Notice 2023 & Tuto: The best application for the purchase of crypto currencies?, Notice (2023): an exchange to test or avoid?

Notice (2023): an exchange to test or avoid 

For all these reasons, we cannot say that offers the best payment card in cryptos, far from it itself. Our opinion about it is more than bad, and we are not a priori at the end of our surprises since advantages are regularly removed. Avis 2023 & Tuto: The best application for the purchase of cryptocurrencies ?

Launched 2016, in part by Kris Marszalek, is an application specializing in the exchange of crypto currencies. Indeed, you cannot find other markets such as actions, precious metals or even ETFs. has been in place on the market for several years and now welcomes more 10 million users in total, in more than 90 countries different.

The application is notably renowned for its ease of use and its design appropriate to all investor profiles. In addition, offers many very attractive features, such as Crypto Earn, THE Supercharger or the Recurring Buy. Without forgetting that you can buy your favorite cryptocurrencies directly using your Bank card.

Some key elements concerning

  • Website:
  • Costs and commissions: AVERAGE
  • Available assets: 156
  • Users: + of 10 million in total

Costs and commissions on

Bank Card Purchasing expenses

As you know, the application Accepts the purchase of cryptocurrencies directly by bank card. Although this method is much faster than purchases by transfer, it is nevertheless exposed to rather high transfer fees. Indeed, 3.5 % (minium) costs are applied when purchasing by bank card.

Withdrawal fee

Withdrawal costs (withdraw) on Crypto.coM vary depending on the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw. For example, withdrawal in Bitcoin (BTC) Expose fees of 0.0004 BTC. Which is equivalent to about $ 18 (Currently). Withdrawals from Ethereum are located around the 25 dollars (0.0004 ETH). As you can see, withdrawal costs also depend on the current crypto currency course.

To learn more about withdrawal costs, we advise you to go and look for yourself the page in question. Just go to the application, go to your settings, then click on the tab “Fees & Limits“” “. nft

In 2021, after the launch of “Binance nft”, in turn publishes its own NFT exchange platform. Crypto NFT is a market that presents all forms of digital works and collection objects. Indeed, you can find dozens of limited edition digital objects, created by talented and recognized artists coming from the whole world. These can go a few dollars has Several thousand dollars for the rarest.

In addition, Crypto NFT has teamed up with a large number of brands and personalities, such as the F1 team Aston Martin, the rapper Snoop Dogg, or the famous International Federation of Ice Hockey, IIHF. A temporary euphoria or a market with real potential, one thing is certain, the middle of the NFT develops at dazzling speed and welcomes millions of people every month.

To give you an idea, the NFT exchange volume has exceeded the $ 1 billion in August 2021 (a record).

Recurring Buy

Functionality “Recurring Buy”(Periodic purchases) allows users to to buy a certain amount of cryptocurrencies at regular interval And automatically. This option is mainly dedicated to traders using the investment strategy called “Dca”(Dollar Cost Averaginging). This method allows you to smooth your admission price, Without paying attention to the course and variations in cryptocurrency. For example, you can choose to allocate 100 dollars on Bitcoin (BTC) every Friday for 5 months.

To set up your regular purchasing strategy, simply click on the logo ““, Then click on the“ Recurring Buy ”tab.

Now click on the “Start Recurring Buy” tab, then select the cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) that you want to allocate to this investment strategy. Now, please enter the amount, then the purchase period: all Weeks (Weekly), two weeks (Bi-Weekly) and all Month (Monthly).

Note that the minimum purchase amount is 50 dollars.


The option Supercharger offers you the possibility of depositing a certain amount of cryptocurrencies on various projects based on DEFI technology, in exchange for a APY rate predefined. A new project is listed all 40 days, After the end of the previous event. Indeed, each project is subject to two types of period: the load period which lasts 10 days and the reward period which lasts 30 days.

The first is the load period (10 days), during which you can enter a project, then the Award period (30 days), where you receive daily awards that vary according to your investment rate (liquidity provided).

At a time when we write this article, the DEFI project “Boson Protocol» (Boson) is available. To get there, click on the logo “”Located on the home page of your application, then on the“ Supercharger ”tab.

