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Computer screen repair

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Telephone screen repair

An accident happened so quickly. If you have a cracked screen, we can help you.

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Cracked Phone

Exclusive to store

*Replacement of the iPhone screen from $ 0 with activation

Activate a telephone plan and get an Apple screen replacement from $ 3 3 .

3. Not combined with another activation promotion. Does not apply to OEM Apple screen replacement. For replacing the scanner/screen of an iPhone or an iPad, per unit or in combo, for an amount of $ 250, the customer will pay the difference.

Why entrust us with your device ?

Canadian experts to consult

We are proud to be Canadian experts in repairing and replacing cracked screens.

Most cracked screens are replaced in about an hour

We can quickly diagnose your problem for free and have it repaired or replaced in about an hour !

More than 100 sites from one ocean to another

We offer ultimate comfort with more than 100 sites from one ocean to another. Go to the place closest to you today, send us your device using one of our messaging partners !

The best guarantee in the sector*.

Most screen replacements are covered by our life warranty*, the best in the sector, on all parts and workforce.

Superior quality parts

We offer original parts for most manufacturers as well as higher quality for all replacements.

Cracked screen? We can help you

Our smartphones play a major role in our daily life. Whether it’s collaborating with colleagues on the go, staying in touch with your friends and family or keeping up to the latest news, we are counting on our mobile devices at all hours of the day, every day. If your screen is cracked and you cannot make the most of your device, we are the team you can count on professional and effective repairs. We are on screen replacements so that your phone is as beautiful and pleasant as a new.

Whatever care you bring to your mobile device, accidents occur and the screens of phones are more cracking than we would like to admit it. The next time your device will slide from your fingers, fall from the table or stairs, come to one of our more than 100 points of sale for quick and professional repair of your screen. One of our expert technicians will be ready to diagnose, repair and optimize your smartphone, usually in 60 minutes or less.

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The dangers (and drawbacks) of a broken screen

Various factors can damage the screen on your favorite phone or tablet. The effects of these damage vary, however, depending on the location and scope of the cracks. Although the most recent phones screens have technologies supposed to reduce the risk of burst, glass, it remains glass! That is to say that anything can happen: deep perforations, bursts of glass, even complete cracking in spider web. This last phenomenon describes a crack that gradually spreads (and, sometimes, quickly) on the whole screen. Despite all your precautions, even a small crack or breach can grow by use, and the damaged aesthetics of your screen is only the beginning.

The dangers (and drawbacks) of a broken screen

The mere fact of using your phone day after day can further damage a screen already weakened. If you do not remedy the situation, you may make the screen unusable and damage the pixel matrix placed just below the glass layer. What’s more, you risk injuries, because cracked glass is cutting and no one wants to injure themselves while sweeping their damaged screen! Finally, the dry and cold air can weaken more damaged glass more and make it likely. Avoid these inconveniences and come and see one of our Klinik mobile teams for quick, informed and conscientious repair on your phone screen. A service you can count on!

What our customers say

In store and online, we offer impeccable service. Promised.

Computer screen repair

Quick support

Computer screen repair

Ask for an intervention via our online form, telling us about your need.

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Computer screen repair

Computer screen repair

  • Your laptop or fixed pc screen is broken ?
  • You need to repair a PC screen failure ?

Entrust all your replacement or Laptop or fixed screen repair has Techinclic !

A IT Technician moves to home and on site to repair all types of laptops and computer monitors and computer monitors such as

  1. Black screens
  2. blue screens
  3. Horizontal or vertical white lines
  4. PC screen brightness problems
  5. Pixel stains computer screen and flashing pc screen

We are also responsible for replacing:

  1. PC screen frames
  2. Broken or cracked LCD screens
  3. The broken LCD screen hinges
  4. PC screen shells
  5. The DEBOTY screen hinges.

How it works

Techinclic is the first network of IT and Hightech professionals in France.90% of the French territory covered

Need help

You have a problem with your PC or with a high-tech device ? You have just bought a digital object and you need to install ?

Reserve an appointment

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Your technician arrives at home

3. Your technician arrives at home

Our technician moves to you equipped with the equipment essential for the smooth running of the service, on the date and time of the appointment.

Your problem is solved

4. Your problem is solved

Guarantor of your satisfaction, our technician will ensure the proper functioning of your device and will give you his advice for use before his departure.

Deputy tax deductible !

Techinclic is the 1st independent national network on the computer troubleshooting market and after-sales service specializing in computer and high-tech.

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Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m 09 70 38 24 23

Computer troubleshooting

IT assistance

Techinclic is the 1st independent national network on the computer troubleshooting market and after-sales service specializing in computer and high-tech.

Do you need

Do you need computer assistance?

Contact us quickly 09 70 38 24 23

More than 500,000 users trust Techinclic

Techinclic is the first network of IT and Hightech professionals in France.

90% of the French territory covered

What are the PC screen breakdowns that we institute ?

