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The new SFR offer with Netflix included

Good to know each month, the Netflix platform establishes a ranking, the ISP Speed ​​Index. This performance indicator allows you to know the average speed of the Netflix service flows, depending on the country and according to operators. This ranking of Netflix flows has always positioned in first place SFR THD (namely the OS and fiber optic offers from the SFR operator).

What are the SFR Netflix boxes ?

With a varied selection of movies, TV series and original programs, the SVOD (video on -demand video) platform Netflix continues to seduce more users. You are SFR BOX customer ? Discover with Jechange how to have Netflix on SFR.

The Netflix -on -demand video service has indeed revolutionized, since 2014, the VOD market (video on demand) in France. With this platform available by subscription, you access this day unlimited to Several thousand films, TV series, cartoons and documentaries on all your screens. So how to benefit from Netflix programs via an SFR box ?

If you are SFR subscriber, this streaming service is also available on SFR box.

However, to take advantage of Netflix with an SFR box, you must add a paid option. The Netflix package is indeed not included in your SFR Box subscription.

So how to subscribe, watch or terminate Netflix SFR ? We explain everything to you, follow the guide !

What a service offers Netflix ?

The programs

Netflix, the World leader of SVOD, Allow you, among other things, access thousands of content unlimited:

  • movies,
  • and TV series,
  • But also original programs (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things…),
  • as well as documentaries,
  • Or stand up shows,
  • And finally, cartoons ..

There are indeed for all tastes and for all ages on Netflix !

In addition, all programs are available in French version or in original subtitles version.

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With this legal streaming platform, you watch your favorite programs when you wish:

  • Your mobile,
  • as well as your tablet,
  • or on your computer,
  • But also on your TV via your SFR decoder.

Note, however, that the number of devices you can watch Netflix simultaneously depends on your service subscription.

With the Netflix VOD platform, you can also interrupt and resume reading your videos at any time.

And finally, another service available with the Netflix offer, you can download your content via Netflix application and look at them later in offline mode.

What are the Netflix SFR offers ?

The Netflix video on -demand video supply is accessible with all SFR Internet offers: namely:

  • SFR subscription,
  • Or sfr power,
  • SFR Premium with ADSL,
  • but also THD (very high speed) or fiber optics.

Note, the Netflix package is not included in the subscription of your SFR box, it is billed in addition to the normal rate.

Be careful, another condition, to take advantage of the Netflix SFR channel, You need a compatible TV decoder, namely a more decoder or a 4K THD box (very high speed).

If you are not yet eligible for optical fiber, box offers compatible with Netflix SFR are also available in high speed version with ADSL or VDSL.

The rates

That of high speed SFR box offers compatible with Netflix (12 -month commitment) are:

Consult our internet comparison to discover but also compare all the SFR TV box subscriptions.

At what prices the Netflix SFR offers ?

To benefit from the Netflix SFR Box offer, three different subscriptions are optional from 7.99 euros per month.

You enjoy free By subscribing to this streaming video platform.

Netflix options prices on SFR

Essential package

Standard package

Premium package

Monthly price Netflix SFR option

€ 7.99

€ 11.99

€ 15.99

Simultaneously accessible screens

1 screen at the same time

2 screens at the same time

4 screens at the same time

Unlimited TV series and films

Unlimited access to the Netflix platform

Video quality of the offer

Standard SD quality

HD quality (high definition)

HD and UHD quality (ultra high definition)

In addition to comparing Netflix subscriptions on SFR, discover what users of the SVOD platform think through the Netflix Reviews.

Good to know to find out more about the subscription video services available on the market, you can consult our SVOD Comparison.

What Netflix speed on SFR ?

Netflix is ​​an SVOD platform that allows you to instantly view videos via internet.

Thus, to take advantage of Netflix with an SFR box, the minimum rate required is 0.5 Mb/s.

However, the Internet connection rate recommended by Netflix for quality viewing is 1.5 Mb/s.

And to access high definition videos (HD) with Netflix on SFR, the recommended connection rate is 5 Mb/s and 25 Mb/s for ultra high definition quality (UHD).

As a reminder, the quality of the image of Netflix videos depends on the bandwidth of your Internet connection but also on the Netflix subscription level chosen (essential, standard or premium package).

Good to know each month, the Netflix platform establishes a ranking, the ISP Speed ​​Index. This performance indicator allows you to know the average speed of the Netflix service flows, depending on the country and according to operators. This ranking of Netflix flows has always positioned in first place SFR THD (namely the OS and fiber optic offers from the SFR operator).

