Molotov: Subscriptions and prices – What offer to choose?, Molotov TV: the price of subscriptions and how to access it?

Molotov TV: the price of subscriptions and how to access it

Molotov is another way of watching television. Available on all your screens, the Molotov application.TV is available in free or paid version. In addition, it also allows you to subscribe to many optional TV bouquets.

Molotov: Subscriptions and prices – What offer to choose ?

Free, the Molotov streaming service allowing to aggregate well content from France also offers various optional subscriptions in order to seriously enrich its experience. Here they are, all explained and detailed.

  • Internet access to TV
  • Pushed features for free access
  • A simple handling
  • Lots of different subscriptions
  • A concept that can confuse
  • No free version recording

Despite some notable differences, now that Salto is dead, Molotov is, with MyCanal, the only streaming application to watch the whole TNT live and replay. We have already talked in detail about the Made in France solution in a full opinion. In this article, we are going to mention only the different subscription formulas to help you choose which one is most suitable for your television consumption ! Because, as you will see, unlike Disney, Amazon or Netflix streaming solutions, they are really multiple and their price is often high.

Molotov’s free offer

Molotov brings together, in its free basic offer, more than 50 channels. The majority of TNT is there (apart from the channels of the TF1 and M6 groups, which makes a serious hole), as well as the Mango service. This one, via cinema channels, history, series, kids, docs and November, offers “more than 3000 hours” content.

Parental control functionality is integrated into it, unlike other tools that we are going to talk about below. It is also possible to use Molotov on the many supports where the service is present (desktop, mobile, television, browser, etc.), including in this free version of the streaming service that mixes direct and replay.

Extra Molotov

First subscription offered, Molotov Extra is charged 5.99 euros per month. When writing these lines, it is possible to benefit from the first month at 0.99 euros. Everything is without obligation. It is also possible to subscribe to it via an offer at 59.99 euros for one year.

For this price, the main addition is probably access to the TF1 and M6 channels and their derivatives (W9, TMC, TFX, Gulli, LCI, 6ter, etc.)). Thus, by adding this to the other TNT channels and others (the full list is available here), we arrive at more than 90 channels. Be careful however, advertising will always be present live as in replay on the chains that impose.

To justify this high price (especially as some of the chains offered are accessible via operators’ boxes or elsewhere) and the presence of advertising despite the subscription, Molotov also adds the possibility of saving content in the cloud. We also find the option to control the direct (break and return at the beginning) and the big families will appreciate being able to use Molotov on four screens simultaneously in Full HD.

Note that if certain channels of this subscription (and of the following) are not available outside France in the DROM-Coms, they are all in the countries of the Union.

Warning finally for parents: this third party incorporates access to Playboy TV channels and therefore pornographic content. Think of parental control !

Molotov Extended

Next comes the Molotov Extended subscription. For a price of 9.99 euros per month without commitment (with the first month offered), Molotov offers exactly the same features as the extra subscription: direct control, 4 screens in full hd and recording. But around forty additional channels from France are added to those of Molotov Extra to exceed 130.

To see if the channel that interests you is concerned by this pack, head to this list. It is also possible to subscribe to it via an offer at 99.99 euros for one year.

Molotov Grand Cinema

More salty, then make way for the Molotov Subscription Grand Cinema. For a high price of 19.99 euros per month without commitment, a dozen channels more or less dedicated to the big screen are there in addition to those of the free offer:

  • 6 Cine thematic channels+
  • Filmo
  • Action
  • RTL9
  • Drive-in
  • Paramount Channel

Even if the visual above does not mention it, the control of the direct, the recording in the cloud and the number of simultaneous screens which goes to four are indeed part with this subscription which offers many films and other programs.

Molotov’s Kids & Teens

Last option with the name of the service in its name, Molotov’s Kids & Teens is not surprising to the youngest. Once again all the options mentioned above are there for a complete user experience on the Molotov application, while this time it is ten channels for children and teens that are added to basic those. His price ? 4.99 euros per month without commitment (2.99 euros for 3 months). Here is the list of channels offered by this bouquet:

    • Boomerang
    • Cartoonito
    • Duck TV
    • Manga
    • Toonami
    • Pitchoun TV
    • Nickelodeon
    • Nickelodeon +1
    • Nickelodeon Junior
    • Nickelodeon Teen

    The other bouquets

    In number: far too much, many other subscriptions and bouquets are offered by Molotov. Access to competing services such as OCS (12.99 euros per month without commitment), CINE+ (6 channels of Canal+ cinema for 9.99 euros per month without commitment) or FILMO (6.99 euros per month without commitment) are thus proposed. There are also more specific things.