  • The laptop screen is dark during or after starting the computer
  • Continuous scinting of the screen
  • backlight problems
  • luminosity, contrast or geometry problems
  • Light or dead pixels (defective pixels)
  • Horizontal or vertical lines
  • white spots
  • too low resolution
  • Small light or black spots
  • continuous green horizontal line

How our technicians repair your PC screens ?

PC screen problems are varied. It is the computer technician who will be able to determine if the LCD screen should be repaired or replaced.

Some problems with LCD screens can be resolved, while others will require a screen replacement. It is important to make a diagnosis of the problem. A verification is made before making the decision to repair or replace the screen of your laptop.

What are the deadlines to replace a PC screen ?

Our technicians will be happy to quickly repair the screen of your laptop. Very often, we are also able to repair portable screens the same day on site in just a few minutes. We replace broken PC screens very quickly because we are used to replacing a large number of components and spare parts for laptops and fixed computers. If the repair must be carried out in the workshop, we will be able to repair or replace the screen of your laptop from 1 to 3 days.

The cities where we have the most requests for intervention in France

  • Laptop screen repair in Paris
  • Laptop computer repair in Boulogne-Billancourt
  • ACER computer screen repair in Nanterre
  • Repair laptop PC screen in Asnières-sur-Seine
  • Fixed PC screen repair in Saint-Denis
  • Black PC HP screen in Montreuil
  • Repair HP laptop screen in Perpignan
  • Price change laptop screen in Carcassonne
  • Outdoor computer screen in Narbonne
  • MacBook Pro screen repair with slats
  • Reperate broken laptop screen in Mauguio
  • ASUS broken laptop screen in Frontignan
  • Repair ASUS computer in Lunel
  • Change HP laptop screen in Agde
  • Laptop pc repair in Montpellier
  • Laptop screen repair in Béziers
  • Replace Acer aspire screen in Nîmes
  • Toshiba laptop computer repair in Alès
  • Laptop screen change in Valence
  • Change laptop screen in Chambéry
  • HS laptop pc screen in Annecy
  • Computer screen repair in Grenoble
  • Computer screen repair in Villeurbanne
  • Computer screen repair in Lyon
  • Computer screen repair in Avignon
  • Computer screen repair in Toulon
  • Cannes computer screen repair
  • Computer screen repair in Nice
  • Computer screen repair in Niort
  • Computer screen repair in Poitiers
  • Buxerolles computer screen repair
  • Computer screen repair in Marseille
  • Computer screen repair in Aubagne
  • Computer screen repair in Amiens
  • Computer screen repair in Abbeville
  • Computer screen repair in Beauvais
  • Compiègne computer screen repair
  • Computer screen repair in-Provence
  • Computer screen repair in Nogent-sur-Oise
  • Computer screen repair in Méru
  • Computer screen repair in Senlis
  • Computer screen repair at Montaire
  • Computer screen repair in Soissons
  • Computer screen repair in Laon
  • Computer screen repair in Château-Thierry
  • Computer screen repair in Tergnier
  • Computer screen repair in Chauny
  • Computer screen repair in La Rochelle
  • Computer screen repair in Saintes
  • Rochefort computer screen repair
  • Computer screen repair in Royan
  • Computer screen repair in Aytré
  • Computer screen repair in Tonnay-Charente
  • Computer screen repair in Châtellerault
  • Computer screen repair in Arles
  • Computer screen repair in Martigues
  • Computer screen repair in Istres
  • Computer screen repair in Strasbourg
  • Computer screen repair in Bordeaux
  • Computer screen repair in Nancy
  • Computer screen repair in Toulouse
  • Computer screen repair in Nantes

Techinclic; The essential choice to repair your screens

You have cracked the screen of your laptop?

This is one of the most common problems with laptops. We offer repairs on all brands and models.

All replacement screens are delivered with a warranty of the intervention.

An expert team at Techinclic has been set up in order to execute the PC screens repairs, laptops, phones and tablets with affordable prices throughout France.

We are partners with the biggest suppliers of computers, tablet display and mobile phones, and we guarantee you the best spare components of your screens.

We now manage a large portfolio of IT services from individuals and businesses, ensuring that their systems never fail.

Despite our growth, we have never lost sight of the needs of our local customers and are always the company of choice for local residents and businesses when they need to repair the screens their laptops, PCs and other devices.

Our Techinclic technicians are specialists in PC screens repair services, covering all models of desktops and laptops, including Mac Apple to the last model.

99% screens fails are repairable by our technicians

We organize an on -site visit (at a time that suits you) and make 99% of on -site repairs, at home!

We offer a wide range of original spare parts and software, which allows us to make sure that your computer is operational and works again with a minimum of hassle and deadlines.

Whatever the problem with your screen, please call us today for a discussion on how we can help you!

We move for repairing your computer screen at your home or desktop at a time that suits you! Call us now !