Wallet (wallet) Crypto DEFI

In May 2020, developers of launched a new application, but this time as a wallet of cryptocurrencies based on DEFI technology. Indeed “Defi wallet” is a portfolio that you can download on the App Store and Google Play, on which you can securely deposit and store your active ingredient.

In addition, Defi Wallet has features And benefits Very attractive for their users:

  • Wallet: Store your cryptocurrencies (private keys) safe;
  • Send: Send crypto currencies at the confirmation speed of your choice (applicable costs);
  • Stacking: Gain interest on more than 35 tokens;
  • Swap: Exchange your DEFI tokens with one click.


The platform is known to offer very interesting offers and advantages with their payment cards. Indeed, more than 5 cards are available, all accessible from a certain amount of CRO Stakée. The first for only a few hundred dollars, but the amount of the required CRO can rise to $ 400,000 For the card “Obsidians“” “. Here are the offers you can find on each of these cards:

Map Midnight Blue (level 1):

There “Midnight Blue Card”Can be obtained free, Without CRO staging on the platform. Nevertheless, holders of this card benefit from much less attractive advantages than for others.

Ruby Steel card (level 2):

There” Ruby Steel Card”Is accessible from 400 dollars of CRO Stakes on Certainly, a little less accessible than the first, but slightly more advantageous.

Royal Indigo & Jade Green cards (level 3):

Payment cards “Royal Indigo” And “Jade Green”Among the most famous on Although they are of different colors, they nevertheless have the same advantages. These are accessible from $ 4,000 stakes.

  • Cashback : 3 %;
  • Offered subscriptions: Spotify and Netflix;
  • Offers: Access to the “Lounge Key” fair from your airport.

Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White cards (level 4):

The cards Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White are accessible from 40,000 dollars of CRO Stakes on These two cards are much less accessible than the previous ones, but offer a Cashback more interesting as well as more varied offers.

  • Cashback: 5 %;
  • Offered subscriptions: Spotify, Netflix and Video premium;
  • Discounts: 10 % on Expedia (travel, rentals);
  • Others : Bonus awards and welcome pack of “exclusive goods”.

Obsidian card (level 5):

Obsidian is the card the most advantageous that you can find on Indeed, this card allows its holders to access exclusive offers And unpublished. However, the sum required to obtain it is $ 400,000. You will understand, the Obsidian Card is mainly dedicated to traders and investors with very important investment capital.

  • Cashback: 8 %;
  • Brings together all the advantages of previous cards ;
  • Private jet partnership.

Crypto Earn

Crypto Earn allows users to generate very interesting daily yields thanks to their cryptocurrencies, which can rise to 14% per year with Stable. Indeed, with this feature, you can choose to allocate a certain amount of cryptocurrencies, among the 40 that are available, in a portfolio dedicated to this option.

You have the choice between a locking period of 1 month, 3 months and a so -called period “Flexible“” “. That is to say, your cryptocurrency currencies deposited in the “crypto earn” cannot be removed before the period defined beforehand ends (excluding hoses). Obviously, your interests vary depending on your tokens CRO Stakes on the application, as well as Selected duration.

For example, if you drop $ 5,000 BTC during 3 months and that you hold 400 CRO or less in your wallet, your daily earnings are estimated at around 61 cents dollars, either $ 4.33 per week. Note that your awards will be paid at the end of each week.

How to use Crypto Earn ?

To start, just click on the logo “”Located at the bottom of the reception interface, then click on the“ Earn ”tab.

If you have at least one card “Jade/indigo”, Do not forget to check the shot displayed in the middle of the screen. We remind you that this card can be obtained by stakant at least $ 4,000. Then click the tab “Start earning now”.

Now select the crypto currency you want to deposit in the Crypto Earn portfolio, then choose the duration of your deposit: 1 month, 3 months Or Flexible.

By choosing a “flexible” duration, you can remove your assets at any time. Nevertheless, your yields will be much less attractive. Finally, when the period ends, all of your allocated cryptocurrencies will be automatically transferred to your Main wallet.

