Netflix with Canal – Canal Maurice, Canal with Netflix: Prices and details of the Ciné Séries subscription

Canal offer with Netflix: prices and services included in the subscription

A reduction available for those under 26

Netflix on Canal







I am not a Netflix customer, can I have access to the service from my decoder ?

Yes, if you have the 4K-UHD decoder, just create your Netflix subscription by logging into the Netflix space in the replay or on the 169 channel. Follow the stages indicated on the screen to complete your subscription. To benefit from Play and the 4K-UHD decoder, go to a Canal+ Store.

I am already a Netflix customer, can I watch via my channel decoder+ ?

Of course. If you have the 4K-UHD decoder, connect to Netflix from the dedicated space (on the replay or the 169 channel) with your existing identifiers (your profiles and your history will be kept).

On what reception methods can I access Netflix ?

On the 4K-UHD+ Canal+ decoder connected to the Internet.
On PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone, Apple TV, Android TV and Smart TV with the Netflix application, subject to compatible equipment and an internet connection.

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Canal+ offer with Netflix: Prices and services included in the subscription

What to know about the Canal + Netflix offer

With increasingly numerous SVOD platforms, some have tried to find devices to seduce consumers. This is the case of Canal+ which no longer only offers its catalog of films and series, but also access to the very famous Netflix platform. In order for a sum that remains substantial, all users can fully benefit from a complete subscription giving them access to a multitude of video content.

In order to be able to take advantage of this new opportunity, consumers must subscribe and pay the amount set by Canal+. Mapetitebox is now based on most of the information to know about the Canal+ offer with Netflix, specially adapted to moviegoers and TV series enthusiasts.

Subscription of the Canal+ offer with Netflix: essential information

Before subscribing to the Canal+ offer with Netflix, You should know that different essential information is to be taken into consideration. This concerns in particular the rate which differs according to the situation of the subscriber. The latter is not the same according to the current consumer subscriptions. Here is all the information to know to subscribe to the Canal+ offer with Netflix.

The Canal + Netflix offer in the Ciné Series pack

The Canal + offer with Netflix promises consumers always more content available in streaming.

How to subscribe to the Netflix offer offered by Canal+ ?

In order to take full advantage of the Canal+proposal, this subscription must be taken out. This is not very complicated since it is enough to go to the service website. Once on the Canal+website, the user must click on the à la carte section located in the menu bar. He can then proceed The subscription of the Canal+ Séries pack in which the Netflix offer is included.

Subscribe the Canal+ offer with Netflix in summary:

  • Go to the Canal+ site;
  • Go to the “Offers” page;
  • Select “à la carte”;
  • Choose the Canal+ Ciné Series pack;
  • Follow the instructions given by the platform.

Note that it is indeed an additional pack. It means that All subscribers also take advantage of the basic subscription to Canal+ which gives access to the initial service chains, ie Canal+ and Canal+ quirky. All subscribers can also take advantage of the MyCanal service as well as Canal+ on demand. Thanks to the variety of content offered, this is an ideal offer to complete an internet box for the whole family.

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What type of engagement to choose with the Canal+ Ciné Series pack ?

When subscribing, users have the choice between different types of commitment. They can subscribe to an offer that is completely committed to engagement or even choose between a period of two years or one year. This point is important when you want Take advantage of the Canal+ Ciné Series pack directly on your television. If necessary, you must indeed choose the commitment over a total duration of two years.

The commitments imposed by Canal+ for its offer with Netflix

By subscribing to the Ciné Series pack, Canal + subscribers can choose between several periods of commitment.

In addition to enjoying this TV bouquet on its TV, this commitment also allows protect yourself from possible rate increases. Note that it is also possible to take out the offer with a one -year commitment, for an additional € 5 per month to enjoy Canal+ Ciné Series on your television.

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What about people subscribed to Canal+ Ciné Series before October 15, 2019 ?

