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Finally, Kidioui’s data embody another way to find a new car dear. This tool makes it possible to follow the evolution of prices according to the news. Do not miss any good deal, like this moment when the new restyled generation of a new car lowers the price of the old one ..

List of brands to buy a new car cheaper

On Caroom, find your new car from more than 40 brands and buy it at the best price thanks to our approved auto agents. That you are looking for a French, German, Italian brand.

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The best new vehicle brands

1423 new offers

842 new offers

675 new offers

357 new offers

352 new offers

All new car brands

17 new offers

49 new offers

842 new offers

2 new offers

675 new offers

112 new offers

164 new offers

56 new offers

96 new offers

330 new offers

5 new offers

63 new offers

6 new offers

38 new offers

256 new offers

11 new offers

2 new offers

294 new offers

18 new offers

8 new offers

5 new offers

211 new offers

185 new offers

1423 new offers

2 new offers

352 new offers

130 new offers

21 new offers

84 new offers

4 new offers

137 new offers

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357 new offers

21 new offers

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Guides to buy your new car

List of aid for purchasing a new car

Benefit from aid for the purchase of a new car ! Government aid, from the region, bonuses, ecological bonus, . Read the guide

List of aid for purchasing a new car

How to choose a new car ?

What category according to your use, define a budget, what options or what fuel to favor ? All our tips for making the right choices. Read the guide

How to choose a new car?

How to check the order form of a new car ?

Before ordering, you must check the contract for your new car. What information should be there ? We tell you everything ! Read the guide

How to check the order form of a new car?

New cars
most sought after

Maserati Levante 1 vehicle available from 105,064 €
Jaguar I-Pace 1 vehicle available from 60,492 €
Maserati Quattroporte 1 vehicle available from 89,232 €
Audi R8 Spyder 2 Vehicle S available from 148,747 €
Audi R8 2 Vehicle S Available from 136,507 €
Audi S8 1 vehicle available from 137,181 €
Land Rover Discovery Sport 1 vehicle available from € 41,937
Audi A8 8 vehicle S Available S from € 81,669
Audi RS7 Sportback 2 vehicle S Available S from € 132,950
Peugeot e-Traveller 17 Vehicle S Available S From € 45,220

Buy your new car not expensive with caroom !

You wish Buy a new car at the best price ? To do this, it is not with a dealer that you must go, but with a representative. This car expert is capable of obtaining beautiful discounts on many models thanks to its operating mode. Precisely, on Caroom we offer offers from the most reliable and renowned agents on the market. You can make your choice among more thirty brands And you will find the cheapest offer thanks to our comparator and our car agents. Read what he follows to find out more and save money !

Choose from thirty new vehicle brands

Our Caroom site lists thousands of offers from Auto agents so that you can buy your New car cheaper and save money. As you can see above, many brands, more than thirty, are available on Caroom. That you wanted to orient yourself towards a tricolor Or foreign, or a brand of sports cars which can deliver extraordinary sensations, all brands are on caroom ! You still hesitate between several brands ? Well, no worries, because, for each of them, you will find dedicated explanations to see more clearly and make your choice in the best conditions ! And for more advice, consult our guide dedicated to the purchase of a new vehicle.

Find your future car with the Caroom comparator

You are now well informed and know what is the brand and what is the model you are going to choose ? Now is the time to use the Caroom comparator To search for your new car. Once you are on the model page of your choice, you can refine the offers to find the one that will best suit you. Fuel, including the number of places, the gearbox, the finish, the power or the budget, Buy your new car not expensive On Caroom, it will meet all your expectations ! Then, once you have chosen your future vehicle, our agents will accompany you until the reception of the car.

And trust a car agent to buy a new car expensive

All the agents referenced on our comparator are approved, that is to say that they are serious, reliable and trustworthy car brokers. You just have to select the offer that interests you the most and the agent in question will allow you to buy your new vehicle at an unbeatable price. How ? Well, these professionals import their stocks of new cars from other countries of the European Union or by shopping groups from garages ! Thus, they are able to offer you discounts and low price that the offers of dealers, and this, for the equivalent model. In addition, for the purchase of a new car through a broker or an importer, you will always benefit from the same guarantees as in concession such as the manufacturer’s warranty. Buy a New car 0km cheaper And achieving substantial savings without going through a dealer, it is possible with one of our self -trusted automotive agents. So compare now and find your next new car dear to Caroom !