    For example, the combo of the adult Swim + Toonami channels (3.99 euros per month) should appeal to animation enthusiasts, Shadowz (4.99 euros per month) to those who love horror, and Gamer Zone ( 1.99 euros per month) includes the Game One, Gametoon, Es1, Mangas and Gong Max channels. Access to Dorcel’s adult channels (9.99 euros per month) are also there, as well as bouquets offering channels from the Maghreb or Africa or thoughts for the education of college and high school students with the dissemination of courses.

    With these multiple bouquets, it is truly possible to have an à la carte experience, at the risk of course to quickly increase the price of your invoice.

    Molotov TV

    Molotov TV is a French platform that offers its users the possibility of watching television on the Internet without the need for a TV antenna. From sports channels to the replay of films or series, the platform offers large possibilities. Molotov TV is free software, but which offers a paid version giving access to more features.

    Molotov TV advantages

    • Internet access to TV
    • Pushed features for free access
    • A simple handling

    Molotov TV disadvantages

    • Lots of different subscriptions
    • A concept that can confuse
    • No free version recording

    Molotov TV: the price of subscriptions and how to access it ?

    Molotov is another way of watching television. Available on all your screens, the Molotov application.TV is available in free or paid version. In addition, it also allows you to subscribe to many optional TV bouquets.

    Molotov TV: the price of subscriptions and how to access it?

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    1. What is Molotov and how it works ?
    2. Molotov TV: a free subscription.
    3. . and four paid subscriptions
    4. Optional TV bouquets with Molotov
    5. How to access the Molotov application.TV ?
    6. Start with Molotov
    7. What are the features of Molotov TV ?
    8. Access Molotov from abroad
    9. How to unsubscribe from Molotov ?

    What is Molotov and how it works ?

    Molotov is: A radically new way of watching television from all over Europe and on all your devices. And it works. Because Molotov counts Over 20 million users.

    Molotov is a streaming video service, launched in 2016, very different from Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video. On his site, Molotov boasts of offering you “the most successful streaming experience”, with your subscription, More than 170 television channels and tens of thousands of programs : News, films, French and US series, sports, documentaries, reality TV, children’s programs, concerts, entertainment. All this accessible gathered on an application or on a website.

    A free service, with basic features to watch mobility television or from if you are equipped with an internet box without television. But after, You are free to add options. Because, yes, Molotov is Much more than just Internet TV distribution service in ott (over the top)

    To take advantage of it and discover another way to watch TV, it’s very simple, just connect to the Internet or download an application, choose your free or paid Molotov and decorate it with one or more TV bouquets optional.

    Molotov is a free version and four paid subscriptions to benefit from the best services and even more content.

    Molotov TV: a free subscription.

    Free Molotov, of course it exists. Besides, it has always been possible to benefit from this streaming video service for free. Only, with a free subscription to Molotov, you only benefit from the basic service, namely: 36 live television channels, including TNT, replay, direct control and monitoring of your favorite personalities and events, as well as rapid quick access by chain or category of programs. To note that TF1 and M6 group channels are not included in the free version Molotov.

    List of channels included in Free Molotov : France 2, France 3, France 5, Arte, C8, NRJ 12, LCP Public Senate, France 4, BFM TV, CNEWS, CSTAR, L’Equipe, RMC Story, RMC Découverte, Chérie 25, France Info, Mango Application, Mango Cinema, Mango Series, Mango Docs, Mango Kids, Mango Novelas, My Love by Mango, Tech & Co, Kabillion, Wild Side, France.TV, France 24, French CGTN, CGTN, INA, Brut, LCP, Public Senate, France Inter, Le Figaro Live, BFM Business, Les Déclinesons Locale de BFM, like BFM Paris, BFM Lyon, BFM Marseille Provence, BFM Grand Lille, BFM Alsace. Okoo, sport in France, M24.

