Multi-TV d orange: how to get TV on 2 screens?, Orange tv-box evolves, but does not yet include all streaming apps

Orange tv-box evolves, but does not yet include all streaming apps

Once all these steps have been carried out, the subscriber must light his television and his second decoder. Information will be displayed on the screen to Set up the multi-TV service. If he meets a concern, he can always contact Orange customer service for information or help.

Orange multi-TV: how to get TV on 2 screens ?

Orange: Multi TV

Orange is an operator but also an Internet access provider that offers two Internet box offers for sale: Livebox and Livebox Up. These two boxes are triple-play, that is to say that they include TV services including approximately 160 channels. The user can then decide to complete his subscription by adding paid thematic TV bouquets to view up to 400 TV channels.

With such a bouquet of television channels, orange boxes are quite popular with families or roommates. To satisfy all the members of the household, it may be wise to look at The multi-TV option that Orange offers. Indeed, this service allows you to enjoy your TV bouquets on two screens instead of a. Practice to simultaneously watch two different programs. It implies the installation of a second TV decoder, generally offered at € 8.99 per month.

Enjoy the orange multi-TV

How to enjoy the multi-TV at Orange ?

Orange also offers your subscribers another free service to watch several programs simultaneously on different screens. The multi-ecrans option, which allows access to orange TV On computer, smartphone or tablet thanks to the dedicated application or from the Chaines-TV This option is included in both Orange Internet boxes.

Detailed explanations on the Multi-TV Orange offer

Orange’s television offer includes approximately 160 TV channels including 40 in replay, Included for free in its boxes triple-play. In addition to these channels, the subscriber can add thematic bouquets to reach up to 400 channels. He can also take advantage of on -demand videos, such as Netflix for example or other platforms of streaming. Some entertainment like Deezer are also accessible.

All these services can therefore be accessible On a second TV with the Multi-TV option. It is enough to get a second decoder, available with one or the other of the Livebox of Orange. This decoder represents a cost, which varies according to the livebox chosen by the customer.

What are the Orange Internet boxes compatible with the Multi-TV option ?

The supplier Orange offers two internet boxes for sale on its website or in its stores: Livebox and Livebox Up. These two subscriptions are available with ADSL or with fiber. These two boxes are triple-play and are therefore concerned by the associated television services.

Multi-TV compatible livebox

What are the orange internet boxes compatible with multi-TV ?

Orange offers a third somewhat special internet offer because it is a 4G box, 4G Home Orange. This box connects On the 4G Orange network and provides internet access to the subscriber. This type of internet box is useful for people who do not have access to ADSL or fiber from their accommodation, often located in white areas. This offer cannot be combined with a TV decoder and therefore cannot offer the multi-TV option.

4G box

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What is the price of the multi-TV option according to the chosen internet box ?

Orange multi-TV service is at the cost of € 8.99 per month, without commitment, and tacitly renewing every month. This price is valid for the supplier’s livebox, with optical fiber or with ADSL. If the subscriber has the Livebox Up Fiber or ADSL, this service is completely free.

That the user has one or the other of these orange livebox, he will have to pay activation fees To get the second Ultra HD 4K TV decoder. These costs amount to an amount of € 10. The decoder will be delivered for free to the user for a security deposit of € 49. It goes without saying that the subscriber will have to return the equipment in good condition in the event of termination of his Orange Internet subscription or only the Multi-TV option.

Orange does not sell boxes dual-play

It is important to recall that the Orange supplier does not market internet boxes dual-play, that is to say without TV services. When the subscriber subscribed to Orange, he will therefore necessarily have a box with television, unless he subscribes of course the 4G box. If he does not want TV services, he will then have to turn to another Internet access provider.

How to subscribe to the Multi-TV option of Orange ?

If the user decides to Subscribe the multi-TV option when it is already subscribed, He must go to his Orange customer area. From there, he can take the necessary steps and choose the service. If he has a simple livebox, he will then have to pay activation fees of € 10 as indicated above, then € 8.99 every month. If he has a livebox up, just request customer service, which will offer him this service for free, except activation costs.

If the subscriber decides one day to terminate this service, he can do so regardless of his internet subscription. It is then enough to go to its Orange customer area and to terminate multi-TV. He will have to return the second decoder in good condition to his supplier.

Orange Internet subscriptions

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Install the second decoder to enjoy the orange multi-TV

To be able to take advantage of the orange multi-TV option, you must therefore subscribe to the service. Once this step has been taken, Orange sends the second decoder With his TV card at the Subscriber. This can then connect it near its second TV via an HDMI cable. Once the decoder is plugged in the second screen, the customer must connect it to his livebox. There are several options for this, depending on the configuration and the equipment available:

  • Use an ethernet cable to have a maximum speed. The decoder must therefore be close to a wall and a socket;
  • Use wifi;
  • use two CPL sockets. The first must be connected near the Livebox, and will be connected to the second, placed towards the decoder, via the electrical network.

Once all these steps have been carried out, the subscriber must light his television and his second decoder. Information will be displayed on the screen to Set up the multi-TV service. If he meets a concern, he can always contact Orange customer service for information or help.

Only two televisions with orange multi-TV

Orange offers the multi-TV service but beware: the offer is only compatible with a second TV, not three or four. If the user has more than two screens, he will then have to find another solution.

How the orange multi-ecrans service works ?

Many Orange subscribers want to take advantage of the operator’s TV services on several screens, but not necessarily on a second TV. Today, more and more users are watching television on their smartphone, tablet or computer. So many possibilities that do not require acquire the Orange Multi-TV option. Subscribers can only Take advantage of the supplier’s multi-screen option for free.

