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Intersport nakamura e-cross XA test: an affordable electric VTC

Following the E-City and E-Powerfit, Intersport unveiled in the fall of 2021 a new range with the unique name E-Crossover. It begins with the S, stripped allowing an access rate of 999 euros excluding promotions (frequent). Intermediaries A and V, different by their executives open or not, at 1,599 euros. Then we find the most efficient, the XV with an open frame and the XA with a classic frame-slightly semi-open-that we tried.

Nakamura E-CrossOver X: the high-end high-end bicycle sends wood

[Test] The Intersport brand – Nakamura – launches a new range of bikes called “E -Crossover”, including, among other things, the X model. An over -equipped cycle for a rate content below 2000 euros. We were able to test it.

The new electric bike of Nakamura Ecrossover X

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With its E-Crossover X model, the Nakamura brand succeeds in offering a “Premium” bike (pedal engine, integrated battery, disc brakes, smart assistance etc.) less than 2000 euros. His driving is very pleasant. Fluid and powerful assistance is a real success. Only downside, imperfect finishes (perceptible welds, apparent cables).

So far synonymous with “low cost”, Nakamura – the bicycle brand of the Intersport network – widens its range with the launch of “e -crossover”. As its name suggests, this new family of electric cycles brings together bicycles cut to be as malleable in town as in the countryside. It consists of the models entitled “S” (999 euros), “A” (1599 euros), ”V” (1599 euros) and “X” (1999 euros).

Attracted by the promise to get on an over -equipped bicycle at low prices, we have chosen to test this last model. Assessed in Machecoul, in Loire -Atlantique -in the French Cycle Manufacture (MFC) -this electric bike is a recast of a previous model (the “SUV”). It is available in two versions: the XA (high frame) and the XV (low frame).

Equipped with mountain biking wheels, a large handlebar and a telescopic fork, the XA is an imposing bicycle. And this, despite the presence of a battery integrated into the setting that lightens – a little – its silhouette. Its general look is spoiled by the quality of its finishes: many visible cables, coarse welds ..

Telescopic front fork, hanging seatpost, wide hutchinson tires … on paper, everything is gathered for a soothed driving. After a few laps on damaged terrain – passing on roots in semi -wooded areas -, the verdict falls: the alchemy works, the vibrations do not go up in the arms or back. Only downside to this comfortable driving, the choice of a “racing” saddle, narrow. A narrowness which reminds us, in the long run, the existence of our entreesses.

The X is equipped with a homemade engine. Assembly and calibrated in France, the “naka e power max” suggests a slight noise. In urban areas, this little buzz is quickly covered by the ambient hubbub.

The Nakamura Ecrossover electric bike is an engine designed by Intersport

Large and rather clear, the dashboard presents the four assistance modes offered: Eco, Sport, Smart and Boost. Assistance is undoubtedly, the big advantage of this model. Nothing to say there, the couple of 100 Nm announced by the manufacturer is quickly points out: this bike sends wood at start -up ! Let the figures speak. Departure stopped and by pushing the assistance to the maximum, we took less than 7 seconds to reach 25 km/h, threshold from which the debray engine. A very, very, good score.

“Intelligent” assistance
“Smart” mode is a real asset for this bike. “It is an intelligent mode that only delivers the assistance you need, depending on the slope and your pedaling “Explains a brand representative. Dubitatives on this kind of marketing ads, we tested it. And the result is stunning. No need to put up gear to accompany the rise in assistance. With Smart mode, driving becomes extremely fluid. With the exception, however, of the somewhat brutal start that could deconancy the novices of the VAE. This initial push is deliberately powerful, we are assured at Intersport. Objective: to best stick to urban practice, which requires quick start to red and stop lights. This nervous behavior can be erased by making some settings on the dashboard.

The Nakamura X control screen given access to a revolutionary mode of assistance The SMART model

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Driving without assistance
Another good surprise, the transition between assisted mode and speed operation greater than 25 km/h is very fluid. No jolts when the engine cuts off. However, as on most VAEs, a kind of “engine brakes” – a heaviness – is felt when you pedal without assistance. This effect is contained here: the VAE can be used, without too much trouble, old -fashioned, without electricity. Practical in case of flat battery !

