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Series to see on OCS

This new HBO mini-series has something to seduce. The pitch first !

OCS series: What are the series accessible on OCS at the moment ?

You are there. This fateful moment when you have just finished the last episode of the last season of the OCS series that has captivated you so much. Maybe you already ask yourself which series you will attack then ? Shortcom ? Investigation ? A soap opera ? None of these proposals ? The three at the same time ? You do not know ? Do not panic ! In this article, we offer a small selection of series accessible on OCS at the moment. follow the leader !

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  • The essential
  • The content proposed by OCS in terms of series is very various : psychological drama, intense thriller, comedy. There is something for every taste.
  • Thanks to a Partnership with the American channel HBO, Programs are available on OCS Without limitation of availability.
  • All OCS series are Available on demand on OCS Go, The SVOD platform of OCS.
  • You can subscribe to OCS, without engagement, by going through your internet operator or directly on the OCS site.

The Handmaid’s Tale, The Outsider, Big Little Lies : the sure values ​​of OCS Series

The Handmaid’s Tale: the scarlet servant

The intrigue in two words

The Handmaid’s TaleThe scarlet servant in French – depicted A dystopian universe particularly dark and confusing.

From the first episode, you will be transported to the near future, in which a group of religious fundamentalists overthrew the government of the United States and established A theocratic dictatorship Based on the Old Testament: The Republic of Gilead. What give goosebumps. but that’s not all ! Pollution has made a large part of the sterile women, thus dangerously dropping the birth rate. To deal with the heavy social, geopolitical and religious consequences of this birth defect, this “Republic” ordered the division of women in three castes: the wives, who are the masters of the house, the Marthas, who serve good to do everything and scarlet servants, who are the only non-sterile women, whose role is to procreate. Offed (the main character) has the misfortune to belong to the latter and is assigned, against his sandstone, to the house of the Waterford to fulfill his duty: give a child to the couple.

Namely the world of series The Handmaid’s Tale is taken from the eponymous book of the American author Margaret Atwood.

A very current and internationally acclaimed OCS series

The Handmaid’s Tale addresses a whole series of subjects, in particular Politicians and Morals, which echo our very busy news. This is the reason why the OCS series received such a unanimous welcome. Impossible to remain indifferent to the totalitarian excesses of the Republic of Gilead, and not to use it to feed your reflection.

The series also shines with an extraordinary casting. Besides the brilliant Elisabeth Moss, We also find the talented Yvonne Strahovski And Joseph Fiennes. An exceptional acting, incredible costumes and a very realistic staging have earned the series to be named and rewarded many times, in particular to Emmy Awards and Golden Globes.

Namely Season 4 from The Handmaid’s Tale arrives in the United States the April 28, 2021 and the next day on OCS in France ! To your calendars !

The outsider : flagship of the OCS series

The outsider: what is it talking about ?

Real success of 2020 on OCS, the series The Outsider is freely inspired by eponymous novel by Stephen King.

In a small quiet town in Georgia, a child is found dead, the body horribly mutilated. Shocked by this macabre discovery, the small community sets out to find the culprit. After an in -depth examination of the crime scene, DNA results are final : the borrows are those from Terry Maitland, the baseball coach appreciated by all. Inspector Ralph Anderson, in charge of the investigation, hastens to stop him. But problem: Maitland has a concrete alibi. Video surveillance cameras filmed him several hundred kilometers from the crime scene. How to explain that ? Anderson, supported by a detective with unorthodox methods, will try to solve this mystery, in which reality flirts dangerously with the supernatural.

More than a series, that’s all a universe who woves behind your screen. Guaranteed chills !

2020’s good surprise in the OCS series

Available on OCS City, The outsider was named as one of the best OCS series in 2020. Worn by An exceptional casting – Jason Bateman, Ben Mendelsohn, Julianne Nicholson – The series brings together all the codes of the thriller: a slow rhythm at the beginning which rises in intensity over the episodes, characters as true as life, a staging in the scene.

The outsider is also A unique combo, Since the series brings together the elements of a good thriller with more unusual elements like the fantastic and the supernatural. What make your hair stand up on your head !