Top 10 new cars cheaper

  1. Dacia Sandero at € 10,133 (-12% discount)
  2. Toyota Aygo at € 11,804 (-20% discount)
  3. Citroën C1 at € 13,132 (-14% discount)
  4. Panda City Cross at € 13,581 (-16% discount)
  5. Peugeot 108 to € 13,638 (-11% discount)
  6. Kia Rio at € 14,012 (-10% discount)
  7. Fiat Panda at € 14,091 (-15% discount)
  8. Renault Twingo at € 14,154 (-18% discount)
  9. Kia Picanto at € 14,200 (-12% discount)
  10. Fiat 500 to 14,414 € (-23% discount)

Top 10 best new car discounts

  1. Large Kangoo at -37% discount (price 14,831 €)
  2. Volvo S90 at -37% discount (price € 43,341)
  3. Peugeot boxer at -25% discount (price 29,186 €)
  4. Citroën Jumper at -34% discount (price 30,495 €)
  5. Opel Insigna at -33% discount (price € 27,138)
  6. Renault Master at -32% discount (price € 28,048)
  7. Volkswagen Crafter at -30% discount (price 41,038 €)
  8. Renault Kadjar at -29% discount (price 26,105 €)
  9. KIA E -NIRO at -28% discount (price 32,611 €)
  10. BMW X6 at -28% discount (price € 69,421)

All new first prize vehicles

new car not cherish

New cars prices are a barrier for many French households that have a small automotive budget. And when the time comes to change your car, for a birth, for a job or any other reason, it is often complicated to find a new vehicle at low prices. If you are in this situation, we advise however not to fall out in spite of a used car purchase. Indeed, it is indeed possible to buy a new car dear, between 6000 euros and 12,000 euros for example, at Renault, Peugeot, Citroën, Fiat, Ford and many other general car brands. Without even benefiting from the scrap premium.

How ? Using a large discount of 30% or even 40% in a multi -brand dealership or a car representative (Aramis Auto, Auto ies, Elite Auto, etc.). It can also go through a more modest discount but on a new first prize car, like a Dacia for example. The catalog price being already very affordable in a low-cost car manufacturer of this kind.

Where to find all these noted car ads expensive ? On one and the same site: Kidioui. You can compare the prices of hundreds of offers in each region and main cities in France. Many of them are also compatible with auto leasing (rental with purchase option) for € 100 to € 200 per month. This solution is interesting if you really have a small capital and want to avoid car credit. It is even valid without savings via the LOA without contribution. In short, you are currently surfing on the best site to find a cheap new car rate !

New car dear by category

New car not category

You have preferences on the car model, especially its size and its silhouette ? You can search for Kidioui a new car not expensive by category. You should know that the automotive market is divided into several segments depending on the body and the length. For example, if you want a small compact format car for the city, measuring less than 4 meters, you have to orient yourself towards a new city dweller expensive with petrol engine: Citroën C1 and Peugeot 108 Puretech, Renault Twingo TCE, Kia Picanto Mpi , etc.

Conversely, if you are considering a more spacious model to travel, you must then go on a new or cheap minivan crossover by targeting the first prices of the Renault Captur or the Renault Scenic, under DCI diesel engine less than 120hp and finish Life or Zen. They will offer better habitability and a higher chest volume.

SUV, sedan, convertible, ludospace, miniPace, new utility … The other automotive categories are numerous and even with a small auto budget you can target them, provided you get a good deal. To compare and find a cheap new vehicle per category, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated sections.

New car not expensive by need

new car not dearly by need

If you do not reason in automotive segment but rather by desires and uses, on Kidioui, it is also possible to sort the offers in a more personal way. We allow us to search for a new car dearly out of need, which can be useful when we have very specific criteria.

For example, if you are a professional and you absolutely need a van or 4WD all -wheel drive for transport and towing materials, we invite you to see only all new cars at low prices which allow it. A Citroën Berlingo with a big discount for example.