XA wheels are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. read the taff without being too steep. We did not have the opportunity, however, to test their efficiency in the rain.

The nine speeds of the rear derailleur are extended from a controller equipped with triggers. To satisfy a more “premium” and more urban audience, an internal derailleur at the Nexus type hub, very practical to change bracquets when stopped, for example – would have been more judicious. A technical choice made, according to a brand representative, to contain the final price of the machine under the 2000 euros.

Note the welcome presence at the rear of a closet rack approved to support a 40 kg load. According to the model product sheet, the latter is “compatible Mik® fixing”, therefore suggesting the possibility of installing baskets or transport bags.

The model tested is priced at 1999 euros. If you are eligible for a bonus of your local community from 400 to 500 euros, the net cost of model X is then around 1500 euros. Difficult to find as inexpensive for a bicycle with these high -flying technical characteristics: overpowered pedal engine, front telescopic fork, hydraulic disc brakes, battery integrated into the frame.

The Nakamura E-Cross-Rover X electric bike is sold for less than 2000 euros

Advocate for electric bicycle trips since 2011, Boris Cassel has 40 rods on the clock, more than 10,000 km in VAE, two bad guys and a stolen bicycle ! Convinced that the electric bike can improve the daily life of millions of French people, he likes to test models and tell behind the scenes of the bicycle industry. Journalist, Boris Cassel worked, among others, in the Parisian today in France for 13 years and he is the founder of Picala.

Intersport nakamura e-cross XA test: an affordable electric VTC

Intersport nakamura e -cross XA test: an affordable electric VTC - © Mobiwisy

Intersport has some expertise in the world of bicycle. Especially since 2013 where she took over the French cycle factory (MFC), by becoming a manufacturer made in France. Being able to compete with the B’twin branch of Decathlon, the brand of Maison Nakamura bike brought its power first to 90,000 annual units and then more than 300,000.

Presentation of the bicycle

Following the E-City and E-Powerfit, Intersport unveiled in the fall of 2021 a new range with the unique name E-Crossover. It begins with the S, stripped allowing an access rate of 999 euros excluding promotions (frequent). Intermediaries A and V, different by their executives open or not, at 1,599 euros. Then we find the most efficient, the XV with an open frame and the XA with a classic frame-slightly semi-open-that we tried.

The intersport nakamura e-cross XA is a bike in the vtc category. Evolution of the E-Summit 950 mountain bike with a few civil attributes, this altogether targets a clientele of velotaffers also wanting to do some getaways on their free time or on weekends. Like his little e-cross brothers, he therefore has a suspended fork, but with more substantial travel of 130 mm (vs 65).

Intersport nakamura e-cross xa 2022 rear

Very imposing with its 27.5 inch wheels, it is not the most comfortable in spaces counted in town, example to sneak between two cars or store in a building room. It is targeting the campaign more, with its autumnal brown frame with yellow patterns that can camouflage itself in the forest.

It is also the only color, while this intersport Nakamura is only white livery with black inscriptions. If the battery blends into the frame, the rest is a bit basic with the absence of a handlebar rest, the unintegrated cables, a simple lighting placed at the front with the rear light light light. The many welds are also a bit rude. Compensation, the rear luggage rack is approved 40 kg, enough to take large luggage.

On the handlebar of the E-Cross OSSOVER XA: 4/5

Architecture is thus for “vttists” with its slightly light saddle for long journeys. On the other hand, the 130 mm suspension designed for crossing – or it excels – absorbs any urban and smooth obstacle all the pavers. The origins also sweat on handles with very good adhesion, but without rest. We still see its limits for the major urban journeys.

Intersport Nakamura E-Cross XA 2022 handles

Ideally, the engine is located in the crankset. This has the advantage of lowering and centering the center of gravity of the bicycle, a plus for a sporting typed that is the e-cross XA. House made by MFC, it is also ultra-optimized for this model. Intersport also presented it to us this last fall in detail with a relatively limited weight. And that he is pchalely. Via his 100 nm, he simply sends the biggest couple of the VAEs, even in front of the serial 1 or iweech of 90 nm. At the pedal stroke associated with a torque sensor, everything is sent very quickly in the rear wheel. We forget the significant weight of the machine.