Big Little Lies : an OCS series with twists and turns

The synopsis of this OCS series

Three women, three mothers, three destinies. Madeline, Jane and Celeste live in the peaceful city of Monterey in California. When they are friends, through their children, they are far from suspecting that their lives are about to take a most radical turning point: involved in a terrible accident, They are prosecuted for murder. Who is the victim ? Who is his murderer ? What is the reason for the crime ? While the apparent perfection of their bourgeois lives shatters, the three women will find themselves confronted to the worst secrets, rumors and lies. So that their certainties will soon fly.

Namely according to the executive producer of the series, David E. Kelley, A season 3 would already be in preparation. Business !

A background criticism of American society

The American channel HBO signs a completely remarkable series ! Carried by formidable actresses – Reese Whitterspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shaileen Woodley – Big Little Lies is indeed a psychological drama high -flying. Heavy themes such as school harassment, rape, or even domestic violence are addressed. Thanks to a superbly tied scenario, this OCS series turns out to be both captivating, moving, shocking, and above all committed ! Indeed, the subjects mentioned and the way in which they are discussed are an excellent Critique of American society. The latter is supported by numerous historical and cultural references which prove the seriousness of the realization.

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The recently rewarded OCS series

The Undoing : dream casting and terrible revelations

This new HBO mini-series has something to seduce. The pitch first !

Grace Fraser, A successful therapist On the point of publishing his first book, belongs to the flagship of New York high society. With her loving husband, Jonathan, and their young son, educated in a private elite school, she seems to lead a perfect life. Untila violent death, The just as sudden disappearance of her husband and terrible revelations upset everything. Do we really know those who are most dear to us ?

In addition to a tense intrigue and suspense, The series is worn by Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, two cinema monsters that come here to the small screen. We validate !

This mini-series will only tell only one season of 6 episodes. They are all available on Ocs max and on demand on the OCS Go platform.

Euphoria : an oc series that is both disturbing and bewitching

This is the phenomenon of the moment: produced by the singer Drake, The Euphoria series immerses you in the daily full of escapades of a Group of American high school students. Actress Zendaya embodies there on rue, a toxican teenager just out of the detox treatment and prey to her old demons. In high school, she will befriend the news: Jules, a transsexual young girl in full questioning.

Breaking the codes of traditional teenage series, Euphoria scroll through a gallery of complex characters, taken in the Tumults of adolescent life and the quest for identity. In a superficial world, commanded by likes And social networks, will they manage to build themselves without a drama occurring ?

Season 1 complete of this OCS series is currently broadcast on OCS City and is available on demand on the OCS Go platform.

Watchmen : an OCS series that marks the return of the Comics Universe

Finally, let’s finish with an OCS series of a slightly different genre. But so addictive !

Watchmen Inspire the eponymous graphic novel But with a few reversals that make the salt of the series. The intrigue takes place in Tulsa, in Oklahoma, three years after the “Sleepless night“, an attack by white suprematists against the police. Since this terrible episode, the police have been carrying a yellow bandana on their face to camouflage their identity and prevent reprisals against them or their families. It is in this tense context that detective Angela Abar and the police chief Judd Crawford, take over a shooting at first sight “banal”. Until their discoveries lead them behind the scenes of the “Seventh Kavalry”, the group at the origin of the “white night”, and which could well be more active than what we do not think.

Season 1, made up of 9 episodes, of this OCS series is currently broadcast on OCS City and is available on demand on the OCS Go platform.

Good to know the offer of OCS series is huge ! Thus, keep in mind that the series presented are only viewing suggestions. By subscribing OCS, you can find thousands of others, including: Westworld, The iron Throne, Chernobyl, Succession.

Original creations of OCS Series: OCS signatures and OCS Originals

pop corn

Often criticized for his dependence on his foreign partners, OCS recently launched in the production of Original creations.

First of all, the label OCS Signature brings together original OCS series created in collaboration with producers of French series. Both daring and sassy, ​​these creations last 26 minutes, a short format for a condensed talent ! Missions, The big, Irresponsible. are some of the OCS series stamped “OCS Signature”.

The label OCS Originals brings together the series developed in partnership with European and international creators. Their formats and genres are varied. Devils, The name of the rose And Cheyenne and Lola are among the successes of OCS Originals.

Where to find the OCS series ?

Originally, Ocs (Orange cinema series) is a bouquet of television channels launched in 2008 and belonging to the Orange group. Since September 2012, OCS channels have been accessible to customers from other operators. The same year, OCS launched OCS GO, a platform for Svod, which brings together 4 channels And allows you to see and review your favorite OCS series from any medium: smartphones, tablets, computers.