    . and four paid subscriptions

    As we have just seen, Molotov offers a free version of its streaming video service, but with a limited number of channels and features. To have a greater number of channels and benefit from the premium features of Molotov, you must subscribe to a paid subscription. There are 4, without engagement ::

    Extra Molotov

    Billed at € 2.99/month for 4 months (then € 5.99/month) The subscription allows you to look More than 90 channels (TNT included), whose channels of groups TF1 (TF1 / TMC / TFX / LCI / TF1 SERIES FILMS) and M6 (M6 / W9 / 6TER / GULLI), RTL 9, COMEDY Central, Action, Les Chains Trace, Mezzo, Playboy TV Europe. Subscribers also have recording, off-lineage mode and 4 Full HD screens+.

    Molotov Extended

    Offered at a rate of € 0.99/month for 1 month, then € 9.99/month, this formula allows access to More than 130 channels, Including all the channels of the Subscriptions Molotov and Molotov Extra, but also Paris Première, Téva, Crime District, TCM Cinema, Paramount Channel, Tiji, Nickelodeon, Canal J, Boomerang, Boing, Toonami, Adult Swim, Game One, manga, mtv. Subscribers also have recording, off-lineage mode and 4 simultaneous screens in Full HD+.

    Molotov Grand Cinema

    Billed at a price of € 19.99/month, this subscription allows you to enjoy a large catalog of films and series for the whole family, with exclusive series in US+24 Lionsgate+, blockbuster at the author’s cinema with Filmo, Cinema+ or the Action, RTL9, Drive-In and Paramount channel channels. Subscribers also have recording, off-lineage mode and 4 simultaneous screens in Full HD+.

    Molotov Kids & Teens

    With this fourth package, at a rate of € 2.99/month for 3 months, then € 4.99/month, subscribers benefit from Best children’s channels (Nickelodeon, Boomerang, Boing, Toonami, Mangas. ), the greatest heroes of cartoons and programs on demand. They also have recording, off-connections mode and 4 simultaneous HD screens.

    Summary of subscriptions to Molotov

    Molotov TV Extra Molotov Molotov Extended Molotov Grand Cinema Molotov Kids and Teens
    Price free € 2.99 for 4 months, then € 5.99/month € 0.99/month for 1 month, then € 9.99/month or € 59.99 per year € 19.99/month € 2.99/month for 3 months, then € 4.99/month
    Channels & Contents 36 live channels including TNT + 90 channels (TNT included) +130 channels (TNT included) More than 1,500 films, exclusive serius in US+24, all cinemas Films and animated series
    Replay Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Registration No Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Flow 2 HD screens 4 Full HD screens 4 Full HD screens 4 Full HD screens 4 HD screens

    Optional TV bouquets with Molotov

    With Molotov, to take advantage of a wider selection of programs, it is possible to subscribe to a paying subscription or add one or more options according to your tastes, with the possibility of changing and cancel your subscriptions at any time. Indeed, in addition to free Molotov, Molotov Extra, Molotov Extended, Molotov Grand Cinema and Molotov Kids and Teens, it is possible to Personalize your Molotov subscription and subscribe to different bouquets of optional TV channels:

    • Adult Swim + Toonami (€ 3.99/month), with two 100% crazy channels to see all of the adult Swim cult series and find Toonami superheroes.
    • Ocs (€ 12.99/month), with 4 channels to fill up on emotions and enjoy the last films 6 months after their dining room release and original series
    • Cinema+ (€ 9.99/month), with six channels (cinema+ first, cinema+ thrill, cinema+ emotion, cinema+ family, cinema+ club, cinema+ classic) to watch events in first dissemination, great successes of ‘Action of comedies and films for the whole family
    • Filmo (€ 6.99/month), with more than 800 VOD films for the whole family. Comedy, action, discovery, classic, genre cinema, youth. There are all the cinemas you love.
    • Shadows (€ 4.99/month), with hundreds of horror and fantastic films in VOD
    • Dorcel (€ 9.99/month), with the three Dorcel TV, Dorcel XXX and Vixen TV channels
    • Gamer Zone (€ 1.99/month), with five 100% geek channels with the best of e-sport and animation
    • Spicee (€ 4.99/month), the chain of major reports, with original productions, documentaries and unpublished with a different look at the world
    • Schoolmouv (€ 9.99/month), a channel with 1000 video lessons available for classes from 6th to the final year
    • The essential African bouquet (€ 7.99/month), with 16 TV channels
    • The premium African bouquet (€ 11.99/month), with 27 TV channels
    • The Bouquet Maghreb Basic (€ 5.99/month), with 11 TV channels
    • The Maghreb Premium bouquet (€ 8.99/month), with 16 TV channels

    How to access the Molotov application.TV ?