Crypto.Com Exchange have also decided to develop their own advanced trading platform. Indeed, in view of their limited graphical interface and investment tools, it was necessary to set up an exchange entirely dedicated to this activity. You would have understood it, Exchange mainly concerns investors And traders A little more experienced in the field and which are more used to the use of certain tools, especially as the leverage effects.

Unlike the application where more than 150 assets are available, “only” 100 crypto coins are listed on their trading platform. You can obviously find market leaders there like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum, but also less popular assets, such as AXS, Qtum and many others. Without forgetting the native token of the platform, the Cro.

What’s more, Exchange offers two types of (markets): the Spot and the derivative contracts (future).

The derivatives allow the most experienced users to use lever effects up to 100 times the initial bet (x100). However, at this stage you must only rely on it and not to your trader level. Indeed, if you put even 10 euros, you will get the sum of 1000 euros. If the price of your asset only varies by 1%, your position will be automatically liquidated. This is why we advise you not to exceed the X5 levers (5 times your bet), so as not to expose yourself too much to this very volatile market.


Spot market:

For trades made on the Spot market, makers And “Takers” are all exposed to 0.4% trading.

Derivative contracts:

For trades made on the derived market, makers must pay 0.050% of costs, while the takers are exposed to 0.070 % of charges.

As on almost all the exchanges, the more your volume of transactions under 30 days is high, the less you will pay for. In addition, if you stake more than 50 million CRO, which is equivalent to about $ 7.5 million, You will be exempt from all the spot and derivative costs.

How to register on ?

To start, please install the application by passing either by Google Play or Apple Store, depending on your phone. By going through our link, you win 25 dollars on your wallet, After making your first deposit.

Once on the application, please register by clicking on “Sign up“, Then inform your email address initially.

After that, you will receive an email that you will have to confirm, in order to take the next step. Now indicate your phone number, then click on “Send Verification Code“” “. Once again, you must indicate the verification code that you will receive on your phone.

Identity verification (KYC)

Registration on is soon over, you must now enter some personal information and documents, such as your name, your ID and thus make a selfie. To do this, simply follow the information indicated on the application.

The verification of your account is complete, you will receive a notification in a few days to confirm the validity of your information.

Access code

Once returned to the application, you must set up a new access code container 6 figures. Note that you can then modify your code in the security settings.

To conclude this registration, simply select the Digital currency (EUR, USD, CAD, etc.) of the country in which you currently live. Congratulations, your account is now created. However, you have a very last step to make before making your first deposit.

How to secure your Crypto ?

In order to minimize the vulnerability of your account, you are strongly advised to activate the Double authentication (2FA). To do this, first click on the small gear (settings) located at the top left of your screen. Then click on the tab “Two Factor Authentication“, Then on“Activate 2fa“” “.

Finally, launch your authentication application (ex: Google Authenticator), then inform the authentication key located on

Well played, your account is secure, you can now make your first deposit safely.

How to place money on ?

We will now show you how to deposit Fiat money (EUR, USD …) on your account, as well as cryptocurrencies coming from other trading platforms, such as Binance Or Ftx. To deposit Fiat money, the only method available is to perform a bank transfer.

Note that you can directly buy your cryptocurrencies by bank card, but we will present this method to you in the part “how to buy crypto currencies”, lower in the article.

To start, go to the main interface of your account, click on the “Transfer” tab then on “Deposit”.

Second, click on “Fiat“, Then select the digital motto with which your bank is associated. In our case, we choose Euro (EUR).

Finally, open your bank account and then enter the beneficiary’s information ( which are displayed on the application. Your transfer has been successfully made, money should arrive in your account here 2 to 5 working days.

How to deposit cryptocurrencies (transfer) on your account ?

Indeed, you can also deposit crypto currencies coming from another exchange. To do this, follow the same instructions as to deposit money, but instead of selecting the “Fiat” tab, click on “Crypto”.

Subsequently, choose the crypto currency you want to place on your account, then click on it. Finally, enter the‘Transfer address associated with your assets on the platform in question, without forgetting to indicate the good Network (ERC20, BEP2, etc.) corresponding to the latter, in order to avoid any transaction canceled, delayed or even lost.