Good to know the OCS GO application is available for iOS, Android and Windows 10

In addition, for the same account, you can view the OCS series simultaneously on Three different screens. Likewise, The “Hors connection” option Allows you to watch a series after downloading it, without being connected to the Internet. Very practical for travel or trips ! Finally, know that it is possible to keep until 5 films and 20 episodes in the memory of your application.

Each OCS bouquet chain is dedicated to a particular type of content. Here is a summary allowing you to know which type of series OCS find on which channel:

  • Ocs max: This is a very general chain, which mainly broadcasts the OCH series of the moment only 24 hours after their release in the US.
  • OCS City is the HBO partner. You can find all the series of the American chain in full, and without viewing restrictions.
  • OCS shock: As its name lets it implies, this chain is dedicated to the OCS series which give chills: horror, thriller and drama.
  • Giant ocsbroadcasts all the classics of cinema, regardless of their genre. You can therefore find the series of your childhood there for example. A real moment of nostalgia !

Thanks to OCS Go, you can find the contents of these 4 channels in Svod.

How long do the OCS series remain available on the OCS Go platform?

HBO series broadcast on OCS

HBO series are treated a little differently from other OCS series. Indeed, due to a partnership linking the American chain to OCS, the HBO series are available permanently and Without limitation of availability, Only 24 hours after their release in the US.

The other OCS series

On ocs, The series are, as a rule, Available at least for 30 days After their first broadcast.

Outside the HBO series, there is No standard availability duration limit. Indeed, the latter varies greatly from one series to another. If OCS tends to offer its content as long as possible on its SVOD platform, we still recommend that you consult the availability duration of each programs on His summary sheet. A simple and effective way to avoid unpleasant surprises !

How to subscribe to OCS without going through an operator ?

If OCS has become an option at many operators – Bouygues, SFR, Orange, Free -, know that it is quite possible to Subscribe directly to OCS, without going through a distributor. It is without commitment and without termination costs !

There are two OCS offers without obligation:

  • € 9.99/month To obtain access to OCS on mobile, tablet and computer and be able to view the programs up to 2 screens simultaneously.
  • € 11.99/month To access OCS on mobile, tablet, computer and Your TV Thanks to one of these supports: Chromecast, Xbox One, Android TV and Apple TV. Programs can be watched on 3 screens simultaneously.

To subscribe, nothing could be simpler ! Only follow these few steps:

  1. Go to theSubscription tab OCS Site.Fr.
  2. Select theOffer that suits you.
  3. Inform your personal and payment information.
  4. Validate the entry in the summary page.

Attention it belongs to you Refit your OCS subscription If you no longer use it. If you don’t, your OCS subscription contract will be tacitly renewed by successive periods of one month and at the price of the offer to which you have subscribed.

Updated on 30/11/2022

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Series to see on OCS

The Handmaid’s Tale: the scarlet servant

In a dystopian and totalitarian society at the very low birth rate, women are divided into three categories: the wives, which dominate the house, the Marthas, who maintain it, and the servants, whose role is reproduction.



Created by Arnaud Malherbe

In a world where laughter is prohibited. Steph, an employee and a model citizen, triggers Céline’s hilarity, her intern, without his knowledge. Hit by the anti-rire police, kidnapped by a group of rebels, will Steph be the “elected”, the one by whom the general laughter will arrive ?

The Walking Dead: Dead City

The Walking Dead: Dead City

A few years after the events that occurred at Commonwealth, Maggie and Negan go to a post-apocalyptic Manhattan has long cut the continent. The city in ruins is populated by dead and inhabitants who have made New York, an anarchic world filled with terror.

The White Lotus

The White Lotus

Created by Mike White
With F. Murray Abraham, Jennifer Coolidge ,

In a seaside resort in the postcard landscape, customers benefit from their holidays in an idyllic setting, supported by a most pleasant and helpful staff. Very quickly, it becomes clear that the apparent happiness and the facade smiles are misleading.



Created by Jesse Armstrong

The rich and powerful Roy family, made up of the Patriarch Logan and its four children, controls one of the biggest media conglomerates in the world. While their aging father gradually withdrew from the company, Connor, Kendall Roman and Siobhan contemplate the future of the company without him.