According to the ISP SPEED index barometer published for the period of December 2019, SFR THD offers an average Netflix flow of 4.36 MB/S.

On the other hand, SFR ADSL offers the lowest Netflix debit in the ranking with 3.42 MB/s in December 2019.

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How to subscribe to Netflix with a SFR Box ?

You want to know how to subscribe to Netflix with an SFR box ?

The registration procedure for the streaming video platform is simple and quick.

  1. Connect to your SFR customer area And go to the “Options” tab,
  2. Then click on “Add or delete an option”.
  3. Select and activate the Netflix option,
  4. Then click on the “your basket” button and click “Continue”,
  5. After subscribing to the Netflix option on SFR, you will receive a confirmation email also indicating you the activation procedures for your Netflix account,
  6. Then activate your Netflix account from your 4K box or your Decoder Plus SFR directly from your TV or by clicking on the link present in the E-mail of confirmation of subscription.

The option at the SVOD service is billed by Netflix, however the latter is taken by SFR on your Internet box invoice.

How to do if I was already subscribed Netflix before my SFR boxes ?

If you are already subscribed Netflix and want to take advantage of the video streaming platform via your SFR box, you just have to indicate your Netflix identifiers directly on the Netflix insert displayed on the home page of your TV decoder.

You can then take advantage of the programs of your Netflix SFR channel (Canal 66).

How to watch Netflix with SFR ?

To watch your favorite programs with Netflix on SFR, you can:

  • go to the chain 66 or on the Netflix insert displayed on the home page of your SFR TV decoder,
  • download Netflix application on your mobile or tablet,
  • Connect to the Netflix site from your computer.

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How to put an end to Netflix on SFR ?

The Netflix option is Without a commitment of duration, So you can terminate the latter at any time.

To unsubscribe from Netflix with SFR, you have to:

  1. Connect to your Netflix account using your identifiers,
  2. Click on the “Account” section (top right of the screen),
  3. Select the “Cancel Subscription” button.

Netflix termination on SFR is effective on the date of monthly renewal of your subscription to the streaming service.

Netflix subscription is indeed automatically renewed each month, You therefore have access to the SVOD platform until the end of your billing period.

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The new SFR offer with Netflix included

The new SFR Netflix subscription is a complete offer that will delight video lovers on demand (VOD). By associating SFR Internet services with the Netflix popular streaming offer, this subscription offers an exceptional entertainment experience, combining a reliable internet connection with a large catalog of quality content. Whether you are looking for a quick internet connection, access to Netflix, a varied TV bouquet or all these combined elements, provides you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.

SFR BOX Netflix

Posted on 07/07/2023 | Updated on 07/07/2023 | by Vanessa Rollot

Presentation of the SFR Netflix offer

Internet offer SFR Netflix is an offer ” triple play »(Internet + TV + fixed telephony). It allows you to take advantage of all the advantages of fiber optics or ADSL and the most popular streaming service: Netflix.

Internet services

THE Internet offers SFR Netflix allow you to reach connection speeds ::

  • until 1 Gb/s in downward speed and up to 700 Mb/s in update for the offer fiber ;
  • until 20 Mb/s in downward flow and up to 1 mb/s in pru flow for the offer ADSL.

You can also benefit from an improvement in your wifi coverage with theWiFi repeater option available at 3 €/month. You need to stay connected in all circumstances ? SFR provides you with a 4G flashbox With unlimited mobile data, thanks to theInternet option guaranteed at € 5/month. In addition, once your internet line is functional, you can continue to benefit from 30 GB of Internet per month in addition.

TV services

Whether it’s the offer SFR Netflix Fiber or ADSL, By subscribing to one of these 2 offers, you benefit from 160 television channels as well as associated features such as:

  • Access to the replay;
  • live or programmed recording;
  • Direct control;
  • 8 hours of registration included;
  • a personalized interface;
  • VOD/SVOD service.

But that’s not all ! The success of this offer lies in the fact that you benefit from a Unlimited access to the Netflix streaming platform. The offer Netflix Standard with advertising offers you access to a wide selection of films, series, documentaries, and much more. Most titles are available with this offer, but some programs can be subject to license restrictions. You will easily recognize them thanks to the padlock icon that appears during your research or your navigation on Netflix. So you can watch your favorite programs on your TV, computer, smartphone or tablet, and this, in Full HD quality (high definition) on 2 screens simultaneously.

