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Improve your social content with Mojo Pro

I have been using Mojo for a long time and it is one of my favorite tools to create commercial content for my customers.

Mojo – Reels & Stories Publisher 4+

Everything was fine so far, except a few little beug here and there but nothing serious. And I had the wrong idea of ​​logging into my mojo account to synchronize my creators. For two extremely unpleasant things have appeared. Already when we disconnect all creating them disappear from the application ! You have to download everything and it takes on leads ! Second more painful, if I want to modify a creative, he only takes it into account randomly. Synchronization gives me the old version almost systematically. On several creators, I had to get back to it 10 times so that the changes are taken into account. In short for the trouble it becomes ultra painful without counting that he synchronizes in turn ! In short, thank you for remedying this.

Finkardruy, 03/10/2021

In the top

I highly recommend, a friends introduced it to me, at the beginning I was skeptical, because I am reluctant when to pay a subscription, but I was able to make one or two assemblies, it convinced me and I took a subscription 10 min after ! Go for it will be ahead of the competition ����

PS Team Mojo Continue the TAFF Try to add features or theme that others do not have, the only thing to say sometimes when I do the editing there is a kind of freeze on the video, it happens to me Very rarely, you just have to delete the video and record it again in the film, sometimes I make a little long assemblies it can be the problem . To see the progress of my work thanks to Mojo: ��ddjow�� (cryptocurrency content)

Potentially pro and interesting app, but ..

… Too many bugs that make the user experience frustrating and worried when the lack of care and support on this app… On an iPad Pro there are too many display bugs and the selection of media in photos is not functional ( Impossible to select photos or videos in albums that are in files)… Bugs reported, re-signed, re-re-signal and after more than three successive versions still not corrected … So, and a subscription to the pro version will wait for proof that the bugs are corrected and that the support is effective, a minimum when a developer offers a monthly/annual subscription . Otherwise, this app is very interesting and potentially a pro tool !!

Developer response ,

Hello Guybut !
Thank you for your return, and sorry for these bugs you met !
We have corrected most of these concerns, could you update the application and tell us if it works for you ?
Thank you so much 🙂

Improve your social content with Mojo Pro

Mojo Pro facilitates brand social content with features such as the brand kit, the removal of the background, text effects and premium models.

More than 500 models to cover all your needs

  • Access social models for reels, stories, tiktok, messages and more
  • Create brand content for all sectors and all occasions
  • Personalize your creations quickly and easily

Tools and effects
Advanced editing

  • Bring out your message with professional appearance text effects
  • Save time with professional editing tools such as automatic subtitles and the abolition of the background
  • Improve your project with photos, videos, stickers and rights free

Your brand kit
all in one

  • Animate and superimpose your logo
  • Add and easily manage the colors, fonts and logos of your brand
  • Apply your brand styles in a few seconds to each new design

The pros
adopted it

Excellent application

This is one of the best applications I have ever had. This application is perfect for advertising for my business on social networks.

The best application to create stories and videos

By far one of the best applications I have ever used to create stories, a great tool for content creators looking for the practical side ! Each new update provides improvements and innovations !

Always one of the best

I have been using Mojo for a long time and it is one of my favorite tools to create commercial content for my customers.

A perfect application

This application is simply perfect and helps me do my work as a content creator without spending hours.

Essential for stories

It is clearly the essential application to create animated videos quickly. I adore ! ✌���� ♥ ️

Effective updates

I must say that I have been using this application for about 2 years now. The developers of this application are very creative and constantly makes really great improvements. Thank you ��������

I am an artist and I use it for all my marketing actions. I love it.

Best application I have ever used to create content, my videos look like real advertisements and receive good feedback.

The best application dedicated to social networks that I have

This application is incredible. It’s really great to be able to modify the models that are already very numerous. It gives our content an elegant and high quality appearance. Honestly, this is the best editing application for social networks.

She is really worth it. Super easy. Very fluid. THANKS.
I am absolutely a fan of this application
The best application I have ever found for my business. She is absolutely great.

I love this application so much. I keep using it. It clearly allowed me to increase my presence on social networks.

This application is great for creating posts for Instagram, and others. Great when you have a professional page to make known !

An amazing application

Excellent application for promotional and video content. Without a doubt, the best application to test.

Incredibly easy !

Wow ! If I can create such beautiful content, everyone can do it ! This application is extremely easy to use and it provides magnificent content !

Excellent application

This application is amazing ! It allows you to create high quality exceptional videos in a few seconds.

A great application !
Very intuitive, a large choice of effects. Perfect in every way !
An extraordinary application !

This application has an infinity of incredibly useful models and features ! I love its simplicity of navigation and my publications are really superb ! So many people ask me questions about this application ! It’s really worth buying it !