Netflix Streaming and Replay – SFR, Netflix subscription: which one to choose? Price, end of account sharing, pubs. Know everything

Netflix subscription: which one to choose ? Price, end of account sharing, pubs. Know everything

Also download your favorite content to watch them offline wherever you are.



Netflix is ​​a streaming service that offers a wide variety of TV series, television, animated and documentaries.

Original essential programs

Look at many cult programs like Friends, Breaking Bad and do not miss the Success Series like Casa del Papel or Black Mirror.

Your content offline

Also download your favorite content to watch them offline wherever you are.

Cinema on several devices

You can look at whatever you want, when you want, without advertising and this up to 4 screens simultaneously from your computer, smartphone, tablet or your connected TV.

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Series, films, documentaries. On all your screens

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Netflix Streaming and Replay on all your screens with SFR

Lovers of TV and cinema series will not sulk their pleasure: the Netflix subscription is available at SFR unlimited on all your screens, without commitment.If you do not know Netflix is ​​that you have hibernated ! This streaming diffusion service allows those who subscribe to it to watch hundreds of thousands of hours of cinema and series.Netflix is ​​a streaming and broadcasting platform that offers major movie films as well as the biggest successes in television among the best TV series. But Netflix is ​​above all an essential creator of original programs, especially in TV series. Among them, do not miss the Casa de Papel, Narcos or Black Mirror which are now great classics.Ceasing to renew itself, Netflix in 2019 offers you its latest productions. Season 1 of the Sex Education series tells the story of Maeva, a rebel teenager, determined to create a sexology cabinet in her high school to help her comrades in their relationship. Umbrella Academy Season 1 takes us to meet 6 brothers and sisters to the powers of Supers-Héros, having to face heavy family secrets and above all a terrible threat hovering on humanity. The You VS Wild program is an interactive series with a revolutionary concept: go with the famous adventurer Bear Grylls in the wildest environments and make the decisions in its place! Netflix also broadcasts the reboot of the famous Dynasty series: already 2 seasons for this program telling the life of the rich Carrington family in Atlanta, between struggles, secrets and low blows to grab the head of the family fortune.Furthermore, if you subscribe to Netflix, you can enjoy programs for everyone. Adults like children and adolescents can find series and films that will like them. Thus, will be broadcast on Netflix the movie Mowgli: the legend of the jungle, shot in synthetic images and real grip, inspired by the famous book of the Jungle of Rudyard Kipling. Cartoons, sensation shows, romantic films, adventures, science fiction, the possibilities are endless. In the original version subtitled in French (VOSTR) or in dubbed version, you can view the best feature films on the planet seventh art. You can also delight your eyes with amazing documentaries. Finally the most complicated is to choose … but at least you are sure to always have something interesting to look at. And this is a luxury difficult to refuse !

Netflix subscription: which one to choose ? Price, end of account sharing, pubs. Know everything

Netflix subscription: Which one to choose? Price, end of account sharing, pubs. Know everything

You don’t know which Netflix subscription to choose ? We detail everything you need to know about the different offers and the terms offered by the user streaming platform.

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[Updated on May 31, 2023 at 3:23 p.m.] Netflix has erected, over the years, as one of the most popular streaming platforms around the world. According to the latest figures, it has more than 200 million paid subscribers and many successful programs, such as Stranger Things, Squid game, Wednesday Or The Chronicle of Bridgerton. You want to subscribe to Netflix ? You can opt for a cheaper subscription with advertisements, or not.

If you prefer to avoid being interrupted in your viewing, you can opt for one of the three subscriptions without pubs of the streaming platform. Each has its advantages (price, screen quality, simultaneous screens) and its disadvantages. Below, we detail which subscription can correspond to your profile, as well as all practical information (price, account sharing, free trial. ) to know on the platform.

Which Netflix subscription to choose ?

Netflix offers three different subscriptions when you want to register on the site. It is indeed not possible to benefit from the content of the platform for free, and the trial period is not possible. Note also that each monthly subscriptions may be terminated at any time. But between the different subscription possibilities, choose it ? Here are the different options available to you:

  • If your budget is tight and advertisements do not bother you, It seems preferable to opt for the subscription Essential with advertisements, at 5.99 euros per month. However, this subscription does not offer the entire Netflix catalog . Viewing is punctuated by 4 to 5 minutes of advertising on average per hour. However, it is not possible to have HD or download offline programs.
  • If your budget is tight but you do not want advertisements, the subscription Essential, At € 8.99/month, is the cheapest, without advertising, offered by the streaming platform and with the entire French catalog. However, this offer only offers a simultaneous screen and only a standard image quality: it should therefore not be too much to use this account at the same time. Note however that this offer is no longer put forward at the time of registration: you must now click at the bottom of the page, on the link “You want more options ?”To select the essential offer without advertisements.
  • If you are two to take advantage of the accountNetflix In your home, you may have to opt for the subscription Standard. For € 13.49/month, this offer allows you to look at two different content on two simultaneous screens. Ideal for roommates, couples who do not view programs together or few families. With this offer, you also benefit from a HD image.
  • Premium subscription is ideal if you are trying to combine the maximum of advantages and you are not too looking at the price of your subscription, or whether you are a very large family or a large roommate of which each member looks regularly. For € 17.99/month, you have access to all Netflix titles with optimal image quality and on many simultaneous screens. This offer proposes to view the catalog of the HD, Ultra HD and 4K platform, all on 4 screens at the same time.

