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Bouygues Telecom innovates and launches 5G Box

They found it Easy to install and use daily. They notably used it for:

New 5G Box: WiFi 6 and EcoConçue

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Launched in the summer of 2022, the 5G Box Bouygues Telecom allows 5G covered households but not eligible for fiber to benefit very easily from a very high speed connection.

Since February 1, 2023, Bouygues Telecom changes its 5g box offer : this is now a modem Arcadyan compatible WiFi 6 which is offered to new customers. The operation remains identical to the old model and is based on the Simplicity: just connect the modem electrically ! This one captures the 5G network of Bouygues Telecom, transforms it into Wireless and broadcasts it in your home. So you enjoy a Download debit up to 1.1 Gb/s.

We present to you the 5g box in video !

WiFi 6 compatible

Thanks to its compatibility Wifi 6, The new 5G box benefits from the advantages of this recent WiFi generation:

  • A wireless flow + fast
  • the possibility of connecting + devices at the same time
  • Less interference
  • + environmentally friendly By preserving the battery of the devices (TV, computers, tablets, smartphones) compatible

We tell you everything about wifi 6 in video and in 1 minute !

Of course, you can also connect your equipment with a cable: 5g box is equipped with 5 Ethernet ports For maximum flow.

An ecoconcue box

Designed to be easily recovered, this new box is eco. It is made up of 95% recycled plastic and its exterior envelope is designed to extend its lifespan: Its texture reduces stripes and black color reduces the signs of aging. Its vertical shape promotes air circulation and allows energy saving since it avoids adding a fan.

B.TV included

With 5G box, no TV decoder but access to Free application B.TV is included. It allows you to look at the Unlimited WiFi TV On your computer, tablet, connected TV .. Over 70 channels are present (including all those of TNT) and Over 25 replays are available.

The 5g box is available without engagement, at the price of € 40.99/month*.

*Offer valid from 01/02/2023. € 40.99/month for any new subscription subject to 5G (3.5GHz) and 4G coverage and commercial eligibility for your subscription address. Provision and termination costs: € 19 each. Network 5G (3.5 GHz) in the process of deployment and theoretical maximum speeds up to 1.1 gbit/s in downward speed and up. 5G coverage on and conditions of the offer in “prices”. Satisfied or reimbursed: in the event of termination within 30 days of activation, refund on your closing bill for the sums paid (excluding options and recharges). B.TV: List of TV channels on 01/02/2023 on Bouyguestelecom.en likely to evolve in mainland France.

The new 5G box in detail

Connect, surf ! Very high speed immediately at home.


Bouygues Telecom innovates and launches 5G Box !

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From June 21, Bouygues Telecom launches 5G Box: a solution to benefit from a Very high speed internet connection at home when the fiber is not or hardly available.

The operating principle of 5g box is simple:

  • No installation required: a simple electrical outlet enough
  • Plug & Play: Once connected, 5G box is operational as soon as it is released from its box !
  • very high speed : up to 1.1 gbit/s for download and up to 58 Mbit/s in sending
  • compatible WiFi 6: The 5g box offers the best of WiFi and its vertical shape allows a Optimal housing coverage Whatever the number of simultaneous connections

How it works ?

The 5g box captures the 5G Bouygues Telecom network, transforms it into Wireless and broadcasts it in your home. So you benefit from a Quick, fluid, stable and always available connection, All the time and everywhere at your home.

We tell you more in video:

For what uses ?

With the 5G Box of Bouygues Telecom, you benefit from a very high speed connection to take advantage of All uses of the Internet, even the most intensive. You can connect your computers, tablets, smartphones, connected objects (home automation for example) but also your connected TVs and even your streaming devices (Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.) and video game consoles.

In addition to very high speed internet access for the whole family, the offer 5g box includes access to application B.TV: 70 Live TV channels and 25 unlimited replays in wifi.

Where is available 5G BOX ?

Bouygues Telecom’s 5g box is offered following a eligibility test based on postal address. The network 5g of Bouygues Telecom continues to expand and is already open in 40 cities* of more than 100,000 inhabitants and 10,315 municipalities.

How much does it cost ?

The 5g box is available at the cost of € 39.99/month **, without commitment.

5G box has been tested in preview by three members of the Bouygues Telecom Committee Committee.

They found it Easy to install and use daily. They notably used it for:

  • Navigate on the internet / Send Receive emails
  • Exchange instant messages (Whatsapp, Messenger, Signal, Telegram)
  • Make online purchases
  • Play online video games
  • Streaming (B.TV, MyCanal, Molotov, Netflix, Prime, Disney +, Salto, etc.))

At the question : Would you recommend this box to V Friends / neighbors / knowledge / colleagues / family, They answered yes and gave the note of 4/5.

With 5g box, connect, surf !

All about 5G Box

Eligible to the 5g box of Bouygues Telecom ?

* Aix-en-Provence, Angers, Argenteuil, Boulogne-Billancourt, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble, Le Havre, Le Mans, Lille, Limoges, Lyon, Marseille, Metz, Montpellier, Montreuil, Mulhouse, Nancy, Nantes , Nice, Nîmes, Orléans, Paris, Reims, Rennes, Rouen, Saint-Denis, Saint-Étienne, Toulon, Tours, Villeurbanne, Brest Toulouse Strasbourg, Annecy, Besançon, Perpignan, Amiens and Caen

** Cost of provision and termination: € 19 each.