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Notion used as a dashboard for a software development company


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Notion Bullet Journal Template Idea Image

Notion Bullet Journal Template Idea

Using concept as a bullet journal

Notion Student Dashboard Setup Image

Notion Student Dashboard Setup

In Dashboard to Organize Your Studies and Personal Life

Student Dashboard With Para Image

Student dashboard with para

A Concept Workspace Dashboard for Students with para METHOD, TO-LIST, Class Notes and More.

Notion Black and White Dashboard Image

Notion of black and white dashboard

A Dashboard With Weather Widget and Clok Widgete and To-Do List

Notion Homepage Image

Homepage concept

Notion notion Homepage Brings All Essential Information and Daily Tasks Into One Conven Place

Daily Planner Template Image

Daily Planner Template

Using notion as a daily planner

Project Management Dashboard Image

Dashboard Project Management

Notion used as a task management dashboard

Research Team Wiki Hub Image

Research Team Wiki Hub

Free Concept Template for Research Team Wiki & Hub

Compact concept grade calculator image

Compact concept grade calculator

Using notion as grades calculator

University and School Basic Flower Template Image

University and School Basic Flower Template

A Concept Template for Managing School Or University Life

Self Development Concept Dashboard Ideas Image

Self Development Concept Dashboard Ideas

Using notion as a dashboard to track your self development

Cashflow Management Dashboard Image

Cashflow Management Dashboard

A Concept Template Idea for Managing Monthly Cashflow

Dungeons and dragons setup image

Dungeons and Dragons Setup

Using notion for Dungeons & Dragons Instead of Paper

Notion Homepage With A Weather Widget Image

Notion Homepage with a weather widget

A simple notion home page setup with a weather widget

Blogging Manager and Instagram Planner Image

Blogging Manager and Instagram Planner

Notion used to manager blogging process and instagram post planner.

Wiki & Second Brain Homepage Image

Wiki & Second Brain Homepage

Notion used as a wiki and second brain

Dashboard Built with notion image

Dashboard Built with notion

Notion used as a dashboard for a software development company

Minimalist Student Layout Setup Image

Minimalist Student Layout Setup

Minimalist Concept Layout Setup Created by a University Student!

Dashboard Life OS Image

Dashboard Life OS

Simple notion Dashboard to track your life.

Gratitude Journal Example Image

Gratitude Journal Example

Using concept as a gratitude journal

Simple reading List Image

Simple reading list

Simple notion reading list Inspiration page.

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