What are the prices of Netflix in France and what subscription is the cheapest ?

Netflix offers different subscriptions, more or less expensive. The prices vary from € 5.99 (with advertisements) to € 17.99 per month (all advantages). Whatever the monthly package chosen, the films and series are to be seen unlimited, the subscription can be canceled at any time, and it is possible to connect to the streaming platform on your computer, TV, smartphone or its Tablet. Find below the summary of the various prices and subscription offers offered by Netflix:

With pubs Essential Standard Premium
Price per month € 5.99 € 8.99 € 13.49 € 17.99
Hd No No Yes Yes
Ultra HD No No No Yes
Simultaneous crops 1 1 2 4
Advertising Yes No No No
Full catalog No Yes Yes Yes

Programs are not available in the offer with advertisements

Netflix had specified it when the arrival of its subscription with advertisements: it does not contain the entire catalog, for reasons of rights. According to Justwatch data, 1,588 films and 66 television series are not available for those who subscribe to this cheaper offer with advertisements. Among the programs that are not yet accessible as part of this subscription, Justwatch quotes television classics, namely Brooklyn 99, Viking, The Office (US), Downton Abbey, Dark, Suites, Superstore, House of Cards, The Good Place, Teen Wolf, Star Trek or even, Narcos.

The sharing of account now paying on Netflix

Netflix seeks to limit the sharing of accounts as much as possible. On May 23, 2023, the streaming platform announced the end of password sharing for France. From now on, an account is only made for “people who live with” the person who has subscribed to the subscription. It is nevertheless possible to add an additional subscriber that does not live in your home, for an additional € 5.99/month.

In concrete terms, how does that work ? French subscribers can no longer share their Netflix account outside their home. The “home” associated with the account can be determined by the user himself, or by the streaming platform by taking into account several parameters, such as account activity.

To configure your home, you must nevertheless have access to a connected TV. When this is done, Netflix will check the devices connected to the Internet at the selected (or imposed) address, and will block other attempts at external connection. To continue sharing password from a standard offer (only 1 additional subscriber) or premium (2 additional subscribers), you have to pay € 5.99/month. To do this, you must buy an “additional subscriber” option on your account page. It is also possible to transfer a profile to a new subscription, which will therefore be associated with a new home.

The platform nevertheless ensures that it will always be possible, for the members of the home, to connect to Netflix on the move or on a trip.. If we believe an update of the Netflix help center made in some countries that have already been able to test this measure a few months ago, just connect every 31 days from the address of Foyer to continue to be associated with it. Nevertheless, the aid center does not specify any more modalities on this subject, only explaining that “if you want to look at Netflix on devices connected to different Wi-Fi networks or with different external IP addresses, We can invite you to confirm that these devices are part of your Netflix home “. Contacted by Linternate on this subject, the Netflix press service has not yet given us answers.

Netflix does it offer a free trial ?

For several years, Netflix proposed in France to benefit from a month of free trial to familiarize itself with the platform and validate its subscription. Since February 2020, it is no longer possible to benefit from 30 days of free trials: the subscription is paid from the first month of use. However, it is always possible to cancel your subscription at any time. To date, there is no possibility to test Netflix free of charge.

Advertisements for a cheaper Netflix subscription ?

After increasing prices, Netflix offers a new subscription: the essentials with advertisements. Since November 3, 2022, it is possible to subscribe to this new offer in France. For € 5.99/month (the cheapest price), it is possible to have access to the streaming platform by viewing 4 to 5 minutes of advertisements per hour. It can start before or during viewing. However, it is not possible to have HD, ultra-HD or many simultaneous screens. Note also that at first, some programs will not be accessible with this subscription for a question of rights.

Netflix Party, how it works ?

This is the new extension that everyone is tearing up right now on the Internet: Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that allows its users to share a viewing session on Netflix with their friends and family. The idea is simple: everyone is watching the same episode of the same distance series while respecting strict synchronization and everyone can even participate in a frenzied discussion via an instant chat cat. In this period of confinement that the French live, the Netflix subscribers have found a way to lighten a little isolation by heading towards this extension which literally allows “Netflix and Chill” but remote.

Just go to the Netflix Party site and click on “Install Netflix Party”. You will then be redirected to the Google Chrome web store, then click on the “Add to Chrome” button (or add to Chrome). A window appears in the browser to ask you to confirm the addition to Google Chrome, click “Add to Chrome”. As a reminder, the extension is only available for users of the Google Chrome browser. It is therefore not possible to take advantage of it with Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Once the Netflix Party extension is installed, you just have to go to the Netflix site, choose the standard episode or the film you want to share with your friends or your family and launch the video viewing of the video. Once the video is launched, click on the red “NP” icon at the top right of your Google Chrome browser. The extension asks you then if you want to be alone in viewing the viewing (check “Only I Have Control” if you do not want to share control with others). All you have to do is click on “Start the Party”. Netflix Party then gives you a link to share with those with whom you want to watch your movie or episode. Note that each of you must first have installed Netflix Party on Google Chrome and that each of you must be subscribed to Netflix to take advantage of the synchronized viewing via Netflix Party.

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