Netflix subscription is Available in the Canal+ Séries pack since October 15, 2019. Consumers taking advantage of this TV bouquet before this date do not have access automatically to this service. To do this, they must irreparably change their formula by going to their channel account+.

It must be taken into account that Add the Netflix subscription to its current Canal+ offer may present a certain cost. However, this is not an obligation. The current subscribers of the Ciné Series pack have the right to refuse this change and therefore, therefore, to keep their current pricing. Note that, over time, this can however be led to evolve.

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People who have already taken out a Netflix account do not need to close their account and take a new one. Canal+ has indeed thought of all subscribers in this situation. The latter must simply attach their current Netflix account to their channel account+. Once this is done, the invoice for the two services will be the same, that edited by Canal+.

The cost of subscription to the Canal+ pack with Netflix

The Canal+ Ciné Series pack being particularly exhaustive, the price requested is substantial. In practice, subscribers must Pay € 36.90 per month to take advantage of this pack as well as the Netflix subscription. This rate more specifically concerns users who have chosen the offer without obligation or engagement over two years. Subscribers wishing to take advantage of the Canal+ Séries bouquet on their television, but only bind to the platform for one year, have to pay 5 € more each month, a total of € 41.90/month.

It must also be taken into account that this offer is found in the full subscription+. This is concretely the most exhaustive proposal put forward by Canal+. The latter concretely allows you to access all of the platform services and channels.

What is the price of the full+ formula which includes the Netflix subscription ?

  • € 79.90/month with a 2 -year commitment.
  • € 89.90/month with a one -year commitment.

A reduction available for those under 26

Consumers under 26 can take advantage of a preferential rate set up by Canal+. The non -binding offer for the Canal+ Séry Pack increases to € 26.95 per month instead of € 36.90 per month. However, this preferential offer does not give the right to access to the service directly on its internet box. Users must therefore be satisfied with access to computer, smartphone or even tablet. To watch Netflix on your television, it is still possible to use services such as Google Chromecast.

How to connect to Netflix via your Canal subscription+ ?

By subscribing to the Ciné Séries de Canal package+, subscribers receive identifiers allowing them to activate their subscription. These are the latter that will be used to connect directly to the Netflix application. It is last is available from different media such as the interface of an internet box, a smartphone, a computer or even a tablet. Note that it is also possible to access your MyCanal account from abroad.

Access its Netflix account from MyCanal

Once the subscription is effective, subscribers can access Netflix simply and quickly.

Note that the Netflix catalog is also accessible directly from its MyCanal account. In practice, this means that all subscribers can access a multitude of video content directly on their channel account+. In fact, if a subscriber selects a film from Netflix, it will be automatically rebacked on the platform to view it.

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What are the other services included in the Canal+ Ciné Series pack with Netflix ?

The Canal+ Series Pack is particularly exhaustive And is therefore intended for all lovers of movies and TV series. In fact, Netflix is ​​not the only proposal included in this subscription. All consumers who have subscribed to this offer can indeed benefit from the OCS catalog as well as the Disney Cinema catalog.

Of course, all subscribers also take advantage of Contents available in the canal catalog+. This includes for example 300 unpublished films each year, all the original creations of the firm as well as many TV series. Thanks to their basic Canal+ subscription, users also benefit from the best of sport.

All channels made available through the Canal+ Séries subscription:

  • Canal+;
  • Canal+ Decale;
  • Canal+ Cinema;
  • Canal+ Series;
  • Netflix;
  • Ocs max;
  • OCS City;
  • OCS shock;
  • Ocs giants;
  • Disney Cinema;
  • Cine+ first;
  • Cine+ thrill;
  • Cine+ emotion;
  • Cine+ Famiz;
  • Cine+ club;
  • Cine + classic;
  • Fox;
  • Polar+;
  • WB TV;
  • Serie Club;
  • TCM Cinema;
  • Paramount Chanel;