Netflix: how to subscribe with or without internet boxes?, Subscribe to Netflix: the steps to be taken for a subscription

How to subscribe to Netflix? What conditions? Offers with Orange, SFR, Canal

Nevertheless, the prices of these Netflix offers are successful to vary over time.

Which offer to choose to watch Netflix ?

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Netflix offers live subscription formulas for € 8.99 to € 17.99 per month. You can also opt for a subscription included in your box package. In this case, bundles integrating the OCS channels are available. The transfer of images from your mobile devices to your TV and the direct display of Netflix content to your Smart TV is also added to the options you have.

Netflix and Box TV

Live subscriptions from Netflix

The platform offers different subscriptions to which you can subscribe to decoder and without going through your internet operator. You can choose between:

  • Essential Netflix at € 8.99 per month. Essential being the basic offer, viewing is only possible on a single screen. The standard SD quality at 720 x 576 pixels is compatible with the flow supplied by an ADSL box;
  • Netflix standard at € 13.49/month. You can use 2 simultaneous screens to take advantage of the SD or HD service (1,280 x 720 pixels). An ADSL package may be suitable but we advise you to choose a minimum speed of 5 Mbit/s if you opt for HD;
  • Netflix Premium at € 17.99/month which allows simultaneous use of 4 screens. The content can be displayed until ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) if you have mobile or fixed screens compatible. This offer requires a minimum internet speed of 25 Mbit/s, you will have to subscribe to a fiber offer.

Nevertheless, the prices of these Netflix offers are successful to vary over time.

The different internet packages with Netflix included

You certainly know that the majority of internet packages include unlimited calls to fixed and/or mobile numbers in France. In addition to these unlimited calls and SMS you can also enjoy the streaming on Netflix, the conditions dependent on the operator and the package.

At Orange TV offers, you can enjoy bundles and save money. The Netflix Standard HD + OCS channel pack is available for € 22.49 per month. As for the Netflix Premium pack in 4K + OCS channels, it is offered at € 26.99.

If subscriber at SFR or if you plan to subscribe to one of its SFR TV offers, note that you can select the Netflix Standard + SFR Entertainment + € € € per month pack.

Regarding the operator Free, you can subscribe to one of these three Freebox TV formulas: the essential package at € 8.99/month for 1 SD screen, the standard package at € 13.49/month for 2 simultaneous screen in HD and the Premium package at € 17.99/month for 4 simultaneous screens in Ultra HD.

At Red Box TV, you have the choice between the essential Netflix option at € 8.99 per month and the Netflix Standard + SFR Entertainment + € 13.49 pack per month.

Please note, it is important to know that the prices of these Netflix options may change over time.

Also discover our comparison of box offers with TV channels included to multiply the possibilities of watching your favorite programs thanks to your box offer.

How to watch Netflix with your internet box ?

Open the menu of your Internet box to access the TV/Video tab and then select the Netflix app from the menu. As an alternative, directly select the channel associated with Netflix with your remote control: 70 for Orange subscribers, 97 If you have a Bouygues TV package and 66 via SFR.

Once you have opened the app or choose the chain, all you have to do is connect to your Netflix account by using your identifiers.

That’s it, you can now take advantage of all Netflix programs thanks to your box.

Watch Netflix without box with a smart tv

If you have a smart TV, you don’t need a decoder and you don’t have to provide an additional option in your internet subscription.

Start by connecting your TV to your domestic internet network.

If the Netflix app is preinstalled on the Smart TV, launch it directly from the interface of your post then connect to your account to watch your favorite programs.

If the app is not available, download it via App Store, Play Store or the equivalent service that you will find in the TV application shop. Install the app then log in not to miss anything from your favorite series and movies.

Alternatives to take advantage of Netflix

Multimedia bridges (or boxes) offer you the opportunity to watch Netflix. Connect the Google chromecast or the Amazon Fire Stick to your TV via an HDMI cable. The content broadcast on your computer, smartphone or tablet will then be broadcast to your TV.

You can also connect an HDMI cable to your computer (connected to the Internet) and your TV to watch Netflix.

If you have a game console, download Netflix via the PlayStation Store, the Nintendo Store or the Microsoft Store.

Finally, there are boxes like Apple TV, Mi Box TV, Nvidia Shield which transform a classic TV into connected TV.

These alternative solutions can also operate with a Prime Video subscription or an OCS subscription, among others. Discover all the SVOD streaming services available on the market now.

How to subscribe to Netflix ? What conditions ? Offers with Orange, SFR, Canal.

Netflix is ​​a streaming platform that offers many films, series and documentaries of all kinds, including new content including Netflix productions. To subscribe to Netflix is ​​to have access to all unlimited video content content.

But, how to subscribe to Netflix ? How much is a Netflix subscription ? What are the Internet offers with Netflix proposed by French operators ? Answers in this article.

How to open a subscription at Netflix ?

Consumers who wish to take advantage of Netflix’s streaming services can either subscribe independently, or through their access provider or other Netflix partner.