And to please lovers of films, series and other TV programs, SFR has thought of everything by allowing them to benefit from Family bouquet included in the offer. So you can enjoy 46 TV channels And unlimited video services specially selected for you, to share with family, on all your screens, live or in replay (TV, Mobile, PC/Mac, tablet, etc.).

  • For the youngest, Take advantage of the following cartoons: DreamWorks, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Canal J, Tiji…
  • For series fans, Entertainment, music and culture shows, discover: Universal+, Syfy, 13th rue, E !, Club series, manga, AB1…
  • Thrill seekers and of nature ? Do not miss the following discovery channels: Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, Ushuaïa TV, History TV, Museum TV…

In addition, you can discover Universal+, A brand new entertainment service that gives you access to many exclusive series, original series and full seasons, on demand, in one place and easily accessible.

There Duration of advertisements may vary from one title to another, but on average, they represent About 4 minutes per hour. These are broadcast before or during certain films and series. Please note thatNo advertising will be broadcast during recent Netflix films, But only before their start -up. When an advertising break begins, the number of advertisements is displayed in the upper right corner of your screen. It is not possible to move forward quickly or to pass an advertisement. Offline viewing mode is not available with this package. In addition, no advertising will be broadcast on Netflix youth profiles.

Fixed telephone services

The SFR Netflix box offer also includes the home phone. Thus, you benefit from unlimited calls from metropolitan France and the French overseas departments to fixes of 100 destinations from a fixed phone connected to your SFR box. For calls from France to the mobiles of Metropolitan France, you will be billed 0.35 €/minute + cost of connecting by appeal in an amount of 0.35 €.

The equipment provided

Regarding theequipment, The Netflix SFR Fiber offer includes:

  • The SFR Box 7 with WiFi 5;
  • A SFR Box 7 TV decoder compatible with HDR 4K technologies;
  • A WiFi repeater (optional);
  • A 4G pocket box (optional).

For the offer SFR ADSL Netflix, There is only the changes box, this is the SFR box with ADSL. The other equipment provided is the same.

The price of the SFR Netflix offer

There SFR box with Netflix and Family Bouquet Included, Whether it is the fiber optic or ADSL offer, is offered to a advantageous price of € 23.99/month for the first 6 months. Then the price goes to € 35.99/month, The duration ofcommitment, As for her, is 12 months. On the first SFR invoice, you will also find the opening costs of service in the amount of € 49.

Here is a painting Summary of the SFR Netflix ADSL and Fiber offer ::

Are you sure you don’t pay your internet too expensive ?


The advantages and disadvantages of the SFR Netflix offer

Here is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of this box, to help you make an informed decision:

SFR Box Netflix
Benefits • Netflix application integrated in TV box services.
• Possibility of paying only the difference in the event of a transition to a higher Netflix package.
• Netflix payment automatically transferred to the SFR invoice.
• Reduced price for the first 6 months.
• Available in fiber optics or ADSL according to your eligibility.
• Wide choice in terms of TV and SVOD services.
• Possibility to enjoy TV channels and unlimited video services on all your screens.
• Access to Universal+, a new entertainment service with many exclusive and original series.
Disadvantages Box only with commitment

Summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the SFR Netflix Internet offer

How to subscribe to the SFR Netflix Internet offer ?

If you are interested in theInternet offer SFR Netflix, You can subscribe by following these steps:

  1. Check your eligibility for the offer on the SFR site;
  2. Choose the SFR Netflix offer;
  3. Add the options you want to add (WiFi repeater, 4G pocket box, etc.);
  4. Create or connect to your SFR account;
  5. Let yourself be guided to finalize the subscription.

You can also subscribe to the offer:

  • by going to an SFR shop;
  • by phone by calling 1099;
  • with one of our advisers (by phone or comparator).

And now, all you have to do is enjoy your new SFR box !

How to switch to a superior Netflix package with the SFR Netflix Internet offer ?

If you have already subscribed to Netflix:

  • Your accounts, profiles and preferences will be recovered;
  • Your Netflix payments will be automatically transferred to your SFR invoice;
  • You have the possibility of going to an offer higher at any time on your Netflix account, and you will only be billed.

To upgrade your Netflix package with the SFR Netflix Internet offer, you can follow these steps:

  1. Identify yourself on your Netflix account;
  2. under “Package details”;
  3. Select “Change the package”;
  4. Choose the plan you want and select “Continue” or “Update”;
  5. Select “Confirm”.

To discover more information on internet offers available on the market, visit our comparator now. Find the box that best suits your needs and benefit from a quality internet connection with entertainment options adapted to your lifestyle. Do not delay, make the right choice for your internet offer !

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