    Molotov is TV that follows you everywhere, in all rooms in the house and in all your trips, From the living room sofa to your beach towel, on any screen. With your identifiers for only luggage, you can access Molotov wherever you are, all the time. It is even possible to resume your show exactly where you left it, even on other device.

    The Molotov application is indeed available on:

    • Your PC or Mac
    • iPhone and iPad
    • Android and Huawei smartphones and tablets
    • Smart TVs of many brands
    • Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Xiaomi Mi TV, Nvidia Shield
    • Xbox game consoles
    • Android TV boxes

    In addition, since April 2022, Molotov has also been accessible via your browser. A change that greatly makes user lives, since it is no longer essential to download the Molotov app to take advantage of it.

    Start with Molotov

    After downloading the Molotov app or accessing the Molotov website, you must create an account in order to be able to take advantage of it and access your content. Once you download the application, so, Click “Registration” and fill out the form information (email address, word, date of birth, sex).

    For information, to create a Molotov account, it is possible to use your email address, but also your Facebook or Google account.

    Once your account has been created, you will have access to the free version of Molotov. You can then Choose your Molotov by clicking on the “Options and Channels” tab, section from which it is possible to subscribe to one of the paid versions of Molotov or a bouquets of channels offered by the streaming video service.

    What are the features of Molotov TV ?

    With a subscription to Molotov, you have access to live television, replay or on demand. Then, depending on your free or paid Molotov subscription, the number of channels evolve and you can benefit from other features, such as:

    • Parental control : This feature allows users who wish to filter the programs according to the age group (determined by the CSA) selected. Two types of security are possible: by masking (make the appliances of the application disappear) or by PIN code (a PIN code is requested to look at sensitive content). It is also possible to hide the content prohibited for under 18s. This feature is available for all Molotov subscribers.
    • Register a program : on television, many programs do not always pass live and at the right time. This is why it is possible to record them in your personal space, from any device. The program chosen will remain in your recordings as long as you wish. Subscribers have 08 hours of recording with Molotov Extra and 150 hours of recording with Molotov extended.
    • Download a program : go to the “recordings” space and click on the “Download” button to start downloading the desired program. You can access the programs downloaded from the “My programs, the” downloaded “tab, in order to be able to view them off-line for a period of 30 days. This feature is only available with a paid subscription to Molotov.

    With Molotov Extra or Molotov Extended, subscribers also have access to other features such as control of the direct and return to the beginning, the resumption of reading of the direct, but also the possibility of watching Molotov on 4 screens simultaneously or access to Content in Full HD.

    Access Molotov from abroad

    For paid subscribers, The Molotov service is available in mainland France but also From the countries of the European Union (and in Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland) : Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, France.

    On the other hand, from Brexit, it is not No longer possible to access Molotov from the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, to benefit from Molotov from one of the member countries of the European Union, you must have subscribed at least a paid option giving access to portability, which is specified in the available advantages.

    How to unsubscribe from Molotov ?

    Molotov extra, but also all the options to which it is possible to subscribe are without obligation. It is therefore possible to add or delete options from your subscription when you want.

    For terminate an option, Just click on his identifier at the top right of the Molotov home page, then on “my account”, and go to the “My options” section. If you have resilled an option, the samples from your account stop immediately. Nevertheless, you keep the rights of your account over the current month. Example: If you subscribe to the OCS option on April 9 and decide to terminate it on June 17, you keep the rights for the month already paid and therefore until July 09, on the anniversary of your subscription.

    Important precision: it is also possible to Delete your Molotov account. This procedure is final. Of course, you will no longer be able to connect to your Molotov account, as well as all of your records which will be automatically deleted. That’s not all. If you decide to delete your Molotov account, the options subscribed from Molotov will also be automatically terminated.

    Molotov is another way to watch TV !