Ditto if you are an individual for whom having 7 places is essential: we filter the results with new, inexpensive cars that respond specifically to this need. Like a Citroën Grand C4 Picasso Live or Feel (entry -level) in this case. This allows you to save time and not be disappointed with the services of your new car on delivery ..

New car low cost

New car low cost

If you are targeting the first price for your automotive purchase, you have probably heard of Low Cost and more specifically Dacia which is its main representative in France. Contrary to what one might think, this brand can also be found with an advantageous discount in the merchant, importer or automotive agent.

The most widespread models are the Dacia Logan, Sandero Stepway and Duster. To find out more about it, take a look at our file on the new low cost car. We approach its advantages as a price close to an opportunity car, an identical manufacturer warranty and a cheaper insurance contribution. But also its disadvantages about standard equipment or less attractive design: no GPS, reversing camera, alloy rims, sunroof, automatic transmission, etc.

Finally, we explain where the savings on the price are made and why a new low cost vehicle is as trustworthy as a general practitioner. In short, you will be unbeatable on everything related to a inexpensive car of this kind !

For a higher budget, to see also:

  • Price ranges of new cars
  • Price of new cars per brand
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  • Price of new cars by need
  • Price of new cars

A new car from A � Z

new car

Each year, it sells millions of new cars worldwide. The automobile is the most used individual means of transport and it benefits, like other very popular products, from this culture of novelty. Among all that has four wheels, from the sedan to the van, these are the last models that attract the crowds the most because motorists like to drive a recent vehicle. The one who has this advanced reversing camera, this state -of -the -art touch screen or this fashionable design SUV. We want to ride in a current car with the latest standard equipment and low fuel consumption. We even dream of replacing its diesel engine with an electric car.

This pronounced appetite boosts the new automotive industry where thousands of actors are teeming: manufacturer, dealer, car agent or comparator such as Kidioui. This interest is even more developed in France because building a new vehicle is a local specialty with Renault and the PSA group. Each of their new model, concept car and technological innovation can make the front page of the news. It is not surprising if the first automotive fair on the planet, the Mondial de l’Auto, is held in Paris !

Thanks to this, we benefit in France from a large and recent new car market. Model outputs are frequent and the renewal of ranges (restyling, facelift) is fast. Obviously, it is the French manufacturers who dominate the sale of new cars, especially with the Renault Clio or its Rivals Peugeot 208 and Citroën C3. However, foreign manufacturers also play an important role with, for example, the latest versions of Volkswagen Polo, Toyota Yaris and Dacia Sandero Stepway.

But the dominant trend among recent models is above all the SUVs. They havelest at the top of the new automotive market in recent years. Surrelevated cash register, roof bars, alloy rims, body protections … These new generation 4x4s – often only 4×2 – fly. The drivers love it, even if it means forgetting a bit of the breaks or the minivans, and each automotive brand launches into it, whether low-cost or generalist like the new duster and the new 3008 being both in the Top 10 sales. This wealth of the offer is interesting when you want to change your car but there is also something to be lost because everything is evolving very quickly ! This is where Kidioui intervenes: whatever your project, a first car or the replacement of an old car, we guide you from A to Z, from the Decision of Departure to the final purchase.

New or used car ?

Displaying yourself for a new car

The first reflection to have concerned the state. This is an important moment because you may be one of the motorists who still hesitate between a new purchase and a used car model. If this is the case, do not hesitate to consult our section “Decide for a new car”. We weigh the pros and cons and identify the current tools that allow you to find out about the question.

For example, it should be understood that the purchase of a new vehicle has several advantages such as safety and reliability with a manufacturer’s warranty up to 7 years and a lifespan of 200,000 km on average. But it also includes drawbacks absent from the used car such as limited financing solutions without contribution, all -risks that is expensive and the rapid discount during the first years. The many auto news sites are also avenues to think. There are car, comparison and ranking tests in order to know the best new car of the moment.

Search for a new car

new car search

If you definitely stop your choice on the new vehicle, the next step is to find which. A model or a car brand to its taste. New car research must be done according to two axes of reflection: the seller’s choice and the selection of criteria. The goal is to access a tailor -made list of new auto car offers in your department, among which you can calmly make your choice.