Classic subscription at Netflix

Adhesion to a Netflix subscription is different depending on the device you use to subscribe.

With an Android device

  1. Open the browser and go on
  2. Or download the Netflix app and open it
  3. Create an account using an email address
  4. Validate the request by clicking in the link sent by Netflix by email
  5. Choose the subscription of your choice
  6. Enter a means of payment for future contributions

With an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

  1. Open the browser (safari, for example) and go on
  2. Choose from the offers offered
  3. Create your account with your contact details
  4. Indicate a payment method for invoicing
  5. Download the Netflix app and connect with its identifiers

With a computer

  1. Open the browser and go on
  2. Choose from the offers offered
  3. Create your account with an email and a password
  4. Indicate a payment method

With a smarttv

  1. Open the Netflix application on television
  2. Enter a phone number or email address
  3. Validate his email or number with the code sent
  4. Create your Netflix account
  5. Indicate a payment method

Subscribe to Netflix with an internet box

It is also possible to subscribe to Netflix via your internet subscription (ADSL, Fiber, etc.), and more precisely via the TV decoder.

  1. Open the Netflix application from the operator’s interface
  2. Choose from the offers offered
  3. Create an account with email and password
  4. Indicate a payment method

What is the price of a subscription at Netflix ?

Netflix offers four subscriptions in France:

Essential Netflix with advertising: € 5.99/month

The essential Netflix subscription with advertising is the basic package to € 5.99 per month.

It provides access to thousands of films and series as well as Netflix exclusives. However, some programs are unavailable with this offer, they are marked with a padlock. In addition, the user will have to view advertising Before watching his film or series (or during viewing), except if it is connected to a youth profile.

Programs are accessible on One screen and are in standard image quality (HD, up to 720p). Finally, it is not possible to download programs to watch them offline.

This is the ideal package for people who do not need to share their screen or profile and who want to pay as expensive as possible.

Netflix Subscription essential: € 8.99/month

The essential package is identical to the essentials with pub, apart from thelack of restriction on certain programs and the possibility of watching your films and series without advertising.

Image quality is similar (HD), but it is possible for the user of Download the episodes of your choice in order to view them offline. For the price, it will be necessary to count € 8.99 per month To subscribe to Netflix essential.

Netflix standard: € 13.49/month

Netflix standard subscription costs € 13.49 per month.

By subscribing to this offer, you can watch movies and series on two screens simultaneously. Download is also possible on two devices.

You also benefit from the Full HD, that is to say of an image quality in 1080p. The recommended flow to take full advantage of this version is 5 Mbits/s.

This subscription is particularly recommended for few families or for a roommate of two people for example. You can watch two different programs, each on your screen.

Netflix Premium subscription: € 17.99/month

The price of the subscription Netflix Premium is the highest, it is at the rate of € 17.99 per month. It gives you access to the streaming service until Four simultaneous screens.

Programs are available in Ultra-high definition (4K Ultra HD), that is to say in image quality of 3840 x 2160 pixels, on compatible equipment.

As for internet speed, it is advisable to have a minimum speed of 15 Mbits/s to enjoy the ultra HD, as well as a computer monitor or a 60 Hz TV.

The premium package is recommended for large families or groups of friends who wish to take advantage of their subscription without disturbing themselves.

A month of free trial to test the platform

You have done a lot of research on Netflix reviews, you have consulted our article on VOD service comparisons but you are still not sure that Netflix will satisfy all your desires ?

You can test the platform Netflix for free over one month !

This Free Netflix trial 30 days gives you access to the same service pack as a final subscription:

  • Download films or episodes;
  • Customization of your profile, in particular by offering you programs similar to those you are watching.

However, if you want to end your test after the 30 days offered, you must unsubscribe Before the anniversary of your subscription and you will not be debited.

If on the other hand you want to extend your subscription to continue to benefit from Netflix, you have no steps to be taken.

How to subscribe to Netflix with its operator ?

The various Internet access providers (SFR, Orange, Bouygues Télécom or Free) also offer a subscription to Netflix, in paid option or directly Included in their internet offer.

The advantage of taking out a Netflix subscription with its box subscription is that You can benefit from it for free when included with your offer.

You can also access the service directly From your TV decoder But also bring your various invoices together in one that brings together both your internet offer and your Netflix subscription.

To make your choice and discover the internet offers that offer Netflix in their package, you can consult our online internet tenders comparator.

Subscribe to Netflix via free

Free offers the essential version of Netflix for free with its offer Freebox Delta. For other subscriptions, the original price is applied.

If you are already one of Netflix customers, you can keep your subscription and group it with your internet package.

To access the Netflix platform, you must create an account, directly from your television, or online on your free customer area.

Then you just have to:

  • Press the Netflix key of your remote control if you hold a Freebox Delta;
  • Launch the Netflix application using your Freebox remote control or type Number 130 To access the Netflix channel if you have subscribed to another internet offer.

If on the other hand you already have a Netflix account, you can access the service in the same way, and simply identify yourself, without going through the account creation step.

