Mobile orange: presentation of the historic telephony operator, the Orange operator

The Orange operator

Orange is Mobile operator number 1 In France according to the official arcep report. The historic operator, founded in 1988, was bought in 2000 in Vodafone. It offers mobile telephony offers and Internet access offers with Livebox. You should know that Orange also offers other specific offers via the Sosh operator with non -binding packages at low prices.

Mobile Orange: the historic mobile telephony operator

Orange is Mobile operator number 1 In France according to the official arcep report. The historic operator, founded in 1988, was bought in 2000 in Vodafone. It offers mobile telephony offers and Internet access offers with Livebox. You should know that Orange also offers other specific offers via the Sosh operator with non -binding packages at low prices.

The former Télécom is the oldest operator in France, which allows him in particular to:

  • Have the best mobile network in France.
  • To be the internet service provider deploying the largest fiber network.
  • Stand out from its competitors thanks to a quality of service recognized for many years.

The information to know about the Orange operator

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Orange mobile opinion

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The France Telecom transition to Orange, the French historic operator

In France, communications were embodied by posts, telegraphs and phones or PTT, created in 1879. It was only from January 1, 1988 that we are talking about France Telecom. This is an administration, known as the “Directorate General of Communications”, which will become a public law establishment on January 1, 1991, following the law of July 2, 1990.

History Orange

Orange was the first operator in France, first under the name of France Telecom before changing its name in 2013.

The France Telecom public administration becomes a private company

In July 1996, a new law was passed, thus transforming the public operator into a public limited company whose French state is the only shareholder. This transformation is then intended to Prepare for opening up to competition scheduled for January 1, 1998. In September 2004, France Telecom became a private company. The French state actually gives way to part of its actions in order to pass below the 50% mark. He gave up 5 % of his participation again in June 2007. Today, The French state is still a shareholder in France Telecom, which has become orange, up to 23%.

Orange’s beginnings

It is necessary to put in Credit de France Telecom the launch of ITINERIS, on July 1, 1992. It is then the first GSM mobile phone operator. It was three years later, in 1995 that France Telecom became an internet access provider, with Wanadoo. In this area, France Telecom is a 2 -year delay on its competitors. The year 1997 is finally the arrival of Ola, the mainstream mobile phone.

The total disappearance of France Telecom in 2013

In 2000, France Télécom acquired a large part of the Orange PLC company, before acquiring its entirety in 2003. Originally, Orange was then a British telecommunications company apartment in Vodafone. During the same period, France Telecom acquires several international telecommunications companies, making him the 4th world operator by size.

June 21, 2001, France Telecom mobile phone activities change their name for Orange. This is the case of the Ratua, Ola and Mobicarte brands. This same change occurs on June 1, 2006 for activities related to the fixed Internet. Wanadoo and my TV line in turn become orange. From February 2012, France Telecom fixed telephone services are also marketed under the name Orange. In 2013, the France Telecom appellation disappeared completely, for the benefit of the Orange name alone.

The origins and development of the operator and providers of Internet Orange Internet

In 1990, a British consortium created the Microel brand on the telecommunications market. The creation of microtel then aims to compete with Vodafone across the Channel. In 1994, Microel became Orange PLC. The development of the brand in Great Britain and abroad is very fast.

In 1999, the German group Mannesmann then acquired Orange PLC for $ 33 billion. A year later, so it’s France Telecom which acquires Orange PLC for the sum of 39.7 billion euros. Today, Orange is present in three separate communication services:

  • Residential : this concerns fixed telephony, IP telephony, videophony, low, high and very high speed internet, digital television with orange TV and multimedia content, such as video on demand or OCS bouquets;
  • Personal : mobile telephony, with subscription packages or prepaid cards;
  • Corporate : in particular via the Orange Business Services brand.