Because you should know that there are two types of places of sale: the physical store such as the concession and the online car sales site. Then, there are several important characteristics: location, availability, needs, category, energy, automatic or manual transmission, etc. All these choices will allow the sellers and their car ads to sort.

For example, if you are in an emergency, you only have to target a new car in stock with home delivery. Conversely, if you have time, you can expand your vision to all cars on order in the main cities of France. Ditto for fuel or finish. If we want a nissan Qashqai petrol or diesel with leather upholstery, air conditioning and GPS, this clearly specifies research. On Kidioui, we allow you to filter the offers by criterion with the smart car bar.

An almost new car is the same ?

almost new car

While scrutinizing the ads of a car seller, this is often the moment when we come across the mention “almost new car”. Shining would be wrong: it is not a new accident vehicle or with hidden vices ! On the contrary, this is a real opportunity to seize, very often accompanied by a nice discount. However, a quasi-Neuve car is completely trustworthy. Indeed, this expression is used to describe a model whose history is not completely virgin but whose state is practically new.

For example, if you read “Renault Kadjar almost nine”, it is because he was able to belong to an employee of a car seller who drove a few kilometers on board. We then talk about collaborator car. If it has been exposed in a showroom or at the car show, we are talking about a demonstration car. In both cases, it is not brand new as if it came out of the automaker factory but close to being.

You can also cross a 0km or 10km car. In this case, it has been officially registered and generally comes from an automotive importer: it will have driven it only to maneuver it to the transit truck ! The mention therefore symbolically indicates that its mileage is not zero. As an exposure model in a store, this type of almost new vehicle is often the subject of an advantageous discount in order to quickly sell it. You will find them on Kidioui and we recommend them because their differences with a “real” new auto are really minimal.

The price of a new car

New car price

Obviously, when choosing your car, you quickly arrive at the question of price. For some people like young drivers, it can even represent a large brake. By consulting the price of a new car, we can estimate the expense for a new specific vehicle or see what a certain car budget allows. Imagine that you want to know the amount of a small car easy to park, an urban crossover or a large 7 -seater family car. For each need or category, we tell you the LOA price or rent slices that must be considered. We even give you examples, in this case Kia Picanto, Renault Captur and Citroën Grand C4 Picasso !

If you are rather reasoning by budget, you can also consult the models per price range, from € 6,000 to 10,000 €, 10,000 euros to 20,000 euros and like that up to more than 200,000 €. Even in case of low purchasing power, we give you the solution to find a new vehicle cheaper: a selection of first prize for each category, like the Dacia Sandero Stepway in the small city car segment.

Finally, Kidioui’s data embody another way to find a new car dear. This tool makes it possible to follow the evolution of prices according to the news. Do not miss any good deal, like this moment when the new restyled generation of a new car lowers the price of the old one ..

Buy your new car

Buy new car

Once decided on a model and a price, you are likely the most important step: the one where you have to open your wallet and go to the checkout ! Indeed, buying a new vehicle is a crucial moment and many motorists fear it because it is a big investment. Others also wonder how to buy. In our file devoted to new car purchase, we guide you step by step on this theme: the strategies to obtain a cheaper new car, payment in itself, the administrative procedures post purchase automobile ..

Your presence on Kidioui attests, you already know that comparing prices is the first tip for relieving your wallet. Indeed, on a comparator we play competition between all sellers, manufacturers, dealers but also independent, to which we now have access even without knowing them. You can buy a new car by car agent. It is a multi -brand merchant that obtains a big discount on the catalog prize via destocking (group purchase) or as an importer from the European Union. The best known are aramis, Elite Auto, Auto ies or autodiscount.

The second tip for obtaining a new car discount is the current operations of scratch bonus, as well as ecological bonuses for hybrid cars. Then, once you have made a great deal, the car purchase route does not stop there. It must still be paid really, either by a cash purchase, or by an auto credit or leasing type financing mode (rental with option of purchase and long -term rental). Finally, it follows the realization of administrative procedures, such as the registration certificate or the possible automotive export to drive in another country. We take stock of all these elements without exception !