Mr. Cuisine Smart, the new robot Mr. Cuisine Lidl is on sale (with change)

The new Robot Monsieur Cuisine Lidl is on sale (with change)

The Mister Cuisine Connect makes a comeback in the Lidl shops as of this Monday, June 5. For the occasion, the distribution brand provides an interesting offer for all members of the Lidl Plus program.

Mr Cuisine Smart

Mr Cuisine Smart – The Modern Generation Household Robot. Discover a whole new way of cooking thanks to various functions. The new 8 -inch touch screen allows you to navigate easily between the steps of the preparation. The many steps combined save time. Complete accessories to simplify almost all tasks in the kitchen. The extraordinary performance of the device guarantees rapid and quality results. Comes into contact with other cooking pros. Try new recipes, rediscover the old ones and go beyond yourself. With Mr. Smart Cuisine, you have the perfect kitchen accessory by your side!


  • 10 speed levels and turbo function
  • 11 automatic programs
  • Temperature adjustment: 37–130 ° C


  • Innovative technical updates for our high -end kitchen robot
  • Multifunction – to cook, roast, steam, knead, mix, mix, chop, crush, grind, puree and emulsify
  • 8 “more responsive and larger • Cooking -pilot – over 600 preinstalled recipes with step -by -step instructions
  • Integrated kitchen scale
  • engine power: 1000 W; Our durable engine with torque and increased power can prepare up to twice as much dough as its predecessor.
  • Cooking cover, flat cooking insert, steam basket insert, cover with filling opening, cooking element, 4.5 l mixer in stainless steel with handle for handling with a hand
  • With many accessories of dishwasher; Spatula, Doser cup for filling, blades, mixer tip
  • Cooking with virtual instructions: Watch each stage of the recipes selected in video and thus get a perfect result.
  • Additional intelligent functions: prepare your list of weekly races thanks to the agenda and now create your own individual recipes with the recipe kit.

Automatic cooking programs

  • 11 automatic programs

Cooking modes

The ideal equipment for all occasions thanks to the 11 cooking modes of your choice! Take advantage of diversity-Get on many devices and save money & place!

Do not miss our offers!

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The new Robot Monsieur Cuisine Lidl is on sale (with change)

The 2022 edition mixer mixer is there ! Should we buy it ?

Posted on December 6, 2022 at 9:30 a.m


It’s a special gift idea, but a gift idea anyway ! And for many French people, it’s even an emergency. Since Monday, December 5, all the Lidl de France have added to their department a new Mister Monsieur Smart Mixer Mixer, as the tradition of the brand wants before the end of year celebrations. For 2022, he arrives with several new features compared to the previous version.

The Robot Monsieur Cuisine Lidl had been quickly the victim of its success in the past as the brand of Lidl Silvercrest had equipped it with everything it is necessary to make delicious recipes without the need for another tool. Mixer, cooker, spatula, drummer … The kitchen can do everything and this at a lower price. A steam cooking mode is even available.

The Smart kitchen breaks its prices

4 times cheaper than its competitor the thermomix, as our colleagues from Geek Journal, Lidl’s new mixer is therefore back since Monday is the good news first concerns its price. It costs only 429 euros thanks to a fairly exceptional reduction offered by Lidl. But its price falls even lower thanks to the LIDL+advantage card, free, which allows you to buy the LIDL kitchen for only 359 euros.

The immediate reduction of 70 euros will wreak havoc in the more than 1,500 Lidl of France this week at a time when the holiday season is marked by rampant inflation.

Lidl Mr. Robot Kitchen 2022

3 things to know about the lidl smart kitchen

1/ It is compatible Google Assistant

Yes, this is not a joke, the new LIDL robot is compatible with the Google assistant. A way to be able to order it by voice and at a distance.

2/ It allows you to plan meal recipes

Intelligent, the gentleman is very practical so that you can never run out of the idea of ​​meals and always have good products depending on the recipes. Indeed, the cooker robot can create shopping lists and plan meals.

3/ much better than the 2019 model

Silvercrest had a trial against thermomix in 2019 for its first kitchen robot, as the competition was strong and that the product much cheaper competed the reference of the sector. Today, to get out of that, Lidl launched the Smart kitchen and the latter adds a larger screen, a globally more compact size and stronger capacities (faster, more powerful).

Lidl stands out today her Mister Cuisine Connect with a very attractive price !

The Mister Cuisine Connect makes a comeback in the Lidl shops as of this Monday, June 5. For the occasion, the distribution brand provides an interesting offer for all members of the Lidl Plus program.

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Writing note: 3 out of 5

Note: 3 out of 5

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Today, the Mister Cuisine Connect returns in Lidl stores. Four years after its launch, the dreaded quality/price roboter makes a comeback in the discounter “signs”At the cost price of € 299“”. This is in any case what is announced in the brand’s catalog, this price taking into account the € 50 purchase voucher usable in supermarkets reserved for members of the LIDL Plus program. This offer is valid from June 5 to 11 and until stocks.

By marketing in France its connected multifunction robotter, Lidl has definitely upset the market and the pioneers of the sector (Vorwerk and Magimix), and for good reason: the robot is sold four times cheaper than those of competition. Inevitably, at such a price, everything is not perfect, far from it. We can deplore its congestion, its slowness to reach the low temperatures and the finishes of the robot and its accessories, which may suggest that they will not be able to endure the test of time and hundreds of manipulations. However, with its large 7 -inch touch screen giving access to hundreds of recipes, its mixing efficiency and its ability to comply with the planned temperatures, the kitchen is not lacking in strengths to win on this very competitive market.

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