The orange multi-screen offer can be used thanks to:

  • A dedicated website: TV ;
  • an orange TV mobile application;
  • Connected devices, subject to compatibility.

Thanks to these options, the user will then be able to watch his favorite programs on a second screen, without having to pay anything. He can also use a Google Chromecast to share the screen of his device on his television, which corresponds to a sort of diverted use of the Multi-TV option of Orange orange.

Orange TV application to use multi-ecrans easily

To take advantage of the orange multi-screen service, the customer can download the Orange TV application. The latter is accessible to all livebox subscribers, as well as to mobile customers having activated the “Orange TV app” service. To access it, just download it and enter your username as well as your password. Then the user can Take advantage of TV services like VOD and 170 live channels Including more than 40 in replay. He can also watch the films he has rented or bought in VOD since the application.

The Orange TV application offers many additional services such as starting to read a program on a screen and finish it on another. The user can start his film on his computer and finish it on his smartphone in transport for example. The subscriber can also Use your smartphone as a remote control with the application and control its programs on television. Finally, he can also schedule programs records on his application to watch them on his TV with the TV decoder.

Advice from mySmallBox

The user is not obliged to use the Orange TV application on his smartphone which has a small screen. He can quite download her to his computer or tablet. He can also go to this website if he does not wish to download an application: TV Looking at his programs on a larger screen, he will tire his eyes less quickly.

The supports available to take advantage of the orange multi-screen option

Orange TV application is available on smartphones, tablets and computers. However, it has not been accessible since:

  • A Smart TV;
  • an Android TV case;
  • An Apple TV decoder.

Take advantage of TV D

What are the supports available to enjoy Orange TV ?

For customers who use the application from their smartphone, it is important to Ensure a good 4G connection. The Orange mobile network is one of the best networks in France, the customer should therefore not have connectivity problems. For mobile subscribers who are at other operators, it should be ensured that it offers good network coverage.

Since 2020, The Orange TV application is also compatible with Google Chromecast. This is only valid for orange customers with a TV decoder. The user can therefore launch Chromecast from his smartphone and from the application, being connected in WiFi to his Livebox or Livebox Up. Last option, Orange TV key. This is available on demand and for free for Livebox Up customers, billed € 3.99 per month without commitment to Livebox customers. It allows you to watch orange TV on any television by connecting this key.

Orange Internet box Code Error

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How much is the multi-ecrans service at Orange ?

Unlike the Orange Multi-TV option, The orange multi-screen service is completely free. To take advantage of it, the user must only download the Orange TV application that he can find on Google Play or the Apple Store. This application is free and does not ask for any means of payment from the subscriber, whether it has a livebox or a livebox up.

Once the application is downloaded, the customer just has to enter their identifiers to connect. These are Its Orange identifiers that he received previously. If he meets a concern or that he no longer finds his codes, he can simply contact Orange customer service which can help him. He will then have to reset his password. He can then take advantage of all of his favorite channels and programs when he wishes, on his smartphone or tablet or on his television using Chromecast.

The advantages of the Orange TV application

The application has many advantages for subscribers who cannot access the Multi-TV option of Orange. First of all, it allows access to all its favorite programs, live or in replay as well as a vast VOD catalog. Users can also Consult the program for the next 7 days, Plan alerts, or even record programs that they do not want to miss.

In addition to all its advantages, the Orange TV application allows the subscriber to resume reading his program when he wants, on a different support if he wishes. He can too control your television Thanks to the application on its smartphone, which then works as a remote control, and search for emissions thanks to a voice command.

A app also available for SOSH customers

The Orange TV application is also accessible to SOSH customers, whether they have a mobile plan or the SOSH box. If they have a TV decoder or have requested the activation of the application, they can access the orange TV channels.

Orange TV-box is changing, but does not yet include all streaming apps

Orange launched its new TV-box this month, a compact decoder operating with the Android operating system. It gives you access to several streaming apps, but unfortunately not all, nor the most popular.

As we watch television less and less and use streaming apps, operators are increasingly incorporating these software on their digital TV platforms, via their decoder. Orange also now incorporates streaming apps in its latest decoder.


Among the free TV-box streaming apps, we find RTBF AUVIO, RTL PLAY, VRT.Naked and VTM.Go. Since the end of last year, these apps have also been available at Proximus and Telenet. Regarding paid streaming applications, Orange opted for Amazon Prime Video and Streamz. Compared to the two greatest streaming services (Netflix and Disney+), both have a rather limited audience. As a comparison, Proximus offers Disney+ and Netflix on its most recent decoder. Telenet offers, among other things, Netflix and Streamz.

Orange could have been the first operator on the market with a TV-box that integrates all streaming apps. A missed opportunity because consumers would take advantage of a single device that gives them access to all the services available on the market.

A clear and much faster menu

Compared to the previous orange decoder, there are a lot of differences. First of all, the size of the decoder. The new TV-box is almost four times smaller than the previous version. The new remote control is better in hand and all the buttons are sufficiently large and clear.

The main menu is clear, navigation in the menu is very fluid and much faster than with the previous orange decoder.

First, only for new customers

As the global shortage of spare parts still affects the stock of orange decoders, the new case is currently only available for new Orange TV customers.

However, customers can choose themselves to go to the new decoder. They then pay a single cost of € 49, due to access to this new technology and a richer offer. Too bad for the wallet but, in the past, we have seen similar supplier change costs for other operators. To compensate, current Orange TV customers will benefit from 3 months of free access to Streamz and Orange Football.

For more details concerning the new Orange TV-box or the decoder of other operators, consult our complete file on digital television.