How to buy crypto coins on ?

After explaining to you how to put money on your account, we will now show you as buying your very first crypto currency.

First, click on the tab “Trade”Located on the home page of

Following this, click on “Buy“, Then select the cryptocurrency of your choice, among the 156 which is currently available there. For the example, we choose Ethereum (ETH).

Once on the next page, choose the portfolio (wallet) that you want to use to buy your cryptocurrency currencies. You have three solutions available to you:

  • Wallet Crypto: Portfolio containing your cryptocurrencies (USDT, ETH …)
  • Fiat Wallet: Portfolio containing your Fiat money (EUR, USD, etc.)
  • Credit Card : Buy your cryptos directly via your bank card (detailed method below in the article)

Now indicate the amount of your deposit, then click on the tab “Buy“” “. The transaction is carried out in seconds which follow your purchase.

Bank card

As indicated above, if you do not have any Fiat money, or cryptive assets available on your account, you can very well buy your cryptocurrencies using your blue card. However, you will be exposed to transfer fees 3.5 %. It is therefore preferable to use this method in the event of real needs.

Just follow the steps indicated above, then click on the payment method “Credit Card“” “. Then add your credit card to your account by clicking on “Add Credit or Debit Card“” “. After adding it, define the amount of your deposit, then click on “Buy“” “.

Well done, your purchase is now validated, wait Only a few minutes, Then take full advantage of your investment.

Conclusion: our opinion on

At a time when we write this article, is certainly one of the crypto currency exchange applications the most attractive on the market. Indeed, the application has a large number of features and advantages for their users, such as Crypto Earn, THE Supercharger or the Recurring Buy. What’s more, recently launched its own trading platform “ Exchange ”, more complete and detailed, ideal for experienced investors and traders.

Finally, is a very good application for people wishing to embark on this market in full ascent. However, for experienced traders, other trading platforms such as Binance Or Ftx are much more interesting.

Crypto (2023): an exchange to test or avoid ?

Many cryptocurrency trading platforms have developed in recent years. Among them, we find Binance, Zengo or It is precisely on the latter that we will dwell on this article. The objective of our test is to present the platform to you so that you can make an opinion on

The crypto allowed us to highlight its advantages and disadvantages and to realize that there are solutions more suitable for the purchase and trading of cryptocurrencies. Below the two services we recommend. is not part of our favorite crypto platforms. If you want to favor the best exchanges on the market, here is our top 2:


Platform regulated (Cysec) + Psan

Intuitive and simple interfaces

Ideal Beginner (demo account)

Active: cryptos, actions, etc.


Buy bitcoin / ether easily

A simple and intuitive mobile app

Open an account in 19 seconds

Ultra -secure crypto wallet

What is ?

Created in 2016, is a platform in which it is possible to buy, exchange and stike cryptocurrencies. The company based in Hong Kong has experienced strong growth and now has 3,000 employees and more than 10 million users. is present in 90 countries of the world and does not intend to stop there since the company aims to reach one billion users.

On the service side, it provides Crypto.Com Exchange and app that meets different needs and user profiles. There is also a visa card which allows you to use your cryptocurrencies for everyday expenses. We will of course give you our opinion on and its services throughout this article.

The Crypto

Crypto.Com offers two platforms: App and Exchange. On app, you can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies. Exchange is a more complete platform accessible from mobile and web browsers. In the rest of this crypto, we will present these two products to you. highlights its application available on mobile and tablet (Android and iOS) for people who start. Many users are actually looking for a simple solution to buy cryptocurrencies from their phone. Currently, around 250 virtual currencies are available.

Once downloaded, you will immediately be asked to check your identity by entering your name, sending an identity document and a selfie of you. The verification process can take up to 48 hours. When this first step is validated, you will have to secure your account. Rather than a simple access code, biometric authentication is recommended here.

As you can see on screen copies below, the application has several tabs: welcome, accounts, monitoring and card. The home page gives a global overview by taking up the balance of your account, news on crypto as well as digital currencies marked as favorites you want to follow more closely. From this tab, you can obviously buy, sell, exchange or transfer cryptocurrencies.