Subscribe to Netflix via SFR

If you are part of SFR Box or SFR Mobile customers, you can subscribe to a Netflix subscription as follows:

  • Add the Netflix option from your SFR customer area (“Add options” then “sport, cinema and series” or “channels & tv” options;
  • Choose the Netflix package;
  • Activate the subscription by email or from the SFR decoder.

On the other hand, you can have access to the streaming service on your SFR box only if you have a SFR Plus decoder, The SFR Box 8 TV or a 4K box (Very high definition).

Netflix offers with SFR are detailed in the table below. In addition, you can choose the usual offers offered by Netflix (essential, standard, etc.))

Netflix Standard and SFR Entertainment + Netflix Standard and SFR Cinema Netflix Standard and Deezer Netflix Standard and RMC Sport
€ 13.49/month instead of € 23.49/month 17 €/month instead of € 23.49/month € 22/month instead of € 24.48/month 24 €/month instead of € 28.49/month

Subscribe to Netflix via Orange

Orange customers can benefit from a Netflix account by subscribing in several ways:

  • In Orange store;
  • From their Orange customer area;
  • By calling customer service;
  • Via the Orange TV decoder (thanks to the Netflix application).

Once the subscription is carried out, the subscriber receives an email or a confirmation SMS to validate his registration in Netflix. The option regulations will be applied directly to the orange bill.

Regarding subscription prices, Orange offers classic Netflix packages as well as a special offer OCS + Netflix Pack ::

  • OCS + Netflix Standard at € 22.49/month Instead of € 26.48/month
  • OCS + Netflix Premium at € 26.99/month Instead of € 30.98/month

Subscribe to Netflix via Bouygues

Customers of an internet subscription at Bouygues can take out a Netflix offer to usual prices proposed by the firm.

To subscribe Netflix with Bouygues Telecom, go to the section:

  • “All options for your mobile package” If you have a Bouygues Mobile offer or a B & YOU offer.
  • “All options for your Bbox” If you hold a Bbox subscription.
  • “Box + Mobile” then in “Manage your options” If you have a Bbox + Mobile package.

Click on the box with the Netflix option then on “Subscribe”.

Subscribe to Netflix via Red SFR

The Low-Cost subsidiary of SFR also offers the service Optional Netflix at a price normally observed at Netflix.

Netflix Red SFR is available with all internet offers and operator’s mobile packages.

To subscribe to the option, simply go to your Red Customer area or to your Red & Me application and click on “Add options” Once in the section “Offer”.

Look for the Netflix option then click on “Continue” To validate and activate your option.

But if you want to watch your program directly on your television via your decoder, go to the Canal 66.

Subscribe to Netflix via Sosh

SOSH offers the optional Netflix service with its Internet or Mobile offers. The prices are the same as usually, but Sosh offers two special offers like Orange:

  • OCS + Netflix Standard at € 22.49/month
  • OCS + Netflix Premium at € 26.99/month
  1. Go to the section “Mobile packages” Or “Internet box”.
  2. Then click on “Mobile options” Or “Options”.
  3. Finally, select the Netflix option which is in the tab “Entertainment” or in the tab “TV”.

To access Netflix via its Sosh TV decoder, go to the Canal 70 Or access the home page by clicking on the key “Video on demand”. Then select the section “Video pass” then press “OK”.

Good to know to be able to take advantage of Netflix with Sosh on your decoder, you must have subscribed to the Sosh box offer with theTV decoder option at € 5 per month, which includes 160 TV channels including 70 in HD (high definition).

What are the conditions to subscribe to Netflix ?

To subscribe to a Netflix France package, it is essential to have one of the payment methods offered, to reside in mainland France and to use a device compatible with an internet connection (or not, if the program has been downloaded upstream).

You will notice that when you travel, you will have access to a different catalog. Indeed, thanks to your geolocation, Netflix can identify the country in which you are and then offers you the series and films available in this region of the globe.

Devices not compatible with Netflix

Some smartphones whose Android version is too old (prior to 4.4.2) cannot download the Netflix application, as well as those using a modified version.

Available payment methods

You have the choice between four means of payment for your Netflix subscription:

  • By credit card (visa, mastercard, American Express);
  • Via a Netflix gift card (you can offer a Netflix card to your friends or family so that they too can take advantage of the VOD service, video on demand);
  • Via a prepaid card;
  • With the Paypal service.

Good to know when registering, you must Communicate your bank details and personal data To create your account even if you do not extend your subscription.
These will be kept for 10 months, period in which you can still recover your account without losing your data and your Netflix preferences.
After this period of time, your account will be definitely disabled.
If you wish, you can however ask Netflix to deactivate your account before this time when you unsubscribe.

Without a commitment of duration

A Netflix subscription being without engagement duration, it is possible to unsubscribe from Netflix in just a few very simple steps:

  1. Identify yourself to access your Netflix account and select your profile.
  2. Click on “Account” Then on the section “Subscription and billing”.
  3. Select the option “Unsubscribe” Then validate by clicking on “Complete the cancellation”.

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Subscribe to Netflix

Netflix: How to subscribe and at what price?

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