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Owner of an Audi Q2 bought new in August 2921 and delivered at the end of January 2022, I immediately appreciated this application. The connection with the vehicle was instantaneous, and I appreciated being able to lock the car remotely, check the level of gasoline or windshield washer … but here ! Since an update, it is impossible to connect anything. The checking of the levels is inaccurate (I am told today to make the laundry laundry, while the tank has been full since yesterday). Bluetooth no longer works for music. If I don’t connect my phone to the car, I can no longer listen to my playlist. I contacted my concession who is aware of the problem, but except tell me to wait for an update, nothing can be done. Audi France, contacted on several occasions, does not provide any. Besides, the service that takes care of the connectivity of vehicles does not respond. So I created a complaint file. It’s still a shame that with vehicles in this category, we end up with as much connectivity as on an R5. I admit to being well disappointed.

Following the developer’s response: OK for an update, but when . It’s been almost two months now, and despite many lifts, nothing is done ! It may be necessary to look at the problem seriously.

Developer response ,

Hello, we thank you for your return. Indeed, an update of the system will be necessary on your vehicle. Please stay in touch with your Audi partner who can then inform you when this update will be available. Sincerely, your Audi France Team.

Good but perfectible

Nice app but several downsides and/or improvement ideas:
– Propose several application themes or “funds”: dark or light mode, etc … as we can see on the presentation images of the app
– On my app, I can only see the % battery and the remaining charging time. I would also like to see the charging power in particular (as in applies)
– Recharge planning is great, but you can only define the end time. It would be good if we could also choose or opt for a charge to start at a certain schedule, and for a certain duration.
– My vehicle (A7 hybrid) is theoretically capable of park alone in a remote controlled manner (remote parking or remote -controlled parking lot by smartphone). It’s in my options, and it’s in the vehicle manual. But not in the application ! In concession I am replied that the application reserves this functionality to A8 and e-tron …. This is not normal when it is included in my vehicle ! Could you remedy it please ?

Developer response ,

Dear customer, thank you for your return as well as for your suggestions. To find out the availability of Myaudi’s functions on your vehicle, we invite you to contact us by phone on 0800 – 911 225 or by e -mail at Digitalsupport [email protected]
Sincerely, Audi France Team.

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The Audi developer indicated that data processing as described below could be among the practices of the app in matters of confidentiality. To find out more, consult the developer’s privacy policy.

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IPhone compatibility requires iOS 15.0 or later. iPad requires iPados 15.0 or later. iPod touch requires iOS 15.0 or later. Mac requires MacOS 12.0 or later and a Mac with the Apple M1 chip or later version.

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Position even when it is not open, this app can use your geographic position and reduce the autonomy of your device.

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  • Developer website
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Inscription to Myaudi

Inscription to Myaudi

Myaudi is your personal Audi space, accessible on or on the moaudi application. To enjoy all of its advantages and features, find out how to create your account in a few clicks.

Go to website or download the

Step 1: Create an MYUDI account, go to the site moaudi Or download the Myaudi application to smartphone (Android Or iOS)).

• Fill your email address as an identifier.
• Define a password (at least 8 characters).
• Read the conditions of use and click Accept.
• Access your e-mail box and click on the Audi ID verification link.
• Return to Myaudi and enter your email and password.
• Inform your names and surnames.
• Finally, on the application only, press Configure now and give access to the requested services to be able to fully use myaudi.
• You can now add your audi.

STEP 2: CREATE A USER IN THE MYUDIDI APP. The Guide Will Help you with this

Step 2: Add your audi There are two procedures according to your vehicle.

With the activation card
• Click add my audi.
• Then, add with card.
• Then scan the data or inform the manually.

With the tongue code of your key
• Click add my audi.
• Then, add without card.
• Find the frame number (wine) of your vehicle. It is on your gray card or on the bottom of your windshield.
• Inform it and click access access
• Then enter the 10 -digit vehicle code located on the tab of your key.

Your Audi is now added to your Myaudi Personal Space. If you do not have the activation card or the tongue code, you can contact your Audi partner or the dedicated cell ([email protected] or 0 800 911 225 (not surcharged)) for more information.

Step 3: You Set Up the Services in your Audi and Are Able to Access All Aviable Features via The MMI

Step 3: Check the identity • Click confirm the identity.
• Choose a 4 -digit PIN code.
• Select a means of verification, telephone number or e-mail, and confirm the general conditions.
• Enter the MTAN code contained in the verification message and press confirm. For more security, you must connect your Audi to your Myaudi personal space within 72 hours after adding it to M Étaudi. Otherwise, you will have to start again step 2.


Step 4: Connect your Audi to Myaudi • Contact your Audi.
• On your MMI, go to settings, then on users.
• Click Define the main user.
• Inform your e-mail and your moaudi password.
• Then enter your 4 -digit PIN code that you have configured on Myaudi.

Your audi is connected and you can now fully enjoy Myaudi and all connected services 1 . 1 The availability indicated here always refer to the most recent version of the model. For more information on older models, please consult your Audi notice or contact your Audi partner.

Proactive meeting

Step 5: Activate the proactive meeting On

• Go to the Service section
• Click Configure Automatic Service Reminder
• Inform your contact details and your Audi Service partner
• Click Activate the Service

• Go to the themes section relating to the service
• Click on automatic service reminder
• Inform your contact details and your Audi Service partner
• Click Activate the Service

The proactive meeting is now activated, your Audi partner will contact you for your next maintenance deadlines. Learn more


Find all the answers to your questions

In the dedicated FAQ, find all the answers to your questions concerning your Myaudi space. See the FAQ


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