In 2006, Orange also developed the mobile payment service, called Orange Money. In 2017, Orange launched into the banking sector with the creation of online banking Orange Bank. The official launch takes place on November 2, 2017. The same year, the group inaugurated the Orange Cyberdefense subsidiary.

2011: appointment of Stéphane Richard

Stéphane Richard is appointed CEO of Orange in 2011. Since that day, he is still at the head of Orange, after two renewals of successive mandates, in 2014 and 2018. It is therefore under the chairmanship of Stéphane Richard that the name France Telecom disappears in favor of Orange its.

Key figures to remember on March 31, 2018

  • 41.1 billion euros in turnover for the 2017 financial year;
  • 150,000 employees around the world, including 91,000 in France;
  • 263 million of customers distributed in 28 countries.

Mobile telephony and access to the Orange operator’s fixed Internet access

Orange is The first operator and internet access provider in France in terms of number of subscribers. Its catalog of mobile plans and Internet subscriptions includes several offers for all budgets, and for all uses. The operator also has several television services and several phone models on its website.

The creation of the Sosh operator

To cope with the imminent arrival of Xavier Niel’s Free Mobile operator, Orange creates the Sosh brand on October 6, 2011. Through this, the operator offers mobile plans and Internet subscriptions without.

Historic operator’s mobile telephony offers

Orange has three types of mobile telephony offers:

  • Prepaid offers: Mobicarte from € 3.90, and Orange Holiday, for travel abroad or for tourists visiting France, from € 39.99;
  • Mobile packages: Seven monthly subscriptions with possibilities in terms of communications and mobile data for all budgets;
  • Open customer mobile packages: A special subscription in addition to the six monthly subscriptions that are offered with preferential rates for customers already subscribed to the Livebox Orange.
Orange mobile packages
Calls 2 hours 2 hours unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Unlimited SMS / MMS
Data 100 MB 20 GB 10 GB 100 GB 5G 170 GB 5G 200 GB 5G 240 GB 5G
Abroad �� 2 hours

Orange operator

Mobile telephony, ADSL, optical fiber. Orange is operator No. 1 in France for both individuals and professionals. With more than 90,000 employees in France, Orange is a European and global heavyweight of telecoms with several thousand researchers and engineers distributed in its Orange Labs. Orange growth is currently carried by Livebox Fiber Optic offers and by Mobile 5G packages.


Compare prices, services included and flow rates for Livebox and Open Internet offers.

Mobile orange

Discover the range of 4G/5G packages of orange with or without smartphone included.

Orange promo code

Orange promo code

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  6. Box matches
  7. Orange TV
  8. Orange equipment
  9. Approaches

Orange’s story

Formerly France Telecom, Orange is the historic operator in France. To better understand the history of this telecoms giant, you have to go back to the year 1988 with the birth of France Telecom during its separation from the PTT (Posts, Telegraphs and Telephones). France Telecom became in 1990, a public law operator. The year 1996 then marks the transformation of France Telecom into a public limited company whose state is the only shareholder.

In 1997, the opening of the company’s capital enabled France Telecom to buy the British company Orange in 2000. The Brands de France Telecom Mobile, namely, and Ola were subsequently replaced by the Orange brand in 2001. The year 2004 is then synonymous for this privatization company, the French State is no longer a majority shareholder in France Telecom. It will then be necessary to wait until 2012 so that all the services of Orange France had the same name, so the France Telecom line becomes orange.

And finally, in 2013, the change of legal name for France Telecom disappeared to give way to Orange. Today, the historic operator is one of the largest operators in Europe but also in Africa in particular.

Orange in figures

This is the number of customers subscribed to an Orange mobile plan on December 31, 2022.

Orange is the French leader with more than 12.425 million livebox subscribers in the 4th quarter.

This is the number of households connected to orange fiber.

This is the number of times Orange arrived 1st from the Arcep survey on the quality of mobile networks.

fiber optics subscribers at Orange. Or 58% of its park.

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The cellphone

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