To spread this energy, this intersport Nakamura adopts 4 modes: three classics Eco, Sport, Boost and a smart. Eco is already enough on the dish and in town. Sports and boost are only needed in the event of all-chief use and elevation gain. Intersport made their activation ergonomic, via large “-” and “+” buttons. This leaves small pimples for lighting and assisting. The Smart mode, located at the highest in fourth position, adapts the torque in real time to the pedaling force.

Intersport Nakamura E-Cross XA 2022 engine

In summary, if you start as on our daily journey on dish, the bicycle will restore a level close to Eco. Then once arrived in front of “the wall” – yes we exaggerate, that does not exceed 15% – the mode includes our sentence and goes to boost or sport as needed. In reality, it compensates for the laziness of changing speed at certain times. It is good to remember that in good VTC, the XA e-cross composes with a 9-speed derailleur, with trigger at the handlebars, operating without too many hooks.

Battery, autonomy and recharge: 4/5

Lost in a forest of patterns, the battery perfectly marries the frame with its rounded shape. We find it identical to certain other bikes produced in the same factory: shiftbikes or even the Mad Vélo. If the entry-level E-Crossover S limits 375 Wh, the A/V already gave a capacity of 460 Wh, which the XA/XV resume. This provides theoretical autonomy around 100 kilometers with the lightest mode.

We wanted to check. Use mainly in Boost mode to test the many accelerations, with a few elevations, gave 60 kilometers. Only failure already observed at the press presentation, the battery has slightly dislodged once from its base. Not to the point of falling from the bike, just enough to disconnect the assistance. Otherwise, no concern for reliability. As for recharging, it requires about 5 hours for the entire energy.

Nakamura E-Crossover XA screen and application: 3/5

The XV is the first – with the XA – to take advantage of the new Intersport connectivity. The Naka E-Power application has made the link with the bicycle since the beginning of 2022, with several basic features. First, synchronization with the bicycle is very easy, just a minute. The app mainly allows you to lock and unlock electric assistance. This will not prevent a flight, but will brake the flight. Precisely, it allocates the possibility of geolocation of the bicycle, useful in this case, or simply forgetting if you are far from your machine.

Intersport Nakamura E-CROSSOVER XA 2022 screen

More secondary, we can browse the history of its journeys, with detail. Everyone holds the layout on the map, their distance, Co2 saved, its elevation, the average power of the engine as well as that of the cyclist. Recall that the bike is an intersport and plays the sports card. You can easily indulge in its muscular contribution day after day.

Anecdotally, it is possible to use your smartphone as a screen, showing the speed and the current route. The app also manages the course of the course – so as not to distort statistics – and the final judgment. To be honest, we have little used this function, and preferred the bicycle screen is enough for itself. There are all the sports information on the route (time, speeds, powers), a display of modern speed and in color of the modes of the modes.

Intersport Nakamura E-Crossover XA price: 4/5

Focused on sport but very popular focused, Intersport Nakamura fulfills its goal. Its new E-Cross ON Electric VTC, although based on a previous model, is as much a good daily bike as a promenade companion. Yes too impressive for use in town, not agile enough and amortized for damaged terrain, it has something to seduce those looking for a better amortized VAE and send it to you on weekends on weekends.

And it is not expensive, since under the 2,000 euros, despite a large battery and a monster engine torque. It is thus comfortably placed in front of a Neomouv Rapon. At the same template, it is larger (522 Wh) but with a wiser engine (45 nm) and with more typical suspensions at 50 mm travel city. We can also cite the NCM Milano plus at 1,799 euros, also at lower power and travel. Anyway, the XA e-cross is in a field halfway that few have borrowed.

The production of cycling, as explained at the start of the test, is French. At least the assembly on the Machecoul site (44), not far from Nantes, where the frame is still imported from China.

Instport Nakamura E-Crossover XA test

  • Ultra-powerful engine
  • Efficient suspension
  • Top braking
  • Application
  • Beautiful screen
  • 40 kg luggage rack
  • Style slightly rough
  • Uncomfortable saddle
  • Average comfort
  • Imposing battery and constantly disconnect
  • Modes to change exclusively on application