR Bouygues ?

In order to save on your telecommunications purchases, the procedure is simple. In fact, the reductions proposed by the operator are in the form of Bouygues Telecom coupons To download directly online, on the current offers page.

  1. On the official Bouygues website, select the “Promos” section, then click on ” Refund offers »».
  2. Then choose the category of ODR Bouygues that interests you.
  3. Click on the button ” Download the coupon “To record it in PDF format.

In the case of a refund on the purchase of a mobile phone, it is a question of clicking on the “Make online” button in step 3.

Fancy a Bouygues package ?

Bouygues Telecom coupons: the conditions to be respected


If you are looking to save money, you will have to build a corresponding file to the required criteria by the ODR Bouygues of your choice.

ODR Bouygues: the documents to be provided

In addition, the following supporting documents will be required to validate your participation in the Bouygues reimbursement offer:

  • A photo of proof of purchase or rental of the product.
  • A photo of the label affixed to the original packaging of the product (barcode or IMEI code).
  • Photocopy of proof of professional activity if you are a business.

After validating your participation, a confirmation email is sent to the address you have provided beforehand.

The reimbursed sum or the accessory offered as part of the Bouygues ODR will be given to you within a period of Four to six weeks From the end date of the offer.

The reasons for a file refusal

The reasons why you may not be able to benefit from a Bouygues reimbursement offer are the following :

  • Your purchase was made beyond the deadline concerning the ODR Bouygues.
  • Your product has not been purchased in mainland France or in the Principality of Monaco.
  • Your product is not new, but has been bought used or on an unofficial marketplace.
  • Number of Bouygues Telecom coupons available is exhausted.

After downloading the coupon, you can read the terms of participation. Here, among other things, those you have to respect:

  • Only one participation per individual and per product is eligible.
  • Only one participation per professional and per product is eligible.
  • The purchase must relate to the exact reference of the product concerned by the reduction.

In other words, if the reduction offered concerns the iPhone 8 and you buy or rent an iPhone 7, your file will be invalidated.

How to benefit from an ODR Bouygues by mail ?

You prefer to go by post ? You have the possibility, because Bouygues is one of the rare operators, if not the only one, to accept participations by post. You will have to join the envelope:

  • The copy of the proof of purchase of the smartphone in question.
  • The copy of the service contract corresponding to the subscription of the eligible package.
  • A Bank details (RIB) with your IBAN and BIC numbers.

Finally, Labellez your mail at the following address:

DD48 – € 50 refunded on a mobile (web/telephone) SOGEC Gestion – 91973 COURTABOEUF CEDEX

Good deals, promotions and odr bouygues-telecom

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