As a reminder, the purchase can be made by credit card, from your crypto or fiat portfolio. These last two options require a deposit of money upstream on the application (by bank transfer or from an external crypto portfolio).

The Accounts tab allows you to find the total amount of your money and its distribution if you have different crypto. The percentage of variation in daily gains and losses is also displayed. This allows you to have a quick overview of your performance. In addition, an option allows you to convert your little crypto sales to Croy. It is the crypto dust or cryptocurrency residues. These are amounts lower than the transaction limits. As you can see, the idea is to encourage customers to have CRO tokens. We will then see the advantages of holding.

The monitoring page draws up the list of available cryptocurrencies in order to be able to follow their evolution at a glance. A simple configuration allows you to add them to your favorites to make them appear at the top and even define an alert (in terms of price or percentage of variation).

Finally, the Cards tab allows you to order and manage your Visa Crypto

The Crypto is therefore rather well designed. However, it does not yet seem to the point since we have detected several problems. Like many users, we have experienced some difficulties when connecting with a blockage in terms of identity verification. The phone number was also no longer recognized when we had not changed it. Fortunately this problem could be resolved, but this is not the case for everyone. And as much to say that in this kind of situation, it can be complicated to recover his money.

In addition, we have also noted a gap in terms of cryptocurrencies in relation to the actual rate.

Finally, although Crypto.Com App remains a correct solution, it does not make the weight on the user experience on the ultra intuitive application proposed by Zengo.

Exchange App

To reach all user profiles, is not limited to the application presented just before. It also offers an exchange platform on which it is possible to use leverage, trader more than 200 pairs of crypto and perpetual contracts. Exchange app is accessible both on desktop and mobile.

Before going further, note that these options are only available for eligible users, that is to say those that have carried out advanced level verification. In any case, two separate accounts should be created if you want to use these two platforms.

Recall that only cryptocurrencies can be exchanged here. You will not be able to use a fiduciary currency. You will therefore need to transfer your crypto from the Crypto App or an external wallet.

On the Exchange App, you can place different orders: market, limit and stop limit. The last two orders allow you to have better control over the purchase price (or sales). It is also possible to add a lever effect to maximize your earnings. Please note, on the contrary, they can also speed up your losses. If you start, trading on margin is not advised.

Many pairs of cryptocurrencies are available but if you want to have more choices, you will have to opt for the USDT. When you have placed an order, you will find it at the bottom in the “Open Orders” section (even if it is not executed immediately). You can close an order at any time.

Finally, this Exchange also offers the possibility of trading future by going to the “derivatives” tab then “term contracts”. Here, the leverage can go up to X100 according to the total exposure of users, that is to say the open positions and orders. In our opinion, this is a tool to be handled with care.

As you can see, many features differ compared to Exchange is designed for more experienced traders.

Other Crypto This is not only a platform on which we can exchange cryptocurrencies.

The token Cro

The CRO is the crypto This token is very successful worldwide and follows a positive trend. As we write this opinion on, a CRO costs 0.84 €. For crypto, there are several advantages to have this cryptocurrency.

First, the CRO can be used to pay the transaction costs, earn a higher cashback percentage or get better interest rates.

But it is above all the CRO Staking that is interesting. Trading costs in CRO are lower and the rewards are greater.

The Visa and Crypto card.Com Pay

Crypto allows users to adjust their purchases using their cryptocurrencies, either directly with the visa or online card when the method of payment by cryptocurrencies is accepted.

For your expenses, it is therefore possible to order a visa card which will be directly connected to your crypto It’s a good way to use your crypto while enjoying additional advantages. These vary according to the status of the card and the amount of CRO placed (Staking).

Advantages Carte Crypto Com

The advantages are also more interesting as soon as stuking of important Cro amounts. This is the immobilization of cryptocurrencies of the amount of your choice for a period of 6 months.

For the Ruby Steel card for example, the Spotify subscription will be offered to you for 6 months. For the others, the subscription to Netflix and Prime Video will be taken care of (except for the Royal Indigo and Jade Green who come only with 6 months of subscription to Netflix offered). Those who hold the obsidian card will benefit from a -10% discount on Expedia and Airbnb sites.

This debit card is free. However, there are access conditions. Only users who have verified status on app and who will have staked CROs for a period of 180 days will be able to apply.

If this card may seem attractive at first, everything is not that pink. According to several customer feedback and testimonies, many had to face long waiting times. Some users waited for months before receiving their bank card. For others, she never arrived while the money was already on the account.

Even worse, The advantages are constantly decreasing. The cashback has, for example, went from 8 to 5% for the obsidian card (and that is just 1 year old) and it is no longer possible to take advantage of cashback with the entry -level card (Midnight Blue) while Before it offered 1% cashback.

A limit has even been established concerning the awards that can be obtained via the cashback for the Ruby Steel cards, Royal Indigo and Jade Green (the equivalent of $ 50 per month paid in CRO tokens).

For all these reasons, we cannot say that offers the best payment card in cryptos, far from it itself. Our opinion about it is more than bad, and we are not a priori at the end of our surprises since advantages are regularly removed. earn

Let us continue this test and opinion on with other options available for users. From the Crypto app, it is possible to gain interests with earn as soon as we place its cryptocurrencies for 1 month, 3 months or a flexible duration.

It is even possible to make a simulation on the site in order to calculate the interests won per year knowing that the yield is better if you have CRO Stakés. For example, the preservation of the equivalent of $ 800 in Bitcoin for 3 months can make you win 52 $ per year having $ 4,000 from CRO. Again, the CRO Stake is very clearly rewarded.

Crypto.Com Earn is therefore a good way to win a few annual interests but if you don’t have a CRO in your wallet, it’s much less interesting.

The fees on Crypto.Com App and Exchange

Trading costs on the Exchange are decreasing, that is, the more important the volume of your transactions is important, the more you have discounts on the costs. These are even lower as soon as you have CRO Stakés.

All cryptocurrency deposits are free, whether on application or exchange. However, fees may apply depending on the banks, so do not hesitate to check this point before.

With app, the purchase of cryptocurrency is payable and subject to 3.5% of costs, which is located in the high range. However, new users will be able to enjoy 30 days at no cost. It’s very practical to save a few euros.

There are withdrawal fees on application and exchange. This is a fixed rate that depends on cryptocurrency but it is on average higher than in competitors. For example, the withdrawal of Bitcoin leads to 0.0004 BTC of costs (around € 15). For the Polkadot, takes 0.1 dowry (€ 1.90). To find out more, you will therefore have to refer to the cost page since they vary according to the currency.

We could blame its lack of transparency. Indeed, the costs are not clearly displayed at the time of the transaction. Other actors are much more transparent, as we saw during our test on the Etoro platform.

Crypto technical

In order to complete this Crypto, we have also tested customer support because this is an important criterion – especially when you entrust your money to a platform. To contact Crypto Customer, you can send a message from the online cat system. Just click on the conversion bubble at the bottom right of the site, to choose your language and then the subject of your request.

French advisers do not respond immediately but in a few hours. The returns are evasive but we still had answers to our questions. The same cannot be said for everyone. Indeed, many users say they have difficulty contacting an interlocutor. They also criticize the fact that the advisers are different each time which complicates the follow -up of the file.

Assessment of our opinion on

Since his arrival on the market in 2016, has made a place among the largest in the sector. To meet the needs of various users, offers a more classic application on which it is possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies ( app) as well as a cryptocurrency trading platform (Exchange App) intended for the most experts which offers the opportunity to trader future with leverage effects.

Spinding your two platforms can be problematic because it requires creating two separate accounts at first. We find it unfortunate that the Exchange App does not allow you to train with fictitious money as is the case on the Etoro platform. As explained above in this crypto, we are quite disappointed with the user experience because in particular many bugs on the application.

The Visa Crypto does not seem to us yet successful to be recommended. In addition, the advantages are minimal for people who do not have large volumes of CRO Stakes.

Finally, withdrawal fees and spreads are higher than the average. To conclude, if the Crypto are satisfactory overall, our opinion on is mixed